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Court Records Peterborough County

Probate Court Surname Index

This is an alphabetical listing of people whose estates in Peterborough County were handled by the Probate Courts of Ontario for the years 1793 to 1858. If you find an ancestor, write down the information in all columns, then follow the steps outlined at Ontario Archives Probate Court Index to find the full estate file for that ancestor

If you do not find your ancestor listed in the Probate Court Indexes try the Ontario Surrogate Court Records

Location Occupation Date of Probate
Archives of Ontario Microfilm #
ARMOUR, James G. Peterborough Barrister 11/7/44 MS 638, Reel 38
BAYLEY, Charles T. Peterborough E. Esquire 10/7/57 MS 638, Reel 39
DUFFIELD, Samuel Peterborough Barrister 1/6/53 MS 638, Reel 46
FARRELLY, Daniel Peterborough R.C. Priest 26/8/58 MS 638, Reel 47
GORDON, Gilbert Peterborough Merchant 22/2/54 MS 638, Reel 49
GROME, Frederick Chas. Peterborough Civil Engineer 15/11/56 MS 638, Reel 50
MARSHALL, Christopher Peterborough Baker 11/5/58 MS 638, Reel 55
McKEYS, Burrage Peterborough Esquire 23/2/48 MS 638, Reel 57
MORROW, Oughtry Peterborough Merchant 12/6/48 MS 638, Reel 60
RIDLEY, Robert Peterborough Esquire 27/11/51 MS 638, Reel 64
WADDELL, Robert Peterborough Carriage Maker 7/3/57 MS 638, Reel 69

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