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Title Dates Author/Publisher Book No.
A Pictorial History of Latchford Highway Book ShopCAN 1
A Visitor's Map to Wellington County 1986 MAP 24
AA Regional Atlas of Britain, North of England  MAP 29
AA Regional Atlas of Britain, South East and East Midlands  MAP 27
AA Regional Atlas of Britain, Wales and the West Midlands  MAP 25
AA Regional Atlas of Britain, West Country and South Wales  MAP 28
Abandoned (Thompson) Cemetery, Beaverton, Thorah Twp., Ontario County Mary Kearns TraceCEM 59
ABEL The Descendants of My Children's Ancestors1999Keith Abel Sudbury District Branch OGS 20th Anniversary PublicationFH 30.A.2 Vols 1-4
About Genealogical Standards of Evidence1997Brenda Dougall Merriman, CGRS, CGLRES 203
Adamston Heritage Book Carol Bennett &Balsam Hill Women's InstituteCAN 149
Adjala Twp. Sloans Pres. Rosemont U.C. & Trinity Anglican  CEM 41
Adopted? Canadian Guide For Adopted Adults  RES 9
Alberta, formerly NWT Index to Registration Vol. 11870-1905Edmonton Branch AGSBMD 67
Alberta, Hillsdown AGS Red DeerCEM 10
Alberta, Holy Trinity Ang. Pine Lake AGS Red DeerCEM 9
Alberta, Little Plume AGSCEM 6
Alberta, Medicine Hat, Kin Coulee Judy WasylenkoCEM 7
Alberta, Mount Pleasant - Springvale District AGS Red Deer BranchCEM 11
Alberta, Whitla-Whitla & Highland Cemetery AGS Red Deer BranchCEM 8
Algoma Census Book 4 - Manitoulin Island1901Sault District OGSCEN 35
Algoma Mills, Index To1859-1928 SUD 12
Allens, The William Allen (1775-1864) and Easther Armstrong (1777-1862) Compiled by Jean LyeFH 30.A.1
Alliston Funeral Registers1885-1908 BMD 62
Ambassador1966University of Windsor Year BookRES 175
Ambassador1968University of Windsor Year BookRES 176
Ambassador1969University of Windsor Year BookRES 177
America's Historylands National Geographic SocietyUSA 20
An Anthology of Kilworthy County Kilworthy Historical CommitteeCAN 163
Ancaster Twp. 9 Cemeteries (Part 1)  CEM 30
Ancestor Trail In Ireland (2nd copy)  GBR 15
Ancestor Trail In Ireland  GBR 3
Ancestry's Redbook, American State, County & Town Sources  USA 12
And In the New World Constance Pole BayerFH 15
Anderson Farm Parks & Recreation Dept. Town of WaldenSUD 62
Anglican Church: The Ecclesiastical Province Of Ontario Guide  RES 20
Annals Of The Poor  GBR 37
Apercu De La Francophone De Cornwall Par L'Image Hugette BurroughsCAN FR 2
Approaching Ontario's Past: Card File & System, Note taking Jacques GoutorRES 56
Archaeology and the Law in Ontario1976Ministry of Culture & RecreationCAN 152
Archival Citations-Canada  RES 190
Archival Sources for the Study of Finnish Canadians Dr. Edward W. LaineDIR 46
Arkona Through the Years  LH 47
Arthur Lye & Ethel Bell Family - Sunderland, England to Garson, Ontario Jean LeyFH 30.L.3
Ask Lots of Questions, Get Lots of Answers  RES 143
Associations Canada Volume 212000-2001Stephen AbramsCAN 162
Associations Canada Volume 222001-2002Patrizia BraschCAN 162.1
Astor Family Tree  FH 1
Au Fils Des Generations Gen Publ. Le VoyageurFH 9
Australia Certificates, Birth Death & Marriages  BMD 59
Autokaart Nederland  MAP 18
B.M.D. Jul 27, 1918 - Nov. 3, 19201918-1920Sudbury StarSUD 33
B.M.D. Mar. 10 - Jul 27, 19181918Sudbury StarSUD 32
Baby Names, The Treasury Of  RES 4
Baie James - Trois Cents ans d'histoire1952Paul-E´MileCAN FR 5
Baldwins the Great, The  LH 89
Baltimore United Church Kawartha BranchCEM 43
Barrie-St. Mary's (see 25 & 26)  CEM 37
Beachburg Centenary1835-1935 CAN 68
Beachburg Union Cemetery Norah H. Cousins-LaRoqueCEM 60
Beasley, Richard Pioneer Margaret L. Beasley copied by Ruth BurkholderFH 30.B.1
Beautiful Wessex  GBR 17
Beckwith Township Mrs. C.C. BennettCAN 151
Beginning of Things in Wellington & Waterloo Counties A. E. ByerlyCAN 58
Belgium at the Heart of Europe  EUR 8
Bell Family - Sunderland, England, The1770-1971Jean LyeFH 30.B.5
Beyond the Builder's Plan: Centennial History Knox Presbyterian Church-Flds,Ont.1878-1978 CAN 38
Bibliography of Place name Literature USA and Canada  RES 23
Big Nickel Inco At Home & Abroad  RES 98
Bill Bramah's Ontario  RES 119
Binbrook, History & Heritage Of (Index Only)1792-1793 LH 46
Biographies De La Region De Sudbury  SUD 31
Biographies of the Sudbury Region  SUD 3
Bishop, Billy, The Story of - The Courage of the Early Morning: A Son's biography of a famous father1965William Arthur Bishop: McClelland and Stewart Ltd.FH 28
Bishops Transcripts and Marriage Licences Bonds & Allegation - A Guide to their Location & Indexes - Second Edition J.S.W. GibsonGBR 28.1
Bit of the Cliff, A  SUD 4
Bits & Pieces, from Northern Ontario PapersEarly 1900's CAN 29
Black Cargoes: History of the Atlantic Slave Trade1518-1865 RES 5
Black Creek Pioneer Village Dorothy Duncan & Margaret WhitleyCAN 24
Blind River, Elliot Lake, Espanola, Massey, Spanish - Marriages. R. C.  SUD 27
BMD Extracts From Edmonton Journal (Ontario Extracts)1903-04-05-06 BMD 4
BMD The Globe-Toronto Vol . #11844-1847 BMD 7
Bonfield, Mattawa R. C. Marriages  BMD 42
Book of Canadian Winners and Heros  RES 31
Booth - Dorland Phillip SmartFH 24
Boyle Bulletin Dec. ‘83 Issue 04  FH 30.B.2
Boyle Bulletin  RES 80
Brampton, Directory For 1873-18741873-1874 DIR 14
Brant Co. Index to 30 Cemeteries Brant County OGSCEM 12
Brant Co. Marriage Registers Vol. 22  BMD 32
Brant1871 CEN 2
Brief History of the Schools in Muskoka Gary DennisCAN 146
BRIGGS Family, The "some Threads of BRIGGS Family History From Stanley BRIGGS and his unnamed wife who left Ireland for Canada in 1819 to some of their descendants in Ontario today1999Jan Briggs-McGowan Sudbury District Branch OGS 10TH Anniversary PublicationFH 30.B.5
Britain's Royal Families: The Complete Genealogy Allison WeirGBR 13
British Epic The  GBR 30
British Isles Genealogical Register, Isle of Wight1994Isle of Wight Family History SocietyGBR 89
British Research Syllabus-Brigham Young University  GBR 22
Brownsburg - Lachute, Argenteuil County, Quebec Genealogies of Early Families Jean MottFH 30.B.3
Bruce County Historical Society Year Book, The1978Bruce County Historical SocietyCAN 145
Bruce County Map Reg. Vol. 8  BMD 17
Bruce Mines Spectator 1901-1925 BMD 33
Bruce1871 CEN 3
Budget Britains ‘84  GBR 54
Burkholder Families Five lines into Ontario (3 binders) Ruth BurkholderFH 30.B.4
By The Sound of Her Whistle John CraigCAN 25
Bytown Gazette/Bytown Independent 1836, Abstracts, Births, Deaths, Marriages1836-1845 BMD 1
Cache Bay, Field, Lavigne, Verner, R. C .Marriages  BMD 41
Call Back Yesterdays Edgar Andrew CollardCAN 39
Canada's Governors General/Lord Monck To Vanier  RES 30
Canada's Hawaiian Heritage, An Account of Tom KoppelFH 31
Canada's Sports Heritage: A Selection1807-1914Public Archives CanadaRES 185
Canada - The World Today Series1994 RES 182
Canada The Story of Newfoundland TurnbullCAN 3
Canada The Story of Ontario TurnbullCAN 3.1
Canada 19841984 LH 82
Canada in North America To 1800To 1800BrownCAN 7
Canada is Now Our Homes  LH 93
Canada: A Century Of Change, The Statesmen's Year Book1867-1967 RES 58
Canadian Almanac & Directory1987Copp Clark Pitman Ltd.
ISBN 0-7730-4096-X
DIR 52
Canadian Family Tree1867-1967 RES 47
Canadian Historic Sites Vol II, The Battle of Queenston Heights  CAN 5
Canadian Judmalaisten Sotilaiden Muistoil Bom.  SUD 18
Canadian O.B. Records, The1988 BMD 94
Canadian O.B. Records, The1989 BMD 92
Canadian O.B. Records, The1990 BMD 93
Canadian O.B. Records, The1991 BMD 90
Canadian O.B. Records, The1992 BMD 91
Canadian Railway Records  RES 115
Canadian Rebellion1837-1838 RES 69
Capreol The First 75 Years  SUD 22
Carleton-Richmond St. John's Anglican George A. Neville & Iris M. NevilleCEM 22
Carleton County St. Patrick's R.C. Ottawa Branch OGSCEM 23
Carleton County1879Courtney C. J. BondCAN 51
Carlton Surrogate Court of Ontario Index  BMD 53
Carlyles, A Biography of Thos. & Jane  FH 16
Cartier United Church, History of  SUD 49
Carved From The Forest Margaret PatersonCAN 164
Catalogue-Global Genealogy Supply  DIR 51
Celebrating Eganville's Centennial1891-1991NewspapersLH 56
Celebrating The Family-Steps to planning a family reunion  RES 158
Census of Alice & Fraser Twps., Renfrew County1901Upper Ottawa OGSCEN 37
Census of Canada Film #1901 CEN 34
Census Returns on Microfilm, A Directory to Local Holdings in Great Britain Channel Islands; Isle of Man1841-1881Jeremy GibsonGBR 95
Centennial Edition Sudbury and District Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory1995 SUD 53
Centennial The County of Brant1852-1952Jean H. WaldieCAN 22
Centuries of Childhood: Social History of Family law  RES 91
Chamberland, Twp. of & It's People Mary CroisierCAN 50
Chaos & Confusion (How to Organize Your Material) (2)  RES 64
Checklist of Parish Registers (PAC)1986 BMD 3
Christian Messenger 11 Vol (BMD)1854-1875 BMD 8
Church Of The Epiphany, Sudbury  SUD 48
Church of the Good Shepherd, Anglican, The1927-1989Mrs. S. Muir & Mrs. E. LeeCAN 161
Cian, Angela -"Madonna of the Streets" article in Companion June 1991FH 30.C.3
Cite Your Sources: Documenting Family Histories & Records  RES 76
Climo-Clemow - Mabingo & Clem  FH 17
Cobalt Daily Nugget, Index To  RES 118
Cobalt: Historical Calendar  LH 57
Cochrane: D'Hier A Demain  LH 59
CODY Family 1964, Directory of the1964Cody Family AssocDIR 2
CODY Family 1974, Directory of the1974Cody Family AssocDIR 2.2
CODY Family, Directory of The1969Cody Family AssociationDIR 2.1
Colonial Identities Canada-Records of Our History1760-1815 RES 195
Colonial New York, List of Habitants of  USA 4
Colony To Nation  LH 88
Complete Guide to New England Andrew HepburnUSA 15
Complete Map of Manitoulin Island, North Channel, North Shore  MAP 19
Computer Genealogy-A Guide  RES 67
Concise History of Costume & Fashion  RES 102
Conestogo, Up The1979Isaac R. Horst ISBN 0-9690978-0-8LH 119
Conquest of the Last Frontier  LH 86
Conservation Of Photographic Materials NationalArchives of CanadaRES 191
Cook ‘Bits and Pieces' - incomplete studies Mary Jane StussiFH 30.C.2
Cook, Thomas (1792-1877) and Elizabeth Evit/Evert/Everitt (1805-1863c) Mary Jane Stussi & Candice PaisleyFH 30.C.1
Cooks History of Inglewood William E. CookCAN 67
Cork, The Story of  GBR 53
Cornwall-From Royal Township To Industrial City1784-1984Elinor Kyte Senior CAN 70
County Maps of Old England, The By Thomas Moule-Introduction by Roderick BarronMAP 30
County Marriage Registers of Ontario Can.; Lanark County Vol. 30 1858-1869 BMD 68
County of Oxford Gazetteer 18521852T.S. ShenstonDIR 4
Cradle Of Confederation  RES 62
Cryderman, Washburn, Sager, Palmer, Parliament, Peacock, Sherwood, Winn - Odd Notes  FH 30.C.4
Crystal Falls-Sturgeon Falls, marriages R.C.  BMD 57
Culture & Belief In Europe1450-1600BlackwellEUR 7
Daily Life in Early Canada from Champlain to Montcalm Raymond Douville & Jacques-Donat CasanovaCAN 14
Denison Family of Toronto, The1792-1925 FH 5
Deslauriers - Delaurier Joan A. ZimmermanFH 30.D.1
Detroit, Michigan: St. Aloysius Church  USA 5
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 48Nov 1988ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.11
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 37Jan 1986ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 38Apr 1986ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.1
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 39Jul 1986ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.2
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 40Oct 1986ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.3
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 41Jan 1987ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.4
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 42Apr 1987ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.5
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 43Jul 1987ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.6
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 44Oct 1987ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.7
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 45Jan 1988ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.8
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 46Apr 1988ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.9
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 47Aug 1988ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.10
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 49Feb 1989ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.12
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 50May 1989ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.13
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 51Aug 1989ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.14
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 52Nov 1989ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.15
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 53Feb 1990ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.16
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 54May 1990ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.17
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 55Aug 1990ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.18
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 56Nov 1990ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.19
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 57Feb 1991ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.20
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 58May 1991ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.21
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 59Aug 1991ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.22
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 60Nov 1991ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.23
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 61Feb 1992ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.24
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 62May 1992ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.25
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 63Aug 1992ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.26
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 64Nov 1992ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.27
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 65Feb 1993ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.28
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 66May 1993ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.29
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 67Aug 1993ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.30
Devon Family Historian, The; No. 68Nov 1993ISSN 0309-3735GBR 81.31
Devon Family History Society - Members' Interests1986 GBR 80
Devon Family History Society - Members' Interests1988 GBR 80.1
Devon Family History Society - Members' Interests1990ISBN 1 871822 14 9GBR 80.2
Devon Family History Society - Members' Interests1992ISBN 1 87 1822 43 2GBR 80.3
Directory of Hampshire: Part 21793-1798B & H PrestonGBR 87
Directory of Heritage Organizations & Institutions in Ontario Ontario Historical SocietyDIR 53
Directory of Heritage Organizations and Institutions in Ontario Ontario Historical SocietyDIR 42.1
Directory of Heritage Organizations and Institutions in Ontario Ontario Historical SocietyDIR 42
Directory of Members' Interests1996Gillian ThompsonGBR 88
Directory of Surnames 1993OGSDIR 25
Dorset & Bournemouth  GBR 29
Dryden Family, The1296-1989by Hugh Gordon-published by June & Jock Guenther, Hamilton Ont.FH 26
Dufferin Co. Horning's Mills Spring Valley Cemetery  CEM 42
Dugout Canoe From Lake Ramsey  SUD 25
Dupuis, Nathan Fellowes & His Family  FH 4
Durham Co. Marriage Registers Vol. 14  BMD 24
Durham1871 CEN 4
Dutch Ancestors Finding Your Esther PerryEUR 19
Dutch Houses & Families: Pre-Revolutionary  USA 3
Eagles Families of North America Two copiesFH 20
Early Ontario Gravestones  LH 89
Echoes Of School Days: Manitoulin, Killarney, Cockburn  CAN 66
Economic History of World Population  RES 89
EDGAR, Charles 1772-1856 Lancaster Township Glengarry County and his descendants 1772-19981999 FH 30.E.1
Edmonton, Births, Marriages, Deaths1907 BMD 75
Eganville-Jewel Of The Bonnechere1825-1991 LH 54
Eighteenth Century Sudbury - County Council Arts and Libraries, Ipswich, England Allan Berry, Suffolk Books Suffolk ISBN 086 055 2020GBR 74
Elgin County Vol. 28 - Co. Marr. Reg.  BMD 73
Elgin1871 CEN 5
Emigrant Ancestors of a Lieutenant Governor of Ontario  RES 2
Emigrant Sportsman in Canada  RES 29
Emigrants From Derry Port1847-1849 GBR 12
Emigration From Britain-Search For Prosperity  GBR 41
Emily Twp., A. History of: In the Co of Victoria  LH 80
England's Heritage-The Doomsday Book Then and Now  GBR 48
England, A Concise History of F.E. HallidayGBR 97
English-Welsh Ancestors, Finding Your  GBR 68
English Ancestry  GBR 63
English Genealogical Records, Handy Guide To   GBR 32
English Social History, Illustrated  GBR 33
Espanola On The Spanish  SUD 16
Essex-Kent1871 CEN 6
Europe-Michelin Map-Tourism, Roads, Relief  MAP 20
Everyone Has Roots1978Anthony Camp ISBN 0-352-30195-3RES 178
EWART Family History1999Barbara Roy, Sudbury District Branch OGS 20th Anniversary PublicationFH 30.E.2
Eye On Everything  SUD 20
Facts About Ireland  GBR 24
Falconbridge - 60 Years1928-1988 SUD 24
Family & Kinship in East London  GBR 36
Family Associations, Societies & Reunions  RES 127
Family Genealogies: Alphabetical & Numbered  FH 30
Family Health Trees  RES 137
Family Histories in the Lambton Room Lambton County Branch OGSCAN 28
Family History News - photocopy of article in Last Quarter issue "Trace Your Canadian Ancestry with Family History News."1996 RES 184
Family In Various Cultures  RES 110
Family Record Forms & a Numbering System for Genealogists Gordon PhillipsRES 205
Family Tree Detective-Solving Problems in England & Wales  GBR 4
Family Without A Name  RES 44
Farr, Charles Cobbald, Life of  RES 92
Father Gordon's Register1830-1833compiled by Francis V McDevitt, Halton-Peel Branch OGS - ISBN 0-7779-0966-9BMD 95
Federal Archives Div General Guide Series1983 RES 103
Federation of Family History Societies, Survey of Projects Part 2 Other ProjectsMarch 1991John P. PerkinsRES 160
Finding Your French Canadian Ancestors  LH 99
Fire In The Valley  SUD 8
First 75 Years, The  SUD 19
Five Founding Fathers, The  LH 108
Fodor's New England1984 USA 16
Forbes, George (1826-1906) Betty Forbes & Mrs. John ForbesFH 30.F.1
Forest to Farm  LH 79
Forming a One Name Group Derek A. PalgraveGBR 50
Foster, Robert (1808-1857) and Catherine Cream (1810-1863) Thelma G. BarnesFH 30.F.2
Four Whistles To Wood Up!  RES 113
FOURNIER Family, The1999Jane O. Croft, Campbellville, ON, Sudbury District Branch OGS 20th Anniversary PublicationFH 30.F.3
France1984Fodor'sEUR 16
French & British in the Old Northwest, The  LH 98
French & Pickerel Rivers, The: Their History and Their People William A. Campbell-Journal Printing SudburyLH 116
French & Pickerel Rivers: Their History & Their People  SUD 9
French Canadian Ancestors, Our Vol. # 1  RES 39
French Canadian Ancestors, Our Vol. # 2  RES 40
French Canadian Ancestors, Our Vol. # 3  RES 41
From Prairie Sod to Golden Acres (Hoosier Dist. Sase) Mrs. E. M. Goldsmith & Grace D. McGibbonCAN 37
Frontenac Co. Marriage Registers Vol. 16  BMD 26
Frontenac Surrogate Court of Ontario Index  BMD 55
Funerals conducted by Rev. Levi Halfyard BA as minister of Little Current charge of the Methodist and United Churches Jul 1924 to Jun 19261924-1926Minister of New Liskeard charge for the month of Aug 1931. BMD 99
Fur Trade Canoe Routes of Canada / Then & Now W. MorseCAN 15
Fur Trade, The  RES 24
Gardiner, Frederick G.: Big Daddy: The Building of Metropolitan Toronto Timothy J. ColtonRES 54
Garson Remembers-Voices From The Past  SUD 14
GEE Parchments, The Diane BrennanGBR 79
Geer Family Ass. Newsletter Vol. 5 No. 1 Fall 1987  FH 30.G.1
Genealogical & Biographical Research-A Select Catalog of National Archives-Microfilm Publications  RES 189
Genealogical & Historical Map of Ireland, A  MAP 2
Genealogical Guide-German Ancestors, East Germany and East Europe  EUR 2
Genealogical History of Long Island, King's Co. N. S.   LH 63
Genealogical Research Directory-19981998ISBN 0-908120-94xDIR 7.8
Genealogical Research Directory - 19811981Keith A. Johnson & Malcolm R. SaintyDIR 7
Genealogical Research Directory - 19851985Keith A. Johnson & Malcolm R. SaintyDIR 7.1
Genealogical Research Directory - 19871987Keith A. Johnson & Malcolm R. SaintyDIR 7.2
Genealogical Research Directory - 19891989Keith A. Johnson & Malcolm R. SaintyDIR 7.3
Genealogical Research Directory - 19901990Keith A. Johnson & Malcolm R. SaintyDIR 7.4
Genealogical Research Directory 19941994Keith A. JohnsonDIR 7.5
Genealogical Research Directory1995Keith A. Johnson & Malcolm R. SaintyDIR 7.6
Genealogical Research Directory1996Johnson & SaintyDIR 7.7
Genealogical Researches, Sources Of Info.  RES 117
Genealogical Societies Directory of in the USA and Canada1980 DIR 49
Genealogical Sources At The Public Archives of Canada  RES 129
Genealogical Sources in Pennsylvania, New York & New Jersey Norman Edgar WrightUSA 22
Genealogy for Children Liana BrittainRES 162
Genealogy in Ontario: Searching the Records  RES 147
Genealogy on the Macintosh David TippeyRES 202
Genealogy Research Syllabus  RES 50
Genealogy/Family Reunion/Cemeteries/Manitoulin Island  CAN 31
Geographic Townships in the Province of Ontario1959
rev. Apr.1
Province of Ontario Department of Lands & ForestsRES 174
Georgian Bay; The Sixth Great Lake James BarryLH 121
Georgian Dublin  GBR 61
German Ancestors Finding Your Dr. Hans W. RerupEUR 20
German Pioneers Of Toronto & Markham Twps.  RES 114
Germanic Genealogy Address Book  Eur 6
Germany West and East1984Fodor'sEUR 15
Gifts To Create From Your Research Material  RES 141
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 101986ISSN-0264-5440GBR 83.5
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 111986ISSN-0264-5440GBR 83.6
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 121987ISSN-0264-5440GBR 83.7
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 131987ISSN-0264-5440GBR 83.8
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 141987ISSN-0264-5440GBR 83.9
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 151988ISSN-0264-5440GBR 83.10
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 161988 GBR 83.11
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 171988ISSN 0264 5440GBR 83.12
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 181989ISSN 0264 5440GBR 83.13
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 51984ISSN-264-5440GBR 83
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 61985ISSN-0264-5440GBR 83.1
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 71985ISSN-0264-5440GBR 83.2
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 81985ISSN-0264-5440GBR 83.3
Glamorgan Family History Society - Journal No. 91986ISSN-0264-5440GBR 83.4
Golden Trail-The Story of the Klondike Goldrush  RES 61
Gordons of Goulbourin & Lowrys of Huntley/Fitzroy  FH 13
Gourde/Goudry & Philomene Pageotte Beauce County, Quebec to Walsh County, North Dakota, U.S. in 1888 Barbara EllisFH 30.G.2
Governor's Lady, The  RES 37
Grandma Was A Pioneer  RES 77
Gray-Benn-Foster-Lake Families Camden E. Twp. Walpole Twp. Detroit - California, Sudbury Doris Gray EmersonFH 30.G.3
Great Britain It's History From Earliest Time To Present Day  GBR 5
Great Lakes Conference - Syllabus1994 LH 65
Great Men of Canada  RES 26
Greece1984Fodor'sEUR 14
Grey1871 CEN 7
Griers, Pioneers In America & Canada1816-1991 FH 2
Grimsby Historical Society: Annuals Of the Forty   LH 45 (1-10)
Grosse Ile: Gateway To Canada1832-1937Marianna O'GallagherCAN 46
Gudrie - Brydges Family - Lanark County-Northern Ontario Jean LyeFH 30.G.4
Guide to CBC Sources1936-1986Public Archives Canada RES 196
Guide to Family History Research in the Archival Repository of the United Church of Canada   LH 96
Guide To Heraldry Ottfired NewbeckerRES 97
Guide To Ontario Land Registry Records  RES 116
Guide To Oral History Collections In Canada- Vol. 131993Normand Fortier-Journal-Canadian Oral History AssociationRES 192
Guide to Tracing Your Family in Kent County, The  LH 106
Guidebook For An Active Genealogical Soc.  RES 128
Haldimand-Norfolk1871 CEN 8
Haldimand Co Marriage Registers Vol. 21  BMD 31
Haldimand Co. Caledonia Mun, Cemetery  CEM 33
Haliburton-In Quest of Yesterday1874-1974Nila ReynoldsCAN 35
Halton-Peel1871 CEN 9
Halton, Co. Marriage Registers Vol. 11  BMD 20
Hamilton-Wentworth1871 CEN 10
Hamilton (around) Early Burial Grounds & Graves  CEM 34
Hamilton Twp.- Baltimore Old Presley  CEM 55
Hamilton Twp.-Bewdley-Royal Canadian Legion  CEM 53
Hamilton Twp. - Bethel Grove  CEM 56
Hamilton Twp. - Bewdley Union  CEM 54
Hamilton Twp. Camborne United Church  CEM 52
Hamilton Twp. Plainville U.C. Cemetery  CEM 46
Hamilton Twp. Cold Springs Pioneer Memorial   CEM 51
Hamilton Twp. Lent's Cemetery  CEM 48
Hamilton Twp. Plainville Bible Christian   CEM 47
Hamilton Twp. St Paul's U. C. Cold Springs  CEM 50
Hamilton Twp. St. George's Anglican  CEM 49
Harvest Of Stones: Settlement In Renfrew Co Brenda Lee-WhitingCAN 61.1
Hastings-Prince Edward Surr Court Ont. Ind   BMD 49
Hastings-Prince Edward1871 CEN 11
Hastings County Map Reg. Vol. 5  BMD 14
Hayward, Charles (1784-1854) & Philena Moulton (1795- )Massachusetts, New York, Orono, Clark Twp., Ont., Simcoe County, Ont., Michigan Frances Elliott and Wanda SssinclairFH 30.H.1
Hearst Region Marriages R. C.  BMD 40
Hearth Tax - other Later Stuart Tax Lists & Association Oath Rolls J.S.W. GibsonGBR 16.1
HELP! I've Inherited An Attic Full of History Volume II1999 Althea Douglas, M.A. C.G
ISBN 0-7779-0217-6
RES 169.1
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Heraldry  RES 140
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Here be Dragons  RES 148
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Historic Britain  GBR 31
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Historic Lindsay Alan R. CaponCAN 63
Historic Newfoundland L.E.F. EnglishCAN 4
Historic Sites Of Alberta  RES 79
Historic Towne of Smithville William McMahonCAN 23
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History of Colonial America, A Oliver P. ChilwoodUSA 1
History of the County of Ontario  LH 60
History of the English Speaking Peoples  GBR 72
History of the Former Shingwave School Sault Ste. Marie & History of Camp Manitou  LH 61
History of the Northern Association of Baptist Churches1890-1968 Alec W. SchorseCAN 44
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Holland1984Fodor'sEUR 12
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Hometown History-Highlighting Your Heritage Ont. Historical Society ProjectDIR 41/C2
Hometown History Ont. Historical Society ProjectDIR 41
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Huguenot Refugees to America, Family Names  LH 109
Human Heredity  RES 101
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Huron1871 CEN 12
If Kisses Were Roses Helen (Hall) Shewchuk ISBN 0-9680907-0-2RES 170
Illegitimacy McLaughlin GuideGBR 10
Illinois, Where To Search In1989 USA 17
Illustrated Guide: Scottish Clan Crestbadges/List of names  GBR 14
Illustrated History of Kent  GBR 9
Immigrant & Passenger Arrivals A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publ.RES 197
Important Genealogical Coll. in Ontario Ryan TaylorDIR 19
In Britain  GBR 25
In Memorium Book
World War I 1914 - 1918
World War II 1939 - 1945
Sudbury & District Memorials
1914 - 1945 SUD 64
In Search of Lanark Carol Bennett & D. W. McCauigCAN 43
In Search of Your British 7 Irish Roots  GBR 11
In Search Of Your Canadian Roots  RES 82
In Search of Your European Roots  EUR 3
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Index Of Ontario Townships  RES 104
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June 1949
ISBN 0-7779-0753-4 Sudbury Branch OGSBMD 101
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& Families 1971 - 1997
Roger W. Reid U.E. In Collaboration with OGSOGS 4
Index to the Upper Canada Land Books1806-1816OGSCAN 92.1
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Indian Register Populations1996 RES 181
Indian School Days Basil H. JohnstonCAN 156
Indian Traders, Voyages & Travels Of1791J. LongRES 36
Inhabitants of New Hampshire1776Emily S. WilsonUSA 21
Inheritance-Ontario's Farms Past & Present  LH 91
Inheritance John & Monica LadellGBR 91
Inn Roads to Ancestry-Pioneer Inns of Ont, Vol. 1  RES 149
Internet For Genealogy David HawgoodRES 201
Into the Silent Land  LH 115
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Inventory of Recorded Cemeteries in Ontario 2 copies1983OGSCEM 4
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Ireland Map  MAP 23
Ireland, Illustrated Map Bartholomew  MAP 4
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Ireland, Tudor and Stuart  GBR 59
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Irish Ancestors, The #11979 GBR 66
Irish Ancestors, The #21976 GBR 65
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Irish Ancestors, The Vol. #1, 2 & Suppl.1972 GBR 67
Irish Ancestors, The Vol. #1, 2 1981 GBR 67
Irish Ancestors, The Vol. #1, 21973 GBR 67
Irish Ancestors, The Vol. #1, 21977 GBR 67
Irish Ancestors, The Vol. #1, 21978 GBR 67
Irish Ancestors, The Vol. #1, 21980 GBR 67
Irish Ancestors, The Vol. #11976 GBR 67
Irish Ancestors, The Vol. #21970 GBR 67
Irish Ancestors, The Vol. #21971 GBR 67
Irish Ancestors, The Vol. #21979 GBR 67
Irish Ancestors, The Vol.# 1, 21975 GBR 67
Irish Ancestors, The Vol.#21974 GBR 67
Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research Vol.1  GBR 60
Irish Migrants In The Canadas-A New Approach  RES 10
Irish Names for Children  GBR 51
Irish Records, Sources For Family & Local History  GBR 6
Irish Society, Early MylesGBR 55
Isle of Dreams: Isle of Bones; Partridge Island N. B.  RES 88
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Jewish Ancestors Finding Your Henry WellischEUR 18
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John Rudolphus Booth - Lumber King, Ottawa, Ontario1826-1925Jean LyeFH 30.B.6
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Katt, Madeleine - Moose To Moccasins  FH 8
Kent-Essex Surrogate Court of Ont. Index  BMD 50
Ketcheson Family  FH 6
Kings Daughters, The  RES 19
Kingston-Frontenac & Lennox-Addington1871 CEN 13
Kingston 300- A Social Snapshot  CAN 54
Kinship & Marriage  RES 111
Kinsmen Club of Sudbury 15th Annual Sports Celebrity Dinner1974 SUD 41
Kirkland Lake Story: A Pictorial History André Wetjen & L.H.T. IrvineCAN 60
L'Outaouais-Quebecois (Pres. & Ang) Marriages Protestants  BMD 39
L'Outaouais - Quebecois (Meth U/C) Marriages Protestant  BMD 38
L'Outaouais Marr. Protest. Meth & U/C 2nd  BMD 47
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Lambton1871 CEN 14
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Lanark1871 CEN 15
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Land Records In Ontario Registry Offices  RES 107
Land Tax Assessments (Great Britain)c1690-1950 GBR 16
Lane Family - Niagara OGS #3324CEM 13
Last Names & Places Of Eastern Ontario  RES 63
Latin America - The World Today Series1995 RES 183
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Leeds-Grenville1871 CEN 16
Leeds Co. - Brockville Old Protestant Leeds & Grenville Branch OGSCEM 21
Legacy: Vol #1, 2  LH 112
Legacy: Vol #1, 3  LH 113
Legion - Last Post - Lost Trails  RES 106
Legion - Last Post - Lost Trails1986-2000 RES 106.1
Lennox-Addington Co Marr. Reg. Vol.13  BMD 23
Lennox-Addington Surr Co of Ont Index  BMD 56
Lennox & Addington Glenwood-Amerst Island Kingston OGSCEM 17
Letters From Canada1806, 07, 08 RES 59
Levick Family/Bullock Family  FH 19
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Life In A Dorset Village  GBR 2
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Life in Ontario A Social History G.P. de T. GlazebrookCAN 9
Life of Colonel Talbot-The Talbot Settlement Edward ErmatingerCAN 53
Lincoln-Welland-Niagara1871 CEN 17
Lincoln-Welland Surrogate Court of On Ind   BMD 52
Lincoln & Welland Co Marriage Reg. Vol. 19  BMD 29
Literary Archives Guide National Archives of CanadaRES 194
Little Immigrants: The Orphans Who Came To Canada  RES 51
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Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 12 No. 2June 1990 GBR 86.1
Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 12 No. 3September 1990 GBR 86.2
Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 12 No. 4December 1990 GBR 86.3
Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 13 No. 1March 1991 GBR 86.4
Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 13 No. 2June 1991 GBR 86.5
Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 13 No. 3September 1991 GBR 86.6
Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 13 No. 4December 1991 GBR 86.7
Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 14 No. 1March 1992 GBR 86.8
Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 14 No. 2June 1992 GBR 86.9
Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 14 No. 3September 1992 GBR 86.10
Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 14 No. 4December 1992 GBR 86.11
Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 15 No. 1March 1993 GBR 86.12
Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 15 No. 2September 1993 GBR 86.13
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Liverpool Family Historian, Vol. 15 No. 4December 1993 GBR 86.15
Local Histories of Ontario Municipalities A Bibliography1987-1997Barbara B. Aitken OGS
ISBN 0-7779-0218-4
DIR 47
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Local Ontario History: vol LX1X #3, 4, 1  LH 94
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Local Ontario History: vol LXV11 #1, 3  LH 94
Local Ontario History: vol LXV111 #2, 3, 4  LH 94
Local Ontario History: vol LXX #1, 2, 3, 4  LH 94
London-Middlesex1871 CEN 18
London England-Public Record Office  GBR 64
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London, Ont.-New St. James Presbyterian Church  LH 114
Lore-Legends of Long Point  LH 70
Lost Children Of The Empire  RES 28
Loyalist Lists  LOY 2
Loyalist Lists1775-1783E. Keith FitzgeraldLOY 6
Loyalists in the American Revolution, The Claude Halstead Van TyneLOY 5
Loyalists of Quebec1774-1825  LOY 3
Lucien Matte1907-1973 LH 95
Lundy's Lane-Stamford Twp. Niagara Niagara Peninsula Branch OGSCEM 14
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Lutheran Church Record1793-1832 BMD 58
MacKay Clan Map  MAP 5
Man & Nickel - INCO  RES 93
Manitoba Directory of Archives  Manitoba ArchivesDIR 45
Manitoulin Expositor
Gore Bay Recorder
 BMD 2
Manitoulin Island - Assiginack - A Time To Remember  SUD 51
Map of Creighton-railways  MAP 17
Map of West Dorset and Street Plans of Beaminster, Bridport, Dorchester, Lyme, Regis and Sherborne  MAP 21
Mapping of Early Canada  MAP 6
Marriage Register of Rev. Robert Neill, Seymour Twp.1840-1878Ann RoweBMD 103
Marriage, Census & Other Indexes For Family Historians  GBR 28
Marriage  RES 90
Martin, Entre Nous les:
Vol. 1 # 1, 2
Vol. 2 # 1, 2
Vol. 3 # 1, 2
Vol. 4 # 1, 2
Vol. 5 # 1, 2
Vol. 6 # 1, 2
Vol. 7 # 1, 2
Vol. 8 # 1, 2
Vol. 9 # 1, 2
Vol.10 #1, 2
  FH 21
Mary Queen of Scots Antonia FraserGBR 96
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McDowell, Dr. Ephraim: Pioneer Surgeon  RES 33
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McGill Directory of Graduates1890-1965McGill UniversityDIR 44
McKim Township1883 MAP 22
McLean 1747-1983 A Brief Clan History  FH 30.M.1
McNab, Sophia: Diary Of1846 RES 108
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Melted Years Maude GroomCAN 55
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Methodist Church Baptismal Records1848-1875 Lanark County, Kingston OGSBMD 66
Mexico1984 RES 138
Michigan Voyageurs Donna Valley RussellUSA 24
Microfilm Conversion List (O.A Numbering and LDS Numbering  DIR 40
Middlesex County Vol. 27 - Co. Marr. Reg.  BMD 72
Miller-Brick-Dupuis (Dupuie), Sombra Twp., Ont., Michigan Barbara Dupuie BoyerFH 30.M.3
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Miracle of the Mountain-Brother Andre-Mount Royal  LH 52
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Molholland Family Tree  FH 18
Molsons In Canada, The First 200 Years  FH 11
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Monumental Insc. W. Sterlingshire Scotlandpre 1855 GBR 45
Moose to Moccasins  LH 105
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My Ancestors Were Quakers  GBR 18
N. E. Ontario  RES 85
Nagel's Travel Guide U.S.S.R. Nagel PublishersEUR 26
National Genealogical Directory - 19801980 DIR 15
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New England Historical & Genealogical Register Vol CXLVIOct 1992 USA 23.5
New England Historical & Genealogical Register Vol CXLVIIApr 1993 USA 23.7
New England Historical & Genealogical Register Vol CXLVIIJan 1993 USA 23.6
New England Historical & Genealogical Register Vol CXLVIIJul 1993 USA 23.8
New England Historical & Genealogical Register Vol CXLVIIOct 1993 USA 23.9
New England Historical & Genealogical Register Vol CXLVIIIApr 1994 USA 23.11
New England Historical & Genealogical Register Vol CXLVIIIJan 1994 USA 23.10
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Newcomb/Hartt and Slye/Blunden Families Viettia NewcombFH 30.N.1
Newfoundland St. John the Evangelist, Topsail  NLGSCEM 5
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Niagara Conf. Methodist Baptism Reg. L-Z  BMD 64
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Niagara to Quebec, Panoramic Guide From  RES 57
Nickel: An Historical Review  RES 16
Nipissing from Brule to Booth Murray LeatherdaleCAN 32
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North Renfrew Agricultural Society Centennial1857-1957 CAN 47
North Simcoe Co. Central  CEM 26
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Northern History / Local Interest Sudbury Star  CAN 30
Northern Ireland  GBR 82
Northern Life, The Index of Deaths, OB, Births, Anniversaries1992 BMD 100
Northumberland-Durham Surr.Co. Ont Index  BMD 51
Northumberland County Map Reg. 9  BMD 18
Northumberland1871 CEN 19
Nos Ancetres No. 11  RES 100
Nova Scotia Families, Abstracts of some early Margaret GrandyFH 32
Nova Scotia Tour Book  RES 46
Now & then: Still More Footnotes To Parry Sound History John MacfieCAN 45
O'Brien: From Water Boy To One Million A Year  RES 15
Ogdensburg Centennial, Diocese of1872-1972 USA 18
OGS 17  RES 134
OGS 18  RES 150
OGS 20  RES 159
OGS 21  RES 163
OGS 3  RES 132
OGS 4  RES 133
OGS 8  RES 179
OGS 9  RES 153
OGS Library Holdings (2 copies)1984 RES 6
OGS Library Index1977 RES 66
OGS Operation Manual1994 RES 120
OGS Publications for Sale (2 copies)1998 OGS 2
OGS Wall of Ancestors  RES 135
OGS1998 RES 109
Ohio Genealogical Society Newsletter  USA 11
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Ontario's Heritage: Guide To Archival Resources-Peel  RES 22
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Ontario Register, The, Vol 6 Index1982 BMD 88
Ontario Register, The, Vol 6, 11982 BMD 86
Ontario Register, The, Vol 6, 21982 BMD 87
Ontario Register, The, Vol 6, 31982 BMD 85
Ontario Register, The, Vol 6, 41982 BMD 84
Ontario Register, The, Vol 7, 11983 BMD 81
Ontario Register, The, Vol 7, 2, 3 (2nd copy)1984 BMD 82
Ontario Register, The, Vol 7, 2, 31984 BMD 79
Ontario Register, The, Vol 7, 41984 BMD 80
Ontario Register, The, Vol 81990 BMD 96
Ontario Transportation Map Series # 1  MAP 7
Ontario Transportation Map Series # 2  MAP 8
Ontario Transportation Map Series # 3  MAP 9
Ontario Transportation Map Series # 4  MAP 10
Ontario Transportation Map Series # 5  MAP 11
Ontario Transportation Map Series # 6  MAP 12
Ontario Transportation Map Series # 7  MAP 13
Ontario Transportation Map Series # 8  MAP 14
Ontario1871 CEN 20
Opeongo Road, The - An Early Colonization Scheme Brenda Lee-Whiting article Canadian Geographical March 1967LH 118
Organizing The Mountains of Paper  RES 146
Orth, Philip Jacob Descendants of (An Index) Herbert A. ProudleyFH 30.O.1
Ottawa Branch News Index1970-1987 RES 48
Ottawa Carleton1871 CEN 21
Ottawa OGS Surname Supplement1980 DIR 27
Ottawa OGS Surname Supplement1981 DIR 28
Ottawa: Normal School Year Book1915-1916 RES 18
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, La Passe, Ont.  CAN 40
Outline for Genealogical Research in Canada, (orange binder-not dated)  RES 180
Oxford County Vol 26-Co Marr. Reg.  BMD 70
Oxford1871 CEN 22
Painted Past, The  LH 81
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Paradis of Temagami  RES 73
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Parklawn Cemetery - Section C Sudbury Branch OGSCEM 57.5
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Pathfinding on Plain and Prairie1898McDougallCAN 8
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Pentland Helen BulchCEM 18
Perth-First Presbyterian Church  BMD 61
Perth-St. Andrews Presbyterian Church  BMD 60
Perth Co. Marriage Registers Vol. 17  BMD 27
Perth Region Marriages Protestant  BMD 37
Perth Region Marriages R. C.  BMD 45
Perth1871 CEN 23
Peter Robinson Settlers1823-1825Carol BennettCAN 41
Peterborough-Land of Shining Waters  CAN 71
Peterborough & St. Joseph's Hospital-A Historical Appreciation Alan WilsonCAN 49
Peterborough Co. Vol 24-Co. Marr. Reg.  BMD 76
Peterborough Co: The Early Settlement of  LH 78
Peterborough Victoria1871 CEN 24
Peterborough:Land of Shining Waters  LH 76
Petworth Emigration Scheme: Sussex to Upper Canada1832-1937 GBR 8
Pioneer Days in Upper Canada GuilletCAN 6
Pioneer Families - S. H. N.O.  SUD 28
Pioneer Memorial United Church - Huntsville, Ontario1892-1992 CAN 155
Pioneer Settlements in Upper Canada  LH 75
Pioneers of the Don  LH 67
Plan of Sudbury Station grounds1886 MAP 16
Planning A Fabulous Family Reunion  RES 155
Plantagenets, The  GBR 57
Polish Family Research  J. KonradEur 4
Polyphony - Sudbury's People1983Bulletin of the Multicultural History - Society of Ont. Vol. 5#1SUD 60
Portraits Of Manitoulin Past  LH 51
Portraits Of The Premiers  RES 42
Postal History Society of Canada Journal # 15. Contains the history of the Lively Post Office ISBN 0703-5365SUD 56
Precious Corners Cemetery Kawartha BranchCEM 44
Prescott-Russell1871 CEN 25
Prescott & Russell Co. Vol. 31-Co Mar. Reg   BMD 74
Prince Edward County Hillier Twp. Some births, marriages, deaths1880-1898 BMD 97
Prince Edward County Map Reg. Vol. 3  BMD 12
Protect Your Precious Documents  RES 145
Proudfoot To Pepperbox To Posterity1883-1983Leslie Robb GrayCAN 33
Provost / Butler / Cull Families Myrna Marie (Maynard) TerryFH 30.P.3
Public Record Office Readers' Guide No. 1, Making Use of the Census Susan LumasGBR 90
Quarter Sessions Records For Family Historians - A Select List - Second Edition J.S.W. GibsonGBR 84
Quick Canadian Facts  RES 32
Quiet Gentle Surprise  CEM 35
Rambling River-History of Thurlow Twp.  LH 49
Read, Siderick 1822-77: Ancestors & Descendants: Our Family History 1600-19801600-1980 FH 3
Reading Old Handwriting  GBR 38
Rebellion In The Canadas  RES 49
Rebellion Remembrance1837 RES 71
Record Of The Department Of Labour Government Archives Division-RG 27RES 198
Records of the Department of Railroads and Canals-Federal Archives Division-RG  RES 193
Red River Adventure, The Story of The Selkirk Settlers J. W. ChalmersCAN 10
Register of Testaments1715-1800Frances J. McDonell ISBN 1-888265-35=3, 8 Lawhead Dr. W. St. Andrews F. Scotland KY 16 9NEGBR 75
Renfrew Co. & The North1871 CEN 26
Renfrew Co. Records: Family History Resources  RES 38
Renfrew Co., History Of-Centennial1961Mrs. Carl Price Clyde C. KennedyCAN 48
Renfrew County Marriage Registers of Ont. Vol. 291858-1869 BMD 89
Renfrew, The Story of  LH 55
Research Aids In Canada  RES 70
Research at the Family History Center  RES 152
Resources In The Sudbury Area  SUD 30
Restoration England  GBR 39
Reunions  RES 157
Richan, The Book Of  FH 14
Rideau Waterway, Revised Edition Robert LeggetCAN 16
Rise of the French Rothschilds, The Anka MuhlsteinEUR 25
Riverside Cemetery Near Beaverton, Thorah Twp., Ontario County Mary Kearns TraceCEM 59.1
Rockside Pioneers Robert Crichton CAN 69
Roman Catholic Kingston Branch OGSCEM 19
Rothschilds, A Family Portrait  FH 12
Roving ‘Round Orillia Eunice StreeterCAN 150
Royal Gazette & Newfoundland Advertiser1846-1862 BMD 5
Royal Gazette & Newfoundland Advertiser1863-1873 BMD 6
Royal Military College Club of Canada1992 CAN 148
Royal Spring Tour, The1939 GBR 73
S. Ukraine-Mennonite History from Mocachna David ToddEUR 10
Saint Stanislaus: Parish Copper Cliff, The Early Years Patrick BoyleLH 110
Sault Ste Marie Index Births, Marriages & Deaths1901-1925Sault Ste Marie OGSBMD 102
Sault Ste. Marie, Dubreuville, Wawa R. C. Marriages  BMD 43
Scandinavia Brian Fullerton -Alan F. WilliamsEUR 1
Scandinavian Ancestors Finding Your Dr. Penelope ChristensenEUR 21
School on Wheels  LH 104
Scotland, In Search of  GBR 58
Scots Banished to American Plantations, Directory of1650-1775David DobsonDIR 16
Scots to Canada, The-Great Emigrations  GBR 56
Scott's Last Expedition  LH 85
SCOTT/CASHMORE Families1999Lynn Gainer, Sudbury District Branch OGS 20th Anniversary PublicationFH 30.S.4
Scottish Ancestors, Finding Your  GBR 69
Scottish Ancestry Research  GBR 26
Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation Vol 2, A Directory of  DIR 32
Scottish Emigrants To Canada Dictionary - Pre-Confederation Donald WhyteGBR 7
Scottish Settlers To Bathurst Area & Supp.  LH 62
Scotts, The  GBR 35
Seminar - Forever Families1980 OGS 1.80 b
Seminar 2000 Ontario Genealogical Society, Migration Mosaic2000Edward Kipp PH.D.OGS 3
Seminar Annual Sudbury1983Ontario Genealogical SocietySUD 34
Seminar Families Vol. 19 # 41980 OGS 1.80 a
Seminar Wall of Ancestors1995 OGS 1.95 b
Seminar, 40th Anniversary2001 OGS 2.1
Seminar1981 OGS 1.81
Seminar1982 OGS 1.82
Seminar1983 OGS 1.83
Seminar1984 OGS 1.84
Seminar1985 OGS 1.85
Seminar1986 OGS 1.86
Seminar1987 OGS 1.87
Seminar1988 OGS 1.88
Seminar1989 OGS 1.89
Seminar1990 OGS 1.90
Seminar1991 OGS 1.91
Seminar1992 OGS 1.92
Seminar1993 OGS 1.93
Seminar1994 OGS 1.94
Seminar1995 OGS 1.95 a
Seminar1996 OGS 1.96
Seminar1997 OGS 1.97
Seminar1998 OGS 1.98
Seminar1999 OGS 1.99
Settlement of Huron County, The  LH 68
Seven Centuries of Sea Travel B. W. BatheEUR 24
Seven Decades Of Caring (Nursing in Sudbury)  SUD 5
Ship Passengers Lists, Bibliography of1538-1825 RES 99
Shouldice family publishes a book - newspaper clipping Phil McNicholFH 30.S.1
Shupe, John & Elizabeth & descendants Mary C. (Shupe) ShantzFH 30.S.2
Simcoe Co. Marriage Registers Vol. 12  BMD 21
Simcoe Co. Midlands Past Inhabitants Cem.  CEM 25
Simcoe Co. Reaney's United Church Cemetery Adjala Twp.  CEM 40
Simcoe County1871 CEN 27
Simpson, James & Rachel: A Goodly Heritage  FH 7
Sketches of Old Toronto Frank N. WalkerCAN 52
Sketches of Upper Canada  RES 35
Smith Twp. Biccles Cemetery Kawartha BranchCEM 45
So You Want To Publish Your Book John A. Becker ISBN 0-919387-37-3RES 168
Soldier of Fortune  RES 55
Some Historical Characters & Places in Sudbury & District Bruce PitfieldSUD 44
Some Ontario References & Sources for the Family Historian  RES 65
Somerset House Wills From 18591858 GBR 21
Son of a Working Man Jim Tester ISBN 0-9699018-0-1SUD 52
Souvenirs of The Régimbal Family in Canada  FH 30.R.1
Soviet Union1984Fodor'sEUR 17
Speyside, Scotland-Gravestone Insc.pre 1855 GBR 46
Spokane County, State of Washington: Mini Biographies from History of Canadian Persons who settled there.  USA 14
Sports Pioneers: History Finnish Canadian Amateur Sports Federation1906-1986 SUD 1
Sprague, Frederick (1762-1839) & Rebecca Nichols (1766-1850) Carol Ackerman & Frances ElliottFH 30.S.3
St Andre Avellin P.Q. Baptism1851-1975 BMD 44
St. Agatha1867-1967Catherine Schumilas & Joan WilliamsCAN 64
St. Alban the Martyr-Capreol, Celebrating 75 years of Christian Service  LH 101
St. Andrew's 90th Anniversary1899-1989Frances ColvilleCAN 158
St. Andrew's Church, History of  SUD 2
St. Andrew's Church, Ottawa1828-1928John Goodwill MacPhailCAN 153
St. Andrew's U.C., History of - Sudbury  SUD 23
St. John's Lutheran & St. John's U/C Snyder, Ontario OGS 47004 & 4701CEM 15
St. Lawrence, The  LH 87
Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry Surrogate Court of Ontario Index  BMD 54
Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry1871 CEN 28
Stormont-Dundas Co Marriage Reg. Vol. 18  BMD 28
Story of the Town That Bred Us J. J. MulroyCAN 56
Strachan, Bishop John Toronto, A Biography of  FH 22
Straight Lines In Curved Spaces: Colonization Roads In Eastern Ontario  RES 81
Strangers No More, Sudbury Centennial Photographic Exhibition  SUD 11
Strangers No More/Plus jamais des etrangers Pamela KruegerSUD 67
Strays-An Index to the OGS Project Vol. 62001ISBN 0-7779-0228-1RES 165.6
Strays-An Index to the OGS Project Vol. 72001ISBN 0-7779-0229-XRES 165.7
Strays-An Index to the OGS Project Vol.31998ISBN 0-7779-0214-1RES 164
Strays-An Index to the OGS Project Vol.41998ISBN 0-7779-0216-8RES 165
Strays-An Index to the OGS Project Vol.51999ISBN 0-779-0220-6RES 166
Strays! Vol. 21997 RES 172
Strays! An Index to the British Strays in Canada resulting from the OGS Strays Project Vol 11999ISBN 0-7779-0222-2RES 161.4 Vol 1
Strays! An Index to the OGS Strays Project Vol. 11996 RES 171
Strays! Married Name Index to Vol. 1 to 3, OGS Strays Project1999ISBN 0-7779-0221-4RES 167
Sudbury's Centennial Song Happy Birthday Bonne Fete Janet Eadie MorrisonSUD 35
Sudbury-LaSalle Cem. Records Vol. 1,3,5,9  Sudbury Branch OGSCEM 57.1
Sudbury & Area Histories & Biographies/Sports Misc. Weddings/Births/Deaths  SUD 45
Sudbury & District Cemeteries Book 1; Sudbury-Dowling-Maple Crest Sudbury Branch OGSCEM 57.4
Sudbury & District Cemeteries Book 1; Sudbury-Dryden Wahnapitae Prot & R.C. Sudbury Branch OGSCEM 57.4
Sudbury & District Cemeteries Book 1; Sudbury-Garson-Church of the Good Shepherd Sudbury Branch OGSCEM 57.4
Sudbury & District Cemeteries Book 1; Sudbury-Sudbury Anglican Cem., Eyre Regent Street,  Sudbury Branch OGSCEM 57.4
Sudbury & District Cemeteries Book 2; Estaire Roman Catholic, Gogama, Pinehill, Markstay, Ontario, and St. Mark's R.C., Markstay, Cemeteries Sudbury Branch OGSCEM 57.2
Sudbury & District School1911-13-15Sudbury StarSUD 13
Sudbury and Area Bicentennial Projects Scrapbook  SUD 55
Sudbury Basin  LH 103
Sudbury Centennial - To Our City  SUD 29
Sudbury District Branch OGS, Minutes of Meetings - June 20, 1979 - 19941979 - 1994 SUD OGS 2.1
Sudbury District Branch OGS, Minutes, Attendance Sheets, newspaper clippings, correspondence1995-1998Pat Horner, SecretarySUD OGS 2.2
Sudbury District Branch OGS, Newsletters1979 - 1994  SUD OGS 3
Sudbury Genealogical Society Scrapbook Vol. 1 & 21979 -1986 OGS SUD 1
Sudbury in Postcards  SUD 54
Sudbury OGS, Bible Sheets  SUD 38
Sudbury OGS, Marriage Certificates  SUD 39
Sudbury OGS, Pedigree Charts  SUD 40
Sudbury Old Days in the News #1 Jean LyeSUD 68
Sudbury Old Days In the News #2 Jean LeySUD 68.1
Sudbury Rail Town To Regional Capital  SUD 50
Sudbury Star obituaries-alphabetical index1997 BMD 98
Sudbury Star obituaries-alphabetical index2000Jane MarshallBMD 98.2
Sudbury Star Obituary Index1999Jane MarshallBMD 98.1
Sudbury Star Obituary Index2001Jane MarshallBMD 98.3
Summers at Crayhaven on the French River Myrtle C. CrayCAN 159
Surname Index and Supplement - 19831981B.C. Gen SocDIR 26
Surnames Directory of 1987 - OGS Special Edition1987OGSDIR 12
Surnames of America, What's In a name La Reina RuleDIR 36
Surnames of Ireland The  DIR 39
Surnames of Scotland  G.F. BlackDIR 34
Surnames, Directory of 1995David J. BrowneDIR 31
Surnames, Directory of1983OGSDIR 21
Surnames, Directory of1984OGSDIR 22
Surnames, Directory of1986OGSDIR 23
Surnames, Directory of1987OGSDIR 24
Surnames, Directory ofMay 1982OGSDIR 20
Surnames, English Charles Wareing Barsley, M.A.DIR 35
Surnames, The Story of  RES 1
Surrogate Court of Ontario Index-Norfolk  BMD 48
Surrogate Court Records At The Archives Of Ontario  RES 78
Survivors  Ontario ArchivesLH 107
Tall Pines & Sparkling Waters: Memories Of The Sauble & Spanish Rivers  SUD 6
Tartans  GBR 55
Tell Me Another Story  RES 121
Temiskaming District-Englehart Cemetery  CEM 38
Temiskaming District-Kirkland Lake Cem.  CEM 39
The Big Nickel - Inco at Home & Abroad Jamie Swift & The Deveopment Education CentreSUD 42
The Burning of The Valleys - Daring Raids from Canada Against the New York Frontier1780Gavin K. WattLH 120
The Canadians, Marion Hilliard Mary Carol WilsonCAN 21
The Fascinating World of New Brunswick Stuart TruemanCAN 18
The Genealogist's Encyclopaedia  RES 139
The Jesuit Mission, Chronicles of Canada Series Glasgow Brook & Co.CAN 11
The Lake District Ward & LockGBR 93
The Lost Laird of McNab  LH 73
The Neutral Yankees of Nova Scotia  LH 90
The Not So Distant Past from Sudbury Star Gary PeckSUD 43
The Scarlet Force. The Making of The Mounted Police T. Morris LongstrethCAN 19
There Were No Strangers  SUD 37
Thom Dr., Alexander Staff Surgeon to H.M. Forces Perth, Ont. and Chas. H. Gamsby C. AkermanFH 30.T.1
THOMPSONS The, The Age of Innocence1999Pat Slade, Sudbury District Branch OGS 20th Anniversary PublicationFH 30.T.2
Through the Years in Douro1822-1967 LH 77
Thundergate: The Forts of Niagara  LH 69
Tiger Dunlop's Upper Canada  RES 60
Timmins Diocese De R. C. Marriages Vol. 11905-1980 BMD 34
Timmins Diocese De R. C. Marriages Vol. 21905-1980 BMD 35
Timmins Diocese De R. C. Marriages Vol. 31905-1980 BMD 36
Tips for your Genealogical Trip Abroad  RES 156
Toastmaster, The Complete  RES 3
Tools of The Trade for Canadian Genealogy ISBN 0-7779-0223-0 Althea Douglas, M.A. C.GRES 200
Toronto & York Region Family Names Being Researched OGS Toronto Br.DIR 30
Toronto Archives, City of  RES 21
Toronto City and Home District Directory, Brown's1846-47George BrownDIR 1
Toronto Co. Marriage Registers Vol. 15  BMD 25
Toronto OGS Members Pedigree Charts (1)  RES 94
Toronto OGS Members Pedigree Charts (2)  RES 95
Toronto Potter's Field Cemetery1826-1855compiled and edited by Elizabeth Hancocks, C.G.CEM 2
Toronto the Good, Of C. S. ClarkCAN 59
Toronto, The Exciting City  LH 53
Toronto: A Pictorial Record  LH 71
Toronto1871 CEN 29
Torontonesis1949John SullivanCAN 165
Town of Walden Municipal Directory  SUD 66
Trace Your Family History L.G. PineRES 204
Tracing Your Ancestors In Bruce Grey  RES 13
Tracing Your Ancestors  GBR 43
Tracing Your Ancestory  RES 136
Track Down Your Ancestors-Draw Up Your Family Tree  GBR 27
Transportation in Canada, History Of  RES 34
Trinity Centennial-Trinity Anglican Ottawa1976 CAN 73
Turkey1984Fodor'sEUR 11
Twentieth Century Dorset Family  GBR 19
Ukrainian Ancestors Finding Your Muryl Andrejciw Geary ISBN 1-894018-21-4EUR 23
Ukrainian Canadian Window On A Cultural Heritage, The - International Women's DayMarch 1981 SUD 57
Ukrainian Canadian: Window On A Cultural Heritage.  RES 7
Ulster Genealogical & Historical Guide1988 GBR 47
Ulster Genealogical & Historical Guide1989 GBR 47.1
Ulster Genealogical & Historical Guide1990 GBR 47.2
Ulster Historical Foundation, Books from the  GBR 78
Uniforms of the World's Great Armies1700 to present RES 8
United Before Union - Trinity United Church Capreol, Ontario  SUD 7
United Empire Loyalists - Who They Were And Where They Came From Jean LyeLOY 1
United Empire Loyalists Information  LOY 4
United States Official Postal Guide1925 USA 6
United States: A Pocket History of  USA 8
University of McGill Alumni 1990 LH 100
Upper Canada Militiamen who served in the war. An index of the Land Claim Certificates 1812-1814 LH 64
Upper Canada Naturalization1828-1850 RES 68
Upper Canada1784-1841 LH 102
Using Registrars Office for English & Welsh Certificates  GBR 71
Valley Irish Carol Bennett & D.W. McCauigCAN 42
Valley of the Trent, The  LH 84
Vancouver's Past Hull, Soules & SoulesCAN 62
Vast & Magnificent Land - An Illustrated History of Northern Ontario Bray & EppSUD 36
Victoria B.C., History of1842-1970Harry GregsonCAN 72
Victoria Centennial History, County Of Watson Kirkconnell CAN 74
Victoria County Vol. 25 - Co Marr Reg.  BMD 71
Video Tape Your Family History  RES 144
Villemere/Corbeau (An Index) (2 copies) Eliane Barolotto & Wayne VillemereFH 30.V.1
Voter's List: Wilberforce & N. Algoma Twps. Renfrew. Co.1907, 09, 10 RES 72
Voters List - Town Of Lively1965 SUD 21
Wales: Tracing Your Family in Wales (in printed list but can't find)  GBR ?
War 1 - The 227th Overseas Battalion Enlisted in Sudbury Area  SUD 17
War Brides of 1914-181914-18Sudbury Star- researched by Jean LyeSUD 63
Waterloo County Surrogate Court Index of Ontario Canada1859-1900 BMD 77
Waterloo Wellington Co's, Family Research In  RES 14
Wawa-Zion Lutheran Church1912-1977 CAN 34
Way it Was In The Ottawa Valley Lee-Whiting, BrendaLH 48
We Will Remember Overseas Memorials to Canada's War Dead Veterans Affairs, CanadaCEM 1
Webbwood - The First 100 years1891-1991Roy BeaudoinSUD 15
Wellington, Co. Marriage Registers Vol.10  BMD 19
Wentworth-VanSickle Cemetery  CEM 32
Wentworth Ancaster Twp. Jerseyville  CEM 31
Wentworth Co. Ancaster (5)  CEM 28
Wentworth Co. Auldkirk Cemetery Copy #2  Binbrook CEM 24
Wentworth Co. Trinity U/C Glanford, Tapleytown UC, Burkholder U/C  CEM 27
Wentworth County Map Reg. Vol. 7  BMD 16
Wentworth Saltfleet Twp. Stoney Creek Municipal  CEM 29
West Dorset, Holiday & Tourist Guide  GBR 40
West of Yesterday George ShepherdRES 27
Westcountrymen in Prince Edward's Isle  LH 74
Western & Eastern Rambles Travel Sketches of Nova Scotia Joseph HoweCAN 13
Westmoreland Co. Pennsylvania: History & Genealogy Of: Vol. 5 # l, 2, 3, 4 Vol. 6 # 1, 2, 3, 4 (2 copies)  USA 7
What Did They Do?  RES 151
Who's Who In Ontario1995-1999 LH 97
William Steven & Sarah Land - Buffalo, U.S. to Wahnapitae1906-1940Jean LyeFH 30.L.2
Willoughby Family Carol Ackerman, Marlene Mahoney, Mary DraperFH 30.W.1
Wills Before 1858c 1858 GBR 20
World War I As it Touches Sudbury & District - According to the Sudbury Star1914 - 1918Compiled by Jean LyeSUD 65
York County Map Reg. Vol. 6  BMD 15
York Minister Illustrated  GBR 62
Your Heritage to Discover, to Share  RES 142
Your Mr. Smith in Upper Canada Mary Larratt SmithCAN 12
Your Name and Your Coat of Arms-Priceless Gifts from History - Tape  RES 186
Your Name, Coat of Arms Rev. James S. McGivern S.J.DIR 37
Yugoslavia1984Fodor'sEUR 13

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