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The Home Guard for the City of London, 1866

The following Citizens were duly sworn before Mayor Glass at the City Hall, on Thursday and Friday, the 7th and 8th June, 1866, and enrolled as a Home Guard, armed with Government Rifles, &c., and, being divided into Companies, patrolled the streets for the protection of the city.

Alex R Abbott
Alex S Abbott
Samuel W Abbott
John Adams
Lewis Adams
Adolphus Allen
Samuel Allen
Timothy Amiraux
Alex Anderson
Edward Anderson
George Anderson
Gilbert Anderson
James Anderson
John Anthistle
Edward Arnold
Joseph Atkinson
Oswald Baines
John E Baker
Richard Baker
Wm Baskerville
Thomas Baxter
Edw M Beal
Thos Beattie
Henry Beltz
Henry Benjamin
Henry Bentley
Robert Bland
Jeremiah Bow
John Boyd
Peter Bradt
Michael Brandon
Henry Briant
Jacob Brown
Wm Brown
Thomas Bulwer
James Burton
Henry E Buttery
Alex Campbell
Donald Campbell
Francis Campbell
David Carter
P H Carter
Robert Carter
John Chapman
James Chisholm
Geo Chudney
William Clarke
Patrick Connor
Phillip Cook
Henry Coombs
James Coote
Wm Courtier
John Cousins
Samuel Cox
Samuel H Craig
William Crispin
Francis Cronyn
Samuel Crooks
Jos Crothar
Roger Dart
Robert Davidson
David Davis
James Deadman
Chas Dickinson
Richard Dinsban
Benjamin Dixon
St Clair Douglass
Peter Doyle
Adam Dulmage
James F Dundas
George Durand
James Durand
Wm Dyson
Thos Eaton

Joseph Edgar
Wm T Erith
Richard Evans
James Farmer
Geo B Ferguson
Thos Findlator
Jas D Finlater
Edward Fitton
James Fitzgerald
Wm Flemming
James Foolit
Jas H Fraser
Hewitt Fysh
George Gamer
Edward Garratt
Wm L Garry
Sylvanus Gibson
W C Gill
John Gilmoar
E Glackmeyer
Archibald Glass
Graham Glass
John Glenn
Richard Glover
Edwin Goodacre
Thomas Goold
Samuel Gould
John Graham
Otto B Graves
John Gray
Thomas Gray
Robt Greenley
James Greer
Robert Greer
Wm Greer
Richard Griffith
John W Gryer
John, Jr Guernsey
James Gutteridge
Francis Hall
James Haskett
George Hawkins
John Hazelwood
James Hevey
James Hobbins
Francis Holman
Richard Hoskin
Thos Howard
George Hull
St J Hyttenrauch
Henry Ilett
Richard Irvine
George Jackson
George Jarman
Wm Jarman
Andrew J Jarvis
Joseph Johnston
Thos Johnston
Wm Johnston
George Jones
Henry Judd
R Kennedy
Edwin Kent
Henry Kerr
John Large
John Larkin
John Law
Peter Lawson
Stephen P Leake
Hiram Lee
Daniel Lester
John Ley
Alexander Logan
Arch Loughrey

Wm J Lucas
Daniel Macfie
Wm Magee
Robert Manley
David Marrs
John Marshal
Wm Marshall
R F Matthews
Thomas Matthews
H S Matthewson
Robt Mawhinney
Richard Mayne
Alex McBride
Emanuel McBride
John McBride
Peter McCann
Philip McCann
James McCarthy
Thos McCrackon
John McDonald
John McDonald
Wm McDonald
Jno K McDonough
Wm McGalpin
John McGeary
John G McIntosh
Arch McMillan
Malcolm McMillan
M McNamara
Duncan McPhail
David Millar
Ed Millar
John Miller
W.H.M. Millman
William Mills
Wilson Mills
Arthur T Moore
Wm Moore
Geo Moorhead
Thomas Morrison
John Mortimer
Richard Mountjoy
Robert Munro
Edward Murphy
Alex Murray
Walter Nichol
William Noble
Geo North
George NorthwaL
Wilson Norton
James O'Brien
Thos OCallaghan
James O'Connor
James Oliver
Nicholas Ormsby
Robinson Orr
John Overall
John Pannell
Joseph Parker
T, Jr Partridge
George Patton
Emanuel Pavey
Thos Peel
James Percival
Joseph Percival
Samuel Perrin
Thomas Perrott
Samuel Peters
Henry Phair
John Mc Pherson
Charles Pope
Samuel Pope
Wm Pope
Lawrence Powers

W Pritchard
R Puddicombe
Robert Pudney
Joseph Quarry
George Randal
Geo Rapley
James Rapsey
Ed Raymond
Robert Reid
Wm Rhodes
George Riddle
Wm Riddle
James Robertson
Wm Robinson
Wm Robinson
Henry Romain
John Ross
John Scandrett
George Schofield
Samuel Screaton
Henry Sharp
Wm Simmons
Alex Small
Francis Smith
James Smith
Jas Smith
Alfred G Smyth
John B Smyth
Abraham Spry
Samuel Stewart
John Stoker
Henry Strong
F Tabbener
Thamas Tamlin
Chas Taylor
E A Taylor
John Taylor
Richard Teeson
Henry L Thompson
Isaac Throgmorton
Michael Toobey
David Vaas
James A Walker
John W Walker
Patrick Wallace
Michael Walsh
John Ward
William Ward
David Wary
Thos Webb
William Webb
Wm Webb
Thos J Webster
James Wells
John Werrall
James Whan
Alfred Wheeler
Frank Wheeler
Oscar Wheeler
Richard Wigmore
Amos Wilcox
Nicholas Wilkinson
Wm Willis
David Wilson
James H Wilson
Robert Wilson
Thos Winnett
Wilmot Wood
E Woodberry
John Woods
James Wright
John Wright
Wm Wright
John Wyatt

Mayor's Office, 9th June, A.D.1866

Note: Every effort was made to spell the names in this record as they appeared in the original document. Therefore if you are in any doubt as to the spelling of your ancestors name please take it up with Alex Abbott the city clerk in the year 1866.

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