Manitoulin Genealogy: Award Winners
Award Winners

Congratulations! The following websites have been selected or nominated to receive the Manitoulin Genealogy award for excellence in genealogy. Please take the time to visit their sites.

If you know of a site you feel worthy of this award please visit the nominations page.

Julie’s GenealogySite reflects 26 years of family research including photos, maps, biographies, outline descendant trees, newspaper articles, obituaries and much more. Links to many other helpful sites. Also includes online transcription of our church cemetery with history and related information for those researching from afar.

Family of the Taylor's of BroadseaMy site is focused on the North East of Scotand with almost 5000 individuals, mainly Taylor, but includes other names such as Buchan, Huntington, Van Horn, (my mother was born on the Manitoulin Island, as well as many Van Horns are still there) I have also included links to other Taylor sites World Wide, links that have helped in my research, history, Photos of Taylor & Buchan, Huntington & Van Horn, Our Good Mothers, Fathers Too, message board, a kids page (just for fun) & We Care page. I would love for you to come and visit.
Linda Taylor

Templin Family GenealogyWe are researching and documenting the Templin Family lineage for others to see and enjoy. This is our way of preserving our heritage.
Marvin & Samme Templin

To My Pioneer ForemothersA site dedicated to my pioneer foremothers. It includes pictures and histories.
Carol Wolf

Capt RW Lowman, USN Capt Lowman had a distinguished career in the Navy. His career spanned WWII, the Korean War (Bronze Star), the Cuban Crisis, and the Vietnam War. He was part of the official red carpet welcoming committee to Gemini 10 astronauts after splashdown. He did all of this but was a modest man, one that crew members say was the original "officer and a gentleman." This site is a visual feast but chock full of wonderful stories contributed by sailors to honor their skipper, and full of official photos, press releases, and a unique "family tree." It is brand new (in time for Christmas) and is one part of a larger family history project. Do pay us a visit. We are so pleased with wonderful contributions by many people who contributed stories and photos to honor a life well-lived.
Claudia Lowman, niece to Capt Lowman

GeneaPage The site contains a lot of genealogical information on the northern part of the Belgian province of Limburg and a step-to-step guide to create a genealogical homepage.
Bob Joosten

SneakersPertains to the history of the Cadotte and allied families with information concerning Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and beyond.
Heather Armstrong

My link in TimeOver 4000 names listed in our family tree from over many years of research. Great search tips page. Occupations list and links and old family pictures. One Family tree branch goes back to 1607 and the founding of Jamestown (documented) and another line goes back to the founding fathers of Bishop Hill Illinois and the start of the Nordic migration to the USA.
Bernard Howe

Riesebosch Genealogical database of the Riesebos, Riesebosch, Riezebos, Riezebosch family.
The database is in English and Dutch.
Nice design I think. Accessible
Hans Riesebosch

The Kielty Clan Association Official Web Site This site is dedicated to all Kielty Families and variant spellings of Kielty from around the world. Its purpose is to bring these families together, research our common family name, and connect our distant cousins to a common ancestor. It is also to examine and increase interest in Celtic, traditions, values, and history.
Arthur J. Kielty

Rock Island County, Illinois Ancestors
Henry County, Illinois Ancestors
Both of these Illinois Ancestors sites are dedicated to putting free information online and sites host Wini Caudell’s two sites contain a wealth of genealogical information. Wini works very hard on both sites and she has a large following for both Henry and Rock Island. This site was nominated by
Tara Michaels

The Genealogy Home Page of Robert ToftsWelcome to my Genealogy page.
My Family Tree Page has a link to all the surnames in my genealogy files. If you find any connections or would like additional details on any name, please contact me by clicking the email graphic on the site or signing my Guestbook.
Robert Tofts, Edinburgh Scotland

Kalamazoo County, MI; Cemeteries on the WebThey are providing county cemetery wide information, photos, transcriptions, maps and more. Wealth of information and their dedication. Or visit Kalamazoo County, MI ALAN Home Page.
submitted by Hiatt Genealogy

Shears Family Genealogy This site is Genealogy of the Shears Family world wide for the benefit of anyone connected to the family tree.
Fred Shears

The Masterton Family A knowledge bank and exploration source for Masterton family members anywhere in the world, including searchable database of over 3,000 Masterton family members and features for Mastertons in Print, Mastertons at War, Famous Mastertons, Emigrants and Masterton Places. A Timeline feature links some Mastertons to notable events in history.
Gordon Masterton

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Award Winners
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Congratulations! The following websites have been selected or nominated to receive the Manitoulin Genealogy award for excellence in genealogy. Please take the time to visit their sites.

If you know of a site you feel worthy of this award please visit the nominations page.

Lee Family TreeOur site is dedicated to the research of all our family lines. It contains birth, marriages, deaths; a few old family photos, few links, queries, and a message board for other researchers.
Dawn Hawkins

Kathy’s TreeMy family tree with lots of surnames, photos, obits, census images, links, rings and lots more!
Kathryn Gordon Hambly

Genealogical Journeys in TimeGenealogy site featuring over 400 pages of Genealogy Surnames, Queries, Family Surname Resources, Coats of Arms, Research Tips and Guides, Message Boards and Genealogy Links.
Curt and Bonnie Miller

Ratzenberger.netThis site contains my family genealogy and information about the "Ratzenberger" surname, as well as some of my other interests.
Roger Ratzenberger, Jr.

Kincaids GenealogyMy site is the history of Alexander Kincaid of Scotland and his four sons as they travel to the new America. I focus on my gr-gr-grandfather Thomas “Mountain Tom” Kincaid as they settle in Virginia. I have many interesting stories and pictures that were handed down to me. I have abt. 2000 names and 35 surnames, and many historical facts in my family genealogy.
Toney E. Kincaid

Marion‘s RootsIt is Genealogy, surnames, old photos, 100-year-old news clippings, diary, and stories. We also offer awards, and have much more.
Marion McLaughlin

Leaves From Our TreeGenealogy
Jane Lasley

The Hemphills of North CarolinaThis site is the home for the North Carolina line of the Hemphill family. Information is included about the history of the family and current news.
Terry A. Smith

Trouts of Lehigh County Family genealogy oriented and researching the Trout Traut branch and all surnames that stem from it.
Bob Trout

Stamboom Gerrit van Haaften Genealogy of the Dutch families Van Haaften, Van Haften, Van Hoften and Van Haeften, and 4.000+ other Dutch families. Also our own gen-website toplist and our The Benelux Genealogy Website Ring.
D. van Haeften

AcadianrootsIt is a place to search for your acadian roots, with cemeteries, obits, census, lookups, group, recipes, a blog and more. Hope you will check it out.
Aline Cormier

McCartney's Journeys in GenealogyThe site contains the research that I have done on my McCartney line, including stories and family legends. It also has a section where other people researching McCartney lines can post their data. Finally, there are articles about the Celts, Cordwainers (shoe makers) and other topics of interest to family historians.
George McCartney

My Family Genealogy!This is a family genealogy site that I have put my heart and soul into. It is my way of telling my family story, putting "flesh on bones". I hope to help others with their research as many have helped me.
Lisa Fuselier

My Betlach Family HistoryMy site is dedicated to sharing my family's history.
Patty Betlach Russell

My Acadian History Its about my Acadian family history, plus my mother's side of the family and also it have history about Acadian, cemeteries , with pictures of headstones and more, family tree , history on Beaubassin and the digs at Beaubassin plus more ..
Rick Arsenault

My Ballard Family Tree My site begins with Lewis Ballard born about 1723 in what is now known as Warren County North Carolina. That is as far back that I can find a Ballard family member as of yet. I have hundreds of names that I still have to add and some great information. It is always growing.
Curtis Michael Ballard

Alles Marnegebied Information concerning family names, regional history, genealogy and stories from the Marnegebied, province Groningen. The Netherlands.
JB Marnegebied

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Award Winners
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Congratulations! The following websites have been selected or nominated to receive the Manitoulin Genealogy award for excellence in genealogy. Please take the time to visit their sites.

If you know of a site you feel worthy of this award please visit the nominations page.

The Myers Family HistoryThe genealogies of two Myers families and their related surnames.
Sheila Myers

The Kalloch Family Home PageWebsite of the Kalloch Reunion Association. Family Genealogy, history, news, photo album, and information about our reunion association which was founded in 1867.
Ken Kalloch

Gigi‘s dream catcher family treesFamily trees sketched in dream catcher crests.
Laura Velli

Clampett Family History Centre This site is a Family History and Resource Centre, featuring surnames Clampett, Clampet, Clampeth, Clampette, Clampitt, Clampit, Clampitte, Clampytte, Clampot, Clampat, Clamput, Clampott, Clamprett, Clampt, Clamput, Clampyt, Clanpit, Clempett, 'De Clampytte', 'De Clamputte', etc and features a family tree, the family story, photo albums, email and web space for family members, etc and, is available in several different versions of the family name.
Wyndham Clampett

Lower luzerne County, PAproviding research of the southern part of Luzerne County, PA, including vintage photos, wills, cemetery transcriptions and much more.
Sheila Brandon

Freeman RootsA personal genealogy site dedicated to our Freeman family roots and finding our lost Freeman family. We also just like to share our genealogy and info with others.
Serena Steventon

Stamboom van de familie IdesEen onderzoek naar mijn Nederlandse & Duitse voorouders. The investigations to the origin of the families Ides, Dekker, Alles and Femmer
Ben Ides documents the history of the Gregory family from Ireland to Chicago. It started out as an exercise in web-design and a mere curiosity of my roots and ended up as a full project that produced a spin-off site, that features a detailed look at early Chicago. When I started my research (and site) a year ago, I knew very little about website building, and even less about my family. Almost all of my family‘s personal history is lost or misplaced, so I had to rely on published records only. My only knowledge of my family members consisted of less than ten people, of whom only three are still alive. I have since expanded this “database” to over 1,200 names in just over a year. The website has become a major catalyst in finding current family members.
Terrence Gregory

ChicagologyThis site was created as a result of my family history research started in Since my family has been in Chicago for 145 years, and thatI have been able to find more info on Chicago than on my family (go figure), I decided to pull the Chicago info into its own domain. The site is a major genealogical source of early Chicago images, many of which haven‘t been published for 125 years.
Terry Gregory

4 My KinA site for the family descendants of Little, Gallaugher, Haner and Duxbury to name a few. We are trying to share information on our ancestors, not just names, but pictures, and stories. We have just started and are looking to grow as more people find out about us.
Candace Spencer

They Live AgainThey Live Again is a personal genealogy site developed to proper source information and genealogy ethics. They Live Again represents 13 years of research and offers all data in an ethical manner to researchers. It offers an award program and is home to the GenEthics web certification program.
Richard Fox

Cleo and Catherine Autry‘s family of NCThis is just nearly a 300 year researching of my mother and father‘s family.
Allen Omega

Kittybrewster.comArbuthnot and Arbuthnott Family Genealogy.
Sir William Arbuthnot Bt

Arbuthnott Family AssociationArbuthnott Family Association.
Sir William Arbuthnot Bt

The Hill Family TreeCome and discover the Hill Family of Exeter, Great Britain. See how each intricate branch of my ancestry inter-twines, though details may be sketchy in some places, I've really done the best I can, and I've enjoyed every moment of it all! As well as the Hill Family, take a look at the Folke, Fereday and Hopkins branches of my tree! Other names include Burke, Williams, Munson, O'Mara, Muskutt and Manthei.
Ryan J. Hill

Tribute to my Ancestors My site is homey and comfortable and beautiful. It is my wish that my visitors feel welcome and at ease, and that their research visit be an enjoyable one in an environment of originality and creativity .
Sarah Rose

Brigitte Wingels

Our Family Story Extensive family history of seven families. Includes history, ancestral towns, family trees, immigration etc.
Visit Our Family Story Website...Our Family Story
Marjorie Goldberg

Family Quest This site contain information on the Giamona and Cartwright families. It include genealogy reports on the major lines of each family, a 13000 name database, family photos and a family cookbook.
Paul & Mary Giamona

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