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Old Home Week, Gananoque, 1924

May 17, 1924
Gananoque Reporter

Computer Input by Eileen Truesdell

Linklater Day
by Clifford Sine
There is a long long trail winding
Into the relms of our dreams
Through the early days of childhood
And school days joyous gleams
There a long long trail a winding
Since our mutal friend came here
Tis J. C. L. who won our hearts
And held them many a year

There’s a long line trail a marching
Through the thirty-six long years
Of the old boys who were pupils
Of our friend whoever cheers
Theres a long line a marching
A way to the old home Town
Where Linklater Day we celebrate
With joy and never a frown

Theres a long long shout of gladness
Ringing from coast to coast
From every knook and corner
Where his pupils have been tossed
There’ a long long cheer of gladness
Comes rolling o’er the land
For a good splendid Principal
Who molded such a brand.

Theres a long long trail a winding
To Mayor Wilson’s Old Home Week
To the town where all our school days
Were the happiness one could seek
Theres a long long trail a marching
In August Nineteen Twenty Four
To the town of our early childhood
For Linklater Day furore

List of Names


Abbott Mr. & Mrs. C. B. - 117 Hawthorn St. Hartford, Conn.
Abbott C. H. - 27 Auburn Road, West Hartford Conn.
Abbott Miss Florence - Durham, Ont.
Abbott Geo. E. - Hartford, Conn.
Abbott Harold - c/o Abbott Ball Company, Elmwood. Conn.
Abbott Mrs. Isa P. - 9155 Rome Ave. Tampa, Florida
Abernethy Cliffton - Wainwright, Alberta
Abernethy Mrs. H. - Wainwright, Alberta
Abrams Mrs. C. A. - 90 Brock St. Brockville, Ont.
Abrams J. Reg. - City Hotel, Belleville, Ont.
Abrams S. H. - Merritt, B. C.
Abrams Sidney - c/o Bank of Toronto, Merrit, B. C.
Acton Jack - c/o Thomas Suddaby, Kingston, Ont.
Acton Joe - 139 Mansfield Ave., Montreal
Acton L. R. - 233 N. E. 5th St., Miami, Florida
Acton Mrs. Leslie - 233 North East 5th Ave. Miami Florida
Adair Mildred - Central Spring Works, Oshawa, Ont.
Adair Regie - Tamworth, Ont.
Adair Mr. & Mrs. T. R. - Center Springs Works, Oshawa, Ont.
Adams Mrs. - 1102 State St. Watertown, N. Y.
Adams Mr. & Mrs. Charles - 74 Bagot St. Kingston, Ont.
Adams Mis Gertrude - 132 East 45th St. New York City, N. Y.
Adams J. C. - 308 Pearl Road, Peterboro, Ont.
Adams Mrs. J. H.  - Coteau, Que.
Adams Mr. & Mrs. W. D. - 51 Burlington Ave. Glouchester, N. J.
Aikman Walter M. - 133 Macon Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Alford Mrs. A. A. - Box 41, Dundas, Ont.
Alford Mrs. Charles - R. R. 5 Strathroy, Ont.
Alguire Dr. Annie - Belvidere, Illinois
Allan Mr. & Mrs. Geo. - Star Lake, N. Y.
Allen Mr. & Mrs. Clarke & Daughter 580 Ossington Ave., Toronto, Ont.
Allen Mrs. James & Family - 179 Davisville Ave. Toronto, Ont.
Allen W. J. - Balboa Canal Zone, Panama
Altenberger Mrs. Herman - 1823 South 5th St. Terra Haute, Indiana
Altenburg West J. - 611 Church St. Ann Harbor, Michigan
Amo Clarence - c/o Thomas Suddaby, Kingston, Ont.
Amo Mr. & Mrs. - Box 472, Clayton, N. Y.
Amo Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence - 22 Bettes St. Belleville, Ont.
Amo Mr. & Mrs. Peter - 35 Chester St. Buffalo, N. Y.
Amo Mr. Wm. - 35 Chester St. Buffalo, N. Y.
Anderson John - G. T. R., Brockville, Ont.
Anderson Mrs. F. - Alameda, Sask.
Anderson Dr. Norman W. - Alumsden, Sask.
Andress L. A. - 629 Webster Ave New Rochelle, N. Y.
Anglin Mrs. Leonard - Brewer’s Mills, Ont.
Anglin Mr. & Mrs. W. G. - Iroquios, Ont.
Angrove J. - c/o Professor A. E. Hunt, Princess St. Kingston, Ont.
Angrove Mrs. Dr. Harold - 180 Bagot St. Kingston, Ont.
Anna Sister Rose - Notre Dame Convent, Cornwall, Ont.
Aplin R. F. - Strathcona No 6 Fire Hall
Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. J. Lloyd - Keremos, B. C.
Ash Dr. - 710 East Boulevard, Weehawken, N. J.
Ashley Jos. - 805 15th St. East, Owne Sound, Ont.
Asseltine W. H. - 2010 H. Street, Eureka, California
Asseltine W. H. - 307 Second St. Eureka, California
Atcheson Mrs. Fred - Elgin, Ont.
Atkinson H. - Kingston, Ont.
Austin L. M. - 194 Dronillard Road, Ford, Ont.
Austin Mrs. W. E. - 152 Dutchess St. Toronto, Ont.
Avery F. H. - St. Catherine’s Ont.


Babe Mr. & Mrs. Samuel, Oshawa, ON
Bader Mrs. David - Verona, ON
Baile John - Reddeer Alberta
Baker Mrs. C. A. - R. R. 1, Elsie, MI
Baker E. A. - Box 622, Amhertsberg, ON
Baker Garnet - 81 Victoria St. Ottawa, ON
Baker Garnett W. - 2421 Junction Ave. Detroit, MI
Baker Harry - c/o G T R Lindsay, ON
Baker J. D. - 14 Eden St. Buffalo, NY
Baker Mrs. J. H. - 445 Bedford Rd East, Hamilton, ON
Baker Mrs. N. J. - 245 Oxford Ave. Buffalo, NY
Baker Mr. & Mrs. R. D. - 352  McLaren St. Ottawa, ON
Baker R. D.   Boker & Family - 129 Cooper St. Ottawa, ON
Baker Mr. & Mrs. W. - 182 Bordon St. Toronto, ON
Baldwin A. L. - Box 1010 Brockville, ON
Bamford Mr. & Mrs. C. G. - Williams Lake BC
Banks Mrs. P. E. - 292 Liberty St. Newburg, NY
Baptista Mother - Ursuline College, Chatham, ON
Baptiste Sister Mary John - House of Providence Kingston, ON
Barber L. H. - 88 St. Catherine St. Montreal, QUE
Barber Mr. & Mrs. B. O. - Pownal, Vermont
Barlow Mr. & Mrs. H. C. - Deloro, Ont.
Barlow Mrs. H. C. - Deloro, ON
Barner Clifford - 88 Wheeler Ave. Bridgeport, CONN
Barnes Clifford - 88 Wheeler Ave. Bridgeport CONN
Barnes Dr. & Mrs. H. W. - 177 2nd Ave, Toronto, ON
Barnes Dr. H. - 177 2nd Ave. Ottawa, ON
Barnes E. L. - 104 Glendale Ave. Toronto, ON
Barrett Dr. & Mrs. - Oshawa, Ont.
Bartlett  Robert - 267 University Ave. Kingston ON
Bartlett James - Cobalt, ON
Bartlett Ralph - Geological Survey, Ottawa, ON
Bateman Mr. & Mrs. Cecil & Family - LaRose, Cobalt, ON
Batman Mrs. Cecil - Cobalt, ON
Battams Mr. & Mrs. Colin - Clayton, NY
Baxter Mrs. - Brockville, ON
Baxter Mrs. E. N. - 42 Maple St. Ottawa, ON
Baxter Mrs. James - 42 Maple St. Ottawa, ON
Bean Dr. J. & Mrs. - Winchester, ON
Beatie James - 505 West 43rd St. New York NY
Beattie Jennie - 790 Riverside Dr. Apt. 70 NY. NY
Beattie Mr. & Mrs. G. W. - 80 Chaplin Ave. St. Catherine’s ON
Beattie Mrs. G. W. - 80 Chaplin Ave. St. Catherines ON
Beatty Jack - Capital Theatre, Kingston, ON
Beatty Mr. Mrs. Sam - 460 54th St. Brooklyn NY
Beatty Mrs. John - R. R 4 , Mallorytown, ON
Beatty Mrs. Mathew - 505 West 43rd St., New York City, NY
Beatty William - 169 Diamond Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Beaubiah Mr. & Mrs. J. L. - Rosetown, SASK
Beaubien Joe. - Roselawn, Sask.
Beaumont Geo. - New York Hotel, Freeport, ILL
Beaumont R. B. - 24 Adelaide St. East Toronto, ON
Becker F. S. - Kinderhook, NY
Bedard James - RFD no 7 Schenectady, NY
Bedard L. - Schenectady, NY
Bedard Lillian & Louise - 8 Vedar St., Schenectady, NY
Bedard Miss - Eastern Hospital, Brockville, ON
Beerman Harry - 19 Keystone Ave. Toronto, ON
Beerman Miss Josephine - 46 Copeland St., Rochester, NY
Beerman Mrs. C. E. - 18 Andrew St., Brockville, ON
Begg Mr. & Mrs. Water - 123 Springham Ave. Toronto, Ont.
Begg Mrs. G. W. - 123 Springhurst Ave. Toronto, ON
Belfie Arthur - Empress, Alberta
Belfie Mr. & Mrs. G. M. - Finch, ON
Belfie Mrs. Arthur, Empress, Alberta
Belfie Willie & David - 214 1/2 Beuna Vista St. West, Highland Park, Detroit, MI
Belim Mrs. Harry - Catharine St. Syracuse, NY
Bell F. C. - 4470 16th Street, Detroit MI
Bell Miss A. M. - Box 60, Beaverton, ON
Bell Mr. & Mrs. F. C. - 4470 16th St. Detroit, MI
Bell W. J. - Agriculture School Kemptville ON
Bellamy Mrs. Fred - 267 Park St. Brockville, ON
Bellnois Eugene - 706 South Grouse Ave Syracuse NY
Benham Mr. & Mrs. George - 404 Woodfield Rd, Toronto, ON
Bennent Dr. H. J. - Fort St., West Wyandotte,  Lincoln Park, MI
Bennent Miss Minnie I. - 25 Hewland Ave., Toronto, ON
Bennett John - 78 West- Main St., Rochester, N. Y.
Bennett Miss Ethel - 150 Boyd Ave. Winnepeg, MAN
Benoit  Mrs. F. - 3059 James St. W. Montreal QUE
Benson Cadet Susie - 64 Davidville Ave. North Toronto, ON
Benson Geo. F. - 15 Ontario St., Montreal, QUE
Bentham David - 90 Jackson St., Pontiac, Michigan
Benthan Mr. & Mrs. J. J. - Ford, Ont.
Benton Mrs. W. G. 625 12th St. Saskatoon SASK
Berry Fred - 519 Indian Grove, Toronto, ON
Berry H. Ford - Delora, ON
Berry Hilliard - Kingston Mills, ON
Berry L. W. - 64 Gilmour Ave. Toronto, On
Berry Mrs Rebecca - 4 Fisher St. Toronto, ON
Berry Russell - same as above
Berry W. J. - Kingston Mills, ON
Bevens Claude - 63 Yarmouth Rd. Toronto, ON
Bevens Mr. & Mrs. James - Scarborough Junction, ON
Bews Douglas - Port Hope, ON
Bingham Hugo - Prescott, ON
Birmingham Thomas H. - 161 Jamison Ave. Toronto, ON
Bishop Fenton - 1205 Lakewood Blvd. Detroit MI
Bishop Leo - 214 1/2 Beuna Vista Ave. Highland Park, Detroit, MI
Bishop Miss May - Sherlin Hall, St. Mary’s Hospital, Brooklyn, NY
Bishop Miss R., 214 1/2 Highland Park, MI
Bishop Una - 885 Grand St. Bridgeport CONN
Black Miss Rhonda - Trenton ON
Blackhurst George - Central Spring Co., Oshawa, ON
Blakeney Mr. & Mrs. A. E. - Barrie, ON
Bockus C. G. - Honalula, Hawaii
Boddy J. A. - 811 Noma Vista Dr. , Long Beach, CAL
Bolhman Mrs. J. W. - 1036 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Bolton F. E. - c/o Burroughs Company, Calgary Alberta
Bond Mr. Harry - 14 Outer Ave, Toronto, ON
Bond Mrs. Alex - 413 Gerrard St. Toronto, ON
Bond Mrs. Milton - 209 Lennox Rd, Brooklyn , NY
Bonter Fred - 109 Warren Ave. Saskatoon, SASK
Booth Geo. F. - 55 Francis St. Deerborne MI
Booth Mr. W. - Kelsey Wheel Co., Detroit, MI
Booth R. Starr - 11638 Martindale Blvd. North, Detroit MI
Booth W. N. - 9056 Beverly Court Detroit, MI
Boothe Mr. & Mrs. Geo E. - 5244 Linsdale Blvd, Detroit, Mich.
Botsford Mrs. M. - Empress, Alberta
Boucher Peter - Lowville, NY
Boulger Mrs. John  - Newboro, ON
Boulger Mrs. Wm. Newboro ON
Bovaird George W. - Bradford, PA
Bovene Mrs. Margaret - 240 Johnson St. Kingston, ON
Bovey S. - 89 Queen St. , Kingston ON
Bovey Stanley F. - 125 North James St. Rome, NY
Bowden Mr. & Mrs. Walter - 10 Brook Ave. Westmont QUE
Bowden W. S. - 15 Brooke Ave. Westmount Montreal
Bowe Miss Agnes - Butte City, Montana
Bowen Dr. T. Herbert - 302 Bloor St. West, Toronto, ON
Bowen Geo. - Box 470 Wallaceburg, ON
Bowen Mrs. - 375 Berkley St. Toronto, ON
Bower Mr. & Mrs. Lon - Central Fire Station, Pontiac, Michigan
Bowler Dr. - 153 1st Ave. Ottawa, ON
Bowyer Gordon - 43 Michigan St. Pontiac, MI
Bowyer Miss Ivy - 314 Mount Coleman St. Pontiac, MI
Bowyer Mr. & Mrs. G. - 314 Mount Omens St. Pontiac MI
Boyce Fred R. - 1106 Elliott St. Buffalo, NY
Boyce J. L. - 67 Allendale Rd. Hartford, CONN
Boyd Miss Bertha - Johnson St. Kingston, ON
Boyd Mrs. W. V. - 23 Lindon Ave. Victoria, B. C.
Boyes Mrs. C. H. - 368 Alfred St. Kingston, ON
Boyle Ernest - Bank of Toronto, Langfield, Alberta
Boyle Ernie - Bank of Toronto, Carbon Alberta
Boyle Miss J. - 106 Penbrooke St. Toronto, ON
Boyle N. J. - 2161 Cameron St. Regina , SASK
Bradbury Dr. A. E. - Grand Island, NY
Bradley Earl, Prescott, Ont.
Bradley Harold D. - Craigmyle, Alberta
Bradley Miss Ethel - 900 Union St. Brooklyn, NY
Bradley Miss Grace - Hospital Corn Rideau & Charlotte Strs. Ottawa, ON
Bradley Mr. & Mrs. G. Frank - 345 New York Ave, NY
Bradley Mrs. N. H. - Colonsay, SASK
Bradley Mrs. O. R. - Smith Falls, ON
Bradley W. P. - GTR Agent, Vankleek Hill, ON
Breckenridge Wrennick - Tullamore, ON
Bremner Mrs. Charles - Cobourg, ON
Brennan Miss Ann - 2227 Bissell Ave. Chicago, Ill.
Brennen Eddie - Iroquois, ON
Brennen Miss Theresa - Hotel Dieu, Kingston, ON
Brennen Mrs. Dan - Maitland ON
Brennen Mrs. James - 1409 Chippewa St. Flint, MI
Brennen Randolph - St. Catherine’s ON
Brennen Raymond - Ditto
Brennen Sidney - Ditto
Brett Mr. & Mrs. Victor - Barrie, ON
Brewington Miss Julia - 111 Megis, Rochester, NY
Brick Mrs. Bernard - c/o P. O’Brien, Ranglan Rd., Kingston , ON
Briggs Mrs. Albert - 348 Wilson St. Watertown, NY
Britton Clifford - 248 New York Ave. Brooklyn NY
Britton Ewart - Head Office Bank of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Britton H. W. - Hanover, ON
Britton Miss Beatrice - 248 New York Ave, Brooklyn NY
Britton Mr. & Mrs. Frank - Grawnwood Apt 1 - 164 East Grand Blvd. Detroit MI
Britton Mrs. A. F. - 248 New York Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Britton Ralph B. - 270 Carbon Ave. New Britton, CONN
Brodden Mr. & Mrs. Phillip - 72 York Street, Kingston, ON
Brodley Dr. Alva - Smith Falls ON
Brodley Harold D. - 904 Court St. Pekin, ILL
Brophy Mrs. J. P. - 512 Auburn Ave. Buffalo NY
Brough Dora Louise - Thornloe Dobbs Ferry, New York
Brough Mrs. James - Box 412 Brockville, Ont.
Brough W. F. - same as above
Brown A. A. - 504 North Saginaw St., Pontiac, Mich.
Brown Clifford - 214 1/2 Buenta Vista St. West Highland Park, Detroit, MI
Brown Dorothy - St. Lawrence State Hospital, Ogdensburg, NY
Brown Frank B. - Consecon,ON
Brown Harrson M - 460 Midland Ave. Toronto, ON
Brown Harrson M. - 460 Midland Ave. Syracuse, NY
Brown Irwin Geo. I. - Belleville ON
Brown Mildred - 138 East 60th St. Apt 4C New York City NY
Brown Miss Gladys, - 91 Milverton Blvd, Toronto, ON
Brown Mr. & Mrs. H. - No. 19 Echo Drive, Ottawa East, ON
Brown Mrs. A. M. - 205 Shonnard St. Syracuse, NY
Brown Mrs. Alex M. - 100 Bradley Ave. Syracuse, NY
Brown Mrs. E. F. - 15, Detroit, Mich.
Brown Mrs. E. F. - 154 Waller St., Ottawa, Ont.
Brown Mrs. Fred - 516 Millwood Rd, Toronto, ON
Brown Robert - R. R. 1 Joyceville, ON
Brown Thelma - 305 East Jefferson Ave. Syracuse, NY
Brown Will - Clayton NY
Brown, Mrs. Allan - R. R. 1 , Peterboro ON
Bryant Miss Olive - M. E. Hospital, Brooklyn NY
Bryce - 25 Morley Place, London, ON
Bryce Walter - 27 Holton Ave. Westmont, QUE
Bryce Winnie & W. C. - 27 Holton Ave. Westmount, QUE
Buck Mr. & Mrs. Damon & Raymond - 97 Glen Lake Ave. Toronto, ON
Buckley Miss Margaret - Oshawa, Ont.
Bulliss J. D. - 728 West 5th St. Grand Island, Nebraska
Bulloch A. H. - Cranbrook, BC
Bulloch Mrs. G. H. - 115 Runnymede Rd. Swansea, ON
Buntier Lieut. - Seaforth, ON
Bunton Captain - 305 Broodview, Toronto, ON
Bunton Lieut. - Prescott, ON
Burleigh Albert - Pine Mount Florida
Burleigh Herbert - Jersey City NJ
Burns J. A. - Windsor Hotel, Montreal
Burns Miss T. - 18 Mary St , Toronto, ON
Burns Mr. W. K. - 1284 Delorimier Ave. Montreal. QUE
Burns Mrs. Elmer - Lansdowne, Ont.
Burns Mrs. F. - 231 Stephen St., Kingston, ON
Burrbridge  - 625 Church St. Toronto, ON
Burridge Albert - Jersey City, NY
Burridge Mr. & Mrs. Geo. - Emma St. , Brockville, ON
Burtch W. E. - 65 King East, Brockville, ON
Burwash Mrs. Del - Brant Alberta
Bushel Robert - Perth Rd ON
Butler Miss Beatrice - Cobourg, ON
Butler Mrs. J. H. - Newboro, ON
Butler Mrs. James - 325 North Clinton St., Syracuse, NY
Butler Mrs. John  - 1912 Myrtle St., Detroit, MI
Butler Mrs. T. G. - Newboro, Ont.
Byam Miss Grace - Grain Exchange Building Mutual Life, Calgary Alberta
Byam Miss Helen - ditto
Byers A. F. - 340 University St. Montreal, QUE
Byers A. F. - 340 University St. Montreal QE
Byers Arch - 340 University Ave. Montreal QUE
Byers C. P. - Abbotts Ford, QUE
Byers D. R. - 74 Danforth Ave. Toronto, ON
Byers D. R. - Barrister Fort William ON
Byers D. R. - Fort William, ON
Byers Dr. David - 142 Danforth Ave. Toronto, ON
Byers Dr. J. R. 74 West Mont Blvd Westmont QUE
Byers J. P. - 187 Victoria St. Chatham, ON
Byers Mr. & Mrs. F. A. - 40 Dainlish St., St. Catherine’s Ont.
Byers Mr. & Mrs. Sam. - 930 West Main St., Watertown, NY
Byers Rev. R. P. - 43 Walmsley Blvd, Toronto, ON
Byran Mrs. James - Howe Island, ON
Byrce Mrs. W. S. - 27 Holton Ave, Westmont QUE
Byrne Rev. Father - St. Mary’s on Lake Orphanage, Kingston, ON
Byrnes Mrs. E. & Miss Clara - 51 East 78th St. New York NY
Byron A. & Family - 517 Besserer St. Ottawa, ON
Byron Charles - Mercede, CA
Byron Daniel - 257 Indian Grove, Toronto
Byron Jack - 264 3rd St. Niagara Falls NY
Byron Jack - Niagara Falls, ON
Byron Mr. &  Mrs. Dan - 259 3rd St. Niagara Falls, ON
Byron Mr. & Mrs. D. V. - 259 - 520th St. Niagara Falls, NY
Byron Mrs. D. V. - 257 3rd St. Niagara Falls, NY


C   m   Mr. & Mrs. Geo - Clarendon, ON
Caavanagh Miss Gertrude 914 West Genesee St. Syracuse NY
Cagan Mr. Vincent - 567 Markham St. Toronto, ON
Cairns Mrs. S. R., 2759 Humboldt Ave. California US
Calhoun - 13 Grooss Venor Ave. Detroit, MI
Calkins D. H. - 1077 Harvard St. Rochester NY
Callaham H. V. 242 Frontenac St. Kingston, ON
Calley Thomas, Clyde ALTA
Calow Miss Sadie Langley Praire BC
Calow Miss Sarah - Langley Praire BC
Calow Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lanley Praire BC
Calvert John - 7 Chestnut St. Kingston, ON
Calvert Rev. R. Inverary, ON
Cameron Hugh, 105 K St. S. E. Washington Ave. Aubuen, NY
Cameron Mrs. W,. H. 130 Glynn Court Detroit MI
Campbell J. Ross, 33 Willow St. Standford CONN US
Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Fred, 60 Broadway Taunton, MASS, US
Campbell Mr. J. M. Kingston, ON
Campbell Mrs. A. D. 262 Russell Hall Rd. Toronto, ON
Campbell Mrs. A. M. 1231 Bloor St. TO ON
Campbell Mrs. Auregia 38 Willow St. Stanford CON
Capes Hiram Lea Valley ON
Capes S. R. Aldershot, ON
Cardes Mr. & Mrs. H., 336 Lyth Ave. Ottawa, ON
Carey Rev. R. A. Lanark, ON
Carfray Mr. & Mrs. S. J., 292 Monterey Ave, Highland Park, Detroit, MI US
Carnell Capt. S. A., Orangeville, ON
Carpenter L. W., Mille Roche, ON
Carpenter Mrs. E. G. - 629 Olive St. Watertown, NY
Carpenter W. G. - Superintenedent Technivcal Scgool, Calgary, Alberta
Carroll Dr. John - Brockville, ON
Carson Mrs. Kenneth - Kingston, ON
Cartwright Miss V. - 285 Silverbirch Ave. Toronto, ON
Cartwright Mrs. Charles, 125 Lennox Ave. Detroit MI
Case Ben - 58 Cakron St. Montreal, QUE
Case Mrs. Lawrence, Highland Park, S. Manchester, CONN, US
Castle Arthur & Miss Kalaria Guests- 333 Meigs St. Rochester, NY
Castleman Mrs. G. G., 98 Notre Dame St. West Montreal, PQ
Cavanaugh 914 West Genese St. Syracuse NY
Cayle Mrs. F. B. - 27 Inwood Place, Buffalo, NY
Chadwick B. E. - 443 Decarie, Montreal, QUE
Chadwick Miss Laura - 299 Earl St. Kingston, ON
Chadwick Verner - 381 Lisgar St. Ottawa, ON
Chadwick Verner 381 Lisgard  Ottawa ON
Chaffe Mr. & Mrs. James - Suite 4 Betta Apts. Regina SASK
Chambers Dr. & Mrs. P. - 319 Eddy St. Ithica ILL
Chambers Heather - 319, Eddy St. Ithica, NY
Chapman Albert - 279 Paddock St. Pontiac, MI
Chapman Misses Lea Valley ON
Chapman Mr. & Mrs. F. & E. 82 Water St. Brockville, ON
Chapman Mr. & Mrs. John, Lea Valley, ON
Charlton Mrs. W. A., 510 Colborne St West, Syracuse, NY
Chidley Mr. & Mrs. Wm. 199 Seaton St. Toronto, ON
Chown Miss E., 229 Albert St., Kingston, ON
Church Grover - 137 Manning Ave. Toledo, OH
Churchill A. W. Phillipsville, ON
Churchill Howard - 3 Parkdale Ave. Toronto, ON
Churchill J. B. - 319 Marlow Ave. Montreal QUE
Churchill Mr. & Mrs. Howard, 3 Parkside Drive Toronto ON
Clare Mrs. Harvey - 108 Day Ave. Toronto, ON
Clark Mrs. C. A. 100 North Brookfield NY
Clark Mrs. E. - 323 Bathurst St. Toronto, ON
Clark Mrs. Frank, 170 Plymouth Ave, Rochester, NY
Clarke Charles , Kingston Mills ON
Clarke Miss Murial, General Hospital, Brockville, ON
Clarke Mrs. Geo M. - 1292 Danforth Ave. Toronto, ON
Clarke Mrs. George, 1292 Danforth Ave. TO ON
Clarke Mrs. Wm. RR 6 Belleville ON
Clendenning R.,  Arden, MAN
Cleties Sister Mary 10043 -107 Rosary Hall, Edmondton AL
Cliffe Clarence - 1504 Dougal Ave. Windsor ON
Cliffe Harry - 1504 Dougal Ave. Windsor, ON
Cliffe Mr. & Mrs. W. J. 1504 Dougal Ave. Windsor ON
Cliffe Mr. Charles - Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Cliffe Mrs. Andy Golden Prairie SASK
Cliffe Mrs. M. - 1416 Heath St. Fort William ON
Cloughley M - Webbwood ON
Cloughley Mr. & Mrs. - Webbwood
Cochrane Miss Kate - Corner Pitt & Walnut St. Mount Ida, Virginia
Cochrane Miss L. Pearl River NY
Cockle Joseph 47 Michigan AVE. Pontiac MI
Cocle Mr. & Mrs. J. - 47 Michigan Ave. Pontiac, MI
Coddington Mrs. V. - 386 North Main St. Barrie Vermont
Coggins F. G. - 1706 Kenilworth Ave. Chicago, ILL
Cole Miss Ruth - 1 New Road, Mount Denma, Toronto, ON
Coleman Prof. & Mrs. 476 Huron St. TO ON
Collard George A., Vancouver, BC
Collier P. F. - 8 Colborne St. Toronto, ON
Collins H. Latham - 1880 West 14th Ave. Calgary ALTA
Collins Mrs. H. R. - 1330 -14 Ave West, Calgary, ALBERTA
Colpetts Arthur, 61 Weyland, Ave. TO, ON
Colton Mr. & Mrs. J. E., Newfoundland Hotel, Vancouver BC
Combs Alfred - 227 St. John’s St. Fort William, ON
Compeau Ford, 205 Cote St. Paul, Montreal PQ
Compeau Miss Nettie, 84 Arch St. Kingston, ON
Compeau Mr. & Mrs. J. E. 111 Hadley St., Cote St. Paul, Montreal QUE
Compeau Mrs. Louise - 427 West, Onondago St. Syracuse, NY
Compeau William Charles - 333 Earl St. Kingston, ON
Comstock E. J., 311 Flower St. East Watertown NY
Comstock Mrs. E. J. - 311 Flower Ave. East, Watertown, NY
Connelly Miss Jewel - Oshawa, ON
Connelly Miss Kate - Robert Leather Company
Conner Edwin & Helen - Glenmore, Kelowna, BC
Connolly E. D., c/o E. A. Hunt, Princess St. Kingston, ON
Connor C. J. RR 1 Rodman NY
Connor Dr. F. E., Corner Roslin & Young St. TO, ON
Connor George B., Oak Lake MAN
Convey Leo, Arnprior, ON
Cook C. W., 815 Grand Ave Apt 32 Milwalkie WI
Cook Charles W. 1070-5th St. Miiwukee WI
Cook J. B. - 171 Union St. West, Kingston, ON
Cook J. D., 18 Orchard St. Mohawk, NY
Cook J. D., Mohawk NY
Cook Miss Bertha - 4057 Arcade Building Seattle WASH
Cook Mrs. Smith Falls, ON
Cook Mrs. W. W., Smith Falls, ON
Cook W. H. & Mrs., Smith Falls, ON
Coombs Charles - 227 St John;s St. Fort William
Corboy Thomas, Brimley, MI
Cornell Rev. Joseph, Sharbot Lake ON
Cornett Miss Millie 5-3 A Havelock Toronto ON
Cornett Mr. & Mrs. E. F., 1362 W. 93rd St. Cleveland OH, US
Cornett Mrs. R. J. - Dundalk, ON
Cornett Thomas, 1114 Pandora Ave. Victoria BC
Cosh E. G.., 175 Manfield St. Montreal PQ
Cosh Miss Ona - War Record Office, Ottawa, ON
Cosh R. War Records Office Ottawa ON
Cosier Mr. & Mrs. J. - 12 Carrick Ave. Hamilton, ON
Cotton Mr. & Mrs. W E.,  Linders Bain Ave TO ON
Cotton R. S. - 307 Park Ave. Peterboro, ON
Cotton Walter - The Lindens Bain Ave. Toronto, ON
Couch Mrs. - Smith Falls, ON
Coughlin Mr. & Mrs. D. J. 49 Mark St. Montreal QUE
Coulter Mr. & Mrs. Wm., 509 Hamilton St. Syracuse, NY, US
Cousineau Mr. & Mrs. J. - Picton, ON
Cousins Mrs. Godfrey - 141 Brock St. Brockville ON
Couthiey Mr. & Mrs. James - Lockport New York RFD 135
Covey F. B. - 6 Charles St., Kingston, ON
Covey Mrs. P. L., Arnprior, ON
Cowan Cadet O. D. - RMC, Kingston, ON
Cowan Henry, Sangudo ALTA
Cowan Mrs. M. J., 130 Breeze Hill Ave. Ottawa, ON
Cox Rev. Walter 229 College St. TO ON
Crain George Clarendon ON
Cram Mr. - c/o 946 Montreal Ave. Chicago, ILL
Cram Mrs. A. C. , Carleton Place, ON
Cranker Miss G. W. , RR 1 Ivy Lea, ON
Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Archie - 16 Jamison Ave. Toronto, ON
Crich Mr. & Mrs. Leslie - Macklin, SASH
Cromch Miss Gladys - 122 St. Peter St. Port Arthur ON
Cronk W. B., Alton, IL
Crooks Mr. & Mrs. Harry - Paris, ON
Cross Rueben 1 Bauclair ON
Cross Violet, 54 Riverview Ave. London, ON
Crossley Wm. Grant, Ameliasburg ON
Crouch Harold, 122 St. Peters St. Port Arthur, ON
Crouch Miss J. 122 St. Peters St. Port Arthur, ON
Crowe Dr. James - Box 411 Oklahoma City
Crowe Mrs. W. E. - Perdue, SASK.
Crowe Robert - Box 414 Oklahoma City, US
Crowe Robert - Box 4146 Charles St., Kingston, ON
Cruikshanks Harry - 45 West Newton St. Boston, MASS
Cummings Bertha - 652 Gladstone Ave. Ottawa, ON
Cummings C. H. & R. B Arnprior ON
Cummings E. V. - 239 Maitland St., Niagara Falls, ON
Cummings E. W. 3907 N. Whitehouse Spokane, Washington
Cummings E. W., 3907 N. Whithouse St. Spokane, WASH
Cummings Edgar 239 Maitland St. Niagara Falls ON
Cummings Miss Hilda - 58 Preston St  Ottawa, ON
Cummings Mrs. Charles - 39 Oak St. Middleboro, MASS
Cummings Mrs. D. R., 39 Oak St. , Middleboro, MASS US
Cumson Arthur - Oddfellows Temple, Fort William, ON
Cumson Geo. - 50 Victoria Ave, Fort William, ON
Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. H. W., Arnprior ON
Cunningham Wm. George L. RR 2 Gananoque ON
Currie Mrs. J. E. Lyndhurst, ON
Curtis Miss Sue, 422 State St. Brooklyn, NY


Dafoe Mrs. Eric, 551 Simcoe St. N. Oshawa, ON
Dale Mrs. Margaret, 1040 Dewey Ave. Rochester, NY
Danby Mr. & Mrs. James, Lyndhurst, ON
Dancey Mr. & Mrs. Stanley, Campbellcroft, ON
Dano Charles N., Ivy Lea, ON
Dano Mr. & Mrs. Delbert, 219 Thousand. Island Park, NY
Darling Mr. & Mrs. Charles, 373 Johnson St. Kingston, ON
Darling Ralph, 373 Johnson St. Kingston, ON
Dauherty Miss Alice, 575 King Edward Ave, Ottawa, ON
Daveryhy Mr. C. E., Caledonia, ON
David Bruce, Brighton, ON
David Miss Corrie, 309 Prince Arthur W. Montreal PQ
Davidson Dan, 219 Barrie St. Kingston ON
Davidson Mr. & Mrs., Brownsville
Davidson Mrs. Amy, 1816 Intyre Regina, SASK
Davidson Mrs. John L., Bells Corners ON
Davidson Mrs. M., 27 Inwood Place, Buffallo, NY
Davin Mr. & Mrs. Nan, 153 Park St. Montcalm NJ
Davis A. G. & H. E., 509 Hamilton St. Syracuse, NY
Davis Archie, 509 Hamilton St. Syracuse, NY
Davis Ben F.,  1839 W Adams, Los Angeles CA
Davis Ben, 1839 W. Adam St. Los Angels CA USA
Davis Gordon H., 113 Martin St. Windsor, ON
Davis Gordon, 509 Hamilton St. Syracuse, NY
Davis John James, 121 Lower Bagot St. , Kingston, ON
Davis Miss Minnie, 515 William St. London, ON
Davis Miss R. E., 253 Carleton Ave, Brooklyn NY
Davis Mr. & Mrs. C. T., 23 Pearl St. Rochester, NY
Davis Mr. & Mrs. E. H., Trenton, ON
Davis Mrs. James,  2224 Patrkway Bakersfield CA
Davis Mrs. Richard, Bull River, BC
Davis V. C., 274 Daly Ave. Ottawa, ON
Davis V., 1000 Island Park, NY
Day Mr. & Mrs. Carman, 297 Division St. Kingston, ON
DeGraff Mrs. Wm., 45 Alliance Ave. Rochester, NY USA
DeWolfe Cecil, Head Office Bank of Toronto TO, ON
DeWolfe J. Herbert, Lethbridge ALTA
DeWolfe Mr. & Mrs. Herb, Lethbridge ALTA
DeWolfe Mrs. Merrill, Elgin, ON
Deake Mrs. W. D., 253 Carleton Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Dean Charles N., Ivy Lea ON
Dean Mrs., 233 Hamilton Place, St. James, Winnepeg MAN
Deane Mrs. A.  RFD #1 Box 346 Santa Rosa CA USA
Delmar A., Orange City, FL
Delong Alex M. , 233 S. Alexandria St. Los Angeles CA
Delong Miss, Westboro, ON
Delong, Miss Carrie, Devenish Apt. Calgary ALTA
Dempster Joseph, Strafford ON
Dempster Miss Mary, 635 St. Mark Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Dempster Miss Nellie, 406 East Farman St. Royal Oak, MI US
Dempster Miss Sophie, 145 Nelson St. Kingston, ON
Denny Mrs. Isaac, Lorraine, NY
Derbyshire Mrs. Douglas, 131 Montreal St. Kingston, ON
Derbyshire, Mr. & Mrs. D., 131 Montreal St. Kingston, ON
Deruant Mr. & Mrs., 118 West 69th St. NY NY
Despard Mrs. Harry, 301 Strong Ave. Syracuse, NY
Devlin Mr. & Mrs. C. H. & Irene, 312 S Sommit Arkansas City KA USA
Dewitta C. L., Bayshore, NY, NY
Dewitta Miss, 204 Bagot St. Kingston, ON
Dewolfe H., Lethbridge, ALTA
Dewolfe Mrs. Celia, 221 Goodale St. Watertown, NY
Dhal Mrs. Ray, Marigold St. Buffallo NY
Dickie Mrs. Jack, 2397 Main , Bridgeport CONN
Dickson E. H. & Miss Naiomi, 38 Elgin St., TO, ON
Dickson Mr. & Mrs. W.,  Dixon, Quyon, PQ
Dickson Mrs. H., 282 Shutter, Montreal, PQ
Diehyshin Mr. & Mrs., 127 Montreal, Kingston, ON
Dier Edward A., Eastern Hos. Brockville, ON
Dies Mr. & Mrs. , Shannonville, ON
Dies Mrs. Stewart, Shannonville, ON
Dillon Andrew, Elgin, ON
Dillon Fred, 346 West 27th St. NY, NY
Dillon Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Cornation, ALTA
Dillon Mr. Fred, 346 W. 21st St. 9th Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Dillon Mrs. Frank, Cornation, ALTA
Dillon Veronica, 346 West 21st St. NY
Dixon James, Mac Leod ALTA
Dixon Mrs. Viva, 446 Langside St. Winnepeg MAN
Doak Mrs. Freeman, Lansdowne, ON
Dodds D. A. Guelph, ON
Dodds J. R., 307 Paisley Rd. Guelph, ON
Dodds Mr. & Mrs. David, Edinburgh R. L. ON
Dodds Mr. & Mrs. R. L., 810- 40th Ave.  E Vancouver
Dodds Robert L., 810 -40th Ave. E. Vancouver, BC
Dodge Mrs. D. G., 327 Barrie, Kingston, ON
Dodge Mrs. J. E., 1403 Onieda St. Utica, NY
Dodge Mrs. V. G., 98 Division St. Kingston ON
Doharty Mrs. James, 210 1/2 Montreal St. Kingston, ON
Doherty George H. , Summerland BC
Doherty Mrs. George, Summerland, BC
Dolan Miss Anastasia, Elgin, ON
Donahue Miss Margaret, 118 Verplauch St. Buffallo, NY
Donahue Mr. & Mrs. David, 118 Verplauch St. Buffallo
Donahue Mr. & Mrs. Thomas, 618 Floyded Ave. Rome NY
Donahue Mr. & Mrs. Wm.,  6325  Whitewood Ave. Detroit, MI
Donevan F. J., 23 John St. Oshawa ON
Donevan Kieth, Bank of Montreal, Chicago, IL
Donnelly Mrs. Alphonsus, Hyde Park, CA USA
Donnelly Mrs. Susan, Mitto MAN
Donohue Claire, 38 Dodge St. Buffallo NY
Donohue Mur?, 38 Dodge St. Buffallo, NY
Donovan Miss Loretta, Lansdowne, ON
Doolan Miss A. A.,  Kenora, ON
Doren Leo, 919 N. Henderson St. Fort Worth, TX
Dorey Charles, Blaine, Washington DC
Dorey Frank, 229 Earl St. Kingston, ON
Dorey Leo, 919 N. Henderson Forth North, TX
Dorey Miss Leslie A., 229 Earl St. Kingston, ON
Dormer Mrs. Robert, 217 Van Buren St. Syracuse NY
Dornan Mrs. E. A. 259 Beresford Ave. ??
Dorsey Mrs. Clyde W., 1407 Dalton, Ave. Spokeane Washington
Douglas Miss Mina, 1493 Sherbrooke St. Montreal, PQ
Douglas Miss Vibert, 1493 Sherbrooke St. Montreal PQ
Douglas Mrs., 124 Otsego St. Ilion NY
Dowds Mrs. R. L., 810 -40th Ave. Vancouver BC
Dowesly ? Mr. & Mrs. P. T., 20 Lincoln St. Albany NY
Dowling Mrs. H. J., 146 Mavetty St. TO, ON
Down Mr. John, Russell, ON
Downing Miss T., 22 India Ave. Wheeling WV
Dowsett Mrs. W. H., 1874 St. Jerome St. Montreal PQ
Dowsley Mr. & Mrs. B. W., 1319 Dewey Ave. Rochester, NY
Dowsley Mr. & Mrs. James, 343 Deleware Ave. TO, ON
Dowsley Mr. & Mrs. Percy, Portsmouth, ON
Dowsley Mr. & Mrs. R., Portsmouth, ON
Drake L. S. & Miss Laura Drake, 24 Berrington St. Newton, MASS USA
Draper Miss Mary L., Glenburnie, ON
Driscoll Miss Lena, City Hospital NY Welfors Island NY
Driscoll Mrs. Harry, Merrickville, ON
Drohan Mrs. David, 13 Grenadier Rd. TO, ON
Drummond C. P., 944 Riverside Drive South Benn IN
Dunden Miss Margaret, 21 Yates St. Schenectady, NY
Dunham Mrs. J. F., 207 Balsam Ave, TO, ON
Dunham Mrs. Milldred, Box 618, Kenmore, OH
Dunn Dr. John, Almonte, ON
Dunn James, Thornloe, ON
Dunne Mrs. James, TO, ON
Dunwordy Mrs. Herb, 2090 Oxford Ave. Notre Dame De Grace, Montreal PQ
Durant Mr. & Mrs. W., W 26th Broadway, NY NY
Dustin Rev. George W., Lansdowne, ON
Dutrich Mrs. c/o Wilfred Hughes Queens University, Kingston, ON
Dwyer Mrs. Herb, Elgin, ON
Dyer Miss Winnifred, 56 Douclas St. Hamilton, ON


Earl Miss Evelyn, 19 Havelock St. Brockville, ON
Earshman Mr. & Mrs. S. P. & Miss, 28 Betts St. Belleville, ON
Eck B., Lindsay, ON
Eddy Mrs. Wm., 2 Beachland St., St. Catherine’s NY
Edgar Frank, GTR, Belleville, ON
Edgar Mr. & Mrs. Robert, 822 -19th Ave. W., Calgary, ALTA
Egan Mrs. A. V., Newboro, ON
Eggleston Miss Winnifred, Ancaster, ON
Elliott Mrs. Alberta, Brockville, ON
Elliott Mrs. Billy, RR2 Mallorytown, ON
Elliott Russell, 493 Redford MI
Ellis Dr. F. J., Regina, SASK
Ellis Dr. R. J., Negutus Patta, Peru, South America
Ellis E. N., 140 Holmesdale Apts. Winnepeg MAN
Ellis Geo. E., Collegiate Inst. Ottawa, ON
Ellis Mr. & Mrs. Edwin, 529 - 39th St. San Pedro CA
Ellis Mr. & Mrs. H. W., E Syracuse, NY
Ellis Mr. & Mrs. Howard, 310 McCall St E. Syracuse, NY
Ellis Mr. & Mrs., Shortville, NY
Ellis W. J. , Kamloops, BC
Ellison Miss Carolyn, R. N., 146 W. 104th St. NY
Ellison Miss Carrie, 146 W- 104th NY, NY
Emberly Karl, 193 E Main St. Watertown NY
Emery Mrs. Sarah, Pownal VT
Engel R. & Family, 144 Park St., Montcalm, NJ
Esford Mr. C. H., Detroit Savings Bank, Detroit MI
Estes E. W., 2250 Pyer Ave. NY, NY
Evans Mrs. John D., 5022 Frankland Ave, Hollywood CA


Fairbrother Mrs. F. M., 1015 Runnymede Ave, Swansa, ON
Fairlie Mrs. John, 81 Durocher, Apt 1, San Reno, Montreal, PQ
Fairman A. H.,  Ardath, SASK
Farkas Mrs. A., Plunkett, SASK
Farman H. B. , Haveford, PA
Farman S. C., Pakenham ON
Farnan A. J., 101 Grosvendor Ave, W. Hamilton, ON
Farrell H. S., Enterprize, ON
Farrell Mrs. John, 113 James , Brockville, ON
Faucett J. H., Mallorytown, ON
Fell Mrs. Charles, 897 W. Ave. Buffallo, NY
Ferguson Hon. HG. H., Parliament Build. TO, ON
Ferguson Mrs. J. A., Massey ON
Ferguson Mrs. John, 42 Lansdowne, Ave, Gualt, ON
Finch Mrs. Lewis, 30 W. Arlington E. Orange, NJ
Finucan W. J., 205 St. James St. Montreal, PQ
Fisher Mrs. H., Box 44, Goderich, ON
Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Wm., Smith Falls, ON
Flaherty Mrs. Helen, 756 Evelyn St. Verdon, Montreal, PQ
Flemming Mr. Fred, Sudbury, ON
Flemming Mrs. Alfred J., 1103 Erie St., E. Windsor, ON
Flunder Mr. & Mrs. Ed, Belleville, ON
Flynn Mr., (Muscian) Clayton, NY
Foden J., Princess, Kingston, ON
Fogarty Mrs. Billy, 114 Penduth, TO, ON
Foley Frank, 302 W Main, Watertown, NY
Foley Mrs. John, Westport, ON
Folts Mr. & Mrs. P., 1104 Moren St. Detroit MI
Forbes Mrs. Robert, McDougall Rd Parry Sound, ON
Forster W. S., Factory Insp. Ottawa, ON
Forsythe Miss, 660 Sherbrooke St. Montreal PQ
Fowler Mr. Stanly, 170 Plymouth Ave, Rochester, NY
Fraid Jos., 4 Point Charles Amesburg Ave, Montreal, PQ
Fraid L., 368 Kitchener Ave, Westmount, PQ
Franklin Mr. & Mrs. R. W. & Family, 804 Union National Bank, Houston, TX
Frecher Mrs. Peter, 1299 Fufferin St., TO, ON
Free Henry, 3214 Vergina Park, NY Station Detroit, MI
Freedenburg Charles, 246 Withrow Ave. TO, ON
Freize Mr. & Family, Lake Bluff, IL
Fuge Mrs. Wm., Napanee, ON
Fuller C. O., 231 West Mount Drive, TO, ON
Fullerton Mr. Bazil, 1979 Younge St. Bellsize Court TO, ON


G--ine Mr. & Mrs. Wm., Camrose, ALTA
Gaitey Miss Cecilia, 141 Holier St., Syracuse, NY
Gallagher Beatrice, YWCA Ottawa, ON
Gallaway J. G., St. Catherine’s ON
Galloway Miss Lillian, 233 Kitchener Ave. Detroit MI
Galway  A. J., Chantry, ON
Ganear Miss Fanny, 95 Chestnut, Brooklyn, ON
Gannon Mrs. Libby, Stetler ALTA
Garden Mrs. J., 1155 Harro St. Vancouver, BC
Gardiner Mr. & Mrs. Glen, Box 355, Camrose, ALTA
Gardner Mr. & Mrs. C. H., 509 8th St., Alpina MI
Gavin Miss Mary, Room 6 , Murray Build. Fort William
Gavin Miss Mary, Spencerville, ON
Genevieve Sister Mary, House of Providence, Kingston, ON
Genge G. W., Mount Albert ON
Germain Henry A., 158 Elm, Pittsfield, MASS
Gerrard Mrs. George, 2162 Parker, Vancouver, BC
Gibb J. R., 100 West 59th NY, NY
Gibson Dr. Wm. J., Post Graduate Hos. 2nd Ave-20th St. NY, NY
Gifford Mrs. Geo., 110 Haven Ave. NY, NY
Gilbert Fred, Brockville, ON
Gilbert Merrill, Brockville, ON
Gilbert Miss Blanche, 184 Alfred, Kingston, ON
Gilbert Mrs. Thomas, 426 Clarence, Winnepeg, MAN
Gilbert Mrs., 426 Charles St, Winnepeg, MAN
Gilchrist Earl, PO Kingston, ON
Gile Stanley, Harlem, ON
Gilhooley Mr. H. W., Brockville, ON
Gill John, 22 St. Francis, Ottawa, ON
Gillespie  Mr. & Mrs. J. F., 67 Osington Ave. Ottawa, ON
Gillespie J. Ford, 667 A King Edward Ave. Ottawa, ON
Gillespie Mrs. F. J., 67 Ossington Ave., Ottawa, ON
Gillespie, J. Clark, Box 428 Cobalt, ON
Gillfillian Miss Rose, 509 -121 Ave. NY, NY
Gillies Mrs. George, Strathcona, ALTA
Ginton E. G., 2191/2 North Liberty, Rome, NY
Gislingham Miss G., Watertown, NY
Glass Mr. & Mrs. Joseph, 12 Cameron, Peterborogh, ON
Gliddon Mrs. W., 64 McLarren, Ottawa, ON
Glover Miss Minnie, 32 - 7th Ave NY, NY
Glover Mr. & Mrs. Frank, c/o Miss Hope Glover, 7 S Elliott Pl. Brooklyn NY
Glover Wm., 44 King E., Oshawa, ON
Godfrey Mr. & Mrs. Hunter, 1155 Carlingwood Ave., Detroit, MI
Godfrey Mr. & Mrs. Hunter, 1155 Carlingwood, Detroit, MI
Godfrey, 7348 Hamilton BLVD. Detroit, MI
Golden G. A., Monponsett MASS
Goldsworthy Mrs. Wm., Chinnook ALTA
Gonyeau Mr. & Mrs. E. J., 45 Wright Ave. TO, ON
Gonyeau Mr. & Mrs. J. A. & Miss Eleanor, 3836 Crane Ave., Detroit, MI
Gonyeau Mr. & Mrs. Joseph, 253 Main, Bimingham NY, NY
Goodboody Mr. Jeffery, Athens, ON
Goodfriend Mrs., Chaumont, NY
Gordon M. G., 1147 Woolworth Build. NY, NY
Gordon Merton G., 2769 University Ave., Bronx NY
Gordon Miss Amanda, Victoria School, Kingston, ON
Gordon Mrs., Dr., Kemptville, ON
Gordon Robert, 85 Dunn Ave, TO, ON
Gould Horace, Bank Montreal, Bowmanville, ON
Gould Miss Jessie, ME Hospital, 6th St., 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Gould Mr. John, Fort Wayne, IND
Goulet Alex V., 211 Jackson Ave. Syracuse, NY
Goulette Fred, Brockville, ON
Goulette Miss Alberta, 301 Seymour Ave. Syracuse, NY
Goulette Miss Almina, 2 Green, Syracuse, NY
Goulette Miss Edna, 301 Seymour, Syracuse, NY
Goulette Miss Minnie, 170 Green , Syracuse, NY
Gowing Mr. & Mrs. W. H., 1124 Western Ave. Norfolk VA
Gracey John, Bank of TO, Oakville, ON
Gracey Rev. Dr. & Mrs., 10 Harbord St. TO, ON
Graham Dr. & Mrs., 1208 Harrison, Syracuse, NY
Graham Miss Dorothy, 744 Echo Dr. Ottawa, ON
Graham Mrs. Bruce, 301 Seymour, Syracuse, NY
Graham Mrs. Dr.  H. F.,  474 First St. Brooklyn NY
Graham Mrs. Margaret, Westport, ON
Graham Mrs. Robert F., c/o St. George’s Cathedral, Kingston, ON
Graham Mrs. Robert T., 125 Lower Bagot, Kingston, ON
Graham R. G., 744 Echo Dr. Ottawa, ON
Grant Jas., 84 O’Hara St. TO, ON
Grant Mrs. T. H., Orillia ON
Grant W. H., Cape Vincent, NY
Grant, Mrs. Walter, Cape Vincent NY
Gratton Mr. & Mrs. Fred, 183 Friel St., Ottawa, ON
Graves Mr. & Mrs. F. C., Jackson Build. Ottawa, ON
Gray A. W., 64 King E. Brockville, ON
Gray Miss Gertrude & Mildred, RR 2 Brampton, ON
Gray Mr. & Mrs. Willie, Brampton, ON
Gray Mrs. Wallace, Lansdowne, ON
Gray Walter, 2805 Fairman St, Davenport IOWA
Green Harry, & Miss Eva Green, Kamloops BC
Green Karl, 189 Lingham, Belleville, ON
Green Miss Eva, Revelstoke, BC
Greenizen Brock, Togo, SASK
Greer Miss Faith, Burlington, ON
Gregory Miss Sarah, Greenville College, Greenville, IL
Gregory W. W., 455 Marshall, Pontiac MI
Griffin R. J., Benson, SASK
Griffiths J., Iroquios, ON
Grisewood L. A., 91 Charles St. E. TO, ON
Griswald Mrs. C., 64 Alexandria Bay NY,
Grothier Wilma, Little Current, ON
Grue Mr. & Mrs. Wesley, Ventor, ON
Guests Miss Kalaria - 333 Meigs St. Rochester, NY
Guild Mrs. Leslie, Mallorytown, ON
Guilman Mrs. M., 45 Wright Ave. TO, ON
Guire T. L., 115 Termanagh Ave. TO, ON
Gunter Karl, Gunter, ON
Gunter Miss Ila, Gunter, ON
Gunter Rev., Gunter, ON
Gustafeson Mr. & Mrs. A. V., 100 Mile House, Caribou Rd, BC


H -- Mrs. J. L., 348 Winslow, Watertown, NY
H ??? Proffessor, 236 - 15th Ave. Ottawa, ON
Hager Miss Josephine, 3437 E. 2nd , Long Beach CA
Hager Rev. Arthur, Knowlton PQ
Haid Mrs. Joseph, 76 Candon E., Hamilton, ON
Haig Fred, 418 Queen, Saskatoon SASK
Haig Geo W., Mexico, NY
Haig Miss Alice, 3 King, Brockville, ON
Haig Miss Jessie, 516 9th, Brooklyn, NY
Haig Mrs. George, Petroila, ON
Haig T. S., Register of Deeds, West Branch Ogerman County MI
Haig Walter F., Lyn Valley BC
Hale Dr. & Mrs., 1547 Onieda Utica, NY
Hale Miss Mary, Exter, ON
Haliday Eric, 312 Jarvis, TO, ON
Haliday Gus, GTR, Brighton, ON
Haliday M. A., GTR, Brighton, ON
Haliday Ralph, 312 Jarvis, TO, ON
Haliday, Mr. & Mrs. C. W., 55 Griswald, New Britton, CONN
Hall Dr. J. W., 129 Broad, NY, NY
Hall J. Newman, 8 Old Field Ave. Montreal, PQ
Hall Joseph, CPR, Cranbrook, BC
Hall Mr. & Mrs. S. F., 173 Park Ave. E. Orange NJ
Hall Mrs. Gordon, Lyndhurst, ON
Halstead J. M., 71 Broadway NY, NY
Hamil Mrs. R. F., Box 355 Camrose, SASK
Hamilton J. L., Quaker Oats Perterborough, ON
Hamilton Miss Ida, 1 Grove Ave., TO, ON
Hamilton Mrs. George, 130 -18th Ave. Calgary, ALTA
Hamilton Mrs. T., 191 Brock, Kingston, ON
Hamilton R., 315 Prospect, Watertown, NY
Hammill Miss Winnefred, 637 Rosslin Westmount PQ
Hands Mrs. Wm. J., Electrician TO, ON
Hanley Rev J. T., Tweed, ON
Haorton Mrs. Hattie, Suite 7- Bartello Court Winnnepeg ALTA
Harding H. L., 378 William, Jamestown, NY
Harding Mr. & Mrs. Hugh, Cor. 10th & 14th Ave. E. Calgary, ALTA
Harding Warren, 401 N. Clinton, Syracuse, NY
Harpell Mrs. Willet, 314 Nelson, Kingston, ON
Harper Mrs. W. H. Coburg, ON
Harper Wm., Head Office, Bank Toronto, TO, ON
Harris Thomas, 5 Robinson, TO, ON
Harrison Gordon, 739 S. Conada, Los Angeles CA
Harrison Ira & Family, c/o Reg Latimer, Bank Toronto, Calgary, ALTA
Harte W. N., 135 BWD NY, NY
Hartman Mrs. E., 58 Indian Rd. TO, ON
Harvey Miss Edna, 114th Pendrith, TO, ON
Haskin Dr. Byron, Theresa NY
Hastings Mrs. O. A., 641 Forest Ave. Detroit, MI
Hastings Mrs. W. C., 1205 Lakewood BLVD, Detroit, MI
Hattas Mrs. Mary, 84 Bradbury Ave., Midford MASS
Hatton Miss Laura, 181 Park Ave, Montreal, ON
Haunch Knowlton, Athens, ON
Hawke Bert, 56 Dagnean, TO, ON
Hawke Dawson, Port Arthur, ON
Hawke J., Dryden ON
Hawke Mr. & Mrs. Jason, 28 Kennedy, TO, ON
Hay Miss Mabel E., Norman School Staff, TO, ON
Haynes Leonard, Park House, Goderich, ON
Haynes W. B., Box 53 Oshawa, ON
Healey Mrs. D. R., 156 Glenholm Rd. TO, ON
Heasler Pearl, 73 Main , Kingston, ON
Heasler Wm, 73 Main , Kingston, ON
Heaslip Fred, 448 Gladstone Ave. Ottawa, ON
Heaslip Harry, 209 Cotnan TO, ON
Heaslip J. D., c/o Epleptic Hospital, Woodstock, ON
Heaslip W. T., 209 Cottinghan, TO, ON
Heaslip Wallace, 21 Fabre Sherbrooke, PQ
Heath Miss Annie, 93 Chestnut, Brooklyn, NY
Henderson James, Muskegon, MI
Henderson James, Muskogo, MI
Henderson Miss Lizzie, Corbyville, ON
Henderson Mr., c/o Wrights Jewelery Lethbridge ALTA
Henderson Mrs. Jack, Lethbridge ALTA
Henderson R. F., 1900 Myrtle , Detroit, MI
Henderson Rev. Wm, Brampton, ON
Henderson Wilfred, Riverbow Island
Henne Frank, 113 St. George, TO, ON
Herbison Mrs. J. J., 229 Metalick, Regina, SASK
Herbison Mrs. James, Belvidere IL
Herbison Thomas, 1520 -12th Ave W. TO, ON
Hernan Mrs. B. W., Barron, WI
Herness Herb, Muscian Prescott ON
Herold Miss J. E., 55 Melrose Ave. Bridgeport CONN
Hewitt Arthur, 152 N. Paddock, Pontiac, MI
Hewitt Gwendolyn, 152 North Paddock, Pontiac, MI
Hicks F. J, Durham MAN
Hicks Mr. & Mrs. F. J., Calaho, ALTA
Hicks Mrs. Hurbert, Box 93, Rouland, SASK
Hill Mr. & Mrs. Thomas, Welland, ON
Hill Mrs. F. C., Mancordvile, Box 98, BC
Hill Mrs. M. G., 44 Wilmot, Niagara Falls
Hill Sinclair, 22 Astor, Welland, ON
Hill Wm., Markdale, ON
Hillier Mrs. Wm., 316 Princess, Kingston, On
Hinton Dick, Bank Montreal, Olds, ALTA
Hinton Gordon, 217 1/2 W. Liberty, Rome, NY
Hinton Mrs. J. E., Wheatland, WY
Hinton Rev. & Mrs. Albert, S. Mountain ON
Hinton Robert, Peterborough, ON
Hiscocks Miss, 5737 Kerr, Vancouver, BC
Hoban Mrs. Thomas, Flint, MI
Hobart Miss E. 440 Summer Ave. Newark, NJ
Hockey Mr. & Mrs. Thomas, 27 Belleview Ave. Pontiac MI
Hodge Mr. & Mrs. L. E., 15 Chaucer Rd., Hole End, Walthampton, London, Eng.
Holder Mr. R. J., Brownsville, NY
Holder Mrs. , 118 Rushin Ave. Syracuse, NY
Holdridge Mrs. G. B., Vedrois, NY
Hollingsworth Rev. Charles Sydnenham, ON
Holmes Miss Mary L., 522 Medicine Hat, ALTA
Honan J. A., Benson, SASK
Honan Mrs. J. Sr. Benson, SASK
Hook Mr. & Mrs. F. C., 168 Kingaling St., Rochester NY
Hopp Charles, Clayton, NY
Hospin Mrs. C. 27 Lawler Ave, TO, ON
Howard George, Elgin, ON
Howard Mrs. Herbert, 37 Beachwood Ave. Bondbrook NJ
Howse Mr. & Mrs. H. W., 8 Pricilla Ave. TO, ON
Howson Miss, 137 London, Peterborough, ON
Hu--elle Dr. & Mrs. R. N., 138 E. 36th NY, NY
Hubbard Fred, Kingston, ON
Hudrous Mrs. Percy, Selby, ON
Hudson C. E. & Family, 120 Harwood Ave. Montreal, PQ
Hudson Eric, 152 Windemeir Ave. Highland Park, Detroit, MI
Hudson Frank, 128 Armdale Ave. TO, ON
Hudson Gordon, Kenora, ON
Hudson Mr. & Mrs. J. O., 21
Hudson Mr. & Mrs. J. O., 2141/2 Highland Park, MI
Hudspeth A. C., Brockville, ON
Hudspeth Mrs. M. M., Miles & May, 4478 St. Catherine W., West Mount PQ
Hughes J. E., 4211 Grand River Detroit, MI
Hughes Mrs. Thomas, 65 Jessie, Brockville, ON
Hughes Mrs. Wm., 104 N. Lavell  Ave. Syracuse, NY
Hughes Rev. S. J., Kerman CA
Hulme Mrs. L., Darby, CONN
Hunt E. A., Princess, Kingston, ON
Hunter Will, Brockville, ON
Hurbest Mrs. Roy, Newton Falls, NY
Hurd Gordon, 32 Stephen, Kingston, ON
Hurd Mr. & Mrs. E. H., 58 Stephen, Kingston, ON
Hurlbut Ina, 62 Divison Oshawa, ON
Hurse Fred , Kingston, ON
Hutcheson Dr. Harold, Herwald, Milford, SASK
Hutcheson Miss Mary, 208 St. Lambert, Montreal, PQ
Hutcheson Mr. & Mrs. W. H., Box 618 San Gabriel CA
Hutcheson Mr. & Mrs. Wm., 52 Stewart, E. Hamilton, ON
Hutcheson W. H., 32 Quebec, Oshawa, ON
Hyde Mrs. Alma, Lafargeville, NY


Ingles Mrs. J. A., Bank of Commerce Montreal, PQ.
Ireland George, Athens, ON
Ireland Mrs. A. E., 27 Elmwood Ave. Sharron Hill PA
Irivin Mrs. W. J., Esterhazey SASK
Irving Dr. & Mrs. Kamloops BC
Irwin H. W., 125 Hazleton Ave. TO, ON
Irwin L. L., Delta, ON
Irwin Mrs. Walter, Lafleche, SASK
Islin Mrs. T. K., 407 Central Park W. NY, NY
Ives Mrs. Fred, 1501 Dorechester Rd., Brooklyn, NY
Iveson Mrs. H., Box 210, Cornwall, ON
Ivy Miss M., Queens Hotel, Elmvale, ON


Jacks W., (Musician), Oshawa
Jackson A. A., McLennan, Algoma, ON
Jackson Alex., Brockville, ON
Jackson Alex., Musician Ogdensburgh, NY
Jackson Charles, 196 Albert, Oshawa, ON
Jackson Fred, c/o Prof. Jackson, Simcoe, ON
Jackson George, 566 Brock, TO, ON
Jackson Lyla, Nurse’s Home, General Marine Hosp. St. Catherine’s ON
Jackson Miss Anna, 566 Brock Ave. TO, ON
Jackson Miss Lena, c/o Jackson Metievies, Princess, Kingston, ON
Jackson Miss Libbie, 566 Brock Ave. TO, ON
Jackson Mrs. Alex., RR2 Battersea ON
Jackson Mrs. W., Oxdrift, ON
Jackson Mrs., 205 Brock Ave. Montreal, PQ
Jackson William, 22 Wilder, Montella Station, Brockton
Jackson Willie, c/o John Morrit, Kingston, ON
Jacobs W. J., 17 Hartley, Brockville, ON
Jacques Albert, Portland, ON
Jamieson Mrs. Alfred, Watkins Glen, NY
Jasmer Mrs. Hugh, 508 Lans Ave. Westmount, PQ
Jeffery Charles, Belleville, ON
Jeroy Clarence, 1205 Lakewood BLVD Detroit, MI
Jeroy J. M., 3044 Fairfield Ave. Bridgeport CONN
Jeroy Miss Evelyn, 100 Raglan Rd., Kingston, ON
Jeroy Miss Mary, Hotel Dieu, Kingston, ON
Jeroy Mr. & Mrs. Malcom, Black Rock, Bridgeport CONN
Jeroy Mr. W. S., 478 Seldon Ave. Detroit, MI
Johnston C. M., Byerngate Apt., B. Regina, SASK
Johnston Capt., Simcoe, ON
Johnston Charles A., 510 Childs, Rochester, NY
Johnston Dr. R. E., 404 Jefferson, Jamestown, NY
Johnston H. S., 74 Oakland Rd, Halifax, NS
Johnston Klon, Brewers Mills, ON
Johnston Mr. & Mrs. F., 6051 Hillman Ave. Cleveland, OH
Johnston Mr. & Mrs. J. A., 305 Victoria Ave. Westmount PQ
Johnston Mr. & Mrs. John, Alexandria
Johnston Mr. & Mrs. N. G., 182 Athol, E. Oshawa, ON
Johnston Mr. & Mrs. W., 622 - 75th, Brooklyn
Johnston Mrs. F., 3518 W. 58th, Cleveland, OH
Johnston Mrs. H. P., Ceder Ridge, Colarado, MSS
Johnston Mrs. H., Smith Falls, ON
Jones Newbald, MD, 43 Wellesley, TO, ON
Jorey Mrs. , 309 Rushton Rd TO, ON
Joyce Mrs. W. E., 19 Woodville Ave. Todmoden, ON
Joyce Mrs. W. E., 19 Woodwill Ave., Todmoden, ON
Juniper Willie, 581/2 Catherine, Belleville, ON


K -- ? Mrs. A. C. , 10 Tate , St. Catherine’s, ON
K?? m Mrs. Fred, Mumbodlt, SASK
Kaag Billy, 1040 Denbiegh Ave., Riochester, NY
Kaiser Mr. & Mrs. Wm., 221 St. Helens Ave TO, ON
Kalday Thomas, 121 Tracy, Endicott, NY
Kane Mrs. A., 13 Broadview TO, ON
Kane Mrs. James F., Kingston, ON
Kapper Mrs. E., 48 N. Washington, Rochester, NY
Karnshaw Mrs. Lorraine, 149 Shelter, Rochester, NY
Kavanagh Clarence, Alex. Bay, NY
Keating J. W., 296 Hampton, St. James, MAN
Keating O. V., 39 Thelmo Mansions, Winnepeg, MAN
Keech Mr. & Mrs. Charles, 927 -6th W. Calgary, ALTA
Keegan Mrs., ?, Kemptville, ON
Keeler Mr. & Mrs. W. G., Chestnut, Rochester, NY
Kelday Mr. & Mrs. Thomas, 121 Tracy, Endicott, NY
Kellar Mrs. Frank, Perth Rd., ON
Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Wm., 107 Front, Schenectady, NY
Kelly Mrs. Fred. M., Crookston, Hastings Co. ON
Kelly Mrs. J. A.,, No. 3 Harrowsmith, ON
Kelly Mrs. J. M., 317 Swiftcurrent
Kelly Mrs. Mabel, Box 384 Napanee, ON
Kelsey M. E., Fairfield East, ON
Kennedy Mrs. H. S., 73 Sisngmount Ave. TO, ON
Kenney Albert, Arnprior, ON
Kenney J. E., Handbury
Kenney Miss Mildred 186 Divison, Oshawa, ON
Kenney Mr. & Mrs. Alfred 186 Division Oshawa, ON
Kenniston Earl, Granetville, PQ
Kenny Mr. & Mrs. Alfred, 186 Division, Oshawa, ON
Kent Miss Agnes, 432 - 3rd, NY, NY
Kent Mr. & Mrs. R. T. & Miss, 41 S. Fulton Ave, Montreal, PQ
Kerfoot Mrs., Smith Falls, ON
Kerr M., Postmaster, Elgin, ON
Kettley Mr. & Mrs., 156 N. Paddock, Pontiac, MI
Keyes George H., 476 Brainard, Detroit, MI
Keyes George W., Detroit, MI
Keyes J. L., Rivers, MAN
Keyworth Miss A. E., 372 Main , Hartford, CONN
Kidd A. B., 416 Barnes, Lewiston, Montana
Kidd Clifford, 38 Dundonald, TO, ON
Kidd Fred, Humboldt SASK
Kidd George W., C, Karnduff,  Sask
Kidd Mrs. Dr. C. H., Leduc, ALTA
Kidd Mrs. E., 107 Hughes Ave., Buffallo, NY
Kilday Mr. & Mrs. Wm., 12 Carrick Ave. Hamilton, ON
Killan Mr. & Mrs. Charles, 60 Victoria, Kingston, ON
Killenbeck Thomas, 7 Depot, Potsdam, NY
King Mrs. N. H., Box 353 New Fane, NY
King Mrs. W. J., 36 Margaret, Hamilton, ON
Kinger Miss A. E., 2301/2 Main, West Minster, MD
Kinni?on Mrs. Annie, 239 Catherine, Vancouver, BC
Kinnimond , 2230 St. Catherine’s, Vancouver, BC
Kinzie A. E., 219 E. Main, Westminster, MD
Kip Mrs. Ira A., 423 Tremont Ave. Orange NJ
Kirke Miss Nellie, 238 Earl, Kingston, ON
Kirke Mr. & Mrs. C. T., 1269 E. -105 , Cleveland, OH
Kirke Robert, 290 Dundas, E. TO, ON
Kirke Wm., 807 Kenyon, Akron, OH
Kittley Miss Dorothy, & Miss Phyllis Kittley,156 North Paddock, Pontiac, MI
Knight C., 17 Charles, Brockville, ON
Knight Christopher, George, Brockville, ON
Knight F. E., 20 Victoria Ave. Brockville, ON
Knight Frank, Imigration Office, Brockville ON
Knight Fred, 91 Wolverleigh Rd., TO, ON
Knight H. E., 17 Charles, Brockville, ON
Knight Mr. & Mrs. P. W., 265 E./ End, Gerrard, OH
Knowlton Miss Lena, Pembrooke, Kingston, ON
Kretzmer Payra, 541 W. - 149th NY, NY
Krumback Mrs. John, 141 W. North Rome, NY


LaLande Frank, Fort Gary Hotel,  Winnepeg MAN
Laberee Mr. & Mrs., 98 Queen Mary, Ottawa, ON
Lachance Mr. & Mrs. J. Edward, 434 Alexandra, Detroit MI
Lachance Peter, Howe Island, ON
Lachappelle Mr. & Mrs. Leonard, 381 Joseph St., Lachine PQ
Lacombe Frank, 213 N. Wilburn Ave., Syracuse, NY
Lacombe Mr. & Mrs. Frank, 213 N. Willar Ave., Syracuse, NY
Lafrance Cecelie, 89 Roselawn Ave., Pontiac, MI
Lafrance Leonard, 264 Glenwood Ave. TO, ON
Lafrance Roland, 1815 S. State, Syracuse, NY
Lafrance W. S., 97 Capitol Square Alanta, GA
Lake Gordon, 115 Ritson Rd, Oshawa, ON
Lalande Arthur Same as above
Lambert (Musician) Oshawa, ON
Lambly Mrs. C. S., 955 Antoine, St. Henry, Montreal, PQ
Lambly Mrs. C. S., 955 St. Antoine, Montreal, PQ
Lander Mrs. E. E., 111 W. 1st, Joplin MO
Landon Arthur, Fineview NY
Landon E. S., 42 Public Square, Watertown, NY
Landon J. B., Potsdam, NY
Landon Nelson, Armstrong, BC
Landuark Mrs. Libby, Carthage, NY
Langdale Mrs. Frank, 222 - 224 McDeemot Ave. Winnepeg, MAN
Langdon Mis, 402 Maddison Ave., NY, NY
Lapeline Mrs. D., 310 Jarvis, Oshawa, ON
Lappan Miss Greta, 1292 Danforth Ave., TO, ON
Lappan Mr. & Mrs., 12 Orleans, Rochester, NY
Lappan Mrs. Martha, 21 Yates, Schenectady, NY
Lappan Peter A., 54 Washington, Rochester, NY
Lappan Peter, 100 Gibbs, Rochester, NY
Lappan Peter, 34 N. Washington, Rochester, NY
Lappin Martin, 12 Olean, Rochester, NY
Laque Albert, Ruby City, ALASKA
Larivbre Mrs. Bessie, 1217 Upper 8th, Evansville, IN
Lash Mrs. Ward, 2 Esther, Pontiac MI
Lasha Kieth & Ruby, 67 Henderson, Pontiac, MI
Lasha Mr. & Mrs. John, 67 Henderson, Pontiac, MI
Lasha Walter, 94 Lower Bagot, Kingston, ON
Latham Mr. & Mrs. Anson, RR3 Brockville, ON
Latham,  1050, Homer, Vancouver, BC
Latimer E. T., 10622 -78th Ave., Strathcona, ON
Latimer E., Glenanon SASK
Latimer J. A., 736 W. -131st NY, NY
Latimer Kenneth, 621 Sheridan Ave. Detroit MI
Latimer Miss Jane, 64-521 West 122nd, NY, NY
Latimer Mrs. C. H., 34 Woodlawn Ave. W. TO, ON
Latimer Mrs. Georgina, 64 Evans Ave, TO, ON
Latimer R. J., 2329 Mance, Montreal, PQ
Latimer Reg., Bank Toronto, Calgary ALTA
Lavins Mrs. Sam. L., 383 Dundas E., TO, ON
Law Mrs., 2226 Hutcheson, Outrenink, ON
Lawson Major Harry, 15 Lower Bagot, Kingston, ON
Leakey John H., 711 Mill, Watertown, NY
Leakey Mr. & Mrs. Robert, 430 East Castle, Syracuse, NY
Leakey Mrs. James, Shortville NY
Leakey Mrs. Wm., 12 Midland Bldg. TO, ON
Leakey Thomas, Box 54 RR3 Watertown, NY
Leaky Mrs. R. W., RR3 Gananoque, ON
Leans Alfred, 68 W. Huron, Buffallo, NY
Leclaire Mr. & Mrs. Joseph, Brockville, ON
Ledger Ossie, Union Station, TO, ON
Lee Alfred, Seeley’s Bay, ON
Lee C. S., Oshawa, ON
Lee Dr. Royal, 377 Hudson, NY, NY
Lee Jack, 222 Johnson, Kingston, ON
Lee Leonard, 1407 Kennsington Ave., Youngstown, OH
Lee Miss Violet, 331 Wilson Ave. Gerrard, OH
Lee Mr. & Mrs. Shuyler, Alex. Bay, NY
Lee Mrs. T. O., 331 Wilson Ave. Girrad, OH
Lee O’Gorman, 331 Watson Ave., Gerrard, OH
Lee Russell, 1583 E. 82nd Cleveland, OH
Lee Walter, Alex Bay, NY
Leeder Mr. & Mrs. B. F., 74 Church, Brockville, ON
Lefebre Orvile, 371/2 Hope Ave. Syracuse, NY
Legge Charles, Sualt Ste. Marie, ON
Legge Miss Charlotte, Wilkie SASK
Legge Miss Lottie, Wilkie, SASK
Lennon Eric, 30 Colborne, Kingston, ON
Lennon Rev. W. S., 30 Colborne, Kingston, ON
Lent Mrs. Dean, & Miss Blakely, Sterling, MASS
Leonard Mrs. Wm., Plattsville, ON
Leslie John, 9 Charles Apt. Amesberry Ave. Montreal, PQ
Leslie Miss Aggie, c/o Fairweathers, Montreal, PQ
Lethwaite Mrs. E. E., 1154 Webb Ave. Detroit MI
Lewis J. T., Brampton, ON
Lewis John B., Bank Montreal, Gault, ON
Lewis Miss Pheobe, Bank Montreal, Galt, ON
Lewis Mr. & Mrs, 556 Mowbray Ave., Arch, Norfolk WV
Lewis Mr. & Mrs. John, Brampton, ON
Lewis Mr. & Mrs. John, Glen Wood Farm, Brantford, ON
Lewis Mrs. W. A., 2524 Esplanada Ave., Montreal, PQ
Lilley Mr. & Mrs. Lou, RR 2 , Delta, ON
Lillie Mr. & Mrs., 60 Wellington, Kingston, ON
Lillie Mrs. Lou, RR2 Dalton, OH
Lindsay Gilbert, 1117 Gothick, TO, ON
Lindsay Gilbert, 117 Gotnick Ave. W. TO, ON
Lindsay J. E., 1000 Island Park, NY
Lindsay Mrs. H., 1000 Island. Park, NY
Lindsay Mrs. Hattie, 119 Pearl St., Rochester, NY
Linklater Howard, Lindsay, ON
Linklater John, Arcola, SASK
Linklater Ross, same as above
Linklater Wm, Arcola, SASK
Lish A., 263 1/2 Alburon Ave, Pontiac, MI
Littlejohn Miss Florence 724 E. 158th, NY, NY
Littlejohn Miss Mary, RR1 Ferguson Falls
Livingston P. H., Wolfe Island, ON
Llloyd Myrtle, Stae Hospital, Ogdensburg, NY
Lloyd G. H., Canadian Fairbank Co. ON
Lloyd G. Harold, 43 Calendar, TO, ON
Lloyd Joseph, Lampapman, SASK
Lloyd Lester, Brewers Mills, ON
Lloyd Miss Ethel, 208 5th Ave., N Saskatoon, SASK
Lloyd Mrs. Wm., Winchester, ON
Lloyd W. J., Winchester, ON
Lloyd Wm., Winchester, ON
Loche H., c/o Geo. Hogan, 1232 Fulton, Brooklyn, NY
Logan Mrs. A. E., Tweed, ON
Loisille Carrie, 342 New York Ave. Brooklyn NY
Long Mrs. A., 53 N. Paddock, Pontiac, MI
Long Rev. & Mrs., Easton Cor., ON
Loss Margaret C., 746 Gordon Terrace, Edgewater St., Chicago, IL
Lou Mrs., 10 Harboard, TO, ON
Louch Miss Edith, 51 Irving Place, Brooklyn
Lowe M. J., Maple ON
Lubick Mrs., 387 Rachel, Montreal, PQ
Lucy Miss Reta, Women’s Home Opathic Hos. 20 Susquehenne, Philledelphia PA
Lund E. K., 4429 Richmond, Philledelphia, PA
Lundy Miss Agnes, 104 N. Labelle Ave. Syracuse, NY
Lyle Mrs. Andrew, 2209 Waverly, Montreal, PQ
Lynch Mrs. Helen & Family, 240 Johnson, Kingston, ON
Lynett Miss Nellie, Westport, ON
Lynette Miss Jennie, Westport, ON


Mabee Carlton & Bruce, 21 Dalton Rd., TO, ON
Mabee Dr. L. M., Goderich, ON
Mabee Mr. & Mrs. Fred E.,  Shanghai Baptist College, Shanghai China
MacCumber Mrs. E. G., 2224 Parkway Bakersfield, CA
Mace Dr. & Mrs. 1125 Weston Ave. Norfolk VA
Mack John, Parkersville, ON
Major William, 4677 Oregon Ave. Detroit MI
Mallory Mrs. F. S., Box 35 Carlton Place, ON
Manhardt, Paisley Brook SASK
Marie Elizabeth Sister Notre Dame, Brockville, ON
Marshall Jasmes, Napanee, ON
Marshall Mr. & Mrs. George, 7 Bellrug Ave. TO, ON
Marshall Mrs. J. E., Box 633 Clanton, NY
Marshall Mrs. John, c/o GTR, Owasso, MI
Marshall Mrs. R. E., 128 W. 18th, Oswego, NY
Martin E. H., 919 Sunset Ave., Scranton, PA
Martin Ernest, Brewer’s Mills, ON
Martin Miss Anita, 58 Winchester, TO, ON
Martin Miss Claire, Corono Hotel Edmonton ALTA
Martin Miss, 33 Milton, Montreal PQ
Martin Mr. & Mrs. J. V., Brockville, ON
Martin Mrs. Wm., C., Kenasha, WI
Martina Sister Mary, St. Vincent, Brockville, ON
Mason H. C., 15 Lee Ave. TO, ON
Mason Mrs. F. H., 49 Paterson Ave. Ottawa, ON
Masters Mrs. A. R., 183 Lasalle Rd Verdon, PQ
Masters Mrs. Charles, Simcoe, ON
Masterson Mr. & Mrs. Wm., 477 Jefferson Ave. Syracuse, NY
Matthew J. D., 106 N 62nd, Albuquerque, NM
Matthew Miss Louise, 106 N 12th, Albuquerque, NM
Matthew Mr. & Mrs. James, 267 Division, Oshawa, ON
Mattimore Miss M., Box 182 Whitby, ON
Mattimore Miss Mary, St. Michael’s Hosp. TO, ON
Maxwell Miss, 100 Belvedere, Boston MASS
Maxwell Rev. G. K., BA BD, Merrickville, ON
McBroom Elliott, 42 Throne, TO, ON
McCalpin Charles, c/o 100 Park, Brockville, ON
McCalpin F. J., Picton, ON
McCalpin H. H., 209 North Dean, Bay City, MI
McCalpin H. H., 216 Huron, Cheboygan, MI
McCalpin Miss Winnefred, Balavia Hosp. Batavia, NY
McCalpin Mr. & Mrs. J. W., 100 Park, Brockville, ON
McCammon Dr. G., Drum Heller, SASK
McCammon Dr. Gordon, 3912 Imperial, Vernaby New West Minister
McCammon Miss E. G., Hatton, SASK
McCammon Misses Mary & Laura & Edith, 13 Garden, Brockville, ON
McCammon Sheriff, 110 James, Brockville, ON
McCandy George, 238 Bain Ave. TO, ON
McCann Miss  Lizzie, c/o Main & Hulton St., Perth ON
McCann Mr. & Mrs. James, Westport, ON
McCann W. N., 46 Davenport Rd. TO, ON
McCansy Mrs. Charles, Fulton RFD #8, NY
McCauley Wm., Supervisors Dept. Royal Bank, TO, ON
McConnell A. D., 31 Ellerbeck Ave. Kingston, ON
McConnell Mr. & Mrs. Jack, Vermont Hotel, Ashbrash, WI
McConnell Mrs. Newman same as above
McConnell Rev. J. H., 383 A. Agliora, Montreal, PQ
McCord Mrs. G. C., 259 Beresford Ave. TO, ON
McCormack Mrs. Mary, Lansdowne, ON
McCormick George, 487 N. Burlington Ave. Los Angeles CA
McCormick J. W., RR1 Brooklyn ON
McCoy M. E., National Hotel, Slettler’s MAN
McCoy Mr. & Mrs. Ed. Stettler, ALTA
McCrea Fred, Scotsguard, SASK
McCrimmons Miss Florence 41 Carleton TO, ON
McCullough Dr. C. C., 225 N. Syndicate Ave. Fort William
McCullough Harold, Vivian, Winnepeg, MAN
McCullough J. Rodney, CPR, Freight Office, Brockville, ON
McCullough Miss Mary Chalet Laurier, Ottawa, ON
McCullum Peter, 6036 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood CA
McCumber Mrs. E.  2224 Parkway Bakersfield, CA
McDairmaid Mrs. J. G., 359 Davenport Rd, TO, ON
McDermont Mrs. T. H., 238 King, Brockville, ON
McDoanld Miss Bessie, 15 Desrocher, Montreal, PQ
McDoanld Miss Mary, Berwick, PO ON
McDonald Angus, Hope Lumber Co. Sault Ste. Marie, ON
McDonald Charles, 812 Riverside Ave, Trenton, ON
McDonald George, 2207 Lilly Bridge Ave., Detroit, MI
McDonald M., 56 William, Kingston, ON
McDonald Minnie, 18 Elm, TO, ON
McDonald Miss Nellie, 15 Desrocher, Montreal, PQ
McDonald Mrs. George, 1074 Newport Ave. Detroit MI
McDonald Mrs. J. A., 1731 -10th Ave. Calgary ALTA
McDonald Mrs. W. S., 1305 Albermario Rd, Brooklyn NY
McDonald Mrs., Elrose, SASK
McDonald Osborne, Income Dept. McGill St., Montreal, PQ
McDonald P. A.,  15 Kennedy, Winnepeg MAN,
McDonald Theodore, 411 St. National Bank, San Franciso
McDonald Wm. & Patrick & Osborne & Lawrence & Donald , 202 William,  Kingston, ON
McDonald, Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Post Office Berwick, ON
McDougall M. L., 181 Hieghts Rd. Ridgewood NY
McEevan Mr. & Mrs. F. J., 59 Chatham, E. Windsor, ON
McEwan Mrs. F. J., 59 Chatham, E,. Windsor, ON
McFall Mrs. Wm., RR5, Wilcot NY
McGingham Mrs. J., 117 Munroe, TO, ON
McGiven James, 300 Danford Ave. TO, ON
McGivern Miss Marie, c/o Frank, 137 Amelia TO, ON
McGivern Misses, 137 Amielia, TO, ON
McGovern Mr. & Mrs. John , 22 Havelock, Brockville, ON
McGranghan Mr. & Mrs. Sam., 57 Badgerou Ave., TO, ON
McGratth Mrs. E. T., 157 Frontenac, Kingston, ON
McGreenniss Mrs. F. A., 342 -2nd Brandon, MAN
McGruness Mrs. Mary, Napanee, ON
McGuire John, Jones Falls, ON
McInally Hilda, Westport, ON
McIntosh John, Avonmoore, ON
McIntosh Mrs. Joanna, 544 Downey, Peterborough, ON
McIntyre Miss Mary, St. Mary’s Hosp. Mark Ave. Brooklyn, NY
McIvor Mrs. Charles, 2177 Carter, Montreal, PQ
McKanday D. H., 27 Bain Ave. TO, ON
McKee Mrs. H. S., 153 Cresent, Montreal, PQ
McKee Mrs. H. S., 158 Cresnet Montreal, PQ
McKell  Reg. Guelph, ON
McKell George & Family, 51 Lyons Ave. Guelph, ON
McKell George, 51 Lyn Ave. Guelph, ON
McKellar Colin, 1556 Sherbooke West, Montreal, PQ
McKellar D. Arch., 165 Inkstr Blvd. Winnepeg, MAN
McKellar John A. Same as above
McKellar John, 848-5th Moosejaw, SASK,
McKellar Pearl, 848 5th Ave. N. West Moose Jaw, SASK
McKendry Dora, West Chester Hosp. Kisco, NY
McKendry Mr. & Mrs. David 122 - 23rd Ave. Lethbridge ALTA
McKenndry Jack, Lake, New Britton, CONN
McKennzie Kenneth, 601 W. 148th NY, NY
McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. W. R., 13 Elgin, Kingston, ON
McLean Glen H., 164 Gage North Hamilton, ON
McLean Mr. & Mrs. E. A., 304 Beach, Syracuse, NY
McLean Mr. & Mrs. George E., 1380  111th Ave E., Vancouver, BC
McLean Mrs. Arthur, Brockville, ON
McLean Mrs. George, 1380 -11th Ave. Vancouver BC
McLean Mrs. Glen, 164 Gage Ave. N. Hamilton, ON
McLean Mrs. Harry, RR1 Kingston, ON
McLellan, 2566 Park Ave. Montreal, PQ
McMahon Mrs. Michael Pearl, Brockville, ON
McMartin Mrs. Lawrence, 83 Melrose Ave. TO, ON
McMaster Alan, 834 Morrison Ave. Watertown, NY
McMillan James R., 192 McLaren, Apt 2, Ottawa, ON
McNabb A. S., Renfrew, ON
McNabb Mrs. C. H., Orllia, ON
McNaughton Rod, Lancaster, ON
McNeil Mrs. Charles, 241 E. Ave., Hamilton, ON
McNeil Russell & Tabor, 241 E Ave. North, Hamilton, ON
McNorton Alex. Fort William
McParland J. F., 145 Madison Ave. TO, ON
McPherson Prof. W. E., 172 Walmer Rd. TO, ON
McQuillan Miss Clara, Lucknow
McRae Miss Amelia, Iroquios ON
McRae Miss Minnie, Alexandria Bay, NY
McRae Mrs. Emma, Box 412 Brockville, ON
McRae, 47 First Ave. Ottawa, ON
McRea Fred J. & John G., Scotsguard SASK
McRee Mrs. Jack, 43 Scott, Fort Scott, Kansas
McRow Mrs. David, Glennburnie, ON
McTear Miss B. Trenton, ON
Mcrimmon Miss Florence, 287 Richmond, Oshawa, ON
Mead Mesvis, 156 Osgood, Ottawa, ON
Meggs Adelbert, Doodsland, SASK
Meggs Charles W., 7720 Merrill Ave. Detroit, MI
Meggs Charles W., 7720 Merrill Ave. Detroit MI
Meggs J. Reginald, Bank Toronto, Vancouver, BC
Meggs Miss Minerva, ME Hosp. Brooklyn NY
Meggs Mr. & Mrs. H. A., Dodsland, SASK
Meggs W. E., Hotel Windsor, TO, ON
Mengell Mr. & Mrs. Warren, Box 28 Sylware Beach, NY
Meredith Miss M., 88 Gamshaw, Boston, MASS
Merkley Mrs., 125 - 14th, Calgary, ALTA
Merkley R. H., 125 -14th Ave E., Calgary, ALTA
Millar Miss Kathleen M., 37-215 Manhattan Ave. NY, NY
Millar Mrs. W. H., McCloud, ALTA
Miller Mrs. F. J., 209 Church, Brockville, ON
Miller Mrs. Fred J., 209 Church, Brockville, ON
Miller Rev. Alex. 92 Clergy, Kingston, ON
Mills Mrs. Gerald, 26 A Emberly Rd. TO, ON
Mills Mrs. T. R., Box 202 Hamburg, ON
Milue Mr. & Mrs. T. F., City Clerk, Port Arthur, ON
Mirandi Fred, 77 Church, Brockville, ON
Mirandi J. V., 764 Cannon, E. Hamilton, ON
Mirandi Miss Mary, 851 E. 63rd Place c/o Mrs. G. Crowe, Chicago, IL
Mitchell Col. J. B., 74 Furby, Winnepeg MAN
Mitchell Dr. H., 922 Riverside Dr. South Bend IN
Mitchell George, Barrister, Gobalt, ON
Mitchell J., Dominion Business College TO, ON
Mitchell Miss Claire, Nurses Home, Royal Victoria Hosp.  Montreal, PQ
Mitchell Miss Minnie, Auditor Gen. Office, Ottawa, ON
Moffatt Eva, 34 Garden , Boston, MASS
Monteith W. J., Clayton, NY
Moody Mrs. E. H., Carpenter St. RR3, Redford, MI
Moonly F., 17 Susex, Montreal, PQ
Moore Cyril, 10 Onweard Ave., Kitchener ON
Moore D. J., 607 Center, Wilkinsburg, PA
Moore D. J., E. 455 - 14th Ave. N. St. Petersburg, FL
Moore F. C., 70 Columbia Heights Brooklyn, NY
Moore Frank C., c/o W. W. Francis, Oradeell NJ
Moore Harry, 94 Genessee Park Blvd. Rochester, NY
Moore Isaac, 1341 E. 84th Cleveland, OH
Moore L. G., 2242 McLatyre, Regina, SASK
Moore Miss Gertrude, Lansdowne, ON
Moore Mrs. D. D., 31 York, Cote St. Paul, Montreal, PQ
Moore Mrs. J. A., S. L., McKellar, ON
Moore Mrs. James L., McKeller ON
Moore Mrs. Lewis, 2242 MacIntyre, Regina SASK
Moore Stanley W., 495 Notre Dame Ave. St. Lambert, PQ
Moore Stewart W., Taylor Sons & Co. Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH
Moore W. J., 2148 Hutcheson, Outremont, PQ
Moore W. P. 239 Park Ave. Brandon, MAN
Moorhead Mrs. W. J., Lyndhurst, ON
Morgan Ambrose Oshawa,  ON
Morgan F. S., 6415 Parnell Ave. Chicago, IL
Morgan Wilfred, 432 Selyn Terrace, Rochester, NY
Morris  W. D. 436 Wellington, Ottawa, ON
Morrison Mrs. , 153 Cadieux, Montreal, PQ
Morrison Mrs. Wm., 41 1/2 Amherst, Nashau, NH
Morrow A. W., Caintown, ON
Morton Mrs. John G., New Iznumin, FL
Moulton Miss Annie, 222 - 224, MacDermott Ave. Winnepeg, MAN
Mowat Bill, 224 Division , Kingston, ON
Mrs. Almeeda 2341 Retallack St. Regina Sask
Mrs. Donohue, Carmie, Gananoque, ON
Mrs. Reid, 135 William, Chatham, ON
Muchmore Mrs. M. J. M., 1205 Lakewood Blvd, Detroit, MI
Muchmore Mrs. M. J., 1205 Lakewood Blvd., Detroit MI
Muir A. H., City Auditor, Kingston ON
Muir A. W., 50 Frontenac, Kingston, ON
Muir H., 378 Earl, Kingston, ON
Mullholland Harold, 1173 Munroe Ave. Rochester, NY
Mullin Mr. & Mrs. J. T., 811 Floyd Ave. Rome, NY
Mullins Fred, Lyn, ON
Mullins Miss Marion, 3729 Scacramento, San Francisco, CA
Mullins Roy, 222 -224 McDermott Ave. Winnepeg, MAN
Munden Joseph, 6 Oliver, Humber Bay, PO, TO, ON
Munroe Hector, Merchants Bank, Wallaceburg
Munroe Miss Annie, 161 Dodge, Buffallo, NY
Munroe Miss Zilla, 83 Earl, Kingston, ON
Murchie John, 2180 Queen E.,TO, ON
Murchie R., 2131 Queen E. TO, ON
Murchison Mrs. Ernest, 35 Prince Rupert Ave. TO, ON
Murphy Dr. & Mrs. Kamloops ALTA
Murphy Miss Lucy, Elgin ON
Murray Mr. & Mrs. F. J., 1217 S. 8th, Evansville, IN
Murray Mrs. James L., Danphin, MAN
Myers Dr. H. L., 426 Mulberry Arch, Norfolk VA
Myers Gordon, same as above
Myers John, 158 Adams Ave. E. Detroit, MI
Myers Mr. & Mrs. Joseph, 804 Hubbara Ave, Detroit MI


Nalon J. R., 441 St. Charles, New Orleans
Nalon Mr. & Mrs. David, c/o Hiller Bros., Kitchener ON
Nalon Nellie, 39 Lakeview, Rochester, NY
Nalon Redmond, 12 Lakeview Terrace, Rochester, NY
Napollis Bernard, Napanee, ON
Naysmith Mrs. A. M., 934 Riverdale Ave. Calgary, ALTA
Neal Mr. & Mrs. E. J., Vanguard, SASK
Neal Mr. & Mrs. Walter, Lyndhurst, ON
Neddoe Joseph, Brewer’s Mills, ON
Neil J. K., 49 Bank, Ottawa, ON
Nelson Fred, 110 Brock, Oshawa, ON
Nelson Mrs., 56 W - 180th NY, NY
Newberry A., Fournier ON
Nicholson Arthur, 18 Fiddies Pontiac MI
Nicholson Harold, 689 Indianna Rd, TO, ON
Nicholson Rev. J. W., 1643 Munsay Ave., Scranton, PA
Nicol Mrs. A. A., 121 N. John, Fort William
Noonan Miss Mary, 388 A Bathhurst TO, ON
Nuttal C. J., 687 Inerbes Ave. Montreal, PQ
Nuttall Eldon, Pense, SASK
Nuttall Isaac, Pense SASK
Nuttall Mrs. Charles, 687 Quebec Ave. Montreal, PQ


Oliver Rev. & Mrs., Pendleton ON
Ormistom Albert,  Percy & Harry, Providence Rhode Island
Ormiston Shanley, 365 Victoria Ave. Westmont, PQ
Ormstom Earl, Trenton, ON
Orser Miss M., 581 Dovercourt Rd, TO, ON
Orser Robert, 268 Addington Ave. Notre Dame de Grass, Montreal, PQ
Orser W. E., 466 Aufgustine, Rochester, NY
Orvis Charlie, Shortsville, NY
Osler Fred, File Works, Hamilton, ON
Osterhout Mr. & Mrs. J. P., 10 Glenwood, Schenectady, NY
Otto Mrs. G. S., Brock, Kingston, ON
O’Brien Frank, 419 Shannard, Syracuse, NY
O’Brien Kathleen, Kingston, ON
O’Brien Miss Margaret, 328 Jay, Watertown, NY
O’Brien Miss Mary, 22 Andrew, Brockville, ON
O’Brien Mrs. Gertrude & Mary, 100 Raglan Rd., Kingston, ON
O’Brien Mrs. Robert, 114 Aberdean, Kingston, ON
O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Charles, Box 95 Rodman, NY
O’Connor W. J., 222 S. John, Fort William, ON
O’Connor, Dr. & Mrs., 193 Earl, Kingston, ON
O’Farrell Mrs. J. B., 113 James, W., Brockville, ON
O’Grady Miss B., 49 Mark, Montreal, PQ
O’Hara Miss Jane,. Dermandy San., Media PA
O’Hara Mrs. M., Renfrew, ON
O’Hare Peter, 627 Franklin Watertown, NY
O’Neil Dan, 69 Company CO, Cac Fort Munroe, VA
O’Neil Mrs. John, 1217 Upper -8th, Evansville, IN
O’Reagan Miss M., Orintal Textile Co, Oshawa, ON
O’Reagan Miss Mary, Central Spring Co., Oshawa, ON


Paish Jack, Clayton, NY
Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Fred, 206 Convent Ave. NY, NY
Palmer Mrs. Cecil, 18 Andrew Brockville, ON
Palmer Proff. 260 Convent Ave. NY, NY
Parke Mr. & Mrs. A. N., Ingersol Box 555, ON
Parke Vicor & Vernon, Ingersol, ON
Parker F. A., 1400 Queen W., TO, ON
Parker Mrs. Albert, Box 783 PFD, San Gabriel, CA
Parker Mrs. Edward, Didsbury, ALTA
Parker Robert, 90 Ordinance Kingston, ON
Parkerton Walter, Yorkton, SASK
Parmenter J., Clearview RR Charlotte, Rochester, NY
Parmenter Miss Helen, 22-580 Union Ave. Montreal, PQ
Parnell Capt., Orangeville, ON
Parry George, 302 E. Wilson, Pontiac, MI
Parslow Mr. & Mrs. I. V., 334 - 18th Ave. W., Calgary, ALTA
Patterson Don, Bank Montreal, Calgary, ALTA
Patterson, Mrs. Arthur, 823 Somerset Ave. Ottawa, ON
Paulay Dr. Gerald E., Jersey City Hosp. NJ
Payne F. E., Wilkie SASK
Payne Mrs. N., 16 Plum, Kingston, ON
Peck A. W., 906 -49th, Philedelphia PA
Peck Douglas , 9 Hepborne TO, ON
Peck Gordon, Common MAN
Pecor Charles, 53 N. Paddoch Pontiac MI
Pelow Dennis, Delta, ON
Pelow Henry F., 212 W Willow, Syracuse, NY
Pelow J. E., 411 1/2 W. Dominich, Rome, NY
Pelow J. R., Clyde NY
Pelow M., 25 Monroe Ave. Lockport, NY
Pelow Miss Marie, 308 N. Jay, Rome, NY
Pelow Mr. Delene., St. Joseph Hosp. Rockaway NY
Pennock Clarence, 530 W. - 112th NY, NY
Pennock Mr. & Mrs. Clifford, Elgin, ON
Pennock Mr. & Mrs. Post Office Staff, Ottawa, ON
Perigo Mrs. Jasper, Clayton NY
Perley Rev. W. F., Hamingford PQ
Perrin H., 483 Parkside Dr., TO, ON
Perrin Mr. & Mrs. George, Merrickville, ON
Petch Grant, 72 Devonshire Rd, Walkerville, ON
Petch Mr. & Mrs. J. W., Walkerville, ON
Petch Mr. & Mrs. W. S., Walkerville, ON
Peters Mrs. M. E., Onondago, Syracuse, NY
Phillips Fulton, 19 Stewart, Ottawa, ON
Phillips Miss Mary, St., Mary’s Hosp. Brooklyn, NY
Phillips Mrs. H. E., Box 32 Athens, ON
Phillips Mrs. T. H., 19 Steart, Ottawa, ON
Phillips Wm., 514 Indian Rd., TO, ON
Phippen Fred, 11th Ave. W Calgary, ALTA
Pimlott Meriner, Beachburg ON
Pimlott Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Jr. Beachburg, ON
Pimlott Mr. & Mrs. Wm., Quyon, PQ
Pimlott Rev. Wm., Belleville, ON
Pleasant Mr. & Mrs. Wm., 134 Hillside, Remington VT
Polley James, Box 285 Turro, NS
Polloch John & Joseph,  601 - 11th Roanoke VA
Polloch W. D., 71 McGill Ave., Charlottetown PEI
Poole Mrs. Mary, 13 Queens Park, TO, ON
Pope Mr. & Mrs. James, Assor, Vira Salvador, SASK
Possen Mrs J. H. & Sons,  4 Union, Schentady, NY
Post Mrs. John, RR 1 Elderodo ON
Potter George, 15 Ontraio Ave. Montreal PQ
Potter Mr. & Mrs. W. A., Rita & Eric, Box 961 Rebfrew ON
Potter Mrs. W. E. & Walter, Grindstone NY
Pound Mrs. Douglas, 35 Union, Kingston, ON
Powers Mrs. Thomas Haileybury, ON
Price Mrs. W. E., 29 Earl W., Brockville, ON
Primmer Mrs. D. S. 88 Duke, St. John, NB
Pringle Mrs. Herbert, Adolphustown, ON
Prior Mrs. John A., 2048 - 10th Ave. W., Calcary, ALTA
Procter Arthur, Carrott Creek, ALTA
Pruner Mrs., Smith Falls, ON
Pudney Dr., 404 Clinton Ave. Brooklyn
Pudney J. C., 70 Ellen, Montclair NJ
Purvis Harry & Ethel, 388 A Bathhurst, TO, ON
Purvis Mrs. Agnes, 25 Christie, TO, ON
Purvis Mrs. Amelia, Lyn, ON
Pye Jack, c/o Piano Works, Kingston, ON
Pye Mrs. Alex, Portsmouth, ON
Pyke Mr. & Mrs. Richard, 10 Kincard, Brockville,  ON
Pyne Mrs. H. B., Singleton, ON


Quiller Miss, 402 Madison Ave. NY
Quinn Frank, Bank Toronto, Kingston, ON
Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Dave, Kemptville, ON
Quinn Rev. Father, Smith Falls, ON
Quinsey Mr. & Mrs. Harry, 116 Chatham, Belleville, ON
Quinsey Mrs. Wm, Ormand, Brockville, ON


Raby Mrs. Leo, Arnprior, ON
Rackham Mr. & Mrs. Frank, 164 Gillard Ave. TO, ON
Raineville Mrs. S. J., 1106 Garden Ave., Niagara Falls NY
Raison Levi Soperton, ON
Ramshaw Mrs. R., 104 Cleveland Ave. Montebella CA
Randall Mrs. C. B., 409 George, Sioux, IW
Ranger Mr. & Mrs. A., 1717 Banwell Ave. Windsor, ON
Rathman Mrs. Wm., 402 Alfred, Kingston, ON
Ratney Mrs. M., 48 Earls Court Ave. TO, ON
Raymond Byran, 105 S. Ave., Detroit, MI
Raymore Charles T., 85 Gorvale Ave. TO, ON
Raymore G. S., 621 Hilldale Ave. TO, Onle
Reid Clifford, 520 New Britton Ave. Hartford, CONN
Reid F. S., Bank Toronto, Guy & St. Catherines, Montreal, PQ
Reid Mr. & Mrs. John, 679 Woodbine Ave., TO, ON
Reid Mrs. D. J., 125 William, S. Chatham, ON
Render Mrs. James, Iroquios, ON
Reynolds Mrs. R. J., 44 Elm, Brockville, ON
Reynolds Rev. F. C., 64 Floor Street, Ottawa, ON
Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. T. H., 469 Inkster Blvd, Winnepeg ALTA
Rice Mr. & Mrs. W. J., 198 Barrie, Kingston, ON
Richardson Charles, LeFargeville, NY
Richardson Fred, Scarborough Juction ON
Richardson J. T., 261 Russell Hill Dr. TO, ON
Richardson M. J., 261 Russell Hill Rd,
Richardson Miss Ella, 178 Lenore,
Richardson Miss Fern Scarborough ON
Richardson Mr & Mrs. Royce, Scarborough ON
Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Gordon, Tofield ALTA
Richardson Mr. & Mrs. T. G., Tofeild ALTA
Richardson Mrs. Comendent 1417 Herkimer, TO, ON
Richardson Mrs. Wm., 208 Frontenac, Kingston, ON
Ridde Mrs. J., 321 Jones Ave. TO, ON
Ripley Alan, Lansdowne, ON
Rising Mrs. A. F., Portsmouth ON
Roach Miss Cassie, 336 - 21st Ave W. Calgary ALTA
Roach Thomas 336 - 21st Ave W., Calgary, ALTA
Robb Mrs. Eva, 44 Wash Ave. Evansville, IND
Roberston Mrs. Murray, Neepawa MAN
Roberston Mrs. W. G., Neepawa MAN
Roberts Charles, Maple ON
Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Fred, 167 Hampton Ave. TO, ON
Robertson L. W., 1731 -14th, Regina SASK
Robertson Miss Agnes, 107 Flora, Ottawa, ON
Robertson Miss Anna M., Whitby, ON
Robertson Mr. & Mrs. W., 1527 Front St, Soo MI
Robinson G. A.., 31 McDougal Block, Calgary ALTA
Robinson J. B., Queen, Kingston, ON
Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Fred, Seaforth, ON
Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Stan F., 4 Wilson Apts. Detroit MI
Rockwell ?, 641 North James, Rome, NY
Rogers Archie, 121 Ossington Ave. Ottawa ON
Rogers Arthur, Preston, ON
Rogers Charles T., Ravenswood ON
Rogers Dr. & Mrs. J. T., Main & Bay, Hamilton, ON
Rogers John, 1036 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles CA
Rogers Miss Mae, Macklin SASK
Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Albert, 639 Ray , Montreal, PQ
Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Alf, 56 N. Genessee, Rochester, NY
Rogers Mr. & Mrs. C. T., Forrest RR 2, ON
Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Earl, 1600 Elm, Rochester, NY
Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Utica, NY
Rogers Mrs. C. B., Macklin SASK
Rogers Mrs. Charles & Mrs. Blanche, 345 Portage, Kilamazoo MI
Rogers Reginald H., Hudons Bay Junction SASK
Rogers, Archie, 28 Goldbourne Ottawa, ON
Roland Joseph, Orillia, ON
Rolland Frank, Orillia, ON
Rolland Mr. & Mrs. John, Orilla, ON
Rombeaugh Mrs. J., Wawanasu, MAN
Root Claude, Union Bank, Kemptville, ON
Root E. J., 165 Delhousie St, Ottawa, ON
Root Elva, Smith Falls, ON
Root Mr. & Mrs. James, 251 Addington Ave., Montreal, PQ
Root Mrs. D., Evesham, SASK
Root Wm., 40 Pine, Brockville, ON
Rosanna Sister, Notre Dame Convent, Kingston, ON
Ross Jack, Fort William, ON
Ross Mr. & Mrs. Hugh, Traynor, SASK
Ross Mrs. E. B., 56 Holley Ave, TO, ON
Ross Mrs. J. E., Fort William, ON
Round Alfred, 73 Bath, Chatham, ON
Round Miss Winnefred, 553 -8th, Brooklyn, NY
Round, E. T., Clyde ALTA
Rowe Mrs. F. S., 21 Elba, Rochester, NY
Rowland Jock, Orillia, ON
Rowsome Mr. & Mrs. Richard, James, Brockville, ON
Runnett Mr. & Mrs. James, 523 Sherbrooke, Peterborough, ON
Runnett Mr. & Mrs. Wm, & Miss, 252 Liverpool, Point St. Charles, Montreal, PQ
Running M. J., 6242 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
Running Mr. & Mrs. R., Smith Falls, ON
Russell Albert, 222 Scarborough Rd., TO, ON
Russell Mrs. H. A., 375 Kingwood Rd., TO, ON
Ruttle Mrs. ,  & Ross & Sadie, 1860 Gerrard, TO, ON
Ryan Douglas, 693  Rhodes Ave, TO, ON
Ryan Harry, Same as above
Ryan Mrs. E. J., 693 Rhodes Ave., TO, ON
Ryan Mrs. Frank, 2227 Bessin , Chicago, IL


Saddlemere Mrs. C., 515 Yonge St. Winnepeg MAN
Salich Mrs. Frank c/o R. G. Graham, 744 Echo Dr. Ottawa, ON
Sampson Mrs. G. A., 59 Fairview Blvd TO, ON
Sanderson Mrs,  Almeda, SASK
Sargent W. D., Essex Co. Club, Orange, NJ
Sauve Arthur, 837 -5th Ave. Buffallo, NY
Savage Dr. W. L., 107 Tillinghast Pl. Buffallo NY
Scarth Mr. & Mrs., 128 N. - 9th, Saginaw MI
Schoolfield Dr. E. C., 620 Texas Stae Bank, Forth Texas, TX
Schwerdfiger Mrs., Mallorytown, ON
Scott A. B., 716 Manning Ave. TO, ON
Scott A. E., & Family 166 Maning Ave. TO, ON
Scott Alma, Fenlon Falls, ON
Scott Dr., Peterboough ON
Scott Gerald, 162 Buena Vista, Highland Park, Detroit, MI
Scott Ivan, Oakridges TO, ON
Scott James L., Mallorytown, ON
Scott James, Junetown, ON
Scott Mr. & Mrs. Bob, Perth, ON
Scott Mr. & Mrs. Robert L., Perth, ON
Scott Mrs. A. E., 145 Lawrence Rd., TO, ON
Scott Mrs. H., 100 Park Rd. TO, ON
Scott Oscar, Box 383 North Bay, ON
Seal Forrester, Ste. Annes. Rusholme Rd., TO, ON
Seale Ross, 311/2 Amherst, Nashau NH
Sears Mrs. John, 357 Barkeley, TO, ON
Sears Mrs. John, 357 Berkeley, TO, ON
See Charles 462 S. Maringo Ave. Pasedena CA
Serson Mrs. J. R., 812 Riverside Ave., Trentton NJ
Seymour Mr. & Mrs. Will, Clayton, NY
Sharp Mr. & Mrs. Neil, 125 N. James, Rome , NY
Shaw Edward A., 1269 Pender W. Vancouver, BC
Shaw J. H., 136 Indian Rd, TO, ON
Shear Max, 74 Market, Brantford, ON
Sheats Charles, 1049 Seavieur Ave. Victoria BC
Sheats Mr. & Mrs. O. L. 1049 Scoville Ave. Victoria BC
Sheldon Miss Elizabeth, Brockville, ON
Sheppard J. A., 128 Lonsdale N. , Vancouver, BC
Sheppard J. H., Lonsdale Ave N., Vancouver, BC
Sheppard Mrs. A., 285 Silverbirtch Ave., TO, ON
Sheppard Mrs. M. E., Beresford, MAN
Sheppard Victor, Inglewood, ON
Sherbino Mr. & Mrs. John, 78 William, Brockville, ON
Sherby Mr & Mrs. Lawrence, 66 Henderson, Pontiac MI
Sherby Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence, 67 Henderson, Pontiac, MI
Sheridan B., Ste Theresa PQ
Sherrin Mrs. Cecil, Pelican Rapids MIN
Shiels Mr. & Mrs. J. F., Bernard & Florence, 131 Bethune, Fort William, ON
Shine James, Chappaqua, NY
Shine Miss M. E., 480 Center Park W. NY, NY
Shugars S. W., Dunloung VA
Shuman Mrs. S., 662 Jones, Ave., TO ON
Sidley Sylvester, 2804 Everett Ave., Everett WASH
Sinclair Donald, 219 Contenintal Life Building Bay & Richmond, TO, ON
Sinclair Leslie, Bank Montreal, Peterborough,, ON
Sinclair Mrs. J., 11 Park, TO, ON
Sinclair Oliver, 521 Oxford, Rochester, NY
Singleton Mrs. J. E., 32 Frpontenac, Kingston, ON
Sipple Mr. & Mrs. George, 106 Laphan, Rochester, NY
Skinner Arthur, 87 - 18th, Buffallo, NY
Skinner Mrs. W. B., 125 Hutcheson, Montreal, PQ
Slack Arthur, Delta, ON
Slack Mr. & Mrs. Frank, 15 Perth St., Brockville, ON
Slack Mrs. Joseph, Lansdowne, ON
Sleigh Mrs. Mary, 135 Blecker Ave. Belleville, ON
Sliter E. O, 320 Oxford, Kingston, ON
Sloan Mrs. W., R., 32 Sandford, Riochester, NY
Sly Delmer R., 132 Shaterine Belleville, ON
Sly Melborn, 830 - 4th Ave W. Calgary, ALTA
Sly Mrs A. J., Lansdowne, ON
Sly Mrs. Herb, Seeley’s Bay, ON
Smith Charles C., 52 Wellington E., Chatham, ON
Smith D., 244 Patrick, Kingston, ON
Smith H. D., 181 Division, Kingston, ON
Smith J. N., 1624 Miller, Utica, NY
Smith John, Portsmouth, ON
Smith Miss Grace, 2162 Independance, Vancouver, BC
Smith Miss H., 253 Elm, Pontiac MI
Smith Miss Laura, 79 Downing, Brooklyn, NY
Smith Miss Sarah, 215- West 106th NY NY
Smith Miss, 28 Armsdale Ave. TO, ON
Smith Mr. & Mrs. Fred, Baldwinsville, NY
Smith Mr. & Mrs. H. T. & Robert, 622 - 75th Brooklyn, NY
Smith Mr. & Mrs. H. V & Miss M., Beverly Rd., Brooklyn, NY
Smith Mr. & Mrs. Homer, 439 Runnymead Rd. TO, ON
Smith Mrs. Douglas, 93 Hill Ave., Highland Park, MI
Smith Mrs. Flloyd RD 4 Adams, NY
Smith T. C., Perth ON
Smith W. C., Athens, ON
Snider Mrs. E. E., 2 E - 127th NY
Snider Mrs. E. E., 2 E.-19th NY, NY
Soles Mrs. John & Sam, Wildrose, SASK
Somerville James, 562 O’Connor, Ottawa, ON
Somerville Robert, Thorton, ON
Sophie A. H.., 113 Kislingvurg, Rochester NY
Sophie Jack, 12 Lakeview Terrace Rochester, NY
Southworth Mrs. Thomas, 161 Somerset, Ottawa, ON
Speagle Mrs. Mac, Westport, ON
Spellan Mrs. S. R., 1082 Dufferin, TO, ON
Spence Mrs. Fred , 109 Church, Brockville, ON
Spence Mrs. T. B., 541 - 3rd Brooklyn, NY
Spencer Rev. R. W., Camden East, ON
Spicer Mr. & Mrs. John, & Mrs. & Mrs. Victor, Ernie & Miss Maude, 6062 Brush, Detroit MI
Squire Mr. & Mrs. W., 852 Nicola Ave. Vancouver, BC
Squire Wolfie, Bank Comerce Kingston, ON
St. Anne Mother,  Usuline College 356 Wellington, London, ON
St. Onge Mrs. Joseph, Orilla, ON
Stack Mrs. M. B., Brockville, ON
Stadler Mr. & Mrs. , 785 - 5th Ave. NY, NY
Stafford J. R., 11 Fairholt Rd N., Moncton, NB
Stafford Miss, Elora, ON
Stark Mrs. M. A., Berwick
Starke T. C., 248 Hampton Ave. Montreal, PQ
Steacy Chester, 1033 - 12th Ave. Vancouver, BC
Steacy Dilmond, Clementa, CA
Steacy Evan, RR6 Brantford, ON
Steacy G., Cobourg ON
Steacy Mrs. G. A., Lansdowne, ON
Steacy Mrs. Jack, Lyn, ON
Steel Russell, 58 Preston, Otttaw, ON
Steels Mrs. R., 58 Preston, Ottawa, ON
Stephen Mr & Mrs. George, Port Credit, ON
Stephenson Mrs. C. R., Orillia, ON
Stevens J. W., 2 Washington Place Glenridge, NJ
Stevens Tim, Cockrane, ON
Stevens W. F., Cochrane, ON
Stevenson N. H., Griffin Creek ALTA
Stewart Dr. & Mrs. A. E., 724 Marpendever Blvd Chicago, IL
Stewart Dr. A. E., 724 Indipendance Blvd. Chicago, IL
Stewart E., Attorney General Dept. Regina, SASK
Stewart Miss R., 106 Wentworth S., Hamilton, ON
Stewart Mr. & Mrs., Eatons Mail Order Dept. TO, ON
Stewart Mrs. J. B., 1202 Lawrence Ave. Detroit MI
Stickney Mr. & Mrs. D. J., Orchard Park, NY, NY
Stitt Mrs. R. W., Pendlyn PA
Stock Mr. & Mrs. James, 368 Downing , Peterborough ON
Stoliker Jack, Port Alma ON
Stoliker Mr. & Mrs. Frank, Dalton ON
Stoll Mrs. E. F., The Stoll House, Ashtabula, OH
Stone Mrs. A. T., 257 Judson, Pontiac, MI
Storey Mrs. F. & Family, 225 Glenwood Cres. Winnepeg, ALTA
Street Miss Myrtle, 106 Barrie, Kingston, ON
Street Misses Hazel, Beaulah, Amy, 145 Nelson, Kingston, ON
Street Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth, 62 Baseline E. Oshawa, ON
Streets Dr., 1321 Madison, Syracuse, NY
Stuart Mrs. Frank, 88 Gothic Ave. W., TO, ON
Stuchen Jacob M., 184 Dupont, TO, ON
Stuchen Misses, 101 York, Kingston, ON
Studen A. E., Mulvery Apts. Winnepeg, ALTA
Stunden Arthur E., 5575 Merry Rd. St. Vital Winnepeg, MAN
Stunden Lorne, 11 Rutherford Ave. Hamilton, ON
Suddaby Dr. Keith, Sharbot Lake, ON
Suddaby Thomas, Kingston, ON
Sullivan Miss Allie, Watertown, NY
Sullivan Miss Bertha, 1703 Deleware Ave. Detroit MI
Sullivan Miss Eve, 341 Washington, Watertown, NY
Swan Mr. & Mrs. Bert, 476 Brock Ave., TO, ON
Swartz Mrs., 77 Highlawn, Brooklyn, NY
Sweet  C. E., 61 Kenneth Ave. Oshawa, ON
Sweet C. E., Binghampton, NY
Sweet M. L., Box 170 Napanee, ON
Sword Miss Gladys, 124 Slater, Ottawa, ON
Sykes Mrs. E. C., Arthur, ON


Taft Dr. F. E., 43 Court , Biminghamton NY
Tanton Mrs. Charles, 2455 Chicag Blvd, Detroit MI
Tapping Mrs. George, Dodge Centre CO
Tate Mrs. M., c/o Delos Ray, West Park, NY, NY
Tate Mrs. Margaret, 164 William, Rochester, NY
Taylor Howard, Hayes Wheel Co., Chatham, ON
Taylor Kieth, c/o Wilmont Sparks, Ottawa, ON
Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Howard 135 William Chatham, ON
Taylor Rev. Melvin, Carleton Place, ON
Taylor W. P., Guernesey SASK
Taylor W. V., City Engineer Sarnia, ON
Telfer Mrs. Walter, Elmsvale, ON
Thomas Mrs. H., Port Colborne, ON
Thomas Mrs. John R., Labbanen KY
Thomas Rev. & Mrs. Wellsley Blvd. TO, ON
Thomas W., Newlisguard ON
Thompson George T., The Dalles, Oregon
Thompson Hecter, 124 Greene Ave. Westmount, Montreal PQ
Thompson Hecter, 738 Marquette, Montreal, PQ
Thompson James, 2023 -25th Ave., Oakland CA
Thompson L. A., 232 Greenwood Ave. Birmingham MI
Thompson Mr. & Mrs. George, 10 Catherine, Belleville, ON
Thompson Mr. & Mrs. J. E. 741 Davidson, Watertown NY
Thompson Mrs. F. B., 58 Midewood, Brooklyn, ON
Thompson Mrs. James Weyborne SASK
Thompson Mrs., Peekskill NY
Thompson Percy same as above
Thomson Alex, Bay & George, Hamilton, ON
Thomson I. G., 208 Herkimer, Hamilton, ON
Thomson Isaac, 208 Herkuner Hamilton, ON
Thomson J. H., 97 Sherman Ave S.,
Thomson Lola, Guelph, ON
Thornton Capt. B. A., Simcoe, ON
Thornton George, Wallaceburg, ON
Thranes Mrs. Mary, 419 Shannard Syracuse, NY
Tidman Capt & Mrs., 397 Cornwall
Tighe Mrs. Viola & Adorna, RR 2 Batterson ON
Timbiriake Rev. Wm., Park Ave. Montreal, PQ
Timmons Mrs. E. F., 151 Blvd Drive, Lutens Quebec PQ
Timmons Mrs. E. T., 151 Boulard de Lentente, PQ PQ
Tinney Charles, 379 Beresford Ave. TO, ON
Tinney Mr. & Mrs. W. A., 439 Runnymeade Rd. TO, ON
Tobias Mr. & Mrs. Frank, 700 Chaucey Brooklyn, NY
Tolin Mrs. Joseph Swift Current SASK
Tomkins David & Family, TO, ON
Tomkins Lloyd E., 1128 E - 30th, Cleveland, OH
Tomkins Mr. & Mrs. Matthew, 8 Midland Pl. TO, ON
Tomkins Mr. & Mrs. Matthew, 8 Midland Pl, TO, ON
Tomnie Miss Mabel, 9 Edean TO, ON
Tompson Capt. & Mrs., Jacksons Point, ON
Tompson Joseph A., Weyborne, SASK
Tompson Margaret c/o Thomson , Lansdowne
Tompson P. Zoe C 12613 Detriot Ave. Lakewood Cleveland, OH
Tompson Rev. B. W., 175 Lowther Ave. TO, ON
Tooke Mrs. George, Windsor Hotel, Montreal, PQ
Toole Mrs. W., 937 S. State Syracuse, NY
Tormer Mrs. A., 109 Mirman Ave. Mile City MONTANA
Towle Mrs. Joseph, Merrickville, ON
Townsend Jerimiah, same as above
Townsend Mr. & Mrs. 189 University Ave. Rochester, NY
Townsend Mr. & Mrs. Byrce, 114 Brighton Ave. Syracuse NY
Triplett Mrs. & Miss 56 W - 180th NY NY
Triplett Rev. J. E., 1429 N. -15th Philadelphia, PA
True S., (Mucisian) Oshawa, ON
Turcotte Alice, Boswick Island, ON
Turcotte Mrs. Frank, 18 Fiddle, Pontiac MI
Turner Albert Chappaqua NY
Turner James, Holly Lodge, Vancouver BC
Turner R. O. M., Finacial City Co., 110 King E., TO, ON
Turner Ray, c/o McKay Turner 10 King E., TO, ON
Tye Mrs. Gerald, Lyndhurst, ON


Vanhorne Mrs. H., RR 2 San Gabriel, CA
Veale J. M., 360 Johnson, Kingston, ON
Virtue Miss Sarah, Jones Falls, ON


Waddington Mrs. J. C., Weyburn SASK
Waldie D., 506  W. McBee Ave. Greenville, SC
Waldie Ernest, Mount Kisco, NY
Waldie Lindsay, Worcester MASS
Waldie Mrs. A., Lansdowne, ON
Waldie Wm. L., 10 Penticton BC
Walker Fred E. , Howe Island, ON
Walker Gordon, Canostata, NY
Walker J. N., Perth, ON
Walker Mr. & Mrs. F. J., 106 Laplam Rochester NY
Walker Mr. & Mrs. T. P., 1991 Lawrence Ave. Detroit, MI
Walker Mr. & Mrs. Wm. 106 Laplam Rochester NY
Walker Mr. & Mrs., Zophar, NY
Walker Mrs G. H., 814 James, Syracuse, NY
Walker Mrs. W. H., G., 50 Chatham, Buffallo, NY
Walker R. S., 189 Clergy, Kingston, ON
Walker, John, Howe Island, ON
Walkey Mrs. G. H., Pincher Creek AB
Wallace E. P. same as above
Wallace Misses, 112 Newbury Boston MASS
Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Frank same as above
Wallace Mrs. T. P., 79 Rawden, Brantford, ON
Walrath Mrs. R. F., 131 Main, Mohawk NY
Walsh Mrs. Charles, Quyon, PQ
Walsh Mrs. J. P., 151 Woodward Ave. Sault Ste Marie, ON
Walsh Mrs. M. M., 304 West Armstrong, Peoria IL
Walsh Mrs. M., 901 Luin, Peoria, IL
Walton Mr. & Mrs. N. F., 1814 Oakes, Everett Washington
Ward Mrs., W. S., 54 Colman, Point Ste. Charles, PQ
Wark Mrs. Jack, 1209 Jarvis, Vancouver, BC
Warren Mr. & Mrs. E. E., 409 Onondago Ave., Syracuse, NY
Warren Mrs. H., Lansdowne, ON
Warren Rev. Aldelbert, Stittsville, NY
Watson Miss Isablle, 201 West Morland Ave. TO, ON
Watson Mr. & Mrs. R. G., 94 Indian Grove, TO, ON
Watson Mrs. S. A., Norton Heights Box 172 CONN
Watt Fraser R., 7313 Perry Ave. Chicago, IL
Watt Fred H., 516 Woodbine Ave. TO, ON
Watt Gerald, Bank Commerce Walkerville, ON
Watt J. McLear, 64 Commonwealth Ave. Detroit MI
Watt J. W., 1109 Barkley Vancouver BC
Watt J. W., Chase BC
Watt Mildrum, same as above
Watt Mr. & Mrs. Charles 3844 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH
Websdale George S., 2308 - 16th W. Calgary, AB
Webster Arthur, 52 Alberta Ave. TO, ON
Webster E. W., Waterbury Centre VT
Webster G. S., Portsmouth ON
Webster Mr. & Miss E. O., 100 Milehouse Cariboo BC
Webster Mr. & Mrs. John A., 2599 Hutcheson , Montreal, PQ
Webster Mr. & Mrs. W. O., Kerrisdale Vancouver BC
Webster Mr. & Mrs. W. V., Napanee, ON
Webster Mrs. Lorne C., 1247 Greene Ave. Westmount, PQ
Weese Rev. W. W., Picton, ON
Wehmer Mr. & Mrs. Elmer, 56 Maigs, Rochester, NY
Welsh Mrs. Agnes, Philedelphia, PA
Wemp Mrs. Ernest, Stella, ON
Wenborn Mrs. H. J., 58 A Soraurer Ave., TO, ON
Westcott E. T., 289 W. Lawrence, Albany NY
Whalen Mrs. M. A., Westport, ON
Wheeler George, Lyndhurst ON
Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. 3443 E - 52nd Cleveland, OH
Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. C. H., 6051 Hillliner Ave. Cleveland, OH
Wheeler Mrs. C. H., 5412 Train Ave., Cleveland OH
Whitcomb Mr. & Mrs. Fred, 163 King, Kingston, ON
White Dr. & Mrs. James Wm., 27 S Fulton Ave. Mount Clair NJ
White E. J., 363 Bagot, Kingston, ON
White Mrs. A. M, Morristown NY
White Mrs. George H., 17 Factory Pl. NY
White Robert H., 41 West Ave. N., Hamilton, ON
Whitnall A. J., 340 Coxwell Ave. TO, ON
Whitney Mr. & Mrs. James, 228 University Ave. Kingston, ON
Wigmore Mrs. Wm. 130 Greenwich Ave Greenwhitch CONN
Wilcomb Mr. & Mrs. Charles 100 Raglan Rd, Kingston ON
Wilde A. H., 20 Patricia Dr. TO, ON
Wiley C. M., Stillwater MINN
Wiley Miss Vida, Hotel Dieu, Kingston, ON
Wilkinson Mrs. Wm., 612 Indian Rd. TO, ON
Wilkinson W. H. 44 Tepperance, TO, ON
Willer Col. M., Stillwater MN
William Mr. & Mrs. W. H., 192 Balsom Ave. TO, ON
Williams Gilbert, Fred, Harold, 233 Hampton Pl., James, Winnepeg, AB
Williams Miss Mary, Brockville, ON
Williams Mrs. J. O., Moores Mills, NY
Williams Mrs. John O., 284 Gates Acve. Brooklyn, NY
Williams Wm., Box 58 Brier Hill, NY
Williamson Wm., P. H. D., Lemmonville, ON
Willis John, St. Michael’s College TO, ON
Willwood Mrs. S. J. Minnedosa, MAN
Wilmot Miss Mae, 439 Sherborne, TO, ON
Wilmot Mrs. Prof., 10 Onwood Kitchener ON
Wilmot Mrs. W., Newmarket ON
Wilson David, Lyndhurst ON
Wilson Dr. Gordon, Mountainside San., Hamilton, ON
Wilson George Irma AB
Wilson Miss Marjory, Randolph VT
Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Kamloops BC
Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Wm. same as above
Wilson Mrs. Cora, Russell & Donald, 1504 S Curtis Alahambra, CA
Wilson Mrs. J. B., RR 2 Lansdowne, ON
Wilson Robert, 530-3rd Ave W. Calgary AB
Wiltsie Miss Bessie, 82 Hall, Springfield MASS
Wiltsie Wm. B., 478 Eelden Ave. Detroit MI
Wiltz Mrs. Charles, 330 Main, Elkhart, IN
Wing Miss Marget, 1082 Dufferin, TO, ON
Wing Miss, 115 Inchbury, Hamilton, ON
Wiskin Miss Mildred, 142 Prince, Oshawa, ON
Wiskin Thomas, 260 Sydenham, Kingston, ON
Wismer Mr. & Mrs. J., 167 Hampton Ave. TO, ON
Wohlmount E. J., 937 Lexington Ave. Arondale, Cincinatti, OH
Wolters Mr. & Mrs. C. E., 58 Rolley, Rochester, NY
Wood J. Walter, 5 Nashau, NY NY
Wood Mr. & Mrs. E., 4 Pine, Kingston, ON
Wood Mr. & Mrs. Eugene, 27 Anthony, Alex. Bay, NY
Wooten Mrs.., 130 Wing Ave. Scenectady, NY
Worth Miss Daisy St. Mary’s Hopital, Brooklyn, NY
Wright Charles H., same as above
Wright Ines, 22 Soubviener, Montreal, PQ
Wright Mr. & Mrs. A. H., Plunkett SASK
Wright Mr. & Mrs. F. E., 2413 Wyoming Ave. Washington DC
Wright Mr. & Mrs. John, 328 - 10 Eych, Watertown, NY
Wright Mrs. Freeman 38 Artley Ave, TO, ON
Wright Reginald, 518 Mohawk, Watertown, NY


Young Dr., 365 East Ave. Rochester, NY
Young Mrs. J. A., 247 - 18th , Brandon MAN
Young W. J., 190 Albert, Oshawa, ON
Younger Mrs. Ethel & Mabel, 26 Earl, TO, ON
Yule Archie, Bank Toronto, Wallaceburg, ON
Yule Dr. Lorne, State Hospital, Cleveland, OH
Yule Helen same as above
Yule John, Swift Current, SASK
Yule Kenneth Same as above
Yule Miss Gladys, Swift Current, SASK
Yule Mrs. W. S., 852 Nicolo Ave. Vancouver BC


Zeigier Miss M. B., 253 Carlton Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Zimmerman Mrs. Elizabeth 221 St. Helen, TO, ON
Zivian I., 754 Chapel, TO, ON
Zivian Josh, 77 Bank National Bldg. Ottawa, ON
Zivian Max, 232 Glendale Ave., Detroit, MI
Zivian Miss Fanny 754 Chapel, TO, ON

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