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War of 1812 Paylist Rolls

Source: Microfilms T-10381, T-10382, North York Public Library, Yonge St., Toronto

Transcribed by
Christine Beek

I've started a personal project of transcribing some of the 1812 muster rolls (pay lists). The militia lists are too extensive to copy all the lists out within a reasonable time period, and many of the lists are repeats of a regiment with minor personnel changes from one date to another, but I shall try to get at least one list from each Captain. Some pay lists cover only a week of time, but others may cover a few months time.

Your ancestor may not be here if: he moved, had taken ill, was captured, switched regiments, deserted to the enemy, went AWOL, or died. There is no genealogical information found on these lists, but I hope it will help narrow down a geographical search for someone. I am only entering names and not the pay issued. For the most part, I will transcribe the spelling as written.

Christine B.

Folios 349-351, T-10381
Captain John Howard's Company, 1st Regiment Leeds Militia
Pay List for duty performed at various periods
25 September 1812 to 24 December 1812, inclusive

Howard, John       Captain
McNeal, John       Lieutenant
Howland, Thomas F  Ensign
Munro, Samuel      Sergeant
McNeal, Daniel     Sgt.
Baldwin, David     Sgt.
Webster, Ephriam   Sgt.
Alyea, Peter       Sgt.
Landon, Benjamin   Corporal
Day, Daniel        Corporal
Hawley, Truman     Drummer
Day, Daniel        Fifer


Ales, Samuel                              Landon, Daniel J.
Alesworth, Silvinus                       Landon, Erastus
Andrews, Jabez                            Landon, William H.
Andrews, Thomas                           Landres, John
Avery, James                              LaRue, Cromus
Avery, William                            LaRue, Henry
Baldwin, Daniel L.                        LaRue, Peter
Bawlin [Baldwin?], Daniel                 Lewis, Joseph
Baxter, Nathan                            Linss, Anthony
Beach, Curtis                             Mallory, James
Beach, Lovel                              Martine, Daniel
Bissel, Roger                             McDonell, Randy
Bogart, David G.                          McDonell, Sam'l
Boyce, Biatha [sp?]                       McKue, Abraham
Boyce, James                              McMullen, Neil
Brown, Isaac                              Moore, Preserve
Brown, Mordica                            Mott, Edmond
Clow, Peter                               Munro, John
Cross, Daniel                             Munro, Timothy
Cross, Moses                              Patterson, Edward
Darbishere, James                         Perkins, Thomas
Day, Adam                                 Petrgroir[sp?], Asahel
Day, Daniel                               Polly, Benoni
Elliot, George                            Purdy, William
Elliot, Moses                             Reynolds, Ephraim
Ellis, Stephen                            Right, Seth
Fill, Ira                                 Robertson, William
Fulford, Albe                             Root, Abel
Grant, Huston                             Russau, Christopher
Griffin, Gilbert                          Shipman, David
Hagerman, Zachariah                       Shippard, Ira
Halstead, James                           Soper, Timothy
Harrington, Thomas                        Stratton, Abner
Hawley, Truman                            Sturdefant, William
Haws, Edward                              Sturdifant, Richard
Haylea, Peter                             Teed, Elias.
How, Elias                                Trickey, Henry
Howard, Stephen                           Trickey, John
Hunter, William                           Trickey, Peter
Hunter, William R.                        Trickey, Samuel
Huntly, Elijah                            Vandusen, Peter
Keys, Asahel                              Webster, Ephraim
Kitchum, George                           Wright, Abraham
Landon, Daniel J.                         Young, John
Folios 404-407, T-10381
Captain Adiel Sherwood's Company, 1st Regiment Leeds Militia
Pay List for duty performed at various periods
25 October 1812 to 1 February 1813, inclusive
Sherwood, Adiel     Captain
McNish, Samuel      Lieutenant
Sherwood, James     Ensign
Carley, Duncan      Ensign
Webster, Ephraim    Sergeant
Bewell, Bemsley     Sgt.
Butler, Truelove    Sgt.
Day, Albert         Sgt.
Sherwood, Seth      Sgt.


Adams, Elisha                             Hutchison, David
Adams, Walter                             Hutchison, Jacob
Alyea, Peter  (written Elya)              John(s), Ruben M.
Bassett, Frances                          Keeler, Silvanus W.
Beebe, Papheras                           Keyes, Asahel
Bewell, Timothy                           Kincade, Alexander
Bogart, David G.                          Ladd, Archibald
Bogart, William                           LaRue, Croyness [sp?]
Booth, Isaac                              Leahy, Abraham
Botsford, Alanson                         Leahy, Robert
Boulton, Hugh                             Leaman, Nehemiah
Boulton, Thomas                           Livingston, Samuel
Brayton, Benjamin                         Mallory, Andrew
Brown, Benjamin                           Mallory, Daniel
Brown, James                              Mallory, David
Brown, Mordicai                           Mallory, James
Brown, Nathaniel                          Manheart, David
Buck, David                               Manheart, George
Buell, William Jr.                        McCrady, Anthony
Carley, Bartholemew                       McKue, Abraham
Clow, William                             McNish, William
Connant, William                          Mead, Israel
Covell, James                             Millington, David
Crumwell, James                           Mott, Edmond
Crumwell, Samuel                          Mott, Ruben
Curtis, Allen                             Oles, James
Day, Daniel Jr.                           Parker, Benjamin
Day, David                                Patterson, Edward
Day, Erastus                              Patterson, Theron
Demmings, Elisha                          Pennock, Albe
Dyer, John                                Prevost, Andrew
Eastwood, Amos                            Rice, Joel
Elliott, Moses                            Rice, Joel
Fields, Lynus                             Robertson, James
Foushett, Joseph                          Robins, John
Freel, David                              Rorick, Gasper [sp?]
French, Charles                           Ryan, Lewis
Friday, Joseph  (Freedy)                  Shank, John
Gold, Charles                             Shipman, Daniel
Griffin, John                             Shipman, David
Griswold, Truman                          Shipman, Ezekiel
Hackett, Joseph                           Shipman, Joel
Hamblin, William                          Spicer, Elijah
Hasbrook, Isaac                           Stevenson, David
Hawes, Edward                             Sturdiphant, Richard
Hawes, Elias E.                           Sturdiphant, William
Hawes, James                              Thornton, Thomas
Henderson, John                           Trickey, Isaac
Hogaboom, Isaac                           Warner, Oliver
Holmes, Jesse Jr.                         Webster, Ephraim
Horton, William                           White, John
Horton, Zenius                            White, Theadore
Howard, James                             Wickwire, Lebius
Hubbard, David                            Willard, Elisha
Hubbell, Justus                           Wing, Ichaubad
Hunter, Marven                            Wright, Abraham
Hunter, Socrates                          Wright, Timothy
Huntly, Elijah
Folios 45-46, T-10382
Captain Alexander McMillin's Company of the Eastern District Embodied Militia
25 June 1813 to 24 July 1813, inclusive
Sergeant  Even McMillen
Sergeant  Alexander McDonell
Sergeant  John McDonell
Corporal  Alexander McMillen
Corporal  Ronald McDonell
Corporal  James MacPhie

Privates:                   Remarks

Dewer (sp), Roderick       Sick, Absent
Ermatinger, George         On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
Fraser, Allen              On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
Gungar (sp), Pierre        Doing duty at Prescott
Kennedy, Allen             On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
Kennedy, Angus             On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
MacDonell, Angus           Sick, Absent
MacDonell, Angus           Sick, Absent
MacDonell, Donald          On pass from July 10 - 23, 1813
MacDonell, Duncan          Sick, Absent
MacDonell, John            On Command
MacDonell, John            On pass from July 10 - 23, 1813
MacDonell, John            On pass from July 10 - 23, 1813
MacDougal, Angus           On pass from July 10 - 23, 1813
MacDougal, Angus           On pass from July 10 - 23, 1813
MacDougal, John            On pass from July 10 - 23, 1813
MacDougal, John            On pass from July 10 - 23, 1813
MacDougal, Roderick        On pass from July 10 - 23, 1813
McCuding, John             AWOL
McDonald, Archibald        Died:  July 9, 1813
McDonell, Allen            On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
McDonell, Allen            On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
McDonell, Angus            On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
McDonell, Archibald        On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
McDonell, Donald           On Command
McDougal, Angus            On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
McGillivoy, Mindoch        On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
McIntosh, Donald           On pass from July 10 - 23, 1813
McIntosh, Neil             Sick, Absent
McLean, Duncan             On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
McLean, Duncan             On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
McLenin, Far [sp?]         On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
McLeod, Neil               On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
McLeod, William            On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
McMillan, Duncan           On pass from July 10 - 23, 1813
McMillan, Duncan           On pass from July 10 - 23, 1813
McMillan, John             On pass from July 10 - 23, 1813
McPhie, Dougal             On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
McPhie, Ranald             On pass from 18 - 23 July, 1813
Picard, Alexander          On pass from July 12 - 23, 1813
Williams, Edward           On pass from July 10 - 23, 1813

Folio 340, T-10382
Captain Andrew Adams' Company of Provincial Light Dragoons
A return of those actually on duty in the District of Johnstown
10 April 1813 to 24 September 1813

Captain Andrew Adams
Lieut. Solomon Snyder
Colonel [Cornet?] Forister, William
Sergt. Major  William Everts
Sergt. John Ault
Sergt. Abel Fulford
Sergt. Philip Clement


[** Indicates that the private joined R.D. Fraser's Co.]

Abeckhouser, Godfrey **              Larimea, Francis **
Baker, John **                       LaRue, Crineo
Beach, Lovel                         LaRue, James
Boice, James                         Leonard, Nathaniel
Boice, Mathew                        MacDonald, Andrew
Brownson, George                     MacDonald, James
Cameron, Duncan **                   MacDonald, Samuel **
Campbell, James                      Matheson, Jessey
Carmon, John **                      Munro, Samuel **
Cole, Jonathon **                    Mosher, Thomas
Cole, Titus **                       Parker, James **
Cook, George                         Parker, John
Cook, Michael                        Penor, Nathaniel **
Culbreath, James                     Plumb, Augustus
Forister, Gabriel                    Proctor, John **
Forister, John **                    Proctor, Joseph **
Foster, John **                      Ring, Jacob
Godard, Lewis **                     Seymoore, Peter
Griffen, Isaih                       Sheaver [Shaver], George H.
Hains, John                          Stone, Ransom
Hunter, Jonathon                     Thomas, Samuel
Johnson, William **                  Vandozer, Peter
King, Stephen **                     Welch, John **
Landon, Daniel J.                    Woollery, Henry

Folios 450 & 451, T-10382
Captain Richard D. Fraser's Company of Provincial Light Dragoons of the Eastern & Johnstown District
Muster Roll & Pay List
25 January 1814 to 24 February 1814 inclusive

Sgt. Major F. Keeler
Farrier [?] Henry Gale
Lieut.[?] Jacob Dulmayer[?]
Lieut. Abel Fulford
Andrew Adamson[?]


Avickhouser, Godfrey                 Kintner, Frederick
Besoney, Joseph                      Lajoy, Joseph
Bons, Peter                          Lenox, Elijah
Boyce, James                         Lenox, James
Brownin, John                        Link, Matthew
Bruckman, Joseph                     Loremear, Francis
Cameron, Duncan                      Louks, John
Carman, Jacob                        Mabey, Frederick
Cole, Jonathan                       McDonell, Adam
Cole, Titus                          McDonell, James
Coons, Jacob                         McDonell, John
Coons, John                          McDonell, Samuel
Doran, Peter                         McLaughlan, William
Falkner, Ralph                       Meloy, John
Falkner, Samuel                      Munro, Samuel
Forrester, William                   Parker, James
Forrister, John                      Parker, John
Freece, David                        Pennock, Nathaniel
Freece, Michael                      Proctor, John
Freece, Nicholas                     Proctor, Joseph
Freece, Peter                        Robison, William
Glasford, James                      Sea, Harmonius
Godard, Lewis                        Sealy, David
Gorphin[?], Joseph                   Sh(e)aver, Edward
Hanes, John                          Smyth, James
Hawley, Thomas                       Smyth, John
Hollinbeck, Jacob [?]                Stamper, Jacob
Hunter, Jonathan                     Van Allen, Jacob
King, Jacob                          Welch, John
Kintner, Conrad                      Young, David

Folio 1 & 2, T-10382
Captain William Morgan's Company of the Eastern District Embodied Militia
25th of June to the 24th of July, 1813, both days inclusive
Muster Roll and Pay List

Name and Rank                 Remark

Sergeant George [W]Right      Time served
Sergeant John Deffoe
Sergeant Henry Morgan

Corporal David Gecock         In King's works
     "   George Morgan        sick in quarters
     "   John Hutchin
     "   George Warley[?]     Time served


Alguire, Henry                AWOL
Alguire, Peter                AWOL
Bradshaw, James               AWOL
Brawnell [?], Stephen         AWOL
Bush, Henry                   AWOL
Bush, William                 In King's works
Cameron, Daniel               on pass
Campbell, John                AWOL
Campbell, John                AWOL
Campbell, William             AWOL
Campbell, William
Countryman, John              Time served
Daffoo? [Dafoe?], William     AWOL
Davis, Charles                on pass
Docherty, Gerry               Time served
Docherty, James               AWOL
Earman [Eamon?], Andrew       on command
Empey, Richard                on pass
Empey, Richard Jr.            AWOL
Empey, William                Time served
Fennell, John
Grant, Robert                 on pass
Gray, Asa                     AWOL
Helmer, John                  AWOL
Hollister, Elijah
Hoople, Antony                AWOL
Hoople, John
Hopper, William               AWOL
Huff, Samuel                  AWOL
Katsbow, Jacob                AWOL
Kook, Jacob                   AWOL
Laing, Henry                  AWOL
Laing, Jacob                  AWOL
Laing, John                   AWOL
Lefevre, Francis              AWOL
McLean, Donell                Time served
McMillan, Hugh                on pass
Milross, William              AWOL
Moss, Thomas
Orkill, Peter                 Time served
Otto, Peter                   AWOL
Popst, Frederic               AWOL
Porter, Thomas                AWOL
Rice, Jacob                   AWOL
Runyons [?], William          AWOL
Rupert, Adam                  AWOL
Service, Peter                AWOL
Service, Philip
Service, Thomas               at home wounded
Shelp [Sheep?], Christopher   AWOL
Smith, Richard                AWOL
Steinbarak, Jacob             AWOL
Teesee[?], John               AWOL
Vanduzen[r?], Gerry           Time served
Wagoner, Solomon
Waldruff, John                AWOL
Waldruff, Martin              AWOL
Waldruff, William
Warner, John                  AWOL
Warner, William               AWOL
Wells, Lijah                  AWOL
Witsman, Peter                AWOL
Zeron[?], Peter               AWOL
Zettesley[?], Adam            AWOL

Folio 100, T-10381
Capt. Joachim Denaut's Company of 1st Reg't Grenville Militia
Pay List for duty performed at various periods
25 September 1813 to 24 December 1813

Captain Joachim Denaut
Lt. Thomas McCargy [sp]
Ensign James Main
Serg't Major John Walter
Qtr-master Serg't Roswell Cook
Serg't John McNiel
Charles Spencer
John Rose
William Welch


Adams, Curtis
Adams, James
Adams, John
Adams, Samuel
Anderson, John
Anderson, William
Boice, David
Bolton, Henry
Bolton, Peter
Boulton, Richard
Boyce, Mathew
Buck, Peter
Crawford, Leary
Cumming, Abraham
Cummings, Daniel
Currey, James
Curry, John
Fell, Frederick
Froom, David
Froom, Elijah
Huff, Samuel
Hutchins, Joshua
Kilbraith, James
King, Constant
King, Stephen
Larocquer, John
Look, Abel
Look, John
Main, Mathew
Malatt, Abraham
McCargy [sp], Robert
McCargy [sp], Hugh
McLoughlin, William
McMoyle  [McMogle?], James
McNiel, William
More, Peter
Nettleton, Stephen
Poupare [sp], Battiste
Poupare, Constant
Semore [sp?], Peter
Snidec, John
Spencer, Samuel
Steel, Samuel
Thrasher, Bezaliel
Thrasher, Charles
Wells, Henry
Winslow, William

Folio 142 & 143, Reel T-10381
Capt. Joel Adams Company, 1st Reg. Grenville Militia
Pay List for duty performed at various periods
25 June 1812 to 24 September 1812 inclusive

Captain Joel Adams
Lt. Johiakim [Joachim?] Denaut
Ensign James Froom
Ensign Peter Adams
Ensign Dunham Jones
Sergeant Matthew Main
Sergeant John Parker


Aily, Henry
Anderson, Henry
Anderson, John
Armstrong, Thomas
Bigford, Benjamin
Blair, John
Boice, Matthew
Bolton, Peter
Bunker, John
Cameron, Duncan
Cobb, George H.
Crawford, Zara
Faulkner, Joseph
Faulkner, William
Larabee, Rawson
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, William
Marlett, Alexander
Marlett, John
Mayou, John
Mayou, Joshua
McDonell, Daniel
McIlmayle, James
McImoyle, Thomas
McNiel, William
Mitchel, Biriah
Odle, Benjamin
Pappau, Constant
Paris, Richard
Parker, James
Ranes, Joseph
Seaney, Charles
Semore, Peter
Slater, John
Stealy, Tobias
Tufts, Thomas
Turner, Joshua
Tushet [sp?], Frances
Wright, Orson

Folio 378 & 379, Reel T-10381
Capt. Robert McLean's Company, 1st Reg. Leeds Militia
Pay List for duty performed at various periods
25 October 1812 to 24 January 1813 inclusive

Captain Robert McLean
Lt. William Doak
Ensign Samuel Shipman
Sergeant David McCrada [sp?]
Sergeant Henry McLean
Sergeant Henry Clow
Sergeant Richard Coleman


Anderson, Charles
Bissell, Roger
Bogart, William
Boice, Joseph
Boice, Woolsey
Brunson, George
Clow, John
Clow, Peter
Clow, William
Cole, George
Connel, James
Coy, Benjamin
Dinsman, William
Ducalon, Claudius
Elliott, George
Elliott, Jacob
Fair, Benjamin
French, Charles
Gould, Charles
Griffin, Samuel
Griffith, Gilbert
Haskel, Dennis
Haws, Edward
Keeler, Daniel
Keeler, Darius D.
Keeler, Dunham
Kincade, Alexander
McLean, Alexander
McLean, Alexander
Noble, Phylander
Pennock, Nathaniel
Richardson, John
Salts [?], Benjamin
Shank, John
Shipman, John
Stone, Asa
Stuart, David
Walt, Henry
Whitney, Samuel
Wilson, Samuel
Wooley, John
Folio 109 & 110, Reel T-10381
Captain Abraham Bolton's Company, 1st Regiment Grenville Militia
Pay List for duty performed at various periods
25 July 1812 to 24 October 1812 inclusive
Captain Abraham Bolton
Lt. Gideon Adams
Ensign John Fraser
Sergeant James Bolton
Sergeant Elicam [sp] Whitney


Allen, John
Bardin, Humphrey
Bell, Charles
Bell, Ralph
Bolton Jr., Abraham
Burns, Conrad  [sp]
Burriss, William
Campbell, Alexander
Curry, James
Curry, John
Elbare, John
Fell, Daniel
Kilbraithe, John
Kilmer, John
McDonell, Donald
McLoughlin, William
Mix, Benjamin
Nettleton, Stephen
Prosser, Samuel
Rood, Frederick
Selleck, Daniel
Spora, James [sp]
Thrasher, Zeal
VanCamp, Jacob
Welch, Robert
Film T-10381, Folios 131 & 132
Capt. Peter Grant's Company, 1st Regiment Grenville Militia
25 September 1812 to 24 December 1812 inclusive
Captain     Peter Grant
Ensign      John Fraser
Ensign      Thomas McCorgan
Serjeant    William Beach
   "        Alexander McRea
   "        Oliver Smith
Corporal    Isaac Henderson
   "        Benjamin Grundy
Drummer     Benjamin Clothier


Adams, John
Ames, Alexander
Beach, David
Beach, Abraham
Beach, Stephen
Bingham, Elijah
Boice, David
Boice, John
Bonisteel, Jacob
Bostick, Lyman
Brouce, Joseph
Brown, Isaac
Buel, Alexander
Bullis, Jeremiah
Bullis, John
Clothier, Lyman
Colter, Benjamin
Comins, Peter
Hunter, David
Jackson, Peter
Johnston, David
Johnston, Hubbard
Lacy, Josiah
Luke, John
Luke, Abel
McArgan, Gardiner
McArger,  Hugh
McArger,  Philander
McComes, Nathan
McKinie, David
Merrick, Stephen
Milvin, Joseph
Mosher, Benjamin
Nettleton, David
Pilion, Phenias  [Pition?]
Rose, John
Sellick,  John
Smith, David
Snider, John
Stanton, David
Stone, Buell
Stone, Lyman
Van Bura,  Henry
Wilcocks, Nathan
Wilcocks, Stephen
Wood, Jacob
Wood, Joab
Film T-10381, Folio 173 & 174
Captain Daniel Burritt, Dundas 1st & 2nd Regiment of Grenville Sedentary Militia
Paylist for duty performed at various periods
25 September 1813 to 24 December 1813 inclusive
Captain Daniel Burritt
Lt. Stephen Collins
Ensign Truman Ward

Stratton, Sylvanus
Young,   Adoneram
Spencer, Charles
Harris,    Abram
Jackson, William
Patter,     John
McCrea,  Edward

Bulles, John  [Buller?]


Ault, Nicholas
Baker, Frederick
Baker, Nicholas
Barkley, Carper
Bartley, Martin
Baynes, John
Bouk, David
Bouk, Frederick
Brundridge, Joseph
Buller, Daniel
Casselman, John
Chester, Thomas
Clothier, Asa
Curry, James
Eastman, Amherst
Fay ?, Patrick
Fisher, Jonathan W.
Fonny, Stephen  [Tonny?]
Full, Frederick
Garlack, Jacob
Hamlin, Francis
Harris, Daniel
Harskim (?), Beckman
Hickey, John
Hicks, Thomas
Knapp, Amos
Knapp, William
Louks, Peter
Mabelas ?, Peter
Malvin, Jacob
McCargar, Hugh
McCrakin, Hugh
McNeal, Henry
Merrick, Stephen
Merrick, William
Milat, Abraham
Milat, John
Mood, Frederick
Noodle, Adam   [Noodie?]
Peters, Charles
Read, John
Sellick, John
Shaver, George
Shaver, James
Snider, John
Stanton, Jiles
Trimers, Conrad
Van Allen, Harry
Van Allen, John
Werdmark, Frederick
Wiley, Isaiah
Writ ? [Wright?], Eliphalet
Wroter [? Water?], Daniel
T-10381, Folio 157 and 158
Capt'n Philip Dulmage's Company, 1st Regiment of Grenville Militia
25 September 1813 to 24 December 1813
Captain    Philip Dulmage
Lt.        John Scott
Ensign     James Main
Sgt. Major John Walter

McNeill, Henry
Knapp, Amos
Eastman, Amhurst
Mack, Peter

Issuble [? sp], Andrew
Knapp, William


Adams, Curtis
Baker, Melvin
Barrass, Cushman
Barton, John
Bass, John
Beman, Seabre [? Sp]
Bishop, James
Bolton, Henry
Bolton, Richard
Brundage, Joseph
Campbell, James
Cole, Rufus
Curry, John
Fell, David Jr.
Fell, David Sr.
Felt, Daniel
Felt, John
Flag, [Ely?]
Fox, Patrick
Griffith, Daniel
King, William
Lane, Henry
Lane, John
Lee, George
Martin, John
Martin, Richard
McNeill, John
McNeill, William Jr.
McNiell, William
Molatt, Abram
Molatt, John
Nettleton, Amos
Nettleton, Thomas
Pettors [?sp], Charles
Rasin, Adam
Rood, Frederick
Spencer, David
Spencer, Samuel
Steel, Alford
Steele, Samuel
Swinning, Truman
Wiley, Isaiah

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