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Political Evolution

In October 1792, the old District of Lunenburg (1788-1792) was renamed the Eastern District and included the present counties of Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott, Russell, Leeds, Grenville and Carleton. In the Act of 1798, proclaimed in 1800, the Counties of Leeds, Grenville and Carleton were separated out of the Eastern District to become the Johnstown District. As of January 1850 all Districts were abolished and the Johnstown District became the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and remain the United Counties to this day.

As of January 1998, the townships of South Gower and Oxford-on-Rideau, and the Town of Kemptville amalgamated to become the Township of North Grenville; the townships of Bastard and South Burgess, South Elmsley, South Crosby, North Crosby and the Village of Newboro amalgamated to become the Township of Rideau Lakes; and the Township of Wolford and the Village of Merrickville amalgamated to become the Village of Merrickville-Wolford.

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Research Facilities & Organizations

    Brockville & District Historical Society
    Brockville Museum
    5 Henry Street
    Brockville, ON K6V 6M4
    Site: http://www.brockvillemuseum.com/

    Brockville Public Library
    23 Buell St.
    P.O. Box 100
    Brockville, ON K6V 5T7
    Tel: (613) 342-3936
    Fax: (613) 342-9598
    E-mail: http://web.ripnet.com/~gchs/

    Leeds & Grenville Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society
    5 Henry Street
    P.O. Box 536
    Brockville, ON K6V 5V7

    Loyalist Resource Centre
    PO Box 607, Twp of South Dundas
    3 Augusta Street
    Morrisburg, ON  K0C 1X0

      The resource centre is not a public library, and Mrs. Cook should be contacted prior to your visit
      The home of Mrs. Lynne O'Brien Cook is filled with books, binders, clippings, files, microfilm and photographs, including transcriptions or copies of Local Information, cemetery, church and land records, local histories and last wills covering much of Eastern Ontario and upstate New York. The centre also serves as the library for the St. Lawrence Branch, United Empire Loyalists Association, and contains a variety of Loyalist resources and includes research material on the Palatine (Germany) and the Mohawk Valley, New York. A microfilm, microfiche reader and photocopier are available.

    Merrickville and District Historical Society
    PO Box 294
    Merrickville, ON K0G 1N0
    Email: [email protected]
    Site: http://www.merrickvillehistory.ca/

    North Grenville Historical Society
    Archives: Open through the summer months on Sundays and by appointment:
    1631 County Rd 43 (seven miles west of Kemptville)
    Acton's Corners, ON
    Email: [email protected]
    Site: http://www.nghs.ca/

    North Grenville LACAC
    Email: [email protected]
    Site: http://www.northgrenville.on.ca/Heritage/HNG%20site/

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History - Bibliography

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    A history of Farmersville (now Athens); no Forward, no Index.

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    Reprints by Mika Publishing and Higginson Books.

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    My Own Four Walls
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    Covers the historical buildings in the area, including schools, houses, businesses and churches. Also has information on property owners, their way of life and more.

    North Crosby Township
    "There have been several thesis and papers written (some at Queen's University in Kingston ) about Benjamin Tett, the general merchant in Newboro. As well, Tett's extensive correspondence and business records are housed at the Queen's University Archives. As well as being a general store merchant, Tett was a millowner, lumber agent, coronor, local politician, postmaster. Many of his records mention local families from Newboro, Westport and North Crosby. As well, the Queen's University Archives holds a few other records to do with Westport. For example, I believe that some of the papers of the Foley family (Westport merchants) have been a recent acquisition there. The Archives of Ontario has microfilmed copies of some of the municipal records for Westport, Newboro and North Crosby as well. There is a little history of Newboro done in 1967 called "The Isthmus" but generally it is anecdotal and not much concrete information. Land records for Westport and North Crosby are housed at the Registry Office in Brockville and Queen's Archives also has some of the original land books for Leeds and Grenville. South Crosby, Bastard and South Burgess and Rear of Leeds and Lansdowne all did have local histories done and there is a bit of overlap into North Crosby sometimes in these histories." (Courtesy Sue Warren)

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    South Elmsley in the Making 1783 - 1983
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    Montague: A Social History of an Irish Ontario Township, 1783 - 1980
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    Although this township is now in Lanark County, in the early years it was part of Grenville County and the records for that time period are found in Grenville.

    Edwardsburgh Township History
    Edwardsburgh Historians. Spencerville, ON: Edwardsburgh Historians, 1995.

    Edwardsburgh Family Histories
    Edwardsburgh Historians. Spencerville, ON: Edwardsburgh Historians, 1996.

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    Prescott 1810 - 1967
    Morris, John A. Prescott, ON: The Prescott Journal, 1967.

    A Rideau Bibliography
    By Ken Watson

    History of the Township of North Crosby and Westport
    Patterson, Neil A. ON: Wesport Mirror Print, 2006. ISBN 1-4243-1829-7
    The book also covers Newboro. The village, before its incorporation in 1876 was partly in South Crosby and partly in North Crosby, but I covered most of its history up to 1939. As an appendix, I included the 1842 and 1848 census as they are not readily available plus information from the Johnstown District Assessments from 1820 to 1849. Westport details from its founding in 1828 to 1939 and North Crosby settlements from 1819 to 1939. The notes list 170 sources of where the material used can be acquired.

History - Online

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