The Patterson Family of Lanark County

The Patterson Family of Lanark County , Ontario

Submitted by Linda Jordan

George Patterson came to Canada with his regiment, the 37th Regiment of Foot, during the War of 1812. He was born in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland May 15, 1782 and was baptized on September 19, 1782. He married Ann Marigold, who was from Worcestershire, England. George Patterson received a grant of land in Bathurst on Lot 14, Concession 5. He later moved into Perth, where he worked as a shoemaker. The children of George and Ann are shown below briefly. For more information, see the web site at:

Descendants of George and Ann Marigold Patterson:

A. Walter Patterson-mentioned in Ann Marigold's will as being alive in 1867, was left in London with her parents when they left for Canada, supposedly came over later when he was about 11.

B. John Patterson-mentioned in 1819 Census, but excluded from Ann Marigold Patterson's will. 

C. Charles Patterson, born 1814-Married Janet Lochead in 1837. Died 1894. Lived in Perth. Children:

1. George Ephraim Patterson - born 1838, lived in St. Catharines, later NY and died in California in 1937, buried in St. Catharines. Invented the electric street car. Married Alice Ann Harris. Children:

a. Alfred James born 1863, married Mary Boyer, lived in Pasadena, California

b. Gertrude Ida 1864-1876, of St. Catharines

c. Edward George born 1866, lived in Peterborough, who married Eliza Jane Dillon

d. Maud Patterson Wismer born 1871, married Frank Wismer, of Albany Wisconsin.

e. Mary Patterson Shaw born 1874 and died 1899,  had a daughter Dorothy Shaw.

f. John Charles born and died 1887 in St. Catharines, twin of William

g. William Edgeworth -  born and died  1887 St. Catharines, twin of John

h. Mildred Patterson Ritchscer -  born 1879, married H. M. Ritchscer of Pasadena,California

2. William Patterson - of Carleton Place, Ontario - born 1840 - Married Mary Ann Pattie. Children:

a. William Albert - born 1868 and  died Oct. 15, 1926

b. Minnie born 1870 and married William Simpson

c. Charles born 1872 , married Ellen Jane McGee and died June 11, 1932

d. Jennie born 1874 and married Richard Woolley

e. David Pattie -  born 1876,  married Annie Darou and died March 11, 1921

f. Joseph W. born 1878 and married Ella Flegg

3. Liza Patterson born 1842 and married George Francis, Albany, Wisconsin. Children:

a. Jennie Francis - married Morris Murrey, and had one son, Max Murrey

b. Bird Francis - married Eugene Griffin, stayed in Albany, Wisconsin.

c. Emma Francis - married John Tilley, stayed in Albany, Wisconsin

d. John Francis - married Addie Carver, then Nora Nelson - Sarasota, Florida

e. Nora Francis - married Harry C. Atherton, stayed in Albany, Wisconsin

f. Jessie Francis - married Arthur Partridge, moved to Cleveland, Ohio

g. Charles Francis - married Wilma Jenny, to California

h. Arthur Francis - married Altha Graves, moved to Janesville, Wisconsin

i. Wilford Francis - married Aileen Staven and had one daughter, Ruth

4. Albert Patterson born 1845 and married  Phoebe Cunnington, Cleveland, Ohio. Children:

a. Harry A.- born 1873, married Hattie, and died Feb 28, 1927

b. Charles A.-  born 1875, married Emma L. and died March 1971

c. Albert born 1884 and died 1914 at age 30

d. Roscoe C.- born 1884 and married Frances, later of Florida

5. Richard Patterson- married Adaline, served in the U.S. Military Hospital Corps 1898-1907, died 1924, buried in the Soldiers Home National Cemetery, Washington, D.C.  Their daughters:

a. Harriet Maud Patterson born 1872 and married Joel A. Shrewsbury 1898

b. Carrie Patterson

6. Martha Matilda Patterson, married Joseph Wilson, then Robert Cavanaugh. Children:

a. William Wilson - born 1871, and died young

b. Nettie Jane Wilson born 1872, married John Albert Goth, of Ottawa, and later Regina

c. Dr. Wilford Albert Wilson - who married Edith Pearl Tait, of Edmonton, died 1951

d. Evelyn Martha Wilson Nursing Sister World War 1, of Stamford, Connecticut, and later of Carleton Place

7. Charles Patterson born 1852 who married Sarah Wilson, born 1855.  He died 1938. Of Carelton Place.  Their children:

a. Lizzie Ida. - born 1875 and who married Alexander McLaren

b. Frederick Wilson - born 1876 and died 1903 in Buffalo, NY

c. Bertha Lenore- born 1880, who married David Grant

d. Trevor C. - born 1882

e. Edna E.- born 1889, of London, Ontario

f. Mildred E. - born 1891 and married James A. Northwood of Ottawa

g. Wilbert Roy - born 1893 who married Elizabeth Halpenny

h. Eva Wilson

8. Robert Patterson - died in Calgary 1895 - at age 40 of rheumatic fever, had moved from Eganville about 1890 where he had married Rachel Delorme, and lived many years.

D. Janet Patterson, born 1817, married Andrew Allen. Lived near Balderson. Children:

1. Annie Marigold  Allan -  born 1849, who married Jonas Nichols Bresee, of Montpelier, Idaho. Their children:

a. Carrie Eleanor Bresee born 1872 and married John Davenport

b. Helena Maud Bresee born 1873 and married Dr. Edmund Earl Rivers

c. Peter Leopold McIntyre Bresee born 1875 and married Elsie Chapman

d. Jeannette Mabel Vaughn Bresee born 1876 in Canada

e. Georgia Victoria Isabell Bresee born 1878 in Utah

f. Andrew Allan Bresee born 1880 in Utah

g. Dewitt Owen Bresee -  born 1882 and married Bertha

h Ruby Ray Bresee born 1883 and died 1895

i. Blanche Marigold Bresee Hale born 1886 and married Frank Sorensen and then Charles Edward Hale

j. Hazel Edith Bresee born 1888 and married Louis Berka

2. William Hiram Allan - born 1850, who married Adeline Whyte. Children:

a. Ethel Allan Croft McIntyre-  who married Arthur H. Croft of Middleville and later Robert S. McIntyre

b. Addie L. - who married William G. Jones

c. Laura Janette   - who married John Horrocks 1910 and later Dr. G. A. Woodruff 

d. Pearl Maggie Allan Russet  - born 1883, married D. P. Russet and died 1914

e. M. Henry  - or Henry M. who married Katie Brown

f. Roy William  - who married Olive Jane Watt, of Manola, Alberta

g. Andrew Glenn  - who died 1902 in his 4th year

3. Eleanor Davis Allan born 1853, who married first Thomas Morris, and second, Stephen Staley of Montpelier, Idaho. Their son:

a. Lester Benton Staley

4. George Constantine Allan born 1855, and married Mary J. of Keewatin. Their children:

a. Alfred C. Allan - born Aug 18, 1882

b. Annie E. Allan - born Feb 25, 1884

c. Norman Allan - born May 22, 1886, married Lizzie Linklater of Fort Frances in 1908

d. William H. Allan - born Mar 27, 1890

e. Edward A. Allan - born Oct 30, 1891

f. Laura C. Allan - born May 22, 1899

5. Marshall Henry Allan was born 1857 and died 1923. He was married to Olive and lived in Ogden, Utah.

6. Norman Grier Allan born 1859, who married Agnes Maughan, of Wellsville, Utah. Children:

a. Norman Maughan Allan - born and died in 1881

b. Ernest M. Allan -  born 1885 and who died at age 18

c. Norman  Lamont M. Allan -  born 1892 and married Rosella Leishman and later her sister,  Ida Leishman

d. C. Marshall Maughan Allan born 1894 and married Eva Johnson

e D. Kenneth Maughan Allan - born and died 1900

7. Adaline Eliza Allan, born and died 1862

E. James Patterson, born 1819 - Married Bresaya Jane Pounder - Lived in Perth, served as Bailiff. Children:

1. Ephraim George Patterson - born 1846 - Deputy Attorney-General Winnipeg married Annie Gertrude Baker, daughter of Hugh Cossart Baker, founder of Canada Life Assurance Company. Children:

a Mabel Estelle -  born 1872 and died at 9 months

b. Harold Delamere  - born 1876 who married Bessie Clare Falls

c Amy Wyatt  - born 1878 who married Harold Sidney Parker Edwards

d. Winifred Baker  - born 1881 who married Leslie Ford

e.Gordon Hugh  - born 1885 who married Elizabeth Mabel Gertrude Holmes

f. George Geddes  - born 1909 whose mother was Viola Geddes, G. Patterson's 2nd wife.

2. Manassah Patterson - born 1848, a druggist who lived in Almonte, Ontario, also called John, married Mary Elliott. Peddar. Children:

a. James F.- born 1877 who was a druggist and married Minnie McArthur

b. Francis E. - born 1880 who was known as Frank  and was a civil engineer in Ottawa.

3. Mary Ann Patterson, born 1850 who married William Williams Farmer of Arnprior, founder of Farmer Shoe Company. Children:

a. Alfred Samuel Farmer - born 1874 and died 1936

b. Lucy Evelyn - born 1877 who married Dr. Walter Bingham Kendall

c. Miss Grace Farmer - born 1879 and died 1936

d. Percy Patterson Farmer - born 1881, who married Georgiana MacDonald.

e. Muriel E. - born 1887 who married Dr. Rob Roy MacGregor of Kingston

f. Irene - born 1891, and died 1892

4. Emily Ruth Patterson, born 1852 who married Robert Bartley Whyte, Ottawa. Children:

a. Miss Marion Isabella -  born 1875, of Wingham

b. Ethel Amy - born 1876, who married James Campbell Hope of Ottawa

c. Ida Violet  - born 1879,  who married Adam Ballantyne

d. Leslie P - . born 1883, manager of J. G. Whyte and Sons, Ottawa

e. Herbert D. - born 1886, of Toronto

f. Dora Jean - born 1890, who married Mr. Charles James Tully

g. Anna Bresaya -  born 1897, who married Hartwell Popham

5. Eliza Caroline Patterson born 1855 who married Alonzo Cameron Browne, Innisfail, Alberta. Children:

a. Eliza G. Browne -  born 1881

b. Wilfred Browne - born 1883

c. Lucy Browne -  born 1885

d. Elmore Browne - born 1887

6. Sara Jane Patterson, born 1856, who married Andrew Fyfe, North Bay. Children:

a. Norman Leslie - born 1880, who married Maud Ingram

b. Ethel Amy - born 1882, who married William Jack Hadden

c. Laurie a son born 1887, who married Susie Raw

d. John - born 1890

7. Dorinda Patterson born 1859 who drowned at age 4 at Perth, Ontario

8. Matilda Marigold Patterson, born 1862 who married Hugh Christopher Bowland of Almonte. Children:

a. Florence May - born 1891, and married John Stewart Houston

b. Dorothy Frances -  born 1894, and married Morris Hale

c. Allan Hugh - born 1896,and married Mabel Adelia Carson

d. Edith Emily - born 1898, and married Alexander Stewart

e. Caroline Mary - born 1901,and married Norman Earl Paul

9. Martina Dorinda Frances Patterson born 1865, known as Dora, a nurse who married Frederick Paxton Robson, Ottawa

F. George E. Patterson, born 1821 married Ellen McLean. Children:

1.  Mary A. Patterson - born 1854 and who married Murillo G. Williams. Their children:

a. Beulah Williams - born 1887

b. Finette Williams - born 1888 and married James P. Meaney

c. Vernon Williams - born 1893 and married Elvira M. and had 2 daughters

2.  George E. Patterson, born 1856, who married Estella Flannagan. He was a successful lumberman in Michigan, operating Embury Martin Lumber Company

3. Caroline Patterson, born 1859, who married William H. Clouse. Their Children:

a. Harold William Clouse born 1891 and died 1980 at Pasadena, California

b. Ellen Ruth Clouse born 1893 and married Martin S. Ament and then Harvey S. Miller

c. Carleton Patterson Clouse born 1897 and later changed his name to Carleton Clouse Patterson married Marion Patterson, and died 1981.

4. John Patterson who was born 1862, and who died in his 20s.

5. Walter B. Patterson who was born 1862, and who married Lillian Burnett and later Alice Young. Children of Walter and Lillian:

a.Mildred O - born 1894 in Indiana, a school teacher

b. George E. Jr. born about 1903 in Indiana

6. Jennett Patterson who was born 1866 at Prescott, Ontario, and who married Lewis P. Tucker of Vermont.

7. Bertha Patterson who was born 1868 and may have died young.

8. Everett F. Patterson who was born 1873 and who married Clara L. of Massachusetts. Their daughter:

a. Estella L.

9. Florence Patterson who was born 1874 and who married Vernon Doty, a jeweler. Their daughter:

a. Margaret V.- born 1899 in Vermont.

10. Albert C. Patterson who was born 1877 and who married May Scott. He died 1914. Their daughter:

a. Dorothy M. born about 1906, a school teacher.

G. Eliza Anne Patterson Grier born 1825 -Married James Grier. See the book, The Griers, Pioneers in America and Canada, by William M. Grier, Jr.

H. Ephraim Patterson born 1826 - He married Jane Wauchope McKenzie. They lived in Stratford, Ontario where he served as Rector of St. James Church, Stratford. Children:

1. Frederick William - born 1853 who married Violet and died 1887 at age 33

2. Jane - born and died October, 1854

3. Anna Maria - born 1855 who married Earnest A. Carver of Colpoy's Bay

4. George - born and died 1857

5. Wilhelmina Ashley - born 1859, who was known as Mina and died 1910

6. Margaret Winifred Patterson - , born 1860, married John Robert Boag

a. Marion Boag - born 1891

b. Dorothy Boag - born 1890

c. Elsie Boag -born 1893

d. John Boag - born 1896

e. Lucy Boag - born 1898

7. Edith Beatrice - born 1864, married Wm. H. Battersby of Delhi, and later of Walkerville.

a. Jean Schofield Battersby born 1892, who married Charles Hall Whicher

b. Archibald Dorsett M. Battersby born 1894, who married Inez Vera Jennings

8. Maud Mary - born 1866, who married R. B. Davis, a banker of Hamilton

a. R. B. Davis, a daughter, born 1894

9. Henry Strachan - born 1868 (Harry) of Hamilton

10. Charles Herbert  - born 1869

11. Violette - born August 20, 1870

12. Edward Ashley - born 1873

13. George McKenzie - born 1878 manager of the Bank of Commerce at Winnipeg.

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