Somerville Family

Somerville Family ???

This picture apparently is the Somerville Family that lived around Middleville, Ontario.  Can anyone identify the people in this picture?

This picture was supplied by Donna McFarlane -                                          Posted 25 April, 2002.

The above picture and people were named by Derk & Lorraine Sherren, on the 29th of May, 2008 as follows;

This is the family of Robert Charles (Bob) Somervile and Sarah Anne Headrick;

Robert Charles Somerville born 18 Dec 1852, died 1931, buried Greenwood cemetery, Middleville, Ontario.

Sarah Anne Headrick born 7 June 1860, died 1925, buried Greenwood cemetery, Middleville, Ontario.

(Back Row)

Lloyd Rutton Somerville born 03 Sep 1896.

Bill (William) A. Somerville born 15 Oct 1892, died 1932.

George M. Somerville born 28 June 1895, died 1932, married Ida I. Cumming.

(Front Row)

Evelyn McKenzie Somerville born 20 Dec 1890.

Sadie (Sarah Anne Headrick)

Margaret Hannah Somerville born 27 Sep 1898, married Addie C. Langstaff.

Bob (Robert) Somerville.

Ethel Mary Somerville born 08 Apr 1887,  died 1928, married Arden Affleck.