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Munro Family Pictures

Provided by: Jayne Munro, Ottawa, Ontario - e-mail

Up-Dated: 13 January, 2005.

John Munro (1821/1911) and Marion McKay (1819/1875)


Parents of Hugh Munro, who married Jane (Jennie) Price - Home of John & Marion Munro.

Hugh Munro (1854/1914) and Jane (Jennie) (1857/1920) Price, taken 1897.

Hugh Munro and Jennie Price family - taken summer of 1889.

Back row from left: John, Marion, Jennie, Margaret and Daniel G.

Middle row from left: Jennie (Price), Hugh, John (Hugh's father) Jake and Annie.

Front row from left: Ernie, Kathryn, Alex and Willie.

Hugh Munro and Jennie Price family - taken summer of 1889. This family picture was taken about 6 months before John Munro died at the age of 22 years, while working as a logger for Porcupine Hill Logging at Rat Portage, Ontario.  He contacted Typhoid Fever and was brought out on dog sled by a group of fellow Indian loggers, walking day and night to the hospital in Sudbury, Ontario, where he later died.

Daniel Munro 1828/1916 and Margaret McMunn, 1830 - 1894, parents of John Henry Munro, who were married in 1848 at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Perth, Ont.

Daniel was christened in Scotland as Donald and apparently changed his name to Daniel to avoid confusion with the multiple Donald Munro's that lived in Lanark County in the 1830's/1840's.

He is the brother of Hugh Munro and John Munro.

John Henry Munro (1863/1948) and Margaret Ellen Manary (1873/1950), taken in 1947.

Children of John Henry Munro and Margaret Ellen Manary

From left to right:

Mary, William, Gladys, Isaac, Viola, Edna and Clifford - Picture taken 1950.

Daniel Munro - 1895-1948

Daniel George Munro (1883/1950) and Sarah Jane "Agnus Jean" McKirdy (1890/1989), picture taken about 1935/40.

Back row from left: Robert, Gladys, Clarence, William E. and Creighton (Clayton)

Center row: James, Violet and Ethel

Front row from left: Daniel George Munro, Allan and Daniel's wife Sarah Jane "Agnus Jean" McKirdy

Ernest Munro and Edna Munro's Family - Picture taken about 1938.

Back Row (L - R) - Ernest (Ernie); Kenneth; John; Daniel & Delbert

Middle Row (L - R) - Eileen; Edna; Wilma & Howard

Front Row (L  - R) - Carmen (Pete); Muriel & Marion

Wedding Picture 1908 - William McKirdy (1886/1971) and Catherine Munro (1889/1987)


Michael McKirdy (Brother of William) (1850/1915)

Ann Munro (Mrs. Geo. Peacock) (Sister of Catherine) (1884/1965)

Alexander Thomas Munro (1892/1962) and Elizabeth J. Ellis (1892/1977) Family - Taken in the mid 1940's.

Back Row: Left to Right - Glen; Ruth; Russell; Hilliard; Cecil; Edith and Mary.

Front Row: Left to Right - Morris; Elmer; Elizabeth (Lizzie); Alexander T.; Lyle and Ira.


Hugh Munro (1825/1902) and Catherine (Kitty) McKay (1830/1916) - Hugh & Kitty's House - 1850.

Hugh was a younger brother of John Munro and Catherine was a niece of Marion McKay.

Their children were:

Daniel (Bush Danny) (1850/1921); Esther (1851/1916); Margaret (1853/1931); Alexanderina (Lexie) (1854/1877); Catherine (1856/1926); Mary (1860/1926); Hugh Alexander (1864/1906); William John (1866/1958); and Robert A. (Bobbie A.) (1869/1946)

 Picture taken 1863.

William Evans, 1826-1902 and his wife Elizabeth "Betsey" Munro, 1834-1912.

Betsey is the youngest daughter of Donald Munro and Margaret Murray.  William and Betsey had 13 children of which two died as infants.

Betsey is the youngest sister of John Munro that married Marion McKay; Hugh Munro that married Kitty McKay and Donald (known as Daniel) that married Margaret McMunn.

Betsey has two other sisters: Janet Munro, who married Thomas McMunn and Margaret Munro who married Thomas Charles Coulter.

Sarah Ann Munro, 1850-1929, the daughter of Donald Munro and his second wife Anne Stead-Affleck.  In 1877, Sarah Ann married James McGill, son of John McGill and Jane McCann.

The two children are the eldest of four children: Annie Donalda "Dolly", 1878-1930, who married Archibald McCallum, son of Archibald McCallum and Maxwella MacIntosh; and Ernest, 1880-1942, who married Elizabeth Dunlop.

Margaret (Murray) & Donald Munro's Loom which is on display at the Middleville Museum, in Middleville, Ontario.

Michael McKirdy - (1849/1915), son of Michel McKirdy and Elizabeth McLelland, who married about 1880 to Agnes Wark (1855/1881) and married in 1883 to his second wife, Sarah Ann Penman (1852/1920).

            Children from First Marriage                                    

                Agnes Jane, (1881/1909) - married Joseph Majuary

            Children from Second Marriage

                William (1886/1971) - married Catherine Munro.

                Elizabeth Ann (1888/1952) - married Peter L. Craig.

                Sarah Jane (1890/1989) - married Daniel George Munro.

                Jessica Elizabeth (1894/1983) - married Abraham Lincoln Argue.

This is William Dudley Munro and his sisters; Sarah Munro and Mary Margaret Munro.  They are children of Donald Munro and Ann Stead.

This is Janet Evans, daughter of William Evans and Elizabeth Munro and her husband George Goodson Pretty with their grand-daughter Martha.  This photo was taken in 1940.

This is Lucinda (Lucie) Scott, daughter of Rachel Evans, daughter of William Evans and Elizabeth Munro and William Harvey Scott.  Photo was taken in 1912 in Regina, Saskatchewan.