Gaps in Dates between newspaper issues may be notices

Perth Courier Obituaries

supplied by Christine M. Spencer of Northwestern University, Evanston, Il., USA.

Gaps in Dates between newspaper issues may be notices.  Some issues were so faded that entire columns of announcements were simply completely illegible and I did not even bother to try.  Many of the below show dashes because of the fading and the numbers were especially difficult to make out.  The ink during the 1880’s is often poor as the papers have faded badly.

Perth Courier, October 3, 1884

Walker —Died, at Perth on Tuesday, 30th Sept., Margaret Anderson Walker, daughter of the late Mr. John Walker, aged 24 (?).

Eley—Died, at Renfrew on the 20th inst., Wellington W. Eley, aged 19.

Perth Courier, September 26, 1884

Greig—Died, at Carleton Place on the 24th Sept. Sarah Greig, wife of Mr. Thomas Greig, barrister, aged 32.

Perth Courier, Oct. 24, 1884

Mansfield —Died, at her daughter’s residence at Franktown on Friday, 17th inst., Martha Paul Mansfield, widow of the late Mr. Thomas Mansfield, Perth , aged (illegible).

Miller—Died, at Dalhousie on the 2nd Oct., the beloved wife of Mr. Stewart Miller, after five months severe illness of inflammation of the lungs, aged 40 years and 7 months.

Hamilton —Died, at Lanark Village on the 6th (?) Oct., Mr. George Hamilton, aged 53 (?), leaving a wife and family to mourn him.

McDonald—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Tuesday, 7th inst., Jane Armour McDonald, wife of Mr. George McDonald, aged 64

Cobb—Died, at the residence of the Hon. George Bryson, Mansfield , on the 11th inst., Mr. William Cobb, aged 81 (?).

Harvey —Died, at Perth on Thursday, 16th Oct., Mr. John Harvey, aged 41.

Malone—Died, at Almonte on the 7th Oct., Mrs. John Malone, aged 66 (?).

Perth Courier, Oct. 31, 1884

Hagarty—Died, on Sat., 25th Oct., (first name illegible) Ellen Hagarty, second daughter of Mr. John Hagarty of North Elmsley , aged 16.

Riddell—Died, at S. Elmsley on the 14th Oct., Permilia (?) Hardy Riddell, relict of the late Mr. John Riddell, aged 79.

Moulton—Died, at Beckwith on the 14th Oct., Charlotte Moulton, wife of Mr. Robert Moulton, Drummond, aged 27 years and 11 months.

Campbell —Died, on the 30th August, Mary Campbell, daughter of Mrs. Alexander Campbell, Drummond, aged 23.

Affleck—Died, at this residence Middleville on the 8th  inst, Mr. Robert Affleck, aged 76.

Elsewhere in the newspaper:  One by one the early settlers of Lanark Township are being called to join the ranks of the departed and another in the person of Robert Affleck Sr., also was added to the long list on the 3rd Oct., after a lengthy illness.  He was born in Lanark , Scotland in June of 1808 (?) and was at the time of his death in his 76th year.  He came with his parents and family from his native place and settled in the township of Lanark in 1822 (?) the year in which Lanark was first settled and by a life of industry and frugality made for himself one of the best homesteads in the township.  In 1832 (?) he with a few others united to form the Lanark First Congregational Church of which he was shortly afterward chosen a deacon and which office he filled worthily till sickness took hold upon him.  Among his friends and acquaintances he was greatly respected for his strict integrity and honest character which he displayed in everyday life as well as for the temperate and consistent Christian life which he led.  Like so many of his fellow countrymen who emigrated in those early days he was also during his long lifetime an adherent to the principles of the Reform Party in Canada.  The funeral services were conducted by a pastor Rev. E. C. W. MacCall in the Congregational Church (which was draped in mourning for the occasion) and was largely attended by neighbors and acquaintances.

Drachman—Died, at Caldwell ’s Mills on the 7th inst., Mr. Thomas Drachman, blacksmith, aged 50 (?).

Christie—Died, on the 24th (?) inst., Mr. William Christie, son of Mr. John Christie, Esq., Drummond, aged 22.

Robertson—Died, at Lanark Village on the 22nd (?) Oct., Mr. George Christie, aged 45 (?).

Bayer—Died, at Carleton Place on the 22nd (?) inst., Mr. Ferdinand (?) Bayer, aged 55 (?).  (note, unsure of this surname.)

Agnew—Died, at Montague on the 14th Oct., Mrs. Elizabeth Agnew, aged 82.  (note, unsure of this surname.)

Nielson—Died, at Pakenham on the 14th inst., Mr. Jas. Nielson, aged 71 (?) 74 (?).

Campbell —Died, at Almonte on the 16th Oct., Mr. Donald Campbell, aged 67.

Young—Died, at Almonte on the 29th Oct., Barbara Young, aged 18.

Perth Courier, November 14, 1884

McDougall—Died, at Lanark on the 1st of November, of (unreadable word) croup, George McDougall, son of Mr. John McDougall, aged 5.

McDougall—Died, at Lanark on the 3rd of November, of (unreadable word) croup, Isabella McDougall, daughter of Mr. John McDougall, aged 17 months.

Taylor —Died, at Drummond on Thursday evening, 6th November, Mr. William Taylor, aged (illegible).

Murphy—Died, at Ottawa on the 6th Nov., Mr. Michael Murphy of Carleton Place in his 80th year.

T - - kay (or T - - key)—Died, at Appleton, on the 8th November, Carrie T - - kay (or T - - key), daughter of Mrs. John T - - kay (or T - - key), aged 23.

Kerr—Died, on Wednesday, 12th November, Eliza Kerr, daughter of the late Mr. Dawson Kerr, aged 62 (?).

Lewis—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Friday morning, 31st Oct., Mr. Robert (?) Lewis, aged 45.

Jackman—Died, on Tuesday 11th November, Mr. John Jackman, Bathurst, aged 62 (?).

Perth Courier, Nov. 21, 1884

Palmer—Died, on the 19th November, Mr. Thomas W. Palmer, son of Mr. George Palmer, Bathurst, 15 years, 10 months and 21 days.

Smith—Died, on Tuesday evening, 18th Nov., Jennie (?) Walker Smith, wife of Mr. James Walker, baker, aged 37.

Perth Courier, Nov. 21, 1884

Lees—Died, at Toronto on the 4th Nov., James Edward Lees, barrister-at-law, 30 years of age.  Deceased was a nephew of Messrs William Lees, M.P.P. for South Lanark and Mr. Robert Lees, Q.C., County Crown Attorney for Carleton

Kendrick—Died, at Lindsay, Township Lansdowne on the (date illegible) November of a tumour of the stomach, Mr. John Kendrick, brother (?) of Mr. S. Kendrick, Almonte, aged 59 (?).

Kehoe—Died, on Sunday, 25th Oct., Margaret Bryson Kehoe, wife of Mr. (first name illegible) Kehoe, Bathurst, aged 42 (?), native of Dublin, Ireland.  (note, unsure of this surname.)

Horrack—Died, at Kankakee, Illinois on the 31st Oct., Mrs. A. Horrack, (sister of Laurence Naismith), of Almonte, aged 81.

Craig—Died, at Lanark Township on the 30th Oct., Maggie Craig, youngest daughter of the late Robert Craig, aged 23.

Perth Courier, Nov. 28, 1884

McGarry—Died, at Drummond on the 23rd inst., Mr. Peter McGarry, aged 96.

Elsewhere in the newspaper—must be the same guy, but different first name:  An aged pioneer, Thomas McGarry, died at his residence 7th Line Drummond on Tuesday at the great age of 96.  He was a native of the district of Lemster (?), Ireland.

Smith—Died, on Monday, 24th Nov., Mary Jane Smith, wife of Rev. W. T. Smith, formerly of Corkshire (?) Cookshire (?), Quebec, daughter of Mr. Adam Poole, Esq., of Prospect, Ontario.  (no age given.)

Anderson—Died, on Thursday, 27th Nov., Mary Anderson, 4th Line Bathurst, aged 62.

Spalding—Died, at North Elmsley on Sunday, 23rd Nov., Melinda Dudgeon Spalding, wife of Mr. James Spalding, aged (illegible, maybe 87 ? ).

Thornton—Died, at Perth on the 13th Nov., Amelia Thornton, aged 82.

Elsewhere in the newspaper:  Amelia Thornton, an old resident and latterly dependent on the town charity for her existence, died last week at the great age of 83.  She was a native of England and came to Perth when quite young with her father, a soldier in the British Army.

Perth Courier, Dec. 5, 1884

Thompson—Died, on the 11th Nov., at the residence of her son-in-law on Edmund Street in West. Toronto Junction, Janet Thompson, relict of the late Mr. William Thompson and (illegible word) to Mr. Robert Anderson of Carleton Place, in her 73rd year.  (note, unsure of this surname.)

Malloch—Died on the 13th Nov., Mrs. Annie Malloch, 7th Line Drummond, aged 53 (?), a native of Perthshire, Scotland.

Ward—Died, at Lanark Village on the 13th Nov., David Ward, son of Mr. D. Ward (late of Almonte), aged 2 years and 8 months.

McLaren—Died, at Smith’s Falls on the 27th Nov., Mr. Andrew McLaren, aged 47.

Elsewhere in the newspaper:  Mr. Andrew McLaren, marble cutter, formerly of Perth, died at Smith’s Falls on Wednesday of last week, aged 47 years.  He was buried with the honors of the For- - tern (?) (or Por - - tern?), the lodge at Perth attending.

Perth Courier, Dec. 12, 1884

McArthur—Died, at Carleton Place on the 2nd Dec., Mr. Archibald McArthur, Esq., aged 70.

Lemmon—Died, at Montague on Thursday, 27th Nov., Mrs. Anastasia (?) Lemmon, aged 87.  (note, unsure of this surname.)

McGowan—Died, on the 10th Nov., Maggie McGowan, eldest daughter of Mr. Bernard (?) McGowan, Bathurst, aged 26.

McEwen—Died, on Tuesday, 9th Dec., Mr. John McEwen, aged 64.

Perth Courier, Dec. 19, 1884

Sinclair—Died, on the 30th (?) Oct., Mary Campbell Sinclair, relict of the late Mr. Peter Sinclair, Drummond, age3d 47 a native of Perth, Scotland.

Robertson—Died, at Perth on Wed., 17th Dec., Duncan P. Robertson, son of Mr. D. M. Robertson, aged 4 years, 10 months.

McEwen—Died, at Tuesday, (illegible date) December, Mr. John McEwen, North Elmsley, aged 46.

Smirle—Died, at Ottawa on the 12th Dec., Harriett Cowley Smirle, beloved wife of Mr. Archibald Smirle, I.P.M., County Carleton and daughter of Capt. Cowley of Richmond Road.  (no age was given.)

Watson—Died, at Arnprior on the 14th December, Nellie Col - - - Watson, second (?) daughter of Mr. Charles Watson, aged 4 years and 9 months.

McIntyre—Died, at Renfrew on the 3rd December, Mrs. Peter McIntyre, aged 87.

Perth Courier, Jan. 2, 1885

Purdon—Died, at Dalhousie on the 10th December (in childbirth?), Annie Purdon, youngest daughter of Mr. William Boffam (?) Doffson (?), Watson’s Corners and beloved wife of Mr. Henry B. Purdon, in the 22nd year of her life.

Ballantine—Died, at his residence at Lanark on the 23rd Dec., Mr. Duncan Ballantine, aged 79 years and 10 months.

McKean—Died, at Almonte on the 23rd (?) Dec., Mary McKean, relict of the late Mr. Isaiah McKean, aged (illegible, two numbers the first is a ‘7’.)

Sti- - - -   Died, at Smith’s Falls on the 19th Dec., Mrs. Nancy Sti - - - - , aged (illegible).

Perth Courier, Jan. 9, 1885

Gilroy—Died, at Smith’s Falls on the 25th Dec., Mr. Herbert Gilroy, aged 22 (?).

Perth Courier, Jan. 16, 1885

Ritchie—Died, at her residence at Bathurst on Saturday, 10th Jan., Christina Campbell Ritchie, relict of the late Mr. William Ritchie, aged 82 (?).

Meredith—Died, on the 23rd inst., John Meredith, 2nd Line Drummond, aged 7 years, 2 months.

Bailey—Died, at Lanark Township on the 12th Jan., Mary Bailey, aged (illegible, two numbers, the second is a ‘7’).

Perth Courier, Jan. 23, 1885

Wylie—Died, on the 17th inst., at Hamilton, Ontario, Jas. Wylie, son of the late Mr. W. G. Wylie, Esq., and grandson of the late Hon. Jas. Wylie, of Burnside, Ontario.  (no age given.)

Templeton—Died, at Belleville on the 7th Jan., Jessie (?) Jennie (?) Templeton, beloved wife of Mr. Robert Templeton, aged 25 (?) years and 6 (?) months.

McGregor—Died, at Ramsay on the 14th inst., Mrs. Peter McGregor, daughter of Mr. Peter Drummond, aged 31 (?) 34 (?). 

Perth Courier, Jan. 30, 1885

Stewart—Died, at his late residence on the 9th Line Beckwith on the 15th (?) Jan., Mr. Alexander Stewart, Jr. (?), aged 47.

McRae—Died, at Carleton Place on the 17th Jan., Mr. Norman McRae, aged 39 (?) years and 4 months.

Morris—Died, at Montague on the 15th Dec., Mr. Thomas Morris, aged 60 (?) 90 (?).

Erwin—Died, at Bathurst on the 5th (?) 9th (?) Jan., Mr. Thomas Erwin, in the 56th year of his age.

Perkins—Died, at Belleville on the 25th inst., Raleigh Richardson Perkins, son of Mr. Arthur M. Perkins, Montreal, aged 5(?) 3(?) months.  Many of her Perth friends will sympathize with Mrs. Perkins, who was known here as Miss Hattie Richardson, daughter of Mr. R. Richardson, Esq., formerly Manager of the Bank of Montreal at Perth, now of Belleville.

Perth Courier, Feb. 6, 1885

Murphy—Died, at his residence Lanark Township Mr. Alexander Murphy, aged 81, native of County Wicklow, Ireland.  (no date given.)

Barrie—Died, at Perth on Tuesday morning 27th inst., George Carle (?) Barrie, infant son of Mr. G. F. Barrie, aged 3 months and 14 days.

Hogg—Died, at Perth Sunday, 1st Feb., William Mathie Hogg, youngest child of Mr. W. J. Hogg, aged 1 year and 2 months.

Perth Courier, Feb. 6, 1885

Prentice—Died, at Lanark on Tuesday morning, 10th inst., Mary Ann Fraser Prentice, wife of Mr. James Prentice, Sr., aged 87 (?).  The deceased was a native of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Perth Courier, Feb. 27, 1885

Dopson—Died, at Drummond on the 11th Feb., Mr. Johnson Dopson, aged (illegible, two numbers the second is a ‘6’), a native of County Wicklow, Ireland.  (note, unsure of this surname.)

Manahan—Died, at Lanark on Sunday, 22nd Feb., Mr. William Manahan, aged 80 (?), an old and respected resident of Lanark.

Cran—Died, at Carleton Place on Sunday morning, 1st March, Catharine Cran, eldest daughter of the late Mr. John Cran, aged (illegible—65???).  (note, unsure of this surname.)

Riddick—Died, at Perth on Thursday, 26th Feb., Jane Riddick, daughter of Mr. William Riddick, aged 4 years, 10 months.

Malone—Died, at Perth on Sunday, (illegible date) Feb., Pat (?) Peter (?) Malone, aged 54 (?), a native of County Sligo, Ireland. (note, unsure of this surname.)

Perth Courier, March 13, 1885

Ewart—Died, on the 7th March, Mary Duncan Ewart, beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Ewart, 3rd Line Drummond, aged 67 (?).  The deceased was a native of Airdrie (?), Scotland, born Aug. 27, 1818 and married June 29 (?), 1842 (?) and sailed for Canada the same year and settled in the town of Perth, living in and around this vicinity until the time of her death.

Lalorde—Died, at Sharbot Lake on the 1st March, Mary Lucy or Lacy Lalorde, only daughter of Mr. J. M. Lalorde, aged 7 years and 4 months.

Tippins—Died, at Perth on the 5th (?) March, Mary Ann Tippins, wife of Mr. William Tippins, aged 37 years and 15 (?) months, a native of Shropshire, England.

Simpson—Died, at Almonte on the 1st March, William Simpson, son of Mr. Charles Simpson, aged 27 (?).

McEwen—Died, at Beckwith (6th Line) on the 9th (?) March, Christina McEwen, beloved wife of Mr. John McEwen, aged 75 (?) years and 10 months.

Chalmers—Died, at Montague near Smith’s Falls on Monday, 2nd March, Mr. John Chalmers, aged 72.

Ch - - ltars—Died, at Perth on Tuesday, 10th March, Mr. William Ch - - ltars, aged 43 (?).

Fisher—Died, on Thursday, 5th March, Mr. Malcolm Fisher, Jr., 6th Line Bathurst, 36 years.

Detterick—Died, at Perth on Friday, 6th March, William A. Detterick, son of Mr. A. Detterick, aged 9 (?) years and 9 months.

Best—Died, on Monday, 9th March, Mr. George Best, North Elmsley, aged (illegible, two numbers, the first is a ‘7’).  (note, unsure of this surname.)

Perth Courier, March 27, 1885

Taylor—Died, on Tuesday, 19th March, Margaret Taylor, wife of Mr. William Riddick Taylor, aged 35.

McCarthy—Died, at Perth, on Tuesday, 19th March Mary McCarthy Semple, wife of Mr. Andrew Semple, aged 36.  (transcriber’s note:  every now and then I find these obits which are put in under what I can only think is the wife’s maiden name as the husband’s name is different.  Usually the name is under the husband’s name.)

Ramsay—Died, at Almonte on the 17th March, Mr. William Ramsay, aged 80.

Campbell—Died, at Rosetta (?) on the 11th March, Mrs. David Campbell, in her 39th year.

Tennant—Died, at Lanark Township on the 10th March, Mrs. Jas. Tennant, in her 39th year.

Perth Courier, April 3, 1885

Thompson—Died, on Thursday evening, 2nd inst., Isabella Miller Thompson, wife of Robert Thompson, Esq., Perth, aged 63 (?).

McLanaghan—Died at Drummond on Monday, 31st March, Ann Armstrong McLanaghan, wife of Mr. John McLanaghan, Jr., Drummond, aged 41 years, 6 months.

Perth Courier, April 17, 1885

Jones—Died, at her mother’s residence at S. Sherbrooke, on Sunday, 12th April, Alice Jones, second daughter of Mrs. Joseph Jones, aged 25 (?).  Deeply regretted.

Hogan—Died, at the Scotch Line on Saturday, 11th April, Eliza Hogan, daughter of Mr. Michael Hogan, aged (illegible—36??38??).

McCann—Died, on Thursday morning, 16th April, Ada Lavalie McCann, wife of Mr. James McCann, Perth, aged 24.

Hartary—Died, at Perth on the 9th April, Mr. Stephen Hartary, aged 21 (?) years and 3 months.  (note, unsure of this surname.)

Oatway—Died, on Thursday morning, 16th April, Agnes Wilson Oatway, wife of Mr. William Oatway, North Burgess, aged 36.

Perth Courier, April 24, 1885

McPherson—Died, at Carleton Place on the 18th April, Mr. George McPherson, aged 77.

Perth Courier, May 1, 1885

MacKenzie—Died, at the Manse, Dalhousie on the 18th inst., of bronchial catarrh, Rev. Robert McKenzie, M.A., after a brief illness which he bore with Christian resignation.  (no age given.)

Elliott—Died, at Pembroke on the 24th inst., Mr. James David Elliott, second son of Rev. James Elliott, D.D., in the 20th year of his age.

Ramsbottom—Died, on the 5th (?) 8th (?) March, Mr. Jas. Ramsbottom of White Lake, County Renfrew, aged 69.

Perth Courier, May 8, 1885

Haggart—Died, at Perth on Thursday evening, 30th April, Mr. Duncan Archibald Haggart, only son of Mr. John Haggart, Esq., M.P., aged 23 years, 9 months and 25 (?) days.

Gordon—Died, at Perth, on Monday, 4th May, Roseann Fowler Gordon, relict of the late Mr. Charles Gordon, aged 72 (?).

McDougall—Died, at Renfrew on the 21st (?) inst., Eliza Ann Beach (?) McDougall, relict of the late Mr. Alexander McDougall, Renfrew, aged 39 (?).

Lacolise—Died, at Palmer, Mass., on the 23rd April, Mrs. Jacob Lacolise.  (note, unsure of this surname—see also births for this same issue.)

Perth Courier, May 15, 1885

Kippen—Killed in battle at Batouche, N.W.T., on Tuesday, 12th May, Alex Walter Kippen, Dominion Land Surveyor, eldest son of Mr. Duncan Kippen of Perth, in the 28th year of his age. 

Ballantyne—Died, on Wed., 20th April, at Westminster, Ontario, Mrs. John Ballantyne (formerly of Smith’s Falls), aged 76 (?).

Brown—Died, at his residence at 145 (?) Cooper St., Ottawa on Thursday, 7th inst., Mr. Robert Brown, formerly of Pakenham, aged 63 (?).

Williams—Died, on 12th May, Theresa (?) Mabel Williams, youngest daughter of Mr. James (?) Williams of Drummond, aged 8 (?) years and 19 days.

Ditterick—Died, at Perth on Sunday evening, 27th April, Caroline M. Donigan (?) Ditterick, wife of Mr. A. Ditterick, aged (illegible).

Moore—Died at Perth on the 25th (?) April, Jas. Sandford Moore, infant son of Mr. Alexander Moore, aged 5 months and 14 days.

King—Drowned on Tuesday, 12th May, William Henry King, eldest son of Mr. Edgar King.

Jackson—Died, at Drummond on the 29th (?) April, Mr. Abraham Jackson, aged (illegible), a native of Wicklow, Ireland.

Hopkins—Died, at Bathurst on the 21st April, Mr. George Hopkins, aged 23.  (note, unsure of this surname.)

McCann—Died, on the 17th May, Ottawa, Margaret N. O’Brien McCann, wife of Mr. John A. McCann of that city and daughter of the late Mr. John O’Brien of Westport, aged 28 (?).

McIntyre—Died, at the homestead, Balderson, on Monday, 18th May, Mr. Henry H. McIntyre, youngest son of the late Mr. Hugh McIntyre, Esq., Drummond, aged 19.

McKerracher—Died, at Perth on Friday morning, 15th May, Agnes (?) McKerracher, relict of the late Mr. Duncan McKerracher, Esq., aged 51 (?) 81 (?).

Dodd—Died, at Arnprior on the 29th (?) April, Jane McJanet (?) Dodd, relict of the late Mr. Joseph Dodd, aged 75.

McDonald—Died, on Sunday, 12th April, Isabella McIntyre McDonald, wife of Mr. James McDonald, 3rd Line Drummond, aged (illegible).

Beckett—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Tuesday, 19th May, Robbie (?) Beckett, son of Mr James Beckett, aged 3 years and 6 months.

Wilson—Died, at Perth on Saturday morning, 16th May, Mr. Richard Wilson, aged (illegible).

Chalmers—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Thursday, 14th inst., Mrs. H. D. Chalmers. (no age given.)

Lister—Died, at her residence, Perth, on Thursday, 31st May, Mrs. John Lister, aged 90.

Perth Courier, June 5, 1885

Brennan—Died, at his residence, Perth, on Thursday, 28th May, Mr. John Brennan, aged 71.  The late John Brennan was born in the city of Limerick on 21st June, 1814 and was 71 years old at the time of his death.  While very young he entered Her Majesty’s Naval Service as a (illegible word) and saw active service in the suppression of the rebellion in the West Indies.  In 1842 he came to Perth which has been his residence, operating for the late Alexander Ferguson the first distillery every established here.  He afterwards engaged in the grain carrying business being part owner of the “Free Trader” and was well and favorably known in all parts between Montreal and Milwaukee.  He subsequently engaged in the grocery business in Perth until his death.  He was one of the old class of stern men who are now passing away.  He leaves a widow and six children, four boys and two girls, to mourn his loss.  He lived to see his sons grow to manhood and died surrounded by them and fortified by the last rites of the church.  Let us hope his soul wound its way in peace to a blessed immortality.  Cox

Harold—Died, at 237 Johnston Street, Kingston, on the 30th May, of bronchitis,  William Frederick Harold, only son of Mr. Thomas Harold, aged 11 months, and 3 days, grandson of the late Rev. Cochrane of Middleville and Dalhousie.  (note unsure of this surname.)

Kerr—Died, at St. Catharines on Sunday, 24th May, Elizabeth Kerr, relict of the late Mr. Daniel Kerr of Niagara Falls, Ontario and formerly of Perth, in the 85th (?) year of her age.

Croskery—Died, at Perth on Monday morning, 1st June, Jane Elspeth Croskery, relict of the late Mr. Robert Croskery, aged 36 years and 10 months.

McLaren—Died, at Westmeath, on the 13th inst., Mr. John McLaren, eldest son of Mr. Matthew McLaren, aged 16 (?) 18 (?) years and three months.

Glen—Died, on the 29th May at Cape Viscount, NY, Mr. Oliver Glen, formerly of Perth, aged 79 (?).

Perth Courier, June 12, 1885

Smith—Died, at the residence of her son Mr. James Moag (?), Smiths Falls, on the 2nd inst., Catharine Smith, a native of County Armagh, Ireland, aged 48 (?), 65 (?) 85 (?).

Perth Courier, June 26, 1885

Miller—Died, at Bathurst on Wed., 17th inst., Mr. Peter Miller, aged 37 (?) 57 (?).

Murphy—Died, at Perth on Tuesday, 23rd June, Elizabeth Murphy, wife of Mr. John Fennell (?), aged 56.

Perth Courier, July 3, 1885

McSpadden—Died, at Perth on Wed., 24th June, the infant son of Mr. J. W. McSpadden, aged 8 months and 6 days.

Peden—Died, at Carleton Place on the 29th June, Willie M. Peden, infant son of Mr. A. R. G. Peden, aged 10 months and 21 days.

Stedman—Died, at Montreal, on Wed., 1st June, Margaret Jane Stedman, aged 26.

Mackenzie—Died, at Drummond on the 1st June, Catharine Mackenzie, aged 37.  (note, unsure of this surname.)

Olde—Died, on Friday, 26th June, Edith Olde, Scotch Line, aged 24.

Barr—Died, at Dalhousie, on the 17th June, Mrs. William Barr, aged 40.

Perth Courier, July 10, 1885

Dodds—Died, of diphtheria, on Friday, 3rd inst., Lizzie Allan Dodds, daughter of Mr. John A. Dodds, Glen Tay, aged 2 years, 3 months and 2 weeks.

Dittrick—Died, on Friday morning, 4th July, Walter Dittrick, market clerk, Perth, aged 40.

Perth Courier, July 24, 1885

Davis—Died, at Peterboro, on the 3rd July, Mr. Charles Davis, son of Rev. G. Davis, formerly of Smith’s Falls.  (no age given.)

Hinman—Died, at Ottawa, Flora Hinman, youngest daughter of Mr. G. Hinman, aged 6 months.  (note, unsure of this surname.)

Walker—Died, at Perth, on Friday, 17th July, Mary Walker, aged 25.

Perth Courier, August 7, 1885

Mr. James Coulter, Sr., one of the oldest residents of Lanark County, passed away at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. John Gemmell, Almonte, on Tuesday morning at the advanced age of 85 years.  Mr. Coulter was a native of County Sligo, Ireland and emigrated to this country in 1821 and settled in Clayton or Bellamy’s Mills as the place was then called in those days.  He traded with the Indians in the vicinity for a number of years buying furs and later started a hotel in the village which he conducted for a long period.  He also kept a store in the same village as well as a branch of the same business in Douglas, the late Thomas Coulter being a partner in the enterprise.  About 14 years ago he had a paralytic stroke, from the effects of which he remained almost a helpless invalid to the time of his death.  He leaves a large number of descendants among them being Mrs. John Gemmell and James Coulter of Almonte and Mrs. J. Banning and Mr. Young Coulter of Clayton besides a host of relatives of later generations.  Mr. Coulter was a staunch Conservative in politics and when opportunity offered itself he always sought to advance by all honorable means the interests of Conservatism.  His funeral will take place today (Thursday) at 11:00 am to St. George’s Church Cemetery (Boland’s) by way of Union Hall.  Almonte Times

Perth Courier, August 14, 1885

Gordan—Died, at Carleton Place on the 5th Aug., Mr. David R. Gordan, aged 65.

Moorehouse—Died, at South Elmsley, on the 4th August, Mrs. Enteldia (?) Moorehouse, aged 29.

Rublick—Died, at Perth on Wednesday, 11th Aug., James Rublick, son of Mr. William Rublick, aged 6 years, 7 months.

Blakely—Died at Bristol, Que., on the 29th (?) July, Mrs. Blakely, relict of the late Mr. Malcolm Blakely, Esq., aged 71 (?) 74 (?).

Cowan—Died, at Carleton Place on the 7th August, Jane Johnston Cowan, beloved wife of Mr. John Cowan, aged 21 years, 5 months and 21 days.

Perth Courier, August 21, 1885

Smith—Died, on Sunday, 9th August, at the Methodist Parsonage, Cornwell, Rev. Andrew Smith, aged 60 (?).  Deceased was the son of the late R. Smith, 3rd Line Bathurst and had been a minister for 36 (?) years.

Binks—Died, at his residence on Monday, 17th August, Colin A. Binks.

Elsewhere in the same newspaper:  A well known resident of this town, Colin Binks, died Monday morning at the advanced age of 67 years.  He was born at Woolwich, near London, England and came to Perth from there 27 years ago.

Perth Courier, Aug. 28, 1885

Jones—Died, on Sunday, 23rd Aug., Mr. Joseph Jones, Bathurst, aged 20 (?).

Garland—Died, at Bathurst, on the 30th July, Alice Elizabeth Garland, 19 years, of consumption.

Griffith—Died, at Perth on Saturday, 15th Aug., Annie Griffith, infant daughter of Mr. James Griffith, aged 9 months and 5 days.

McCann—Died, at Westport, Leeds County on Wednesday, 19th inst., Arthur McCann, infant son of Mr. J. A. McCann, Ottawa, aged 3 months.

McLellan—Died, at Ross on the 21st inst., Isabella M. Porter McLellan, wife of Mr. John McLellan and daughter of the late Mr. William Porter, Bathurst, aged 38.

Perth Courier, September 4, 1885

King—Died, at Montague on the 22nd (?) August, James King, aged (illegible).

Blair—Died, at Kankakee, Illinois, on the (date illegible), Mr. John Blair, formerly of Drummond, aged 74 (?).

Butler—In loving memory, John Butler, son of Mr. George Butler of Perth, died on 5th Sept.  Thy will be done.

Hood—Died, at the General Hospital, Toronto, on Thursday, 27th Aug., John H. Hood, Jr., son of John Hood, Fairy Lake, Manitoba, aged (illegible.)

What’s life, at best a wandering breath

When sad (illegible word) but a passing sigh

What happens but a summer wreath

A sigh of (illegible word) floating by.

“Life” says Spencer, “is a voyage in the progress of which we are perpetually changing.  We first leave childhood behind, then youth, then the years of ripe manhood and then the better and more pleasing part of old age.”  We are again called upon to chronicle the death of one of the oldest and earliest settlers of the Township of Darling Mrs. James Ristoul.  The deceased was born in 1814 in Johnston County, Renfrew, Scotland and came to Canada in 1827 and settled in Darling the same year. She was the worthy wife of a worthy sire.  He died about 27 years ago.  She was a kind and indulgent mother of a family whose name is a household word in the community and esteemed and beloved by all as evinced by the large number who attended the funeral.  She passed quietly away on the evening of Thursday, 27th August after a few hours illness with Christian resignation in the lively hope of a blessed immortality and in looking on her face for the last time forcibly reminded us of the words of Scott:

There was a soft and pervasive grace

A cast of thought upon her face

That suited well the forehead high

The eyelash dark and downcast eye

The mild expression spoke a mind

In duty firm, composed, resigned.

The remains were interred on Saturday, 29th ult., in the family burying grounds, the service being conducted by Rev. Mr. Bennett of Almonte.

Perth Courier, Sept. 18, 1885

Allan—Died, on Friday, 11th Sept., Annie L. Allan, infant daughter of Mr. Frank Allan, Caroline Village, aged 4 months and 12 days.

Norris—Died, on the 26th August, Elizabeth Carver (?) Norris, wife of the late Mr. William Norris, aged (illegible) years and 10 months.

James Dickson, once of Beckwith and afterwards of McNab Township, Renfrew County, died at his residence in Selkirk, Manitoba on the 8th inst., aged 78 years.

Posted: 19 September, 2003.