Perth Courier Obituaries

supplied by Christine M. Spencer of Northwestern University, Evanston, Il., USA.

Perth Courier, January 5, 1894

Griffith —Died, at Franktown on the 1st Jan., Mrs. Thomas Griffiths, aged 57.

Morton—Died, at Carleton Place on the 1st Jan., Mrs. Thomas Morton, aged 78 years and 3 months.

Taylor —Died at Carleton Place on the 2nd Jan., Jeanne McTavish, beloved wife of Mr. John D. Taylor, aged 23 years and 7 months.

Flood—Died, at S. Sherbrooke on New Year’s Day, Mr. John Flood, 11th Concession, aged 75 years.

White—Died, at Bathurst on Thursday, 24th December, Margaret Salter White, wife of Mr. Thomas White, aged 65 years.

Elsewhere in the same paper:  Wemyss:  Mrs. White passed away the other day very suddenly.

McFarlane—Died, at Perth , on Tuesday morning, 2nd January, Mr. James McFarlane, aged 68(?).

Templeton—Died, at Almonte on the 20th December, Frances Greig Templeton, wife of Mr. Jas. Templeton, Jr., aged 58

The Observer notes the death of Mr. D. Munro of Pembroke at the age of 78 years.  He was born in the County of Glengarry of Scotch Highlands extraction and was a Presbyterian and a Liberal.  He leaves 3 sons and 2 daughters.

A well known and highly respected resident of Almonte in the person of Duncan Campbell, tailor, passed away Friday afternoon after a short illness from pleurisy aged 59(?) years.  He was born in Perthshire , Scotland and came to Canada in 18?8(one number illegible), first settling in the town of Perth where he lived several years.  From there he moved to Kingston then to Pembroke then to McDonald’s Corners, Dalhousie Township where he remained a number of years and finally to Almonte.  He never married.  He was of a quiet and unassuming disposition but was possessed of a very keen sense of humor and was well read on all general subjects.  His illness as we have stated was of a short duration but he retained consciousness to the last, settled up all his worldly affairs and passed away with a firm hope that he would enter the realms of endless days to be forever with the blessed.  The funeral took place on Christmas Day to the 8th Line Cemetery which was largely attended by all classes of citizens.  Times

Mrs. William Colquhoun died at Perth on the 18th December.  Her maiden name was Emma Palmer, beloved wife of Mr. William Colquhoun and passed away after an illness of 13 months which she bore with Christian fortitude.  The deceased was a daughter of the late Judge Palmer of Bathurst.  21 years ago she married W. Colquhoun, spending three years in Colorado then returning to Canada where she has since resided.  She had the service of Messrs. Coleman and Mudlestone during her long illness; also lady members of the Anglican Church and died strengthened with the hopes of a blessed immortality.  Farewell kind, generous, charitable, Christian friend—a long farewell.  Her grave was covered with beautiful flowers. 

While nursing her mother Mrs. P. McDonagh, Wilson Street, Miss Elizabeth A. McDonagh, took ill with pneumonia and after enduring its pangs for a week, died from it on Monday last at the age of 30 years.  Her funeral took place to the Catholic Cemetery on Wednesday last and a large number of friends and neighbors formed the sad cortege.  Her brother, Mr. M.P. McDonagh, barrister, Wallaceburg, came down on learning his sister was sick and was unremitting in his attention to them during the sad holiday week.  Miss McDonagh was a bright, amiable young lady and all her friends feel her death very keenly.  Father McDonagh of Picton, another brother, was unable to attend the funeral having been confined to his room through sickness.  Rev. Father Stanton of Smith’s Falls and J.J. Consolly(?) of Frankfort conducted the funeral services at the grave; Rev. Father Duffus of Perth, in the church.

Wilson—Died, at North Burgess on Sunday evening, Margaret Wilson, daughter of Mr. Samuel Wilson, Scotch Line, aged 17 years and 4 months.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Samuel Wilson and family, Scotch Line, have suffered another affliction in the death of his second daughter Margaret, which happened to sadden the holiday season.  The deceased young lady was but 17 years of age—just budding into womanhood and was called beloved by her companions and friends.

Perth Courier, Jan. 12, 1894

Mitchell—Died, at Perth on Sunday morning, 7th Jan., Ann Gardner Mitchell, wife of Mr. John Mitchell, aged 74.

McDonagh—Died, at Perth on Sunday night 7th Jan., Catharine McDonnell McDonagh, widow of the late Patrick McDonagh, aged 65(?).

Griffith—Died, at Franktown on the 1st inst., Thomas Griffith, aged 57.

Weston—Died, at Rochester, on Thursday, 4th Jan., William Weston, brother of John Preston of Perth, aged 73(?) 75(?).

Maberly:  John Flood was buried on the 3rd January.

Tatlock: Mr. Robert Barr’s child died last week.

On the 17th December, the Recorder says:  “Mr. John Hendry died in the township of Yonge, Leeds County at the age of 73 years.  He was a native of Scotland, a Methodist and an ardent Liberal.  He was father of Robert Hendry, Scotch Line.

After a long illness, James Morris of Fallbrook died on the 28th Dec., at the age of 69(?) years.  The deceased was born at Drummond of Irish parents, moving to a farm on the 8th Line Bathurst many years ago but after his illness set in he went to live with friends at Fallbrook.  He married Mary Leger who with sons and daughters survive him.

Mrs. John Mitchell, who had been ill for many months, died on Sunday morning last at the age of 74 years.  She lead a quiet, retiring life and was much esteemed by her many friends.  The deceased’s mother was a cousin of Sir Oliver Mowat.  She and her family were Presbyterians.  Her husband and two sons survive her. 

Mrs. P. McDonagh was not long in following her daughter to the grave.  Her death occurred on Sunday night last at the age of 63(?)65(?) years.  The funeral took place to the Catholic Cemetery on Wednesday forenoon.  Her son, Father McDonagh of Picton was lying dangerously ill at the time in his room and was not able to be present at either his mother’s or his sister’s funeral.  Her other two sons, M.P. McDonagh, barrister, Wallaceburg and Dr. McDonagh of Toronto, were present for the last sad rites of burial.

Perth Courier, Jan. 19, 1894

On Monday morning the sad but not unexpected news reached us of the death of Mrs. William Houston one of Ramsay’s oldest residents at the triumphant age of 88 years.  It was triumphant in that it was altogether due to a splendid hereditary endowment cared for with a wisdom that seldom weakened or erred.  The deceased was in failing health for some months and as early as October last was warned by her physician of the approaching end.  The announcement was received by her with a calm and cheerful resignation but it was not until the 15th inst. that her iron constitution released its hold on the vital spark.  Mrs. Houston was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1806.  In 1821 she sailed for Canada with her parents on the ship Buckingham and after a tempestuous voyage of two months duration finally reached the land of her adoption.  Her father, the late John Leckie, took land on the banks of the Mississippi River a few miles below Dalhousie Lake in the township of Dalhousie and it was there that the first year of her Canadian life was spent while her future husband, the late William Houston was preparing a home for her on Lot 5, 7th Concession Ramsay.  With her betrothed she traveled on foot from her father’s home to Perth, a distance of 18 miles to have the marriage ceremony performed and immediately proceeded with him a distance of 21 miles to their new home.  In that home she lived continually up until the time of her death.  16 years ago she suffered a sad bereavement by the death of her husband.  The deceased was a woman of remarkable intellectual capacity.  She was well read and took a deep interest in all the affairs of the county, municipal, educational, political and church.  She was the mother of 12 children and except a child that died in infancy, all are alive and all are splendid types of physical manhood and womanhood.  Each wears the stamp of those mental qualities which characterized the mother.  The sons are Rev. Canon Houston, Niagara; John Houston, Deputy Reeve, Ramsay; William Houston, Renfrew; Joseph Houston on the homestead; and Rev. Rural Dean Houston, Iroquois.  The daughters are Mrs. Park with Joseph; Mrs. Donald (??), Lambton County; Mrs. James Donald, Dalhousie; Mrs. Fleming, Franktown; Mrs. Rea, Ramsay; Mrs. Knapp, B.C.  Mrs. Houston so lived that her memory will prove a perpetual benediction to her family.  Central Canadian

Christie’s Lake:  The grim mother death has again visited the White settlement carrying off an old and respected resident in the person of Richard White who had been ill for some time.  Mr. White was a faithful member of the Episcopal Church and was always found in his place rain or shine.

Christie’s Lake:  Mrs. Donelly, relict of Mr. Cornelius Donelly, has also joined the great majority.

Wemyss:  Old Mrs. Donelly has passed away at the age of 83.  Death is visiting most every house but God’s Will be done.

Mrs. Margaret Snedden died at Brockville on the 10th Jan.  She was the widow of the late John Snedden, aged 78 years and 6 months.  The deceased Margaret Patterson was married to John Snedden in Dalhousie on the 18th Feb., 1837 and emigrated immediately to Brockville, Ontario where she has resided until the time of her death.

Mr. Richard White, a well known and respected resident of Bathurst died on Sunday last at the age of 72 years.  He was a native of the township, having been born on the farm on which he died.  His ailment was cancer of the lungs which developed rapidly he having been considered a healthy man no later than last fall.  He leaves a widow and the family living are:  Mrs. Donald McGregor and Mrs. Robert Marks, Bathurst; Richard E. White, Fisher, Minn.; John C. White, Picton, Ont.; R.J. White, Almonte; and James and George White, Bathurst.

From the Owen Sound Advertiser of the 12th Jan., we learn of the death on the 10th inst., of the Rev. Duncan Morrison, D.D., of that town at the age of 77 years.  The deceased was a native of Glasgow, Scotland where he graduated in Arts after which he came to Canada.  He taught in the District Grammar School at Perth for some time and was noted for the strictness and severity of his discipline.  He graduated in Divinity at Queen’s, Kingston and had for his first charge the Presbyterian congregation at Beckwith.  He then became pastor of Knox Church, Owen Sound, retiring from the charge and from the active duties of the ministry in 1884(?).  He was the author of a work called “Great Hymns of the Church, Their Origin and Authorship”.  He leaves two sons and four daughters namely:  Grace, wife of John McPherson of Kincardine; Duncan, the esteemed junior judge of this county; Jane, wife of James Caton of this town; Jessie, wife of James Mason, Q.C., M.P.; Lillie, wife of H. Strang, principal of the Goderich High School; and John who is a resident of Chatham.

On Sunday evening Mrs. O.E. Henderson who has been in a poor state of health for several years, passed away at the age of 48 years.  The deceased was the daughter of the late John McKinley of Huntley and was married in Almonte to Mr. Henderson, who survives her on the 1st Jan., 18??.  Of the union there were three daughters and two sons, three of whom are living:  Mrs. W. H. Morphet of Peterboro and Miss Jessie Henderson and Herbert Henderson at home.  Mr. Henderson and family have the sympathy of our citizens generally in their bereavement.  The funeral took place on Tuesday to the 8th Line cemetery and was largely attended.  Almonte Times

By the death of Mr. H. J. Church, which took place at his residence on Tuesday night at Pembroke, they have lost one of their oldest and most useful citizens.  Mr. Church was born in the village of Mascouche, L’Assumption County, Quebec on the 18th November, 1823 and was in his 71st year at the time of his death.  He came to the vicinity of Pembroke about 43 years ago and was for many years proprietor of the property on the outskirts of town known as Church’s Mills—constituting a flour mill, saw mill, and woolen mill.  This property he sold some years ago and moved into town building a brick block on the corner of Berlin and Murray Streets which he occupied as a grocery store and dwelling house.  Mr. Church was converted under the ministry of R.M. Hammond some 35 years ago and since then he has been a consistent member and class leader in the Methodist Church.  Standard

William H. Budden, formerly of the Bank of Montreal at Peterboro and for the past few months manager of the Almonte branch of that institution, died at his residence on Sunday morning.  He had only been ill about ten days having been afflicted first by la grippe from which pneumonia developed.  The deceased gentleman was highly esteemed here being especially respected and valued by the business community dealing at the bank.  He leaves four young children to mourn his loss, his wife having died several years ago.  The remains wee taken to Montreal for interment on Tuesday morning.  Almonte Times.

On Saturday last Mrs. Patrick Boyle, wife of the editor and proprietor of the Irish Canadian, Toronto, died at her residence in that city at the age of 57.  She was the mother of Mrs. P.C. Dowdall of Almonte.

An old and respected resident of the township of Kitley died on Monday last in the person of Mrs. Robert Ferguson.  She had been in failing health for some time past but her death was due to an attack of la grippe which she was taken down with about two weeks ago.  Mrs. Ferguson was born in Belfast, Ireland.  She was married in 1833 and with her husband settled down in the township of Kitley where by their care and energy they placed themselves in comfortable circumstances.  Twelve of the children are left to mourn her loss one of whom is Dr. Ferguson, M.P., Kemptville  Smith’s Falls Record, January 11

Perth Courier, Jan. 26, 1894

McLaren—Died, at Lanark, on Friday, 19th Dec., Duncan McLaren, aged 44.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Lanark Links:  It is our sad duty this week to chronicle the death of Duncan McLaren of this village.  After a severe illness he succumbed to an attack of pneumonia.  He was highly respected in this vicinity.  An aged father and three orphan children are left to mourn his loss.  The funeral took place on Saturday to the Lanark Village cemetery and was largely attended.

William Keays, an old resident of the town, passed away to his reward last Tuesday evening at the age of 83 years.  Mr. Keays was born in Ireland and came to this country when but a young man.  He was twice married, his second wife who is the mother of William Neelan, survives him but is 92 years of age.  Carleton Place Herald, 16th Jan.

Proudfoot—Died at Ft. Coulange(?), Quebec, County Pontiac, on the 28th Dec., Mary Anderson Proudfoot, aged 74, wife of Mr. Alexander Proudfoot.  She was born in Scotland and came to Canada with the pioneer settlers of Ramsay, North Lanark in the year 1831.

Summer—Died, at Carleton Place on the 19th Jan., Col. John Summer, aged 80.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

The Carleton Place papers this week print lengthy obituaries of the late Col. John Sumner of that town who died on Friday, 19th Jan., at the age of 80 years.  He was born in the County of Essex, England in 1814 and came to Canada in 1832 clerking in Kingston, Bytown and Carleton Place finally settling down in the latter place acting as Dominion Emigrant Forwarder, traveler for wholesale houses, etc.  He married in 1839 Ellen Bearman of Nepean whom he survived and a year and a half ago he married for a second time Miss McKay of Carleton Place who with four sons and two daughters survive him.  He was a staunch Conservative and a member of the Church of England.  His title was in connection with the militia of Canada.

McDiarmid—Died, at Beckwith on the 18th Jan, Mrs. James McDiarmid, aged 86.

Steele—Died at Carleton Place on the 20th (?) Jan., Eliza Downey Steele, beloved wife of James E. Steele, aged 31.

Saward(?)—Died, in Ealing(?) near London, England, on the 6th Jan., Mrs. H. Saward(?) sister of the late Col. Summer of Carleton Place, aged 82.

Doherty—Died, at Ramsay on the 20th Jan., Lina(?) Doherty, youngest daughter of Mr. James Doherty, aged 22 years and 20 days.

Moulton—Died, on Monday evening, 22nd Jan., Robert James Moulton, youngest child of Jos. Moulton of Drummond, aged 7 months and 16 days.

The death of Donald Alexander Stewart, eldest son of Peter Stewart, 11th line Ramsay at the age of 29 has caused a deep feeling of sympathy in the neighborhood.  Mr. Stewart was a tall and powerfully built young man, and took a cold some months ago which settled on his lungs but it was thought at the time not to be serious.  About four or five weeks ago he became worse having been seized with an attack of la grippe. Almonte Times

Lanark Links:  We regret to announce the death of an old and respected village resident in the person of William Umpherson who died on Monday after a short but severe illness with la grippe.  He will be greatly missed.  His remains were interred in the family cemetery at Poland.

Mrs. Robert Dickson, Cedar Hill, Pakenham, died on the 14th Jan., at the age of 72 years.  She leaves three sons and two daughters in Canada and the U.S.

Perth Courier, Feb. 2, 1894

Sibbitt—Died at Carleton Place, on the 29th Jan., Mary Morphy(?) Sibbitt, beloved wife of Mr. Alexander Sibbitt, aged 52.

Geddes—Died, at Mallory, Minnesota on the 23rd Jan., Daniel Geddes, son of Mr. Eben Geddes of North Sherbrooke, aged 25.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Elphin:  Daniel Geddes, son of Eben Geddes of McLaren’s Depot died at Fisher, Minnesota on the 23rd inst.  The deceased had taken la grippe and had nearly recovered when he took a relapse which ultimately caused his death.  His remains were brought home by his brother and his funeral took place last Monday from the Snow Road Church.  As Mrs. Geddes was held in high esteem by all who knew him his funeral was one of the largest ever seen in this locality.

McFarlane—Died, at Burgess on Tuesday, 23rd Jan., Annie McFarlane, daughter of Mr. Alexander McFarlane, aged (illegible).

Coleman—Drowned at Kingston Harbor while skating on the 25th(?) Jan., Cecil James Coleman, youngest son of Mr. Richard Coleman, Esq. of Walmer(?), Dover, England and brother of Rev. Richard Coleman, assistant minister of St. Paul’s, Kingston, aged 17.

Cuddie—Died, at Big Bay, County Grey on Tuesday, 23rd Jan., William Cuddie, father of Mrs. George Templeton, Perth, aged 79.  The deceased was born in Scotland in 1815 and came to Canada when a child with the first settlers his father being the late Thomas Cuddie, who made a preliminary visit to the Perth settlement in March of 1812, camping out with the snow on the ground at “Lock’s Bridge”.  He afterward returned to Scotland for his family and settled on the Scotch Line.

Brooke:  Our esteemed neighbor Richard White, whose death has cast a gloom over the neighborhood, represented the township as councilor for years.  He was always just and honest.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Coleman.

Thurlow Settlement:  We are sorry to have to report the death of Mrs. Jas. Ferguson’s baby.

Brightside:  The sudden death of John Keating of Lammermore has cast a gloom round this place.  He died from the effects of heart disease and dropped dead at his stable door just as he was in the act of opening it.  Mr. Keating was a much respected and devoted Christian.  He was a member of the Presbyterian Church.  He was married about 8 months.  He belonged to the I.O.O.F.  Be Yea Also Ready.

Perth Courier, Feb. 9, 1894

Buell—Died, at Brockville on Friday, 2nd Feb., Lt. Col. Jacob Dockstader Buell, County Attorney and Master in Chancery.

Wilson—Died, at her home in Dakota near Ardoch, on the 22nd Jan., Louise Wilson, beloved wife of J. B. Wilson, and daughter of Thomas Wilson of N. Elmsley.

Blair—Died at Ashton, on the 4th Feb., Archibald Blair, aged 48.

Stewart—Died, at Ottawa (Rochesterville) on the 2nd Jan., Duncan Stewart, 7th Line Beckwith and father of W.J. Stewart, Carleton Place, aged 60

Dudgeon—Died, at Port Elmsley on Sunday, 28th Jan., Thomas Dudgeon aged 93(?).

Two old residents of Lanark Township passed away during the past week:  Mrs. Thomas Thompson who died on the 11th Jan., aged 80; and Silas Knapton who died on Monday, the 15th aged 89.

Perth Courier, Feb. 16, 1894

Wilson—Died, at Perth on Wednesday morning, 14th Feb., Margaret Lees Wilson, wife of Mr. Richard Wilson, aged 26.  The funeral will take place at 10:00 Friday forenoon the 16th inst., from the residence of her husband on Harvey Street to St. John’s Church and thence to the Catholic Cemetery.

The Mattawa Tribune says:  Mrs. Daniel Wilson late of the township of Lanark died at the residence of her son councilor John Wilson of Eau Claire on the 23rd ult.  La grippe was the immediate cause but old age was also against her being 93(?) years and 3 months old.  She was hale and hearty almost to the end as her eye was not dim neither was her natural force abated.  She was buried on Wednesday, 24th Jan., in Calvin Cemetery being followed to the grave by a large concourse of friends and relatives.”

Sutherland—Died, at Perth on Sunday 11th Feb., J. Jordan Sutherland, son of Mr. James Sutherland, aged 18.

Ferguson’s Falls:  We regret to announce the death of Mrs. D. Pryce which occurred last Wednesday, 7th Feb., after a brief illness of two days from inflammation of the lungs.  She was 65 years of age and up to the time of her death was quite smart.  She leaves a husband and one daughter to mourn her loss.  She had been a resident of the village for over 28 years.  The funeral on Friday was very largely attended to St. John’s Church (English) thence to the cemetery.

Perth Courier, Feb. 23, 1894

The death is announced at Smith’s Falls of Mrs. Helen Flagg, at the age of 59 years.  She was a member of the Baptist Church.

Class—(Closs?)—Died, at White Lake on the 25th(?) 26th(?) Jan., Mary Varan(?) Closs (or Class) widow of the late John Closs(or Class), aged 80.

Kirkham—Died, on the 16th Feb., Peter Kirkham, Bathurst, aged 30.

Oakes—Died, at Montreal on Wednesday morning, 7th Feb., James H. Oakes, late of Her Majesty’s Royal Engineers and son-in-law of the late Rev. Michael Harris, Rector of Perth, in the 74th year of his age.

McLean—Died, at Helms, Montana on the 7th Feb., Annie McLean, beloved wife of Mr. James G. McLean and daughter of Mr. James McLean of Ramsay, aged 30.  (note, both names McLean)

Stuart—Died, on the 14th Feb., at her late residence at 46 Stewart Street, Elizabeth Irving Stuart, wife of Rev. James G. Stuart of St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church, Toronto and formerly of Balderson, aged 37.

Boyd—Died, at the residence of her father near Hopetown on the 13th(?) 15th (?) Feb., after a short illness, Jessie Boyd, only daughter of Mr. David Boyd, aged 29(?).

On Monday last word came to Daniel Glossop here that his brother-in-law Duncan McLaren had died that morning at Deland, Florida where he had gone for his health.  Last fall he had suffered from an attack of inflammation of the lungs and the doctor had ordered him to Florida for the winter but the change of climate did not have the desired effect and latterly his death was looked for at any time.  The deceased was born in Perthshire, Scotland in 1832 and came to Canada with his mother and other members of his family in 1842 with the late Donald McCallum, his father having come out a few years before.  They settled in Drummond near Perth but the deceased took to the lumbering trade as an occupation and was foreman of the Caldwell’s of Lanark for many years and also kept a hotel in Lanark for a time.  He removed to Carleton Place in 1872 and carried on lumbering running a sawmill at the same time.  He served in the Council there for several years.  He left Carleton Place about 1883 for Fargo, Dakota and bought a large farm near Mapleton in that vicinity and a few years after was elected Sheriff of Cass County on the Democratic ticket by a good majority.  The deceased was married in 1856(?) to Susan Rice by whom he had three children two of whom, Elizabeth and Daniel survive.  His wife died in 1881 in Carleton Place and his body will be brought there this week to be laid beside her remains in the cemetery of that town.  While here, Mr. McLaren was a prominent Liberal and an energetic worker at election time.  Mrs. Daniel Glossop of Perth, Mrs. Frederick Rice of Drummond and Mrs. J.G. Robertson, Lanark are sisters of the deceased.

Perth Courier, March 2, 1894

John Rogers of New Boyne, Leeds County, uncle of Joseph Rogers, barrister of Perth, one of the first settlers of that section, died at his home on Monday morning 25th Feb. at the age of 84.  Mr. Rogers was well known and highly respected in this district and a member of the Church of England.  In politics he was a Conservative.

Johnson—Died, at Three Mile Plains, Nova Scotia on Tuesday, 30th Jan., of Bright’s Disease, Alfred A. Johnson, youngest son of the late Capt. Alfred H. and Sarah Johnson, aged 25.

Flannery—Died, at Beaumont, California on Tuesday, 6th Feb., Daniel T. Flannery, formerly of Pembroke, aged 26 years, 6 months and 10 days.

Costello—Died, at Brodenell, County Renfrew on Thursday, 15th Feb., William J. Costello, eldest son of James and Rachel Costello, aged 27 years, 9 months and 20 days.

Gilroy—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Saturday, 17th Feb., William Gilroy in his 53rd year.

Taylor—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Tuesday, (date illegible) Feb., Mrs. William Taylor, aged 73.

Davis—Died, at Smith’s Falls, on Tuesday, 17th Feb., Mrs. Eliza Davis, aged 73.

Warrington—Died, at Fallbrook, Bathurst on the morning of the 28th Feb., John A. Warrington, aged 21.

Moodie—Died, on Wednesday, 21st Feb., James Moodie, Sr., Scotch Line, North Burgess, aged 83(?) 85(?).  The funeral will take place at 2:00 this Friday afternoon 2nd March from his late residence to the Scotch Line Cemetery.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Wednesday morning, 28th Feb., James Moodie, Scotch Line, Burgess, died of heart failure resulting from la grippe at the advance age of 85(?) years.  The deceased had always been a very healthy man and even up to a few months ago was strong and active until the dreaded la grippe took hold of him about New Year’s.  Just three months ago his wife died and thus the affliction of his friends is a double one to some degree.  Mr. Moodie was born at Carnock(?), Fifeshire, Scotland and when fifteen years of age came with his parents to Canada in 1822 settling on the Scotch Line.  He may be said, therefore, to have come through all the trials and hardships of the early settlers.  Besides a family of sons and daughters, deceased leaves three brothers, John, Andrew and Alexander, all living on the Scotch Line and two sisters in the county of Lanark.  He had been for a great many ears a member of the Presbyterian church and of Knox Church congregation since its inception.

O’Neil—Died, at Toronto on the 21st Feb., Bridget Harrington O’Neil wife of Mr. Patrick O’Neil, formerly of Perth, aged 51(?).

Campbell—Died, at Lanark on the 9th Feb., Mrs. Archie Campbell, aged 28 years and 9 months, nee Margaret Jane Ferguson.

Pollock—Died, at Southampton, England on the 2nd Feb., Robert Pollock, 76 years, father of Messrs. Robert, W.A. M. Pollock of Almonte.

The Central Canadian in referring to the death of Duncan McLaren of Fargo, N.D., says that the funeral took place on Tuesday and “the son and daughter were present while numerous friends drove in from Lanark, Perth and other places.  Among these we observed T.B. Caldwell, T. Baird, W.A. Field, J. Manahan, John and James Robertson, Robert and James McFarlane of Lanark; D. Glossop and Charles Rice of Perth; W.B. McArthur of Ottawa.  The pallbearers were W. McDiarmid, J.L. Murphy, John F. Cram and William McIlquham.  A short service was held at the Commercial House in connection with the Mississippi where the remains lay in a heavy metallic coffin covered with overlays of flowers.  Rev. Mr. McNair officiated a prayer and appropriate address of consolation as well as a petition.  Mr. McLaren was a most affectionate father, a good citizen and a warm friend.  He was a member of the Masonic fraternity.  The son Daniel left on Tuesday evening for Perth to stay a few hours then he will proceed at once to Mapleton.  The daughter will stay among friends here a couple months.  It is said the farm in Mapleton is worth $15,000.”

Perth Courier, March 9, 1894

McLaren—Died, at Bathurst on Sunday, 4th March, Neil McLaren, 4th Line, aged 37.

Leggett—Died, at Deseronto, on Saturday, 3rd March, Willis Leggett, youngest son of Mr. Hy. Leggett, formerly of Perth, aged 12 years.

Lanark Links:  It is our sad duty to announce the death of Robert James, which took place on Saturday last.  He was one of the most respected men in the township.  The funeral took place on Tuesday last.  A funeral sermon will be preached in St. Andrew’s Church on Sunday next by Rev. Jas. Wilson, M.A.

Perth Courier, March 16, 1894

Mrs. Rosa McEathron, a former resident of Perth, died at her home in Lena, Illinois on the 10th March, 1894 aged 78 years.  Her husband and family left this place in the fall of 1849(?) and settled at Lena.  He died the following summer.  She has lived alone for some years.  For a few days she had not been felling well but insisted on staying alone.  Mrs. John King, sister from Brockville, visited her but as another sister was very sick she preferred to dispense with her care.  On the afternoon of the 10th her friends noticed that the curtains were not raised and effected an entrance through a window and found her in bed as if asleep but life had fled.  She had evidently fallen asleep and never awakened as the bed clothes and pillows were undisturbed and gave no indication of a struggle.  The physician pronounced here disease rheumatism of the heart.  Her husband Alexander McEathron settled in Perth about the year 1828.

Padenhurst—Died, at his residence at Perth, of pneumonia on Wednesday, 11th March, Mr. William H. Radenhurst, barrister, in his 58th year.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Wednesday afternoon William Horatio Radenhurst the respected clerk of the Perth Town Council died from pneumonia after about a fortnight’s illness.  He had been in delicate health for some time and his system was unable to stand the attack of a complaint so inveterate as that which carried him off.  The deceased was born in Toronto but lived from infancy in Perth till he died, with the exception of a few years residence in Ottawa.  He was a lawyer by profession and belonged to the firm of Morris and Radenhurst, Roden & Douglas and Radenhurst and Shaw but of late years he had not practiced his profession to any extent.  Two or three years ago he received the appointment of clerk of the Perth Town Council and this took up most of his time.  At death he was in his 58th year.  The deceased was unmarried, his sister, Miss Radenhurst keeping house for him at the old homestead.  His brother George A. Radenhurst arrived from Barrie the day of his death and remains for the funeral on Saturday.

Park—Died, at Poland, Ontario on the 11th Feb., Ellen Park, daughter of Mr. John Park, aged 19.

Mitchell—Died, on the 2nd March at 606(?) Henry Street, Winnipeg, Mr. Wellington Mitchell, aged 20 years, 8 months and 9 days.  The deceased was the only son of George Mitchell of Oak Band (?), Manitoba.

Jamieson—Died, at Carleton Place on the 4th March, Maggie Florence Jamieson, third daughter of James Jamieson, aged 16(?) years and 8 months.

Wood—Died, at Havelock on Saturday, 3rd March, Harry Wood, formerly of Smith’s Falls, aged 40(?) 46(?).

Herbert—Died, at Drummond on Tuesday afternoon 13th March, Mary McKeller, relict of the late Samuel Herbert, aged 69.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

An old resident, Mrs. Samuel Herbert, 1st Concession Drummond, died on Tuesday afternoon this week at the residence of her son, Thomas Herbert, after an illness of about four months from a stroke of paralysis.  The deceased’s maiden name was Mary McKellar and she came here from her birth place of Scotland at the age of 15.  She was 69 years old at the time of her death.

Perth Courier, March 23, 1894

McCallum—Died, at E. Saginaw, Michigan on the 8th March, Archibald McCallum, father of Mrs. D. K. McCallum of Carleton Place, aged 72.

O’Rourke—Died, at his late residence Ballinimore, County Leitrum, Ireland, on the 24th Feb., Hugh O’Rourke, father of Rev. Father O’Rourke, Carleton Place, aged 64.

Gardiner—Died, at Scotch Corners, Beckwith on the 14th March, William Gardiner, third son of Charles Gardiner, aged 23 years and 7 months.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

It is our sad duty to chronicle the death of William Gardiner, aged 23 years and 7 months which occurred on the 14th March at the residence of his parents Scotch Corners, Beckwith of inflammation of the lungs after an illness of five weeks which he bore with Christian resignation.  All that medical skill could devise and kind and efficient nursing could accomplish was without avail and fully prepared for another state of existence and freed from the pains he endured he passed away to be forever with the Lord.  His main comfort, assurance of his faith in Christ, will be long remembered and treasured by those who are left to mourn his loss.  His remains were interred on Friday last at St. John’s Church, Lanark Township.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Osborne of Clayton.  A large concourse of friends took this last opportunity of showing their respect for one who was a general favorite with all and never did truer mourners or more bleeding hearts follow a coffin to its last resting place than were those who gathered round that open grave and saw his body laid to rest awaiting the Savior’s call.  His death is a crushing blow to his many relatives and companions in this place.

Perth Courier, March 30, 1894

Moffatt—Died, at Pembroke on the 15th inst., Isabella Ambrose Kennedy Moffatt, wife of Sheriff Moffatt, aged 75.

Dougherty—Died, at Lanark on the 23rd March, Mr. Thomas Dougherty, aged 83(?).

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Lanark Links:  It is our sad duty this week to announce the death on Friday last of Thomas Dougherty one of the oldest and most respected residents of the village.  The funeral took place on Sunday to the Lanark Village cemetery and was largely attended.  He leaves a wife and large family.

Elsewhere in the same paper;

On Friday last Thomas Dougherty of Lanark Village one of the early settlers of the county passed away to his reward at the ripe old age of 83(?) years.  The deceased was born in Dublin, Ireland and came out to Canada with his parents when but three or four years of age being shipwrecked on route, an accident which he had never forgotten.  His father had been a British soldier and having served 21 years received a pension and came out with others to the military settlement in Bathurst some 80 years ago.  The subject of this sketch resided in this county until he reached manhood when he moved across the line to New York state where he met and married Elizabeth Hough who survives him today although two years his elder and very feeble.  After a residence of five or six years under the Stars and Stripes he returned to Canada and lived in and about Perth for a time but 42 years ago went to Lanark where he has since resided.  Some years ago his eyesight failed him and since that time he has been unable to do any kind of work although enjoying good health otherwise.  Of the children two sons and three daughters are still living:  James Dougherty of this town; William Dougherty of Lanark; Mrs. Walter Burns of Manitoba; Mrs. John Thompson of Perth; and Mrs. N. Nicols in Australia.  The funeral took place to the Lanark Village Cemetery Sunday afternoon.  The pallbearers were Messrs. John Robertson, William Dorroway, William Craig, Robert Robertson, Robert Watt and William Montgomery.  Carleton Place Herald, 27th March.

Ennis—Died, at Innisville on Thursday, 22nd March, Mr. David Ennis, aged 52(?).

Castle—Died, at Carleton Place on the 22nd March, Addie W. Castle, beloved wife of Mr. F. J. Castle, aged 25 years, 4 months.

Wilson—Died, at North Elmsley on Wed., 21st March, Thomas Wilson, aged 77.  The deceased was a native of County Tyrone, Ireland and a Presbyterian.  He came to Canada 59 years ago settling in the neighborhood of Oliver’s Ferry.

Hoffsmith—Died, at Bathurst on Monday, 26th March, Mr. George Hoffsmith, aged 70.

Robinson—Died, at Harper’s Corners on Sat., 24th March, James Robinson, aged 75.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

James Robinson, an old resident of Bathurst near Harper died last Friday at the age of 75 years.  He was a native of England.

Walsh—Died, at the residence of her aunt, Mrs. P. Nolan, North Elmsley, 19th March, Katie E. Walsh, aged 22.

Perth Courier, April 6, 1894

George Hoffsmith, 3rd Concession Bathrust, whose death was briefly noted last week, was one of the oldest native born residents in this vicinity.  Mr. Hoffsmith lived all his life on the farm which was drawn by his father in 1814.  His father was one of the historical de Watteville Regiment which upon being disbanded at the close of the War of 1812-13 settled largely in the old Bathurst District.  This regiment was compiled of men from almost every country in continental Europe but the colonel and most of the men including Mr. Hoffsmith were from Switzerland.  His mother was Margaret McKenzie who with her father, mother and brothers and sisters immigrated from the County of Inverness, Scotland in 1817.  Born in the year 1824, Mr. Hoffsmith during his early manhood engaged in lumbering operations but the latter years of his life were spent in farming.  In 1851 he married Ann H. Griffin from Limerick, Ireland.  In politics he was always an uncompromising adherent of the Liberal Party.  He leaves a widow and three sons and three daughters.

Two old residents died within a week past, two residents of the Scotch Line—Mrs. And Mrs. Edward O’Heare departed this life he at the age of 92 years and she at the age of 75 years.  It is somewhat remarkable that the old couple should die within a few days of each other but it shows that the dreary winter had taken away their vitality and as is often the case the relaxing days of spring only brought further weakness to them.  Mrs. O’Heare died on Thursday and was buried on Saturday and her husband died on Sunday and his remains were laid in the ground on Tuesday.  They were natives of Ireland and came from their to Burgess more than half a century ago but soon afterwards removed to Perth.  Here he became a sexton of the Roman Catholic Church and rang the bell fifty years back in the old church on the sand hill and also in the new church in Rev. Father McDonagh’s time.  He was a good singer and led the church choir for a time.  Many years ago he and the family removed to Bathurst on the Scotch Line where they remained until death took them away as we have told.

Thomas R. Bulloch

In the death of Mr. Thomas R. Bulloch of Hopetown which occurred on Friday, 30th March, Lanark Township and Lanark County lost one of their most enterprising and best known farmers.  The late Mr. Bulloch was born near the farm on which he lived and prospered for many years and on which he died.  Early in life he married Jane Lochead, daughter of William Lochead, postmaster at Brightside, who preceded him to the grave a little more than three years ago.  Some time ago Mr. Bulloch became aware that he was a victim of diabetes and that it was only a matter of time when he would have to succumb to the effects.  About two weeks ago he went to Kingston to consult eminent physicians there but the treatment being more severe than he could bear he returned home on Tuesday of last week and breathed his last on the following Friday.  The funeral, which took place on Sunday afternoon, was one of the largest ever seen in that section, as he was known by nearly every one in the county.  He was a member of the Evergreen Lodge A.M. and A.M., Lanark Village, for many years.  He was also a member of the International Order of Foresters in which he carried insurance.  At his own request, he was buried with Masonic honors by Evergreen Lodge, assisted by the Masons from Perth, Carleton Place and Almonte to the number of about 60 to the Hopetown Cemetery.  The pallbearers were Messrs. W.C. Caldwell, M.P.P., T.B. Caldwell, Jas. McFarlane, J. H. Wilson, W. H. McKinley, and J. W. Stewart of Evergreen Lodge.  The late Mr. Bulloch was one of the most extensive breeders of pure bred stock in the county and was a member of Lanark Township Council for ten consecutive years.  Over a year ago he married Miss Agnes Craig who, with a large family, survives him and who will have the deepest sympathy of the whole community in the sad loss of so estimable a husband and father.

Bell—Died, at Carleton Place on the 2nd April, Robert Bell, aged 86 years and 17 days.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

At 4:30 yesterday afternoon Robert Bell breathed his last.  Two weeks previous he was taken ill when dressing for church and his decline has been gradual ever since.  No particular disease appeared to affect him but the system gave out all at once as it were, worn out by age and activity and the spirit quickly passed away.  There was no apparent pain and for the last two days the old patriarch seemed in a comatose state.  Both the sons Dr. R. Bell and J. Bell were at their father’s bedside when the final summons came.  Robert Bell was born in London, England, on the 16th March, 1808 and was therefore in his 87th year.  His father was Reverend William Bell, a native of Leith near Edinburth, Scotland, who settled in Perth in 1817 and was for 40 years pastor of the Presbyterian Church in this section.  Rev. William Bell married Mary Black, a descendent from the Huguenots.  Eight sons and one daughter were born – all but the two youngest in the old country.  The reverend gentleman and his wife have both long since passed to their rewards and their remains interred in Perth.  Three of the sons are still living , Eben Bell in the western states, James Bell, registrar, Perth, and Rev. George Bell, L. L. D., Kingston, and registrar at Queen’s University.  The death of Robert Bell is the first in the family in a period of thirty years.  In 1839(?) Robert Bell married Emily S. Jones, daughter of Josiah Jones of Brockville.  She died in 1858 leaving three children, Dr. R.W. Bell of Peterboro, J.J. Bell of Toronto and Isabella, the only daughter who died in 1889.  Mr. Bell came to Carleton Place 62 years ago when a young man of only 22 years and entered into mercantile pursuits.  At that time there was no railroad here and Mr. Bell used to have his goods brought from Montreal to Perth by the water route, hauled from Perth to the shore  of the big lake and ferried down to Carleton Place.  He continued in business for about 30 years and was postmaster for about 20 years.  He represented Lanark in the old Parliament of Canada for 19 years, resigning his seat to take the position of Inspector of Dominion Canada, a position he held for a number of years until super annuated.  He was Warden of the county for two years and sat at the township and county council boards for many years.  He was an active major of a volunteer battalion and for a long time held the rank of Lt. Col. in the Canadian reserve militia.  For over half a century he did service as a magistrate, was a school trustee for over forty years and chairman of the board for 37 years, resigning that position only about a year ago.  In religion he was a Presbyterian and for 45 years had been an elder.  Mr. Bell  has lived an active life and has always been to the fore in every laudable enterprise for the advancement of the race.  Possessed of a rare store of knowledge—scientific and general—warm hearted and wonderful physical and mental energy, he has indeed been an educator, philanthropist, public servant and helper to all.  Many years ago when the agitation for the first railway in the Ottawa Valley was going on the subject of this notice was one of the spokesmen at a meeting and at that remote period expressed his belief that through this place would pass in future years trains laden with cargoes that came from the Asiatic continent; that this point lay directly in the path of a future iron band that would span North America.  Mr. Bell lived to see his prophecy fulfilled.  Such, in brief, is a sketch of the life of Robert Bell, whose body lies today cold in death.  His career has been a remarkable one in many respects and the memory of his works will descend in history to future generations.  The funeral is fixed for tomorrow at 11:00 in the C.P.R. station thence to Perth where the remains will be laid to rest beside those of his life long partner who preceded him to the distant shore so many years before.  The two sons, the chief mourners, have the sympathy of the entire community in their sorrow for he who they have lost was always to them a fond and affectionate father; and although he had long since passed the allotted span of three score years and ten his sprightly nature and sharp intellect made him always fresh and young and when in good health a brilliant conversationalist.  Carleton Place Herald.

Barr—Died, at Lanark on the 19th March, Willie Galbraith Barr, son of Peter and Maggie Barr aged 10 months and 29 days.

Smith—Died, on the 26th March, George Smith, 2nd Concession Bathurst, aged 70.

Sullivan—Died, at Renfrew on the 23rd March, John Sullivan, aged 82.

Devine—Died, at Renfrew on the 24th March, Patrick Devine, aged 62.

Perth Courier, April 13, 1894

McPheron—Died, near Oak Lake, Manitoba on the 4th April, Peter McPherson, formerly of N. Elmsley, aged 72(?).

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Word came to us yesterday that Peter McPherson, formerly of N. Elmsley in this county, died at his residence near Oak Lake, Manitoba on the 4th April at the age of 72(?) years.  The deceased was a well known farmer in his neighborhood and was well known about here.  He leaves two daughters Mrs. D.H. Parker of Oak Lake, Manitoba and Mrs. John McDonald of Scotch Corners, Beckwith.  He was a staunch Liberal and Presbyterian and a good upholder of both.

Ireland—Died, at Glen Tay on Tuesday evening, 10th April, Maggie Ireland, daughter of Mr. J. S. Ireland, aged 23 years and 9 months.

Buffam—Died, at Fallbrook on the 5th April, Elizabeth Scott Buffam, wife of George Buffam, Fallbrook, aged 69(?).

Elsewhere in the same paper:

The pioneer residents of this county are passing away one by one and this week we have to record the death of a very estimable woman Mrs. George Buffam, Fallbrook who died at the residence of her husband Thursday last at the age of 69(?)89(?) from heart trouble.  Her maiden name was Elizabeth Scott, the daughter of an old British soldier who came to this county over seventy years ago.  Her husband and family of six sons and two daughters survive to mourn the loss of a loving wife and mother.  At her own request her six boys who all live within ten miles of their home were her pallbearers.  Frank Buffam, miller at the Perth roller mills, is one of the six.  The funeral which took place on Saturday was a large one.

McLaren—Died, at Lanark, on Wednesday, 4th April, Margaret Stewart McLaren, relict of the late David McLaren, aged 68 years and 6 months.

Byrne—Died at Perth on Friday morning, 6th April, Catharine Bennett Byrne, wife of Mr. Michael Byrne, aged 64.

Ferguson—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Wednesday, 4th April, James Henry Ferguson, son of Duncan A. and Anna M. Ferguson, aged 16 years and three months.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

The many friends in Perth of Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Ferguson of Smith’s Falls will deeply sympathize with them in the loss of their son James Henry, whose death occurred from pneumonia on Wednesday of last week at the age of 16 years.  He was a young man of fine disposition, popular and deeply loved by his companions.  The loss to his parents is most keenly felt.  We regret to say that Mrs. Ferguson is herself very ill from pneumonia.

Miller—Died, on the 6th Concession Lanark on Sunday, 8th April, Catharine McCurdy Miller, wife of the late Matthew Miller, aged 66.

Free—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Sat., 31st March, Fannie Robinson Free, wife of Mr. John A. Free, aged 30.

Wilson—Died, at Montague on Friday, 30th March, Elizabeth Wilson, wife of Mr. Henry Wilson, aged 53(?).

Mrs. McKane of North Elmsley died on the 5th April at the age of 69 years.  She was a native of Rosshire, Scotland, and came to Canada in 1845.

Perth Courier, April 20, 1894

Ireland—Died, at Glen Tay, Bathurst on Tuesday, 10th April, Maggie Scott Ireland, youngest daughter of Mr. J.S. Ireland, aged 23 years and 10 months.

Williams—Died, at Kingston on the 12thApril, Annie I.(?) or L.(?) McRae Williams, beloved wife of Mr. B. Y. Williams, aged 28.

Bennett—Drowned in the Mississippi Lake near Carleton Place on the 26th , Noble Bennett, aged 31 years and 6 months.

Shaw—Died, at Perth, on Saturday evening, 14th April, Flora Madeline Matheson Shaw, widow of the elate Henry D. Shaw, aged 58.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Saturday night last after a lingering and painful illness Mrs. Henry D. Shaw passed away at the age of 58 years.  Mrs. Shaw survived her husband some eight years and leaves one son Mr. H. M. Shaw, merchant and three daughters.  She was a woman of fine character and was greatly esteemed by her friends.  She was the eldest daughter of the late Hon. Roderick Matheson.

Duncan—Died, at Dalhousie on Monday, 2nd April, John Duncan (Lakeside), aged 44.

Coswell—Died, at Innisville on the 17th April, Martha Burrows Coswell, wife of Mr. Andrew Coswell, in her 79th year.

Early on Saturday morning, 7th April, the Arnprior Chronicle says, an old and highly respected resident of Arnprior in the person of Daniel Legerwood passed into the spirit land.  He had been sick only a few days although he had not been in good health since last fall.  The funeral took place on Monday afternoon from his late residence on Vancourtlant Street to the Arnprior Cemetery, Rev. Mr. McLean officiating.  The deceased came into this world 64 years ago in Drummond Township, Lanark County.  His father Joseph Legerwood was a farmer.  He died 26 years ago four years after the decease of his wife.  After taking a common school course, the subject of this sketch attended the Perth Grammar School and finished up at the Toronto Normal School where he obtained a Second Class A Certificate in 1857.  He had been teaching a short time before graduating at the Normal School so that when two years ago he was superannuated he had seen about 40 years of service.  Among other places he taught were Ramsay, Portage du Fort, Pembroke, Forrester’s Falls, Beachburg, Mansfield, Stewartsville, Cumberland, Yuill’s, Claybank and Alice.  Sixteen years ago he removed his family to Arnprior where they have since remained.  He had three sisters one of whom is left and four brothers two of whom survive.  The surviving sister is Mrs. Daniel McKay of the Township of Ross while the brothers who are still in the flesh are James Legerwood of Pembroke and Mr. G. Legerwood of the Township of Drummond.  The brothers dead are John and Angus, the latter having been the husband of Mrs. Legerwood who resides on Elgin Street in Arnprior.  In 1856 Daniel was married at Almonte to Mary Ann Templeman who with eleven children, five sons and six daughters, who are left to mourn his loss.  The sons all reside in Arnprior and are unmarried and here also lives the daughters three of whom are wed viz.:  Mrs. Jas. Whyte, Mrs. Charles Kerr and Mrs. Andrew Laycock.  The deceased in religion was a Presbyterian.

We regret to announce the death of Peter McPhail, ex-reeve of Lavant on the 29th March.  His funeral took place on the 31st ult.  The late Mr. McPhail was a man of fine presence, a grand specimen of the Scotch Highlands race and was greatly respected in the Lanark County Council for the six or seven years he was a member of the body.  He was born in Montague Township 53 years ago but for a long time made his home in Lavant removing from there to Manitoba two years ago.  He leaves a wife and large family.  He was a Liberal and a Presbyterian.  The deceased died from an ulcerated stomach and at his death was reduced to less than 100 pounds from his usual weight in health of 200 pounds.

The many friends in this vicinity Mrs. Robert Goodfellow, says the Smith’s Falls Record, will be pained to hear of her death which occurred about a week ago at her home in Grenfell, Iowa.  During her residence here she did not enjoy the best of health but after her removal to the West she seemed to be better.  The improvement was only temporary, however, and for some time past she had been gradually failing.  Mrs. Goodfellow was the eldest daughter of Ewen Cameron of Arnprior formerly of this town, and was called beloved by all who knew her.  She leaves besides her husband one little daughter about 8 years of age.  She was born on the 2nd Line Drummond near Perth.

Mr. Frederick Dransfield one of Almonte’s oldest citizens passed away this (Thursday) morning at the advanced age of 88 years.  He was born in England and crossed the Atlantic when a boy.  He came to Almonte 35 years ago and resided here continuously since following the occupation of a jack spinner until incapacitated for work nine years ago. Gazette

Perth Courier, April 27, 1894

Campbell—Died, on Thursday morning, 28th April, Mr. Duncan Campbell, 7th Concession Drummond, near Balderson, aged 73.  The funeral will take place Saturday, 28th April at 3:00 pm to the 7th Line burying ground.

McVeity—Died, at North Elmsley on Wednesday, 25th April, Isabella McVeity, relict of the late Lett James, aged (illegible).  The funeral will take place from the resident of her son John H. James, 9th Concession North Elmsley today (Friday) at 2:30 to the old English Church Cemetery, Perth.

Dawson—Died, at Elmsley on Sunday, 8th April, the infant son of Mr. S. T. Dawson.

Patterson—Died, at Carleton Place on the 22nd April, Charles Patterson, aged 80.

Nolan—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Thursday, 12th April, Bridget Nolan, daughter of Edward Nolan of Elmsley, aged 20.

Barber—Died, at Dalhousie (Highland Line) on the 23rd(?) March, John Barber, aged 67(?).

Duncan—Died, at Dalhousie on the 27th March, Jean Marshall Duncan, wife of Mr. John Duncan, Sr., aged 76.

It is our sad duty to announce the death of William Kenney, of Drummond, aged 58(?) years.  His funeral took place on Monday last to Lanark Village Cemetery and was largely attended.

Perth Courier, May 4, 1894

Rattray—Died, at Beckwith, 30th April, William Rattray, Jr.  (no age given)

Parker—Died, at Frankville, on Saturday, 21st April, Mr. Robert Parker, aged 62.

McVeigh—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Tuesday, 24th April, Harold McVeigh, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McVeigh, aged 5(?).

Forrest—Died, at Ramsay on the 24th April, Elizabeth Forrest, wife of Mr. John Forrest, aged 41.

McDonagh—Died, at Deadwood on Wednesday, 11th April, Elizabeth O’Brien McDonagh, wife of Mr. W. S. McDonagh, aged 23(?).

Kenney—Died, at Lanark Township, on Saturday, 21st April, William Kenney, brother of Andrew Kenney of Almonte, aged 58.

Carmichael—Died, on Tuesday, 24th April, at the manse, Norwood, suddenly of hemorrhage of the lungs, Rev. James Carmichael, M.A., in the 64th (?) year of his age.

Malloch—Died, at Hamilton on Wednesday, 25th April, Francis Stewart Malloch, son of the late Judge Edward Malloch, formerly of Brockville, aged 56(?).

James—Died, at North Elmsley on Wednesday, 25th April, Isabella McVeity James, relict of the late Lett James, aged 68(?).

Perth Courier, May 11, 1894

Lisson—Died, at Smith’s Falls, on Wednesday, 2nd May, Mrs. Richard Lisson, aged 19(?0 29(?).

Marquette—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Friday, 27th April, Jeanette Ellen Marquette, daughter of Mr. George Marquette, aged 3 months.

Riddell—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Friday, 27th April, Mr. Jas. A. Riddell, aged 63.

Shields—Died, at Montague on Friday, 27th April, Margaret J. McEwen Shields, wife of Mr. James Shields, aged 36.

Brown—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Sunday, 29th April, Miss Lizzie Brown, aged 17(?).

Lane—Died, at North Elmsley on Friday, 27th April, Mrs. John Lane, aged (illegible).

Lawson—Died, at Lombardy on Friday, 27th April, the son of Mr. Andrew Lawson, aged 20(?).

Baird—Died, at Kamloops, B.C., on Monday, 30th April, Mr. Baird, son of Mrs. William Baird, formerly of Perth, aged 26(?).

Christie’s Lake—The sad news of the sudden death of James White has cast a gloom over the neighborhood.

Harper:  An old resident formerly of the 7th Line Bathurst died on May 3 at the age of 96 years.  The deceased was Mr. Hopkins, father of John, James, and Richard and departed this life at his daughter’s, Mrs. Alexander Anderson of Fallbrook.

McCuan—Died, at Beckwith on the 4th May, Duncan McCuan, in the 70th year of his age.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

The Herald records the death of Duncan McCuan of Beckwith and a native of that township on the 4th May at the age of 70 years.  His wife was Grace McFarlane, of the same township.  He was a Liberal and a Presbyterian.

Flemming—Died, at Perth on Tuesday, 8th May, Mr. Jos. Flemming of Bathurst, aged 67(?).

Elsewhere in the same paper:

We regret to say that one of Bathurst’s most respected residents Joseph Flemming met with an accident about a week ago by falling from a hayloft and hitting his back and head

On a wagon underneath from the effects of which he died on Tuesday of this week.  He remains were buried yesterday in Elmwood Cemetery in Perth.

Perth Courier, May 25, 1894

Grant—Died, at the residence of her son-in-law James Russell, near Pakenham, Agnes Rorison Grant, relict of Mr. John Grant, Sr., Fitzroy, on Thursday evening, 17th inst., in the 93rd year of her age.

Acheson(?)—Died, on Sunday morning 20th May, Elizabeth Conboy(?) Acheson(?), relict of the late Mr. Stewart Acheson(?), aged 84.

Devlin—Died, at Morris Hotel, Perth, on the 22nd inst., James Devlin, aged 70(?).

Perth Courier, June 1, 1894

Lake—Died, at his residence at Fallbrook on the 17th May, Mrs. John Lake, aged (illegible).

McGregor—Died, at Carleton Place on Sunday, 27th May, Margaret Jane Ford McGregor, wife of Patrick McGregor, aged 46.

Templeton—Died, at Perth on Wednesday afternoon, 30th May, Margaret Gilmour Templeton, aged 22(?).  The funeral will take place on Friday afternoon 1st June from the residence of her mother on Herriott St. to Elmwood Cemetery.

Cameron—Died, at Carleton Place on the 27th May, Donald Cameron, aged 63.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

The Herald mentions the death of Donald Cameron of Beckwith on Sunday morning of last week at the age of 64 years.  He was born in that township, followed the profession of teaching when a young man and then the occupation of farmer.  He leaves a widow and three sons and three daughters.

Professor Romanes(?) Romance(?), aged 46, son of Professor Romanes(?)Romance(?), once a professor at Queen’s College, Kingston, died at London last week.  He was born in Smith’s Falls and was a professor at the Royal Institute of London, England, lecturer at Edinburgh University and famous for scientific and philosophical contributions to periodicals.  He was an ardent disciple of Darwin.

Brady—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Friday 11th May, Mrs. Patrick Brady, formerly of Perth, aged 73.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Mrs. Patrick Brady, a former resident of Perth, died suddenly at her home in Smith’s Falls on the 11th May at the age of 73 years.  Her remains were interred in the Roman Catholic Cemetery at Perth.

Perth Courier, June 1, 1894

Balderson:  We clip from the “Canadian Baptist” the following obituary of the late Duncan Campbell of Drummond who was well known to many readers of the Courier.  “Campbell—Died, on the 26th April at his residence in Drummond, Duncan Campbell, aged 73 years.  Brother Campbell was born in Drummond Township in 1821.  In 18?? He was united in marriage to Isabella McDiarmid of Glengarry who departed this life three weeks before her husband.  When about twelve years of age our brother professed faith in Christ, was baptized by Rev. P.R. McEwen and united with the Drummond Baptist Church of which he remained a member until his Lord said ‘Come up here’.  The funeral sermon was preached by the writer from Job 26 after which the remains were followed by a large concourse of relatives and friends and interred in the Drummond 7th Line Cemetery.  Our brother left behind him two brothers, and three sons to mourn their loss.” (transcriber’s note, last sentence very hard to read, may contain errors.)

Perth Courier, June 8, 1894

Cornelius Cadigan, one of the oldest residents of Ramsay, died on Sunday last at a very advanced age and his remains were interred in the Roman Catholic burying ground here on Tuesday.  He was the father of Mr. P. Cadigan, the well known railway conductor and Messr. Cornelius and William Cadigan of Ramsay.  A fourth son, Rev. Father Cadigan died some years ago.  Two daughters are also alive.  The deceased was an adherent of the Roman Catholic Church and thoroughly respected by all who knew him.  Gazette, 1st June

Trainer—Died, at Lanark Village on Monday morning, 4th June, Mr. John Trainer, aged 47.

Fisher—Died, at Bathurst, on Monday, 4th June, Mr. Donald Fisher, aged 87.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Another and among the last of the original settlers of Bathurst, Donald Fisher, died at his residence on the 5th Line of that township on Monday, 4th June at the advanced age of 87 years.  The deceased was born in the district of Balquidden, Perthshire, Scotland and his forefathers sleep in the same chapel where lay the bones of the famed Rob Roy McGregor.  Mr. Fisher came to Canada with his parents in the year 1818 when a youth of 11 and endured the privations and hardships of pioneer life in Canada happily unknown to the present generation.  He was married to Christina McNee (sister of Messrs. Duncan and Peter McNee of this locality) whom he survived about 30 years.  He left three sons Peter who lives near Chesley, Ontario; Duncan of Athens, Leeds County; and Donald on the farm and in whose place he died.  The deceased was a Liberal and a member of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Perth and a very regular meeting attendant until deafness and other bodily infirmities kept him away.  His remains were buried besides those of his wife and children in the old Presbyterian burying ground in Perth, the funeral being attended by a large concourse of neighbors.  Rev. A. H. Scott conducted the service.

Ford—Died, at Carleton Place on the 27th May, Margaret Jane Ford, wife of Mr. Patrick McGregor, aged 40.

Bremmer—Died, at Boisserain, Manitoba on the 25th(?) May, Janet Elizabeth Dick (daughter of Mr. Andrew Dick, formerly of Almonte), beloved wife of Mr. John Bremmer, aged 30 years, 4 months and 19 days.

Moffat—Died, at Pembroke on the 27th May, John Ross Moffat, son of Thomas H. and Annie Moffat, aged 5 years, 5(?) months and 27 days.

Armstrong—Died, on Monday, 4th June, George Frederick of North Elmsley, aged 23 years and 9 months.

McMillan—Died, at Perth on Wednesday morning, 6th June, Mrs. Col. McMillan, sister of F. Davies, Esq., of Perth, aged 92.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Wednesday morning Mrs. Alexander (Col.) McMillan the oldest person in town, passed away at the age of 92 years.  She was a sister of Francis Davies and of the late Josiah Davies and was a native of Scotland.  Her husband died at Perth in 1850 and her only son and daughter both passed away some years ago.  She was a member of the Baptist Church.

The late John McMillan the subject of this sketch, who was well known to many friends of the Courier, died on the 8th May at his late residence in Brockville.  He was born on the 1st Concession of Drummond 56 years ago.  He moved to Brockville six years ago and remained there until God took him to his home above.  He bore three months’ sickness with Christian patience.  In religion he was a consistent member of the Methodist Church.  In politics he was a Reformer.  He leaves a wife, daughter of the late W. Grier of Drummond and two sons to mourn his loss.

Perth Courier, June 15, 1894

McDonald—Died, at Perth on Monday, 11th June, Mr. Daniel James McDonald, son of Mr. Daniel McDonald, aged 4 years and 9 months.

Lanark Links:  A gloom has been cast over the village by the death on Sunday last of John Trainer, one of Lanark’s most respected businessmen.  He had been unwell for some time.  The funeral on Wednesday from Ferguson’s Falls Cemetery was attended by many from the village and the surrounding country.

Middleville:  It is with sadness we have to announce the death of Mrs. Matthew Miller, Jr., of this neighborhood after a lingering illness.  She leaves a husband and one child to mourn her loss.

Perth Courier, June 22, 1894

Middleville:  The reaper of death has again been in our midst.  It is our sad duty to record the death of Mrs. Stewart Craig, Sr., of the 3rd Line of this township who died on the morning of the 15th inst.  The funeral service was conducted in the church by Rev. McAulay.  By her death the Congregational Church of Middleville and Hopetown has lost a devoted member and one who was at all times ready to help cheerfully any good cause connected with the church she loved.

Perth Courier, June 29, 1894

Tullis—Died, at New York Mills, Minnesota in April of 1894, Mathilda Scott, beloved wife of Mr. David Tullis, Sr., formerly of Drummond, aged 69.  She leaves a husband and three sons to mourn her loss.

Salmon—Died, at S. Elmsley on Tuesday, 19th June, Mr. Thomas Salmon, aged 74.

McGlade—Died, on Sunday, 24th June, Angeline Menard McGlade, relict of the late John McGlade, Perth, aged 64(?).

Elphin Echoes:  The reaper of death has again been in our midst and claimed as his victim a well known and respected friend, John Wilson.  The deceased had been unwell for a long time but lately became gradually weaker until death relieved him last Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Henry Edey received the sad news of the death of her father James Potts who departed this life on the 10th June at Bay City, Michigan at the age of 80 years.  He leaves three sons and four daughters:  Samuel Potts, Adrian, Michigan; W. H. Potts, Jackson, Michigan; James Potts, Bay City; Mrs. Nancy Pockham(?) of California; Mrs. Mary Colburn of Bay City; Mrs. Bella Edey of Arnprior.  Arnprior Watchman

From the Gazette of the 25th June we copy the following obituary of an old resident of Lavant James Love, father of Mrs. David McConnell of Bathurst near Perth. The Gazette says: l “James Love passed away quietly and peacefully on Friday morning, 15th June at the advanced age of 82 years and 7 months.  The deceased was born in County Tipperary Ireland on the 15th November, 1812.  He emigrated with his father’s family to Canada in 1821—the year the Perth settlers came out.  His father was an officer in the 5th Garrison Battalion and saw a good deal of active service.  The family settled on the 4th Concession of North Sherbrooke.  In February of 1841 he married Marion Twaddle who came to Canada the same year as her husband and who survives her aged partner.  They have had their share of privations and hardships of pioneer life.  Eleven children were born to them two of whom are dead.  The survivors are:  Robert in Manitoba; Mrs. Jas. Dobbie of Lanark township; Mrs. John Toeley(?) Tosley(?) of Playfair; George in Minnesota; Mrs. D. McConnell of Bathurst; Mrs. Ed McInnes, John (on the homestead), Mrs. H. Alberts and Mrs. R. Kirkwood all of Lavant.  The deceased was noted as an honest man of honor whose word was as good as his bond.  The pallbearers were his five sons-in-law.

On Friday last Miss Teresa Mary Noonan, daughter of Mr. Peter Noonan of Bathurst, died of typhoid fever at the Deaf and Dumb Asylum at Belleville at the age of 14 years.  The body was brought home on Saturday for burial in the Catholic cemetery here.  The deceased was a sister of T.D. Noonan, principal of the Brockville Separate School who came up to the funeral.

Posted: 04 September, 2004.