Obituaries - Perth Courier & Others

supplied by Christine M. Spencer of Northwestern University, Evanston, Il., USA.


Disclaimer:  Please note—There probably ARE errors in these transcriptions.  Words are blurred and the type small.  Use this, please, as a starting point only and verify by other sources.

Perth Courier, January 4, 1895

Stewart—Died, at Lanark on the 18th December, Robert Stewart, aged 82.

Smitherman—Died, at Perth on the 28th December, Mary Smitherman, aged 76.

Perth Courier, Jan. 11, 1895

Moodie—Died, at Carsock, Fifeshire, Scotland on the 10th December, William Moodie, cousin of Alexander Moodie, Scotch Line, aged 70

Lake—Died, at Carleton Place on the (illegible date) December, Mr. Peter Lake, aged 80(?).

Tomlinson—Died, at Carleton Place on the (illegible date) December, Isabella Tomlinson, daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Tomlinson, aged 22 years, 11 months.

Ferguson—Died, at Vancouver, B.C. on the 8th December, Donald Ferguson, brother of George and William Ferguson of Carleton Place, aged (illegible, the first number is a ‘2’) years, 7 months.

Perth Courier, January 18, 1895

Gillies—Died, at Perth on Friday morning, 11th Jan., Margaret Gillies, aged 80.

Baker—Died, at Toronto on the 4th Jan.., Mrs. N. Baker, mother of Mrs. W.W. Kibben of Carleton Place.

Cameron—Died, at Lanark on Monday morning, 14th Jan., A. Cameron, M.C.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Lanark Links:  A gloom has been cast over the community by the death on Monday morning of Dr. Cameron.  He had been suffering from Bright’s Disease for several years.  The funeral took place on Wednesday from St. Andrew’s Church to the Lanark Village Cemetery.  Mrs. Cameron and her son have the sympathy of the community in their bereavement.  Dr. Bradford of McDonald’s Corners will succeed to the practice of his uncle the late Dr. A. Cameron.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

The death of Dr. Cameron of Lanark Village occurred on Monday last after a lingering illness.  He was a son-in-law of Rev. James Wilson, retired Presbyterian pastor of the village and he leaves a widow and child.  His funeral took place on Wednesday and was well attended among others by several of the leading citizens of Perth.

The Winnipeg Tribune of 10th January gave the following obituary notice of Alexander McLaren:  “Alexander McLaren, proprietor of the Brunswick Hotel, who died yesterday, was a well known gentleman.  He was born on the 12th July, 1831 at Balderson’s Corners, Lanark County, Ontario and for many years kept a shoe store there having a wide patronage throughout the county.  His brothers and sisters still reside in that area.  While quite young he removed to the town of Perth where he conducted a hotel for many years.  He afterwards removed to Smith’s Falls where he continued in the hotel business until 1877 when he came to Winnipeg and resumed the boot and shoe business.  But in a few years he returned to the hotel business keeping the Royal Oak Hotel for some years.  Then he bought out the Western Hotel where he stayed for a couple years before taking a lease of the Brunswick.  He had been at the Brunswick for eleven years.  The deceased gentleman was 64 years of age and leaves a wife and three sons—Archie, John and Alex and a daughter Mrs. Lamb to mourn his loss.  The funeral took place on the 15th to Brookside Cemetery.  There was a large attendance of citizens and every mark of respect was shown the deceased having been one of the most respected and best known among the oldest inhabitants.”

On the 3rd January there passed away at New Boyne, Leeds County, one of the oldest residents, Thomas Rogers, father of Joseph M. Rogers, barrister and mayor-elect of Perth at the advanced age of 88(?) 89(?) years.  He was born at Castle Connor, County Sligo, Ireland on 3 March, 1806 and came to Canada in 1830.  He married in 1837 Elizabeth Alexander who survives him.  He was a member of the first municipal council of his township and continued in it for about twenty years.  He had a family of 12 children, four sons and eight daughters, eleven of whom survived childhood and married.  Among the sons one is W. G. Rogers, proprietor of the Carberry (Manitoba) News.

The Ottawa Free Press on Monday, 14th inst., says “the news of the death this morning of heart failure of Thomas Graves, step father of Mr. I.C. Grant of Perth will receive widespread regret.  Mr. Graves had a short illness and up to the week before his death few thought at the comparatively early age of 51 that he would be removed from their midst.  For several years he was with the city police.  He also kept a hotel for some years.  Latterly he was a station constable at the C.P.R. depot and at the time of his death was in the employ of the post office department”

John Ross of Westmeath died lately, aged 78.  He was a pioneer of the Upper Ottawa and came from Ireland in 1815 with his parents.  They settled first in Drummond Township.

Mrs. Hannah Moore of Eganville, widow of the late Harmon(?) Hermon(?) Moore died in that village on the 4th Jan., aged 96(?) years.  She was born in Vermont in the year 1799 and was married at Port Hope in 1817.  Her husband removed to Hull, Quebec in 1835 and to Eganville in 18??

Perth Courier, Jan. 25, 1895

Bennett—Died, on Thursday 10th Jan., Rose Ann Lee Bennett, wife of Edward Bennett, 8th Line Bathurst, aged 31.

Flemming—Died at Bathurst on Saturday, 19th Jan., (first name illegible) Rogers Flemming, wife of Michael Flemming, aged 30.

Butcher—Died, on the 8th Jan., Michael Butcher, son-in-law of R. Frizell, North Elmsley and chief (illegible word) of the Royal Military college, 56.  Deceased had been a soldier in the British Army for 21 years.

Connor—Fell asleep in Jesus on Sabbath morning, 13th Jan., Emma, (illegible word) daughter of Charles Connor, Esq., of Sargison(?) and sister-in-law of Rev. N. Campbell of Oso, late minister of Elmsley, in her 31st year.

Wayside:  On Thursday of last week we were all surprised to hear of the death of Patrick Murphy. He had been in his usual health until four days previous to his death.  All medical aid could do for him was unsuccessful.  Dr. Hanna was by his side when he breathed his last.  He was a kind father, affectionate husband and good neighbor always willing to help anyone in need.  His form and smile we were used to see coming will come no more.  He leaves a wife and one daughter Mrs. Peter Dowdall and five sons John and Hugh on the homestead; Patrick, Richard, and James in the States.  The latter came home after an absence of six years to visit his parents he thought for pleasure but alas! It was sorrow for him.  The funeral took place on Saturday from his late residence to the R.C. Church where the funeral service was celebrated before a large and sympathetic congregation.  Afterwards the funeral procession wended its way to the grave where the last solemn rites were performed and the coffin lowered by the pall bearers Messrs. Kehoe, Doyle, Devlin, Dowdall, Harvey and Doyle to its narrow bed.

Carleton Place:  The funeral of the late Mrs. W.W. Cliff which took place this morning via the C.P.R. to Napanee was very largely attended.  The Workmen and Foresters turned out in large numbers to pay their last respects may going on to Napanee to attend the interment which takes place tomorrow the 23rd inst., in the family burying ground at

K - - - - - owe.

Perth Courier, Feb. 1, 1895

McGowan—Died, at Perth on the 28th Jan., Laura Ann McGowan, infant daughter of Bernard McGowan, aged 8 months and 3 days.

Izatt(?)—Died, at North Sherbrooke, on Thursday, 17th Jan., Thomas Izatt(?) aged 65(?).

Cavanagh—Died, at Mattawa on Friday, 25th Jan., Benjamin Cavanagh, son of Benjamin Cavanagh, Bathurst, aged 20.

Gallagher—Died, at North Burgess on Friday, 25th Jan., Mary Palmer, wife of John Gallagher, aged 28(?)

Drummond—Died, on the 22nd Jan., at 262 Somerset(?) St., Ottawa, Margaret Traill Sinclair, beloved wife of Andrew Drummond, in her 78th year, mother of R.J. Drummond, manager, Bank of  Montreal, Perth.

Tatlock:  James King, one of our oldest residents, passed off this stage of action last week.  He was a good citizen and his funeral service at the house was largely attended.  Rev. Mr. Smith of Middleville officiated.  The interment took place in the family plot on the homestead of his son Warden.  He was 79 years of age.

Wood—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Sunday, 27th Jan., Alexander Wood, aged 71.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

One of our most progressive and prosperous residents of Smith’s Falls passed away from this life last week.  The Echo says:  “At 4:00 in the afternoon after an illness of seven weeks from some heart trouble Alexander Wood one of the oldest and best known of our citizens died.  He was born at S. Branch, Glengarry County on the 14th October, 1824 and was therefore in the 71st year of his age.  When a youth he learned the moulding trade and on the 17th March, 1844 arrived in Smith’s Falls and went to work with Ebeneezer Frost the founder of the present agricultural works.  He remained six months and then went to Ottawa but returned in May of 1848(?) and followed a partnership with Mr. Frost.  The partnership continued until the death of Mr. Frost on the 28th Jan., 1863.  The business was carried on until the 1st Jan., 1867 by Messrs C.B. and F.T. Frost acting for and on behalf of the estate of their late father when a new partnership was formed by them and Mr. Wood.  In 1885 Mr. Wood purchased the milling property known as Wards Island and on the 1st Jan., 1886 retired from being an active partner and has since devoted his whole time and attention to his mills.  This is a brief outline of his career her but pages of detail could be written.  He was a man of wonderful enterprise and his business capacity was also of a high order.  Everything he touched turned out a success.  While in the foundry he was constantly planning and making extensions to meet business expansion.  Several of his foundry buildings are monuments of his energy and enterprise.  After obtaining possession of the mill property this spirit of enterprise began to show in a still more decided manner.  He raised and improved the old mill and put in the roller process.  He rooted out the old saw mill and on its site placed a fine building and equipped it with machinery for various kinds of wood working.  Next the elevator and the magnificent new mill were erected and are the best monuments to his untiring energy.  They are town history in monument form.  From a conversation with him a few weeks ago we found he had a large program of improvements laid out for next summer.  Among them were a new oat mill, a splendid bakery and several stores and that his intentions to carry out these are shown by the large quantity of brick and other materials now on the ground.  The Island and former improvements cost $125,000 and the improvement projects would have cost $25,000 to $30,000 more.  From this a slight realization cane be had of the loss the town has suffered by the unexpected removal of Mr. Wood.  Some thought Mr. Wood somewhat austere but this was more apparent than real and was probably the effect of his position as always having numbers of men under him.  He had a very soft side, a sympathetic nature, and his best side shone out more conspicuously around the family circle.  In his own home he was ever the more genial of men and business cares were never allowed to invade its sanctity and quiet.  He was in the Town Council at various times and his shrewdness, his good judgment and practical knowledge of things generally made him a valuable representative.  In politics he was a Conservative but not one of the extreme kind.  He was a member and generous supporter of St. James Anglican Church and was at times church warden and lay delegate.  His immediate family consists of two sons and their families, his niece Miss Aggie Lanb has kept his house for many years since she was a young girl.

Perth Courier, Feb. 8, 1895

Lanark Links:  It is our sad duty to announce the death of Jas. Dobie of Dalhousie.  The funeral on Friday to Lanark Village Cemetery was largely attended.

Tierney—Died, at Lanark on Saturday, 26th Jan., Michael Tierney, aged 83. Deceased came to this part of the country from Ireland with his parents in 1821.

Stewart—Died, at Ramsay on the 31st Jan., Peter Stewart, aged 65(?) 66(?).

An old and respected resident of Lanark Township, Mrs. Charles Stewart, was called to join the great majority on Tuesday, 15th Jan.  Deceased was a native of Scotland and highly esteemed by those who knew her for her kind and affable disposition.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Mr. McConnell of Watson’s Corners and a very large number attended to pay their last tribute of respect to the departed one.

Bell—Died, on Monday, 28th Jan., Minnie J. Bell, youngest daughter of Mr. James Bell, 6th Line Bathurst, aged 14.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Harper:  Death has again visited us, claiming as its victim Miss Minnie Bell.  She was sick about 2 weeks when on Monday, 28th Jan., her happy spirit left the house of clay to be with Jesus.

Farewell dear, but not forever

There will be a glorious morn

We shall meet to part, no, never

On the Resurrection morn

Though thy darling form lies sleeping

In the cold and silent tomb

Thou shall have a glorious waking

When the blessed Lord does come.

Wayside:  On Tuesday morning, 29th Jan., Margaret Doyle, wife of Michael Doyle, passed away after an illness of about three weeks which she bore with great patience.  She was of a quiet disposition but the Christian graces which adorned her life made friends of all who knew her and her death called forth the sincere regrets of her friends.  She leaves behind to mourn her loss a husband, four sons and two daughters.  The funeral, which took place on Thursday, was largely attended.

Elphin:  Death visited our neighborhood and claimed one of our oldest and most respected citizens Mrs. Thomas Izatt and called her away on the 17th Jan.  The cause of her death was heart disease from which she had suffered for nearly a year but had been confined to her bed for only a week before her death.

Perth Courier, Feb. 15, 1895

Wrathall—Died, at Glen Tay on Sturday, 12th Jan., Marcella White Wrathall, widow of the late Robert Wrathall, aged 41.

Kelly—Died, at Bathurst, on Sunday, Feb. 10, John Kelly, aged 70.

McCaffrey—Died, at Drummond on Wednesday, Feb. 6, Peter McCaffrey, son of Jos. McCaffrey, aged 38.

Noonan—Died, at 51 St. Catharine Street, Montreal, Minnie McCabe(?) Noonan, wife of Peter Noonan, formerly of Glen Tay, aged 23.

McNaughton—Died, on Sunday, Feb. 17, Mrs. Daniel McNaughton, of North Elmsley, aged 53(?).

Jackson—Died, In Tweed on Sat., Feb. 10, Mrs. M.A. Jackson, formerly of Perth.

Scott—Died, at Guelph, on Tuesday, Feb. 13,  Sydney Craig Scott, wife of John Scott, Sr., aged 64(?)

Elsewhere in the same paper:

The Guelph Herald of the 13th Feb. contains the following notice of death of a former resident of this locality, Mrs. Scott of that city.  The deceased’s maiden name was Craig and she was a sister of the late William Craig who lived for so many years near Balderson and then removed to Manitoba.  The deceased was the mother of Gas. G. Scott, cutter, in Mr. Pook’s tailoring establishment here.  “Mrs. Scott, wife of Jas. A. Scott, Sr., Powell Street, died from the effects of paralysis on Tuesday.  The deceased was 56(?) 66(?) years of age.  She was a native of Armagh, Ireland and came to Canada 51(?) 61(?) years ago.  The family settled near Perth and it was there the deceased married Mr. Scott.  Eight years ago Mrs. Scott with her husband and most of her children came to Guelph.  Two years ago the deceased met with an accident the effects of which—felt by her ever since—may have induced the attack of paralysis which was the immediate cause of her demise.  She leaves a husband, five sons and two daughters to whom general and sincere sympathy will be extended.  Her sons and J.A. Scott, with J. D. Williamson & Co., D.A. of Guelph, Jas. G. of Perth and two sons in Michigan.  The daughters are Mrs. Gould of Harmony near Stratford and Miss Maggie at home.”

Elphin—Death laid his hand very suddenly and silently on one of our neighbors on Thursday, 14th Feb., John Stewart, who was returning from prayer meeting in apparent good health when all at once in the midst of conversation with Mrs. William Miller with whom he was driving home, he fell out of the cutter and died a moment afterwards.  Efforts were made to revive him but all in vain as the spark of life had fled.  His death was due to heart disease.  His funeral on Saturday was largely attended.

Watt—Died, at Lanark Village on Monday, 25th Feb., Thomas Watt, aged 61.

Delahey—Died, on the train on his way from California on the 18th inst., John Delahey, Cobden, in his 45th year.

McFarlane—Died, in Ramsay on the 19th Feb., William McFarlane, aged 28.

Stewart—Died, at North Sherbrooke, on Thursday, 14th Feb., John Stewart, aged 58 years and 6 months.

Perth Courier, March 1, 1895

After a lingering illness from pneumonia George Ritchie, 1st Line Bathurst , passed away this week and was buried on Wednesday in Elmwood.   Deceased was the only surviving son of John Ritchie and was a prosperous and prominent farmer.  He was a member of the Baptist Church and a staunch Liberal.

Lanark Links:  It is our sad duty this week to announce the death of Thomas Watt, one of Lanark’s most respected citizens.  He had been suffering for over a year when death came to his relief.  His funeral took place from the Congregational Church last week and was largely attended.

Perth Courier, March 8, 1895

Hogan—Died, at Glen Tay, Bathurst, on Thursday, 7th March, Alicia McCabe Hogan, widow of the late Thomas Hogan, aged 71.

Inman—Died, at the residence of her son-in-law, J.F. Wilson, Carleton Place, on the 24th Feb., Jane Watson Inman, relict of the late Stephen Inman, aged 74.

Gemmill—Died, at Kingston on the 3rd March, Robert Gemmill, son of James Gemmill, Carleton Place, aged 43.

Cram—Died at Beckwith on the 27th Feb., Mary Whyte Cram, beloved wife of James Cram, aged 58.

Craig—Died, at her late residence 55 Nelson Street, Toronto, on the 27th Feb. after a long illness, Elizabeth Harvey Craig, dearly beloved wife of James Craig, G.T. Ry. And youngest daughter of the late Edward Harvey of Middleville.  Interment in Necropolis, Toronto, Friday, March 1.

Watson’s Corners:  It is our painful duty to record the sudden death of Mrs. Duncan Park of Poland which took place on Wednesday, Feb. 20 after a very short illness.  Drs. Reeve and Bradford of Lanark were in attendance but medical skill availed not when death leaves its icy grip on the body.  The deceased leaves a husband and eleven children, the youngest but a few hours(?) old when the mother closed her eyes on earthly scenes.  Why the mother of such a large family should be taken and the little helpless infant left is known only to Him who doeth all things well.

It is our painful duty to record the death of an esteemed resident, George Ritchie, who had been in apparent health and strength.  The funeral took place on Tuesday, Feb. 26(?) to the Scotch Line Cemetery where his remains were interred, the services being performed by Rev. Mr. Rock of Perth.

Sinclair—Died, at Scotch Corners, on the 4th March, Ann Sinclair, aged 71.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

The Carleton Place Herald says:  Miss Annie Sinclair sister of Colin Sinclair of this town and Messrs Peter and Dugald Sinclair, Scotch Corners, died last evening at the home of the latter. The deceased lady had been an invalid for many years.  She was 72 years of age and the eldest of the family.

Jas. Shilson of Carleton Place, died there on Wednesday and the funeral takes place today (Friday) at 2:00 with Masonic honors.  Brethren from Perth are invited to attend.  The deceased assisted in fitting up Gemmill’s Woolen Mill here and was in town for some time.  He was a resident of Perth for many years prior to the 80’s.

Michael O’Driscoll of Pembroke, barrister, died in that town on the 25th Feb., aged 57(?) 67(?).  He was born in Bandon, County Cork, Ireland and came to Canada when young, settling in the practice of his profession in Pembroke in 1856(?).  The cause of his demise was a disease of the kidneys.  He was married to Miss White, sister of Richard White, well known Pembroke lumberer but he has been a widower for some years.  He leaves six children behind him.  In religion he was a Roman Catholic and in politics a Conservative.  He held the position of Revising Barrister for North Renfrew when he died.

The Middleville correspondent of the Gazette says:  “Death has again invaded our community and William Somerville, Sr., was called to rest on the 17th Feb. at the comparatively early age of 55(?) years.  Deceased had been confined to his house for a number of years.

Perth Courier, March 15, 1895

MacGillivray—Died, at Kingston, on the 8th March, Helen Isabel MacGillivray, infant daughter of Professor MacGillivray.

Munro—Died, at Darling Township on Monday, 4th inst., John Munro, aged 22.

Park—Died, at Watson’s Corners, on Wednesday, 20th Feb., Mrs. Duncan Park, aged 40.

Scott—Died, on the 25th Feb., at her late residence, Colony St., Winnipeg, Annie Scott, beloved wife of Fred. W. Scott, aged 30.

McKinnon—Died, at his residence near Ardoch, Frontenac County, 22nd Feb., of pneumonia, John McKinnon, in the 61st year of his age, formerly of Dalhousie.

The Central Canadian of 6th March says:  Mrs. Inman (Jane Watson) died last Thursday at the residence of her son-in-law J.F. Wilson at the age of 74 years.  Just a year ago on an icy Sunday morning, she slipped on the rear stoop and fractured her leg since which time her great natural strength persistently abated.  The deceased lady was born in Queen’s County, Ireland in 1821(?) and came to Canada in 1856(?) settling with her husband on the 11th Concession of Bathurst where she lived until 1890(?), when she came to this town to reside with her daughter.  Her husband died about eleven years ago.  There are three boys, George, Stephen and William and Mrs. Wilson, all living here.  Mrs. Inman was an Episcopal and that church, through Rev. M. Elliott, paid its final respects on Saturday when the body was taken to Elmwood Cemetery escorted to the station by a large assembly of citizens.”

The Gazette’s Galbraith correspondent says:  “On Monday, 25th Feb., Sarah Manarey, relict of Robert Penman, Lanark Township, passed to her eternal rest at the ripe old age of 86 years.  Mrs. Penman was born in Tyrone, Ireland in 1809 and set sale for Canada in 1839(?).  A year after her arrival here she married Robert Penman who preceded here to the grave 32 years ago.  She was the mother of seven children, one of whom died in infancy.  Those still living are:  James and Robert in Manitoba; David, White Lake; William who has been blind from the time of his infancy; Mrs. McKinley and John of this place.”

Perth Courier, March 29, 1895

Toshack—Died, at Bracebridge, Muskoka on March 18, Greville E. Toshack, formerly of Ramsay and Almonte, aged 38.

Perth Courier, April 5, 1895

Marks—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Thursday, 4th April, Theresa Brown Marks, wife of Joseph Marks, late of Perth, aged 49.

Dennison—Died, on the 5th March, Thomas Dennison, Scotch Line, North Burgess, aged 70.

Brook—Died, at Leeds, Yorkshire, England, on the 28th Feb., Jane Ann Brook, wife of Charles Brook and mother of Mrs. W.A. McLenaghan of this town, aged 45(?).

Tatlock:  Archibald Boyle, a wealthy and respected resident, died at his home after a brief illness on Sabbath last.  He leaves a widow and large family.  His funeral on Wednesday was largely attended.  The Rev. Mr. Smith of Middleville conducted the services at the home.

Morris—Died, at Drummond, on Monday afternoon, 1st April, Annie J. Morris, daughter of William Morris, Drummond, aged 27.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Wayside:  It becomes our painful duty this week to chronicle the death of Annie Morris, daughter of William Morris, in the 27th year of her age, which sad event took place on Monday last from pneumonia.  No event has happened in the community for a long time which has produced such deep and widespread regret.  No girl was more highly esteemed then the deceased or more gifted with those excellent qualities which endear a girl to her relatives and friends.  Her disposition was remarkably peaceful, gentle and kind.  For about three months she was compelled to remain in her bed under extreme suffering which she bore with patience and Christian fortitude.  Her parents did everything in the way of administering to her wants until the closing scene when in the quietness of day her spirit departed to its final reward.  She was buried in Elmwood Cemetery on Wednesday and the funeral was attended by a large number of friends.

Perth Courier, April 12, 1895

Walker—Died, at Perth on Monday morning, 8th April, Elizabeth Walker, daughter of Benjamin Walker of Perth, aged 16 years, 7 months and 17 days.

McCarthy—Died, on Tuesday morning, 9th April, Catherine O’Mara McCarthy, wife of Michael McCarthy of Perth, aged 28.

Beamish—Died, at Drummond on the 31st March, Janet Stewart Beamish, wife of Allan Beamish, aged 47.

McKerracher—Died, at Arnprior on Friday, 22nd March, Elizabeth Munro McKerracher, beloved wife of James McKerracher, aged 38.

Dowlin—Died, at Carleton Place on the 21st March, Eliza Letitia Galvin Dowlin, beloved wife of James Dowlin, aged 38 years, six months.

Stewart—Died, in the Derry, Beckwith, on the 25th March, Margaret McLaren Stewart, wife of the late Alexander (Soldier Sandy) Stewart, aged 80.

Jackman—Died, on the 6th April, at McDonald’s Corners, Mary Murphy, wife of Thomas Jackman, aged 71.

Paul—Died, on the 7th April, at Dalhousie, Jennie Machan Paul, wife of George Paul.  No age given

Truelove—Died, at Bathurst on Friday, 5th April, Margaret Truelove, aged 29.

Matheson—Entered into rest at Perth on Wednesday morning, 10th April, Rose T. Matheson, youngest daughter of the late Hon. Roderick Matheson, Sr., after an illness of five days.  The funeral will take place on Friday afternoon, 12th inst., at 4:00 to St. James Church and then to the old graveyard.

Tatlock:  One of our oldest residents passed away on the 27th March, in the person of Jas. Lee.  For a long time he had been in feeble health.  His funeral was largely attended and the services at the house were conducted by his pastor, Rev. Mr. Smith of Middleville.

Matheson—Died, at 286 Stewart Street, Ottawa, William Marchall Matheson, late Master-In-Chancery, aged 63.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

The death was announced on Friday last of William Marshall Matheson, barrister and Master-In-Chancery, Ottawa, on that day after an illness of some months with a species of nervous prostration.  The deceased was the eldest son of the late Hon. Roderick Matheson of Perth and brother of Col. A.J. Matheson, Messrs. R.E. and C.A. Matheson and the Misses Matheson and was born in this town in 1832.  He was called to the bar of Upper Canada in 1855 and was for a time in partnership with the present Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Sir Henry Strong.  About 1867 he was appointed Master-In-Chancery at Ottawa and he continued to discharge the duties of that important office until a few months ago when failing health compelled him to resign.  During his tenure in the position he gave the closest attention to his work and by his obliging disposition gave great satisfaction.  He was a large hearted man, kind and genial in his disposition.  He married a sister of Rev. C.P. Emery of the Anglican Church of Kemptville.  Mrs. Matheson and three sons survive to mourn his loss.  The sons are Roderick R., acting registrar of the Chancery Division; George M., clerk in the Department of Indian Affairs; Arthur Matheson, C.E., now engaged on the engine staff of the Cornwall Canal.

McGarry—Died, at Drummond on Thursday morning, 11th April, Mary Coyle McGarry, relict of the late Peter McGarry, aged 83.  The funeral will take place at 10:30 Saturday, 12th inst., from the residence of Mrs. McCaffrey to the Catholic Cemetery in Perth.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Thursday morning, Mrs. Peter McGarry died at the residence of her daughter Mrs. McCaffrey of Drummond at the age of 83.  The deceased was born in Glasgow, Scotland, her mother being a Scotchwoman of that city and her father an Irishman, a McCoyle.  The family came to Canada in 1820, settling in Lanark township first but deceased having married the late Peter McGarry, moved with her husband to Drummond where she lived all her life and where she died.  She was the mother of Messrs. William and Patrick McGarry of Drummond and Alexander of Lanark and other sons and daughters.  Her death was not due to the decay of old age but to la grippe, two or three attackes of which undermined her strong constitution and caused her death shortly after.  Her remains will be taken on Saturday to the Roman Catholic Cemetery in Perth for interment.

On Friday last the remains of Mrs. Joseph Marks of Smith’s Falls wee brought to town and interred in Elmwood Cemetery.  The deceased was taken ill about New Year’s and never recovered from its effects.  She was a sister of Mrs. James Bailey of this town and lived here for many years.

On Saturday, Mrs. Michael McCarthy, East Ward, was taken sick with inflammation of the bowels and on Tuesday morning she breathed her last.  The deceased was a daughter of Lewis O’Mara who lives near Lombardy and was a cousin of Messrs. O’Mara of that village with whom she used to live.  She was buried in the Catholic Cemetery.

Perth Courier, April 19, 1895

McEwen—Died, at Drummond on Monday, 15th April, John McEwen, aged 66(?).

Salter—Died, at Carleton Place on Thursday, April 11, the infant son of P.P. Salter, aged 8 days.

The sad news reached Almonte a few days ago of the death at Sapnish River on the 27th ult., of Hugh H.H. McLean, formerly of Beachburg, cousin of Alexander McLean of Ramsay.  The deceased was a young man of 32 years and succumbed to a severe attack of pneumonia.

Sharbot Lake:  We are grieved to record the death of Mrs. William Crosby, a very esteemed lady, who died at the residence of her son William with whom she lived.  After about a two week’s illness, she passed away to a better land to join her husband who died about six years ago.  The deceased was 84 years old and leaves three sons and one daughter and a number of grandchildren to mourn her departure.  She was buried on Easter Sunday at Maberly.

Mylne—Died, at his father’s residence, Villa Montezuma(?), San Diego, California, on the 10th of April, Edward Hill Mylne, eldest son of Rev. S. Mylne, formerly of Smith’s Falls, about 39 years.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Word came on Tuesday, says the Echo, to Smith’s Falls of the death of Edward Mylne, eldest son of Rev. Solomon Mylne, late of Smith’s Falls, at San Diego of consumption.  The family removed from Smith’s Falls a few years ago to the warmer climate of the south to ward off this disease from members of the family who felt themselves liable to it but one has already fallen victim.

The Gazette published an obituary of Hugh Bowland of Ramsay, farmer, whose death took place on the 4th of April at the age of 81 years.  About 50 of these were passed on the farm where he died.  He was a strong Conservative and an ardent temperance man.  He married Sarah Steadman of Drummond who died about 22 years ago having borne ten children.  One, Mrs. Samuel Rathwell, is dead.  The living are William G. Bowland of Manitoba; Sara E. of North Dakota; Mrs. Capt. McKay and Reuben of Carleton Place; John, James, Mary, Phoebe and Emma on the homestead.

Perth Courier, April 26, 1895

Volume—Died, at 428 Alfred Street, Kingston, on April 16, Jas. Volume, brother of Mrs. Jas. H. Watson, Perth, aged 53 years, born at Kerrimoir(?), Scotland.

Lingo(?)—Died, at Carleton Place on April 19, Andrew Lingo(?), aged 73.

Warwick—Died, at Smith’s Falls on the 23rd inst., Hattie Rose Warwick, beloved wife of W. J. Warwick, aged 30.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

The Smith’s Falls Echo tells of the death from consumption of Mrs. William Warwick of that town at the age of 30 at the residence of Mr. Steacy, mayor.  The deceased was the daughter of the late Mr. B. Rose and before her marriage, taught school.  Her husband was a watchmaker who removed his business from Carleton Place to Smith’s Falls in the vain hope of prolonging his wife’s life.

The Brockville paper announces the death of a patient in the lunatic asylum Thomas McMahon from the vicinity of Perth, aged 30.  The remains were buried on the asylum grounds.  The friends of the deceased did not reply to when written to about it.

Mrs. Michael Hourigan, Smith’s Falls, says the Echo, died on Monday afternoon from pneumonia after a two week’s illness at the age of 40.  She was the first cousin of Edward Kennedy, once of this town, and was step-mother of John McCann of Perth.

Churchill—Died, at Drummond on Monday, April 22, Mrs. Samuel Churchill, aged 23(?).

Morris—Died, at Perth on Sunday morning, April 21, William J. Morris, aged 46.

McPherson—Died, at Pembroke, on Tuesday April 16, Jessie McPherson, eldest daughter of Malcolm McPherson, aged 25 years, 7 months and 6 days.

The Almonte Gazette notes the death of Andrew Young, youngest son of the late Stephen Young of Ramsay, aged 33.  The deceased was a mining engineer and graduated with a degree in Science and Engineering at McGill, Montreal, and for some time had filled a good position in Montana as mining engineer and assayer.  He was buried in Ramsey Cemetery.

Perth Courier, May 3, 1895

Irving—Died, at Pembroke on Friday morning, April 19, Isobel Campbell Irving, infant daughter of W.C. Irving.

An old Dalhousie resident, Adam Bell, died at Merrickville on the 21st April, the Smith’s Falls News says.  “Mr. Bell was a native of Dumfrieshire, Scotland and came to Canada in 1856, settling on a farm in Dalhousie.  There he resided up to 1892 when he removed to Merrickville and took up his residence with his son George Bell, where he remained until his death.  Mr. Bell had long passed the allotted span of three score years and ten and at the time of his death had reached the ripe old age of 84.  Rev. Mr. Aston, pastor of Knox Church, officiated at the funeral.  Three sons and one daughter are left to mourn the loss of a kind father.”

Middleville:  On Tuesday Mr. Smith conducted the funeral service of Mrs. Keaton of Darling, who after a lingering illness passed away on Saturday morning.  She was a sister of Mrs. James McIlraith, also mother of Mrs. (Rev.) C.C. Tucker

Lanark Links:  On Friday last Mrs. John Watt of this village passed away after a lingering illness.  Her funeral on Sunday to Lanark Village Cemetery was largely attended.

Perth Courier, May 10, 1895

Watt—Died, at Lanark on Friday, 26th April, Catharine McDonald Watt, wife of John Watt, aged 43(?) 45(?).

Crawford—Died, at Dalhousie on the 5th May, John Crawford, aged 85(?).

James M. Taylor, C.P.R. agent, Prescott, died from an attack of pneumonia on the 25th (?) April and his remains were buried at Ottawa on the 27th.  He was born in Scotland and was 64 years old.  Among his daughters are Mrs. J. Roberts Allan, formerly of Balderson and Mrs. J. Bennett of Smith’s Falls.

On Saturday last one of the oldest residents of this section, George Holliday, went to his long rest.  He died at his residence in Perth at the age of 83(?).  He was a native of Scotland and came when a child with his parents to the Scotch Line in 1816 growing up with the infant settlement and afterwards acquiring a farm of his own on the Scotch Line.  He was married to Miss Elliott who with two or three children, survives him.  His remains were buried in the old Presbyterian burying ground.  The deceased was one of the oldest subscribers to the Courier.

Holliday—Died, at Perth on Saturday, 4th May, George Holliday, aged 83(?).

Ferguson—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Sunday, 5th May, Anna Ferguson, wife of D.A. Ferguson, in her 48th year.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

We chronicle the death with sorrow of Mrs. D.A. Ferguson, Smith’s Falls, on Sunday morning last in the 48th year of her age.  Deceased’s maiden name was Anna M. Gould of that town and for some years had been in delicate health which latterly turned into consumption.  The bereaved husband and three(?) young sons have the public sympathy.  She was a member of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church.

Patterson—Died, at Bathurst on Tuesday, 7th May, Edward James Joseph Patterson, son of Mr. Jas. Patterson, aged 6 years.

Lanark Links:  It is our sad duty to announce two deaths in our midst.  On Saturday last the infant son of William McLaren passed away.  The funeral took place on Sunday to the village cemetery.  On the same day Miss Stewart, sister of W. J. Stewart, was taken away after a short illness.

North Elmsley:  We are sorry to hear of the sad death of Thomas McGuire’s young daughter, seven months old, whose remains were buried in the R.C. Cemetery in Smith’s Falls on Tuesday last.

There was a band in Heaven

Which was not quite complete

So God took our darling Lean

To fill the vacant seat.

Sharbot Lake:  The funeral service of the late Burris Knapp was held in the afternoon Sunday.  He died Sunday morning from typhoid fever, aged about 30 years. He leaves a wife and two small children, one of whom is at present very ill.  He was buried in the Olden Cemetery,

Clark—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Tuesday morning, 7th May, Mary Meikle Clark, eldest daughter of J.M. Clark, in her 21st year.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

After a lengthy illness, Miss Mary Meikle Clark, eldest daughter of Mr. James M. Clark, ex-M.P.P., Smith’s Falls, died at her father’s residence on Tuesday morning in the morning of her life being just 20 years of age.  The Echo of Tuesday publishes the following in its obituary notice:  “As is known to most of our readers, she was in delicate health for some time and last summer, on the recommendation of her physician, spent time in the Adirondacks in the hope that a change would restore her strength and vigor.  Towards the new year she came home and ever since has been failing.  She was a young lady who had received every educational advantage “

Perth Courier, May 17, 1895

Bannerman—Died, at Eganville on the 12th May, Annie Doherty Bannerman, wife of Robert Bannerman, C.P.R. station agent at Eganville, aged 43.

Pepper—Died, at Lanark on Tuesday, May 7, James Clifford Pepper, son of William and Maggie Pepper, aged 2 years, 8 months and 23 days.

Morgan—Died, at Perth, on Tuesday, 14th May, Emily Hester King Morgan, wife of Mr. Charles G. Gordan, Merchant’s Bank.  (no age given)

NOTE:  Obituary of Mrs. C.G. Morgan is in this issue but was previously transcribed.

Sinclair—Died, at Carleton Place on the 8th May, Peter A. Sinclair, son of Colin(?) Sinclair, Esq., aged 27.

From the Carleton Place Herald of 14th May we take the obituary notice of a young man who became a resident of Perth a few years ago but who unfortunately became sick some months ago and on Saturday last passed away.  The Herald says:  “After many weeks of pain and suffering William Ferrill passed quietly away at 3:00 on Saturday afternoon at Perth where he had been residing for some time while engaged as a finisher with Messrs Gemmell and Son’s Woolen Mills.  Mr. Ferrill was taken ill with pleurisy and notwithstanding all that medical skill could do the disease could not be uprooted and the wasted frame was forced to yield.  Mr. Ferrill was only 30 years of age and leaves a widow and one little girl to mourn his demise.  The remains were brought home here on Sunday morning and the funeral took place from his mother’s residence on William Street yesterday afternoon to St. James Church and cemetery.  The ceremony at the house and grave was conducted by the Oddfellows of which order Mr. Ferrill was a member.  The funeral was a large one.  Floral tributes covered the coffin—wreath from the Oddfellows and a white cross being most conspicuous.  The pallbearers were Messrs. J.H. Munro, J.H. Saunders, W.A. Nicholl, H. Hickin, Thomas Rigby and H. Montgomery.”

Perth Courier, May 24, 1895

Gallagher—Died, at Perth on Saturday, May 18, Emily Hoffendon, wife of John Gallagher, aged 67.

Bolton—Died, at North Elmsley on May 21, W.H. Bolton, Ottay Lake, aged 47.

Sinclair—Died, at Carleton Place, May 20, Edith Sinclair, eldest daughter of Dr. J.M. Sinclair, aged 26.

Rajotte—Died, at Montreal on May 10, Elizabeth Murphy Rajotte, beloved wife of Alexis Rajotte, passenger agent, C.P.R., of Dalhousie Square Station, and sister of Capt. Murphy, late of Pembroke.

Ferrill—Died, at Perth on May 11, William Ferrill, aged 30.

The Echo announces the death of James T. Jarvis, citizen of Smith’s Falls for over 40 years, of hemorrhage of the lungs.  He had a cabinet shop in Smith’s Falls and was an expert workman.  He was 64 years of age and leaves a widow and 7 sons and 1 daughter.

O’Brien—Died, at Prescott, on Saturday, May 18, William O’Brien, aged 76.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

After a winter and spring of failing health, William O’Brien died at his home in Prescott on Saturday and was buried in a family plot in Perth on Monday afternoon, after the arrival of the train from Prescott.  The cause of death was poverty by the blood and as the disease was a painless one we are glad to know our old townsman died without a struggle.  The late Mr. O’Brien was a native of Ireland and came to Canada when a boy casting in his lot in this neighborhood, living for some time on the Scotch Line on a Mr. McFarlane’s farm.  He afterward learned the shoe making trade and started over fifty years ago on the corner now occupied by H.B. Wright’s furrier store.  He afterward bought the lot just over the bridge on Gore Street and erected there a stone building in which the Courier office is now located and moved his shop there.  He prospered at his trade, being a good workman and a good business man and kept a large number of hands employed until the encroaching of machine made footwear caused a decline of local manufacture.  He retired from business in 1885 and has since lived a retired life.  He and Mrs. O’Brien removed to Prescott in 1894 to be near their children Mrs. Ryan and Mrs. McCarthy both of whom are residents there.  Mr. O’Brien was for many years a member of the Perth town council and was generally elected by proclamation for the center ward.  He was a most respected citizen here and his declining health was much regretted by his old friends and by none more than ourselves who were his tenants since 1885.  Mr. O’Brien was married twice.  His first wife was a Miss Devlin of Drummond and his second wife was Mrs. Tierney who is now a widow.  Mr. O’Brien was a sincere although not bigoted Roman Catholic and his remains now lie in the cemetery of that denomination. 

Lanark Links:  On Monday morning last Lena McFarlane, daughter of James McFarlane, passed away after a lingering illness at the age of 12 years.  She was a general favorite and bore her long period of suffering with meekness.  The funeral took place on Wednesday to the Lanark Village Cemetery.

Middleville:  One of our oldest and most esteemed residents passed over to the silent majority on Friday last in the person of Peter Lawson.  He was 75 years of age at the time of his death.  Mrs. Lawson predeceased him some two and a half years ago.  His funeral took place on Monday; services were held in the Presbyterian Church at 1:00.  There was a large attendance.  The text was preached from Rev. 14:13 by Rev. Mr. Smith in which he showed the state and character of those who die in the Lord.  The body was interred in the Middleville necropolis.

Perth Courier, May 31, 1895

McFarlane—Died, at Lanark Village on Monday, May 27, Lena McFarlane, daughter of James McFarlane, aged 11 years.

Sheridan—Died on Tuesday morning, May 28, Mary Doyle Sheridan, wife of James Sheridan, Dalhousie, aged 71.

Davis—Died, at Winnipeg on Sunday, May 18, Mrs. John Davis, formerly of Smith’s Falls, in the 78th year of her age.

Nesbitt—Died, at Beckwith, on May 22, Mr. John Nesbitt, aged 92.

Rowatt—Died, at Perth on Wednesday, May 29, John H. Rowatt, son of William Rowatt, aged 21 years and 4 months.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

We record the death last week of John H. Rowatt, who for some years past has been a clerk in Henry Taylor’s hardware store.  Time forbade us in the last issue to make more than a mention of his death but we would like not to give our testimony to his worth and manliness.  It is hard to express his character correctly in a few words.  His constant attention to business and his desire, not too common in these days, to render faithful service, won him a high place in the esteem of his employer and the respect of all with whom he had dealings.  His unfailing humor and his exhaustive reserve of fund made him a favorite among his companions who will find it hard to fill his place.  He took sick about 6 or 8 weeks ago.  His fever developed into typhoid fever and he had not strength sufficient to tide him over the crisis.  During his illness he talked much of “going home” and at last on Wednesday, 20th ult., he fell quietly asleep to waken in the Home which had been so long in his thoughts.

Perth Courier, June 7, 1895

John Foster, a pioneer of Lanark township, and a native of Ireland, died on the 13th (?) May at the age of 87.  The deceased came to this country with his parents some 70 years ago and has been a resident continuously until his death.  He was well known and highly esteemed.

Andrew Caswell, says the Herald, an old settler having come to this country in 1819(?) from Ireland, passed away on June 3 at his home in Drummond aged 92 years. The deceased was well known having served as collector and councilor of the township for many years and was highly esteemed.  He had been confined to his bed for almost ten days.  It will be remembered his aged partner departed this life about a year ago.  T.B. Caswell, principal of the Smith’s Falls Public School, is a son of the deceased.

Perth Courier, June 14, 1895

The Central Canadian says of the late Andrew Caswell of Drummond, who died on the 3rd June, that he was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1803? And came to Canada in 1919(?) and on his way walked over the spot where Carleton Place now stands.  He lived continuously in Drummond where he died, for 76 years.  In 1834 he married Martha Burrows who lived until March of 1894 and they left as issue four sons and four daughters Thomas R. Caswell the principal of the Carleton Place Public School, being one son.

Mrs. Elkanah Mayhew of Renfrew (nee Charlotte Honeywell) died there on the 7th inst., aged 86.  She was born in Montague, Lanark County and moved to Renfrew 69 years ago.

Perth Courier, June 28, 1895

Stewart—Died, at Beckwith on June 21, Peter Grey Stewart, aged 34 years, 4 months and 13 days.

Hope—Died, at Perth on Wednesday evening, June 26, John Hope, aged 68

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Another old and well known resident of Drummond was called away by death, John Hope, on Wednesday evening.  The deceased was a Scotch by birth but came to his country forty years ago and has resided in this vicinity ever since.  For many years he was a keeper of the toll gate on the 3rd Line where he became well known to everyone who traveled on the public highway.  About twenty years ago he went to the farm on the 4th Concession Drummond where he lived ever since.  Some years ago when in the prime of life he was an extensive cattle buyer in which line he made considerable money.  He was a somewhat blunt and careless in exterior but had as kind and true a Scotch heart as ever a man possessed.  During his last illness he was at the home of his nephew Peter Hope of Perth, where he received every attention and care.  The deceased was married but his wife died some years ago.  He was 68 years old at the time of his death.  In politics he was a staunch Liberal.

Margaret Donohoe Fitzpatrick, relict of Patrick Fitzpatrick, died at the residence of her son Edward, 3rd Line Ramsay on Tuesday last aged 84.  She had been in poor health for some time.  The late Mrs. Fitzpatrick was a native of County Cavan, Ireland and after marriage came with her husband 65 years ago and with the exception of a few years, the deceased lived here the balance of her long life, on the farm on which she died in Almonte.  Gazette

Henderson—Died, at Perth on Wednesday, June 26, Jesse(?) Thomas Henderson, aged 60.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

After a protracted illness, death came to the relief of Mr. J.T. Henderson on Wednesday morning of this week.  Although it came not unexpectedly, still this announcement will be received with profound regret by the whole community.  Mr. Henderson was born in Belleville in 1835, his father being Jesse Henderson, a prominent merchant in that town.  In the fall of 1858 or 1859 the deceased came to Perth to manage an estate for a Kingston firm and after completing that task commenced business here on his own account.  For 35 years up to the time of his death, he was one of our prominent and successful merchants, honorable and generous in his dealings with the public.  Although never soliciting public honors, he was on several occasions induced to enter the town council and at the time of his death was a member of the board of education.  He always took an active interest in the prosperity of Perth and any scheme calculated to benefit the town received his active aid and useful counsel.  For a year or more he has been in poor health but a strong constitution enabled him to withstand the effects of his trouble for a long time.  He leaves a widow and four daughters to mourn his loss.  The funeral will take place today, Friday, at 10:30 am at St. James Church and thence to Elmwood Cemetery.

Posted: 09 May, 2005.