Perth Courier Obituaries

supplied by Christine M. Spencer of Northwestern University, Evanston, Il., USA.


Perth Courier, December 6, 1878

JamesóDied, at Drummond, on Saturday, 30th Nov., Amos R. Ross, youngest son of Mr. John Ross, 13 years, 6(?) months and 0 (?) days.

ArmstrongóDied, at South Sherbrooke, on the 16th Nov., Thomas Armstrong, son of Mr. John Armstrong, aged 14.

KellyóDied, at Merrickville, on the 22nd November, Elizabeth Kelly, daughter of Mr. Michael Kelly and sister to E.P. Kelly, M.D.

Perth Courier, December 13, 1878

HammondóDied, on Saturday, 7th Dec., Lawrence Samuel Hammond, infant son of Mr. George Hammond, Perth, aged 4 months.

McLarenóDied, at Or---a, County Simcoe, on the 6th Dec., John McLaren, eldest son of Mr. Neil McLaren, 4th Concession Bathurst, aged 33.  Deceased left a wife and four small children to mourn his loss.

Lavelle or LavalleróDied, at Ramsay at 12:00 on Friday night last, Mr. Francis Lavelle (or Lavaller), aged 53?63? years, and 9 days.

Fatal Accident DarlingóOn Thursday, 5th December, Mr. Alex Camdon (?), of the Township of Darling, was felling a tree when his thigh was crushed severing an artery and he bled to death in about two hours, no medical assistance being at hand.  He was married about two years ago 

Perth Courier, Dec. 20, 1878

BoultonóDied, at Lanark on the 14th inst., Jane Burke Boulton, widow of the late Mr. William Boulton, aged 63.

Perth Courier, Dec. 27, 1878

McKenaleóDied, on the 22nd Dec., Mr. John McKenale, 3rd Line Drummond, aged 65.  (Note, not entirely sure of this surname.)

ReadóDied, at Kingston Hospital, on the 11th inst., Edward Read, son of the late Mr. Robert Read of Merrickville.

Perth Courier, Jan. 3, 1879

JohnsonóDied, at Smithís Falls on the 25th inst., Mr. James Johnson, aged 51(?) 61 (?).

Perth Courier, Jan. 17, 1879

McPheeóDied, at Arnprior, on Friday, 27th Dec., Margaret Christ--- McPhee, third daughter of Ronald and Mary McPhee, aged 14(?) 24(?) 34(?).

BaldersonóDied, at Balderson, on Friday, 3rd Jan. Mr. John Balderson, aged 55.  (Note, not entirely sure of this surname.)

Death of an Old Lanark ManóFrom the Sarnia ObserveróThe Observer on the 3rd Jan. chronicled the death of Mr. William McAlpine, Township Warwick, Lambdon County who died on the 13th (?) 18th (?) December last.  The late Mr. McAlpine was born in Scotland in 1822 (?) and while a mere lad he with other members of his fatherís family came to Canada.  The family settled in North Sherbrooke.  For the most part, he remained in the township until 1857 (?) when he and his wife and child removed to that county and settled on a lot in the Township of Warwick near the Plympton town line.  On this property he remained until the day of his death.

Perth Courier, Jan. 24, 1879

McQuatóDied, on Monday, 13th Jan., Jane McQuat, wife of Mr. William McQuat, Highland Elms (?), Dalhousie, age (illegible).  The deceased was born in Paisley, Scotland in 1813 (?) 1812(?) and came with her husband and young family to Canada in 1842(?) and settled in Dalhousie.  She died very unexpectedly but her end was peace, having lived a Christian life, she lived to see her children settled and prosperous.  She was of a kind hearted disposition and no person, rich or poor, ever went from her door hungry.  The Rev. Mr. McKenzie, Presbyterian minister, preached her funeral sermon and in closing, alluded to the deceased as a Christian woman and a good member of the community.  Her funeral took place on the Thursday following her death.

McIlwaiteóDied, on the 19th Dec., of croup, Charles McIlwaite, son of Mr. John McIlwaite of Lanark, aged 2 years and 8 (?)  months.

HammondóDied, on Friday, 17th Jan., Mary Jane Graham Hammond, wife of Mr. George Hammond or Perth, aged 24 (?) 34 (?).

KennedyóDied, at Kingston, on the 19th inst., (first name illegible), fourth daughter of the late Mr. Michael Kennedy, aged 17 years, 9 months and 12 days.

DouglasóDied at Tev - - - - dale, on Sat., 18th Jan., Mr. George Douglas, youngest brother of Mrs. (Rev.) William Burns of Perth. (no age was given.)

TaftóDied, at Perth, on the 17th Jan., Francis Taft, aged 65, a native of Ireland and an old and well known resident of this town.  Frank Taft died last week after a long sickness.  He died in poverty and was buried at the expense of the corporation.  (Note, not entirely sure of this surname.)

Perth Courier, Jan. 31, 1879

ToddóDied, on Tuesday, 28th (?) Jan., Allison Wilson Todd, relict of the late Mr. James Todd, Perth, age illegible.

ToshackóDied, at Almonte, on the 12th Jan., Mr. Gavin Toshack, aged 29 years and 10 months.

Corbett (or Cornett)óDied, at Pakenham, on Saturday, the 13th  Jan., of consumption, Mary Ann Corbett (or Cornett), daughter of Mr. Alex Corbett (or Cornett).  (No age was given.)

BellóDied, at Carleton Place, on Sat., 13th Jan., Charles W.J. Bell, only child of Samuel and Marion (?) Bell, aged 14 months and 9 days.

OíConnoróDied, at Kemptville, on the 8th Jan., Mr. Martin OíConnor, aged 72.

SteeleóDied, at the residence of Mr. R.T. Steele, on the 16th inst., of apoplexy, aged 57 (?), Mary Hughes Steele, widow of the late Mr. R. F. Steele, late Judge of the Counties of Leeds and Grenville.

WatkinsóDied, on the 1st Jan., at Ardoch, Township of Clarendon, Maria Watson Watkins, wife of Mr. Bromwell Watkins, Esq., and daughter of Mr. Joseph Watson.

MackieóDied, at New Glasgow, on the 27th Dec., after a lingering illness of congestion of the lungs, Catherine Mackie, wife of Mr. David Mackie, Esq., aged 26.

We omitted to mention in our last issue the death of Mr. Gavin Toshack, long and favorably known in Arnprior and vicinity.  The sad event took place on Sabbath 12th.  Mr. Toshack was for some years engaged as a salesman in the employ of Mr. Clark of Smithís Falls and Mr. Wylie of Almonte.  He was a young man universally respected and of considerable talents.  He was for a year an attachť of this office and of late did a good deal of newspaper correspondence.  A few years ago, Mr. Toshack became a victim of a spinal disease brought on by an attack of typhoid fever.  He was confined to bed for more than two years and was under the treatment of Dr. Howard of Montreal and Dr. Taylor of New York .  He bore his long confinement with wonderful patience and resignation.  In May, 1877, his lungs becoming weakened as the result of long confinement, he went to California for his health, crossing the Isthmus but even that salubrious climate was not sufficient to overcome the disease and he returned home last Fall to die beside his friends.  He struggled long and bravely for his life but when he found it was ordered otherwise he submitted without a murmur.  Mr. and Mrs. Toshack have with this death parted with the last of their family and they have the universal sympathy of the neighborhood in their sore affliction.

Perth Courier, Feb. 7, 1879

ShellingtonóDied, at Perth , on Sunday afternoon, 2nd Feb., Charlotte B - - - - - -  Shellington, wife of Mr. Henry Shellington, age (illegible, might have been 35? Or 85?).

SinclairóDied, on the 16th Jan., at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. John R. Tennant, Lanark Township, Margaret Sinclair, aged 65 (?), a native of Perthshire, Scotland.

BaileyóDied, at the Township of Plimpton, County Lambdon, on the 14th Jan., Mr. Robert Bailey, aged 60 years and 6 months, formerly of Bathurst.

McDougallóDied, on the 20th Jan., Catharine Dewar McDougall, wife of Mr. John McDougall of London Road, aged 49 (?) years, 6 months, formerly of Beckwith.

Perth Courier, Feb. 14, 1879

McLeanóDied, on Sunday morning, 8th inst., Letah Fredericks, twin daughter of Mr. Alex C. McLean, aged 7 months.

BlakelyóDied, at Arnprior, on the 5th inst., of consumption, after a lingering illness, Rachel Blakely, daughter of Mr. James Blakely, aged 32.

Caldwell óDied, on Tuesday, 11th Feb., at Lanark, Mrs. William Caldwell, aged 91.

PadfieldóDied, at his residence in Burford on Sunday morning, 2nd Feb., Rev. Jas Padfield, aged 76, formerly the Rector at Franktown.

GeddesóDied, on Sunday 2nd Feb., of consumption, Hannah S. Geddes, eldest daughter of Adam and Jane Geddes, McDonaldís Corners, Dalhousie, aged 21 years, 11 months and 16 days.

Why should we mourn departed friends

Or shake at deathís alarm?

Deathís but the servant Jesus sends

To call them to His arms.

Afflictions sore long time she bore

Physicians were in vain

Till God at length did think it fit

To ease me of my pain.

Perth Courier, Feb. 21, 1879

BrayóDied, at the residence of Simon (?) Arisos (?), Almonte, on the 12th Feb., Joseph Bray, in the 78th year of his age.

McConnillóDied, at Montague on the 8th inst., Miss H. McConnill.  (note, not entirely sure of the spelling of this surname.)

Magee-Died, at Merrickville, on the 5th inst., Lucy Birdie Magee, aged 9.

BlytheóDied, at Ottawa , on Sat., 15th (?) Feb., Jane Dixon Allan Blythe, wife of Mr. Alexander A. Blythe, and daughter of the late Mr. Andrew Allen of Balderson.

BellóDied, at Perth, on Wednesday morning, the 19th  inst., Miriam Ann Bell, wife of Mr. James Bell, Esq., Registrar of S. Lanark, aged 39 (?).  The funeral will take place on Saturday, the 22nd inst., from her husbandís residence to Elmwood Cemetery .

Perth Courier, Feb. 28, 1879

KenneyóDied, at Lanark Township on Wed., 12th Feb., Mr. James Kenney, aged 93 years, 8(?) or 5 (?) months, and 5 (?) or 6 (?) days.

MayóDied, at Dalhousie, on Tuesday, 18th Feb., Mr. James May, aged 72 (?) or 73 (?).

CroskeryóDied, at North Elmsley on Thursday, (date illegible), Mr. William Croskery, aged 83 (?).

An old resident of Lombardy , Smithís Falls, Mr. Sandford Vickary (?), died last week after having been in feeble health for some time.

Perth Courier, March 7, 1879

McIntyreóDied, on Friday, 21st Feb., Mr. John McIntyre, aged 58 (?) or 68 (?).

BoydóDied, at Merrickville, Sat., 22nd Feb., Mr. Bishop Boyd, aged 100.

Walker óDied, at Carleton Place , on the 14th inst., Mr. William Walker, aged 78.

HarperóDied, on Saturday, 25th (?) Jan., at Perth, Mary Harper, aged (illegible, two numbers, the last was a Ď7í).

CarleyóDied, at Smithís Falls, on the 22nd Feb., Mr. William Carley, aged 43.

HornóDied, on Friday, 21st Feb., Spencer Robertson (Horn), relict of the late Alexander Horn of Lanark Township.  Deceased was one of the first settlers in Lanark Township, arriving here from Scotland in 1820(?).

McDowellóDied, at Fernskyle, Alexandria County, Glengarry, on Sunday evening, 2nd March, Fannie Chisholm McDowell, niece of the late Rev. Dr. Chisholm, of this town.  (no age was given.)

LynchóDied, at Pakenham, on Monday, 3rd March, Catharine Laidlaw (?) Lynch, wife of Mr. John Lynch, farmer, Carleton Place, aged 37.

StewartóDied, at Lanark Township on the 20th Feb., Mr. Alexander Stewart, aged 79 (?).

NOTE:  There is one death in this newspaper that is illegible and could not be transcribed.

CroskeryóDied, at North Elmsley, on Thursday, 20th Feb., Mr. William Croskery (age illegible.)

AdamóDied, on Sunday, 23rd Feb., Mrs. Hugh Adam, North Sherbrooke, aged 76 (?).

McLarenóDied, at the Township of Osgoode, Monday, 24th Feb., Mr. Alexander McLaren, formerly of Franktown, in his 60th (?) 80th (?) year.

GoodmanóDied, on the 31st December, at the Township of Drummond, Mr. Moses  Goodman, aged 97.

GoodmanóDied, on Wednesday, 20th Feb., at the Township of Drummond, Mrs. Anne Goodman, widow of the late Mr. Moses Goodman, aged 80 (?).

CarleyóDied, at Smithís Falls, on the 22nd Feb., Mr. William Carley, aged 43.

FraseróDied, at Ottawa, on Wednesday, 8th (?) 5th (?) inst., Mr. James Fraser, Deputy Clerk of Crown and Pleas, in and for the County of Carleton, etc., etc., aged 54.

FraseróDied, at his residence, Mewfield House, Johnston, Scotland, on the 3rd inst., Mr. John Fraser, brother of the Rev. Thomas Fraser, Montreal, and formerly of Lanark Village, aged 85 (?).

Death of James FraseróOttawa CitizenóYesterday we learned the sad intelligence of the death of Mr. James Fraser, Clerk of the County of Carleton and son of the late Col. Alexander Fraser and well known resident of Perth:  It is with a feeling of deep sorrow the writer records the death yesterday in his 53rd  year, of James Fraser, who has for upwards of 21 years  filled the office of Clerk of the County Court, Deputy Clerk of the Crown, and Registrar of the Surrogate Court of the County of Carleton.  He was the son of Col. Alexander Fraser, a gallant officer who served with distinction in the British Army and settled in Perth in the old Bathurst District.  The late James Fraser moved in early life to this city where he has lived upwards of 35 years and has been identified with every movement that has marked the life of Ottawa from the town of Bytown to its present position as the capital of the Dominion.  He was widely known in official as well as private life and leaves none behind who can lay claim to a more deserved record for official rectitude, high integrity and sterling worth.

Perth Courier, March 14, 1879

Rowe (?) Ross (?)óDied, at Merrickville, on the 3rd inst., Mr. Charles Rowe (or Ross), Sr., aged 83.

WarkóDied, on the 1st March, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. James King, Darling, Mrs. Wark, aged 82.

BellóDied, on Wed., 13th (?) March, Mary Bell, wife of Mr. John Bell, Sr., Perth, aged 80 (?) 90 (?).

Perth Courier, March 21, 1879

MorrisonóDied, on Monday, 10th March, Mr. Alexander Morrison, North Elmsley, aged 84.

LaidlawóDied, at Pakenham on Monday, 3rd March, Catharine Laidlaw (Lynch), wife of Mr. John Lynch, formerly of Carleton Place, aged 37 (?) 57 (?).

Perth Courier, March 21, 1879

Andison (or Andlace?)óDied, on the 15th March, George Rankin Andison, infant son of Mr. David Andison, 3rd Concession Drummond, aged 7 months and 3 days.

McDonnellóDied, at Brockville on the 11th March, Lt. Col. D. A. E. McDonnell, ex Warden of the Kingston Penitentiary, in the 85th year of his age.

McAdamóDied, on Friday, 7th inst., at Admanton (?), at the residence of her father, Mr. Thomas Conway, Esq., Bridget McAdam, wife of Mr. James McAdam.

PooleóDied, at Ramsay on the 19th inst., Mr. Joseph Poole, aged 80 (?).

PopplewillóDied, on Sunday, 16th (?) March, Reuben Popplewill, youngest son of Mr. Richard Popplewill, Bathurst, 8 (?) months.

PopplewillóDied, at Bathurst on Friday, 7th March, at the residence of his brother, Mr. William Popplewill, aged 36.

Perth Courier, March 28, 1879

Barnum (?) Brennan (?)óDied, at Montague, on the 9th March, Bridget Barnum (?) Brennan (?), daughter of Mr. Patrick Barnum (?) Brennan (?), aged 12 (?).

JakesóDied, at Merrickville on Friday, 14th March, Mary Jakes, wife of Mr. Robert Jakes, aged 63(?) 65(?), 53(?) 55(?) 83(?) 85(?).

CrawfordóDied, on Friday, 21st March, Catherine Theresa Crawford, infant daughter of Mr. Samuel Crawford of Bathurst, aged 6 months.

McIntyreóDied, at his residence at Paisley, County Bruce, Mr. John McIntyre, Sr., Esq., aged 67 (?).  (no date was given.)  Deceased was a former resident of Perth for 17 years.

FraseróDied, at his residence, Baldersonís Corners, Drummond, on Thursday, 13th March, Mr. William Fraser, aged 89 (?).  Deceased was born at Invernesshire, Scotland, and was one of the early settlers of the Balderson district.

HutchisonóDied, at Ramsay on the 20th March, Jane Hutchison, widow of the late Mr. Alexander Hutchison, aged 82.

The subject of the following notice, which is taken from the Chesley (?), Ontario Enterprise, is the father of Mr. A. R. McIntyre, Reeve of Lanark Township.  Mr. McIntyre died suddenly at the village of Paisley on the 14th inst of heart disease.  He was one who had been long a resident of this county and who, on account of his blameless life and many excellent qualities, has occupied a high place in public estimation.  Mr. McIntyre was a native of Invernesshire, Scotland.  He came to Canada in 1833 and for many years had his home in the County of Lanark.  Few men have succeeded in passing through life leaving behind him so good an example of up righteousness, manliness and integrity.

Perth Courier, April 11, 1879

JackmanóDied, on Thursday, 3rd April Mr. Peter Jackman, Scotch Line, aged 49.

TayloróDied, at the residence of Mr. George Malloch, Esq., Arnprior, on the 31st March, Mr. Andrew Taylor, an old resident of Richmond, aged 73.

MorrowóDied, at Almonte, on Friday, 28th March, Mr. John Morrow, aged 65.

LambóDied, at Almonte, on Thursday, 27th ult., Christie Lamb, aged 2 years, 9 months.  Also died, on Friday, 28th ult., Percival Edward Lamb, aged 6 years.  Both were children of Mr. William Lamb.

ArmstrongóDied, at the Township of Ramsay, on the 8th March, Mrs. Charles Armstrong, aged 50. (note, month of death listed is definitely March, not April.)

WarkóDied, at Westmeath on the 2nd March, Mr. William Wark, aged 23 (?).(Note, the months of death is definitely given as March, not April.)

LesteróDied, at the Township of Lanark, on the 5th inst., at the residence of her son, Mr. Joseph Lester, Mrs. Margaret Lester.  (age was illegible.)

DuncanóDied, at Dalhousie, on the 1st April, Carrie Duncan, youngest daughter of Mr. Peter Duncan, aged 6 years, 10 months and 24 days.

Perth Courier, April 4, 1879

NOTE:  An advertisement was pasted over this section of the newspaper.  Some of the transcriptions are partial as some names and dates were cut off.  Two were totally unreadable.

TenantóDied, at his residence near Pembroke, Mr. Richard Tenant, in the 55th (?) year of his age.  One (?) of seven brothers who settled in Lanark in 182(?).

DunnóDied, at Smithís Falls, on the 22nd inst., Sarah Dunn, wife of Mr. H. Dunn, aged 23 (?).

BarberóDied, at Montague, on the 24th inst., Rachel Barber, (wife?) of Mr. Philip Barber, aged 40 (?).

MorrisonóDied, at Carleton Place on Friday (date cut off), Mr. John Morrison, aged 62.

GarlandóDied, at Carleton Place on Tuesday, (date cut off), Emelia Garland, twin (word cut off, probably Ďdaughterí) of Mr. James Garland, aged 5 years (the rest is cut off.)

CoulteróDied, at Manitoba, Mr. William Coulter, son of (name cut off), Ramsay, aged 36.

PowersóDied, at Arnprior, on Monday, 24th March, Mary Ann McDougall (Powers), wife of Mr. James Powers, aged 27 (?).

Trakey (?)óDied, at Appleton, on Friday morning, 23rd March, John Trakey (?). ( No age was given.)

CramóDied, at her residence at Beckwith, on the 26th March, Mary Mc (rest of the name was cut off) Cram, beloved wife of Mr. Samuel Cram, aged 38 (?).

Perth Courier, April 18, 1879

McDonaldóOsage Mission, KansasóDied, on the 19th March, at 9:00 pm, Mary Diane McDonald, aged 70 years, wife of Mr. Angus McDonald, formerly of the Township of Drummond.  With the first bloom of the springtide breathing the sweet perfume of hidden violets comes to us the sad intelligence of the death of an old-time friend and neighbor, Mrs. Angus McDonald.  A good wife and mother, whose virtues were many and bright, has folded her hands to peace in the full sunset of her life and rested from her labors.  In her death, there are many kind friends who regret it very much.  Very tender are the sympathies extended to the sorrowful husband and children.  We think, too, these same old friends are feeling sad to think she was laid to sleep in a grave so far from dear old Perth.  She will be missed from the old cemetery where she laid her young daughter to rest a few short years ago.  Pleasant and tender memories of her will be multiplied throughout fair old Drummond and the little white cottage at the foot of the hill, where she dwelt so long and which she adored will attract renewed attention from old acquaintances as they pass.  The summer days will be full of dreams of her and prayers will be as the perfume of sweetened flowers.  The Easter Lilies rest on her grave, emblematic of the glorious Resurrection that awaits the pure in heart.  The good die happy that rest in the Lord.

CampbellóDied, at Seaforth on the 30th (?) March, at the residence of his brother (Dr. Campbell), Mr. Archibald Campbell, aged 53 years and 5 months.  The deceased was a native of North Sherbrooke where he resided for many years and later he resided in Osborne, (Usborne?), County Huron.  For the past six years he resided in Seaforth with his brother where consumption finally put a period to his mortal career.  He was buried in the Rodgerville cemetery.

HilliardóDied, at Pakenham on the 7th April, Captain Hilliard, in the (age illegible, two numbers, the last is Ď0í) year of his age.

LavanóDied, at Pakenham, on the 6th April, Mrs. Lavan, mother of Father Lavan, Parish Priest of Pakenham.

ThoburnóDied, at Almonte, on the 9th April, Mr. John Thoburn, Jr., aged 30.

ByrneóDied, at Perth, on Sunday evening, the 13th April, Mr. Oliver Byrne, farmer, Bathurst, aged 79 (?).

GarlandóDied, at Carleton Place on the 25th March, (first name illegible, ď- - - lineĒ) Garland, twin daughter of Mr. James Garland, aged 5 years and 10 months.

BurnsóDied, at Lanark Village, on the evening of the 21st inst., Louise Burns, eldest daughter of Mr. James Burns, aged 15.

McDermottóDied, at Perth on Tuesday evening, 15th inst., Mr. Peter McDermott, aged 45.

Perth Courier, April 18, 1879

Almonte:  Very many of the readers of the Gazette will regret to learn of the death of Mr. John Thoburn, Jr., which occurred in Almonte on the 8th inst.  While serving with the Pakenham Volunteers at the front in 1868 (?), the deceased contracted a severe cold which settled upon his lungs.  Since that time, he has struggled bravely against illness that he was conscious must soon terminate his life, but being naturally of a cheerful and buoyant disposition and having recovered from many previous attacks (about 14), his friends did not give up hope until Tuesday evening when he sank very rapidly.  The funeral took place on Thursday at 1:00 to the English Church cemetery.  The Pakenham  Masonic Lodge, of which the deceased was a member, with the assistance of the Almonte brethren, accompanied the remains to the last resting place.  The deceased was 30 years of age and leaves a wife and two children.

Perth Courier, April 25, 1879

BrownóDied, at the residence of her son, John Brown, Almonte, on the 5th (?) April, Mr. Robert Brown, Sr., aged 80, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, and one of the earliest settlers in Admaston.  His end was peace.

CorryóDied, at Malta (?), Lake County, Colorado, on the 12th April, (first name illegible), Corry, Jr., formerly of Perth, aged 27.

LandersóDied, at Perth, on Tuesday, 22nd April, Mr. Janet Landers, aged 76(?).  (Note, the way this has been transcribed ďMr. JanetÖĒ, is the way it was typeset in the newspaper.)

ArmstrongóDied, on the 12th inst., Mr. David Armstrong, Drummond, aged 75.

HouriganóDied, on Saturday, 12th April, Bridget Maloney Hourigan, wife of Mr. Michael Hourigan, Esq., South Elmsley, aged 70.

GalvinóDied, at Carleton Place, on the 5th April, Mary Galvin, infant daughter of Mr. John R. Galvin.  Mary lived only a few months.

The death of Mr. Isaac Corry, eldest son of Mr. George Corry of Perth, is announced in Colorado.  He had been employed there working in the mines.

On Sunday last, Mr. Richard Foley, Almonte, brother-in-law of Mr. T. J. Brennan of this town, died suddenly at the age of 26.

Perth Courier, May 2, 1879

CollisóDied, on the 1st April, at Shotierry (?) Hall, Rev. Dr. John Day Collis, Vicar, Stratford-on-Avon, England, after a brief illness.

LesteróDied, at Lanark Township on the 5th inst., at the residence of her son Mr. Joseph Lester, Mrs. Margaret Lester, aged 95.

McGillóDied, at Renfrew on the 22nd inst., Agnes Dunn (?) McGill, widow of the late Mr. George McGill of Kilmarnock, Ayreshire, Scotland, aged 70.

McArthuróDied, at Perth, on Wednesday, 30th April, Mr. John McArthur, father of Messrs Andrew and William McArthur, Perth, aged 79.

Perth Courier, May 9, 1879

GivensóDied, at his residence, Lanark, on the 2nd inst., Mr. John Givens, aged 73.

ScottóDied, at her late residence, Beckwith, on the 22nd April, Margaret McIntosh (?) Scott, at the mature age of 86 years, widow of the late Mr. Peter Scott, who emigrated to this country in 1818.

StewartóDied, at Ashton, on Thursday, 17th April, Isabella Cram Stewart, beloved wife of Mr. Neil Stewart, Esq., Reeve, Goulbourne.

KeanóDied, at the Ferry, on the 30th April, Mr. John Kean, aged 72.

HudsonóDied, at the residence of her grandson, Mr. Henry Hudson, Perth, on Wednesday, 7th May, Mrs. Edward Hudson, aged 96 9?).

Perth Courier, May 16, 1879

BergantóDied, at Carleton Place, on the 3rd May, Thomas H. Bergant, only son of  Nathaniel and F. A. Bergant, aged 13 months and 20 days.  (note, not entirely sure of this surname.)

McNabóDied, at Carleton Place, on 11th May, Adalina McNab, aged 17.  (note, not entirely sure of the deceasedís given name.)

MooreóDied, at Carleton Place, on (date illegible), Mr. William Moore, aged 53 (?) 63 (?)

McDermottóDied, at Ramsay, on the 4th May, Mrs. Michael McDermott, aged 75.

SymeóDied, at Almonte, on the 6th May, Mr. George S. Syme, aged 23.

BrownóDied, at Almonte, on the 25th April, Mary E. Brown, aged 23.

FergusonóDied, at the residence of Mr. Louis Cline, Bathurst, on the 1st May, Mr. Alexander Ferguson, 85 years of age, late of Drummond.

MaxwellóKilled, accidentally, at Toveyís Bridge, Bathurst, on the 9th May, Mr. Martin Maxwell, S. Sherbrooke, aged 62.

RobinsonóDied, at Port Elmsley, on Friday, the 6th inst., Annie Robinson, third daughter of Mr. John Robinson, merchant, aged 20.

CodeóDied, at his residence near Douglas, Township Bromley, County Renfrew, on the 27th April, Mr. James Code, aged 80.  Deceased was one of the old settlers of the 3rd Line Drummond, having settled there with his father John Code, in 1823.

Perth Courier, May 23, 1879

McLarenóDied, on Friday evening, 15th May, Mr. Finlay McLaren, Perth, aged 79.

McGraghóDied, at Perth, on Thursday morning, 15th inst., Mrs. McGragh, aged 70.

McGonigleóDied, at Carleton Place, on 11th May, Mrs. McGonigle, aged 60.

BeachóDied, at Playfairville, on the 19th inst., Nathan Beach, stepson of Mr. G. C. Mills, aged 19.

PercyóDied, at Smithís Falls on Monday, 28th April, Minnie Eleanor Percy, daughter of Andrew and Mary Percy, aged 1 year and 2 months.

DuncanóDied, on Sunday, 18th inst., Mary Duncan, second daughter of Mr. Peter Duncan of Dalhousie, aged 16.

BairdóDied, on Tuesday, 13th May, Mrs. Baird, relict of the late Mr. Andrew Baird, Hopetown, Lanark Township, aged 75 (?) 73 (?).

RobinsonóDied, at Port Elmsley, on Friday, 8th inst., Annie Robinson, third daughter of Mr. John Robinson, merchant, aged 20.

RobertsonóDied, at Drummond, on the 7th May, Annie Robertson, youngest daughter of Mr. Daniel Robertson, aged 2 years and 4 months.

The little childís departed

Cut off in youth and bloom

Her happy soul has gone to rest

And her bodyís in the tomb.

It was hard indeed to part with one

Who was so bright and fair

Yet again we hope to meet her

In a world thatís free from care.

She was our youngest darling

She was admired by all

She tarried a short time with us

Till Jesus came to call.

Perth Courier, May 30, 1879

PickupóDied, on Monday, 26th inst., in Montreal, Mr. E. Pickup, father of Dr. Pickup, Brockville, aged 80.

Perth Courier, June 6, 1879

McKerrowóDied, at Dalhousie, near McDonaldís Corners, on Thursday evening, 15th May, Mr. William McKerrow, aged 70 years and 2 days.  Deceased was a native of Scotland, emigrating to Canada in the Spring of 1823 (?) 1831 (?).  Inflammation of the lungs proved fatal after an illness of 19 days.  He was respected by all who knew him.  His end was peace.

MansonóDied, at Lanark on the 28th ult., Mary Manson, daughter of Mr. Archibald Manson, aged 14.

We have to record the death of Rev. William Cochrane, Presbyterian minister of Middleville, who, after a somewhat lingering illness, died on Thursday, 29th May in the 67th year of his age, leaving behind him a wife and three children.  Mr. Cochrane first began his ministry work in Glasgow, Scotland where in the city mission he was an assistant to Dr. Gillian of St. Johnís Parish Church.  He labored for almost 16 years with considerable success.  Turning his attention to colonial work, he was ordained and was sent out to Canada by the Colon Committee of the Church of Scotland.  In his first appointment in this country he was in the congregation of Rigle (?) and Althalstane (?) where not a few still cherish a kind remembrance of his work among the people there.  Next he settled in Port Hope from which place he came to Middleville where he has been about six years.  Mr. Cochrane was a man of very genial disposition and was endeared by his kindly manners not only to his many neighbors but to all with whom he came into contact.  As public minister, whether in the pulpit or on the platform, his remarks were often marked with a freshness and originality all his own.  His memory will be cherished by not a few beyond his congregation who have had the pleasure of his acquaintance and his presence will be missed at many a social gathering.  His wife and family have the heartfelt sympathy of all in their sorrow.

Perth Courier, June 13, 1879

RawlfóDied, at New Orleans, Louisiana, on the 30th April, Mr. E.W. Rawlf, brother of Mr. N. Rawlf, formerly of Almonte.

ListeróDied, at Almonte on the 2nd inst., Emma Lister, wife of the late Assistant Commisary General Lister, aged 73.  (note, surname could have been Lester.)

DoyleóDied, on the 23rd May, Mary Doyle, relict of the late Mr. Thomas Doyle, 3rd Concession Drummond, aged 83 (?) 85 (?) a native of County Clare, Ireland.

ManahanóDied, at Lanark on Wednesday, 11th June, Mrs. Jas. H. Manahan, aged 30 years.

Death of an Old Resident

We get the following from the Brockville Recorder:  We are appraised of the recent death of an old resident of Westport in the person of Mr. James Deacon who had attained the ripe old age of 96.  Mr. Deacon emigrated from Ireland to Lanark County in 1816, settling there until 1831, when he removed to Westport and lived at the latter place until his death.  He was among the oldest pioneers in the county.

Perth Courier, June 20, 1879

HerrichonóDied, at Perth on Friday, 13th June, Mr. Falls Herrichon, aged 48.  (note, not entirely sure of this surname.)

ReynoldsóDied, at Perth, on Sunday, 15th June, Jane Cavanagh Reynolds, wife of Mr. Hugh Reynolds, aged 52.

MooreóDrowned, on the 5th (?) June, at Playfair, Mr. George Henry Moore, aged 21(?) 31(?).

HallóDied, at Merrickville, on the 7th June, Mrs. Hall, wife of Mr. D. J. Hall, Reeve of Merrickville.

FergusonóDied, at Montague, on the 9th June, Margaret Ferguson, daughter of Mr. Jno. Ferguson, aged 32.

RutherfordóDied, at Elmsley, on the 10th June, Mr. John Rutherford, aged 73.

ThomlinsonóDied, at Port Elmsley, on the 9th June, Mr. Thomas H. Thomlinson, aged 65.  (note, not entirely sure of this surname.)

PierceóDied, on the 10th June, at Franktown, Georgina Pierce, daughter of Mr. Thomas Pierce, aged 1 year and 5 months.

Perth Courier, June 27, 1879

RyanóDied, at Perth, on Sunday, 22nd inst., Mary S. Ryan, daughter of Mr. Patrick Ryan, aged 7.

RyanóDied, at Perth, on Thursday afternoon, 19th inst., Hugh Ryan, son of Mr. Patrick Ryan, aged 5 years and 6 months.

RyanóDied, at Perth, on Friday morning, 20th inst., Edward Michael Ryan, youngest son of Mr. Patrick Ryan, aged 3 years and one months.

Sad BereavementóWithin the past few days, Mr. Patrick Ryan has suffered a sad bereavement in the loss of three of his children to that dread disease diphtheria.  The little ones were so suddenly stricken downótwo boys and one girl were all under eight years of age and unusually bright and intelligent children.  The grief stricken parents have the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement.

YoungóDied, at Augusta, County Grenville,  on the (illegible date, first number is Ď2í) inst., Mr. Malcolm Young, son of the late Mr. Hugh Young, in the 29th year of his age.

MenziesóDied, at Pembroke on Thursday, 19th inst., Edith Agnes Menzies, eldest daughter of Mr. R. Menzies, aged 2 years, 6 months and 7 days.

Perth Courier, July 4, 1879

DalhousieóWithin the last few weeks the following deaths have occurred in Dalhousie:  Mrs. William Gemmell (widow), aged 58 (?), Mrs. Robert Duncan and a child six months old of Mr. John Balfour, North Sherbrooke.

Perth Courier, July 11, 1879

PattersonóDied, at Pembroke, on the 30th ult., Margaret Ann Patterson, wife of Mr. James Patterson and daughter of Mr. Aaron Sweeney, Sr., aged 28.

MulochóDied, on 1st July, at Chicago, while on her way home from Colorado, Martha C. Ro - - - Muloch, wife of Rev. Canon Muloch, Brockville, aged 53.

BradyóDied, at Mt. St. Patrick, on 21st June, the wife of Mr. John Brady, Esq., aged 25.

RoneyóDied, at Bryson, at the residence of her son Mr. Jas. Roney, Esq., P. I. S., Mary Ann Johnson, aged 81.

Scrimsour(?)óDied, at Almonte, on the 25th June, Mary Scrimsour (?), aged 20.

RyanóDied, on Monday morning, at 10:00, William P. Ryan, eldest son of Mr. Patrick Ryan, aged 13.

Saddening BereavementóMr. and Mrs. Patrick Ryan have sustained continued bereavement in the death of their eldest son Willie, a bright lad of 12 years, from the effects of the dreadful disease diphtheria, which attacked him two weeks ago together with his three other little brothers and sisters, whose deaths we were compelled to record last week.  In their renewed affliction Mr. and Mrs. Ryan have more than even the sympathy of the town.

LawsonóDied, on Saturday morning, 5th July, Mrs. Robert Lawson, Sr., Lanark Township, 63 years of age.

Perth Courier, July 18, 1879

BrownóDied, at Merrickville, Saturday, 5th July, Mr. Jas Brown, age about 23.

Perth Courier, July 25, 1879

StorieóDied, on the 19th inst., at the residence of her son, Mr. Robert Storie, postmaster, Loch Winnoch, Mrs. Elizabeth Storie, wife of the late Mr. John Storie, aged 96.

CaswellóDied, at Smithís Falls, on Tuesday, 15th July, Florence Alberta Caswell, daughter of Albert and Aggie Caswell, aged 3 years, 1 month and 9 days.

McIntoshóDied, at Smithís Falls, on Saturday, 12th inst., Mr. Francis McIntosh.  (no age given.)

RoachóDied, at Wolford, on the 11th inst., Mrs. Roach, about 74.

McKerracheróDied, at her fatherís residence, 6th Line Bathurst, on the 20th July, Kate McKerracher, aged 24 (?).

Sudden DeathóWe regret to hear of the sudden death from heart disease of Miss McKerracher while attending the Methodist Church at Perth on Sunday last.  The deceased was a sister to Mr. J. W. McKerracher and Mrs. R. Davidson of this place and resided with the latter for a considerable time.  She was a member of the Wesleyan Choir at Arnprior and was much beloved by all who knew her.

Perth Courier, August 1, 1879

Br - - - - - - -  Died, at Smithís Falls, on Wednesday, 23rd July, Mr. John Br - - - - - - -, aged 73.

FraseróDied, at Township Bagot, on the 21st July, Jane Fraser, wife of Mr. Alexander Fraser, aged 90 (?) years, 2 months and 3 days.  Deceased was a native of Dumfrieshire, Scotland and came with her husband and family to Canada in 1836.

ThompsonóDied, at Perth, on the 24th inst., Isabella Gilchrist Thompson, wife of the late Mr. William Thompson, aged 83.

OíHaraóDied, at Merrickville, on Monday, 21st inst., Helen  Lois (?) OíHara, infant daughter of Mr. P. OíHara, of the Merrickville Hotel.

WatsonóDied, at Arnprior, on the 15th (?) 16th (?), Agnes Ann Watson, wife of the late Mr. James Watson, aged 67 (?).

LoftusóDied, at Brockville at 10:00 on Wednesday, 10th inst., Eva Loftus, only child of Mr. John Loftus, aged one year and one month.  (note, not entirely sure of this surname.)

DowdallóDied, on Thursday, 24th inst., at the age of 43 years, Margaret Dowdall, wife of Mr. P.L. Dowdall, Esq., Merrickville, and niece of Mr. Fenelon Cooper, Archbishop, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Perth Courier, August, 8, 1879

PedenóDied, at Carleton Place, on the 4th Aug., Mr. William Peden, Esq., (age illegible).

(note, not entirely sure of this surname.)

FergusonóDied, at her residence, Montague on Friday, 11th (?) July, Annie Stewart Ferguson, wife of Mr. John Ferguson, and a native of Lancashire, Scotland, in the 70th year of her age.

FlenealóDied, at Carleton Place, on the 31st July, Peter James Fleneal, son of John and Mary Fleneal, aged two years, one month and 20 days.  (note, not sure of this surname.)

Perth Courier, August 15, 1879

ThompsonóDied, at Ramsay on the 5th (?) 6th (?) inst., Lydia Thompson, daughter of Mr. Richard Thompson, aged 9 years..

BartonóDied, at Montague, on the 1st Aug., Mr. James Barton, aged 33 (?) 39 (?).

Perth Courier, August 22, 1879

HopkinsóDied, at Beckwith, on the 17th August, Sarah Hopkins, aged 70.

CaversóDied, at Beckwith, on the 15th Aug., Mr. Thomas Cavers, Esq., aged 63 (?) 69 (?).  (Note, not entirely sure of this surname.)

Coen (?) Coan (?) Cohn (?)óDied, at Almonte on the 18th Aug., Mr. James Coen (?) Coan (?) Cohn (?), aged 57 (?).

AustinóDied, at his sonís residence in Listowel, on Thursday, the 14th Aug., Mr. John Brown Austin, formerly of Carleton Place, in the 75th (?) year of his age.

Free (?) Froe (?)óDied, at Perth, on Thursday, 14th Aug., Mr. Edward Free (?), age illegible.

WaddellóDied, at Oriskany, N.Y., on June 15, Sarah Francis Waddell, wife of James A. Waddell, Esq., and only child of Calvin and Elizabeth Shattock, aged 30 years and 7 days.

DurhamóDied, at Ompah (?), County Frontenac, on Wednesday, 13th Aug., suddenly, of heart disease, Mr. Charles Durham, aged 60.  (note, not sure of this surname.)

Perth Courier, August 29, 1879

DicksonóDied, at Cedar Hill, Upper Pakenham, on the 19th inst., Charles Frederick Dickson, aged 3 months and 8 days.  Died, on the 24th inst., Hugh Frederick Dickson, aged 3 months and 13 days.  Twin sons of Mrs. S.S. (?) or E. S. (?) Dickson.

StevensóDied, at Almonte on the 19th inst., John Stevens, son of Mr. John Stevens, aged 13 (?) 19 (?).

JudgeóDied, at Pembroke, on Tuesday, 26th inst., the wife of Dr. Judge, aged 68.

StewartóDied, at Beckwith, on the 25th (?) Aug., Mr. James Stewart, Esq., aged 75.

Perth Courier, Sept. 5, 1879

BellóDied, at Perth, on the 1st Sept. Isabella Bell, daughter of the late Mr. Matthew Bell, Jr., aged 10 (?) years and 7 months.

PattersonóDied, at Ramsay, on the 21st inst., Mrs. Thomas Patterson, aged 81 (?).

McGregoróDied, at North Elmsley, on the afternoon of Friday, 1st Aug., Isabella McGregor, daughter of the late Mr. Duncan McGregor, aged 23 (?).

NewmanóDied, at Andrewville (?), on Sat., 23rd inst., Howard Newman, son of John and Emily Newman, aged 3.

McEwenóDied, at Beckwith, on the 10th Aug., James Norman McEwen, infant son of Mr. Jno McEwen, aged 1 year and 8 months.

YoungóDied, at Appleton, on the 30th Aug., Jennie (?) Jessie (?) Ann Young, fourth daughter of Mr. William Young, aged 19 years and 3(?) 8(?) months.

DalmadgeóDied, at Appleton, on the 30th Aug., Frances Cecilia Dalmadge, daughter of Mr. Lawrence Dalmadge, aged 19.

PattersonóDied, at Boston, Mass., on Wednesday, 3rd Sept., John Patterson, printer, son of Mr. Thomas Patterson, Perth, aged 31.

Perth Courier, Sept. 12, 1879

JakesóDied, at Merrickville, on Sat., 30th Aug.,  Mr. Robert Jakes, aged 85.

McNabóDied, at North Elmsley, on Monday, 1st inst., Mr. Colin McNab, aged 70.

StewartóDied, at Beckwith, 7th Concession, on the 25th Aug., Mr. James Stewart, Esq., aged 75.  The deceased gentleman was one of the old landmarks of the Township and was highly respected by all his friends and acquaintances.  His funeral was attended by a large concourse of people. 

DeaconóDied, at Perth, on Monday, 8th inst., Mr. Marshall Deacon, son of the late Mr. George Deacon, aged 17.

Perth Courier, Sept. 19, 1879

FrostóDied, at Smithís Falls, on Wed., 17th Sept. Mrs. Caroline Harwood Frost, widow of the late Mr. Ebeneezer (?) Frost, Esq., and mother of Messrs. C. B. and F. T. Frost, of  the firm Frost & Wood, aged 73.

Ca - - sóDied, at Glen Tay, on the 20th Aug., Mr. Thomas P. Ca - - s, aged 42.

BairdóDied, at Ramsay, on Wed., 10th inst., Mrs. William Baird, aged 73 (?) 78 (?).

BrysonóDied, at the residence of her nephew, Mr. John Bryson, Fort (or Port) Coulonge (?) J - - - - - Bryson, aged 61.

SneddenóDied, at the residence of her father, Pakenham, on the 2nd inst., Mathilda Snedden, youngest daughter of Mr. William Snedden, Esq., aged 15.

MathisóDied, at Lavant, on the 9th inst., Lydia Mathis, daughter of Mr. James Mathis.

Ten - - - sóDied, at Pembroke, on Sat., 13th inst., Adaline Ten - - - s, infant daughter of Mr. B. Ten - - - s, aged one year and four days.

Perth Courier, Sept. 26, 1879

BaronóDied, at Pakenham, Tuesday evening, 16th Sept.  Robert William Baron, youngest son of Robert Baron, M.D., aged 4 years, 1 month and 19 days.

FieldóMarried, at the 18th Sept. at his residence, Hartford (?) Place, Brockville, Mr. Richard Allen Field, hardware merchant, aged 23 (?) 33(?).

ScottóDied, at the residence of Mr. Frank Coulter, Ramsay, on the 11th Sept. Miss Mary Scott, sister to Mrs. John Coulter, aged 53 (?) 63 (?).

WilliamsóDied, at Perth, on Thursday morning, 18th inst., Mr. James Williams, aged 64.

BarróDied, at South Elmsley on Friday, 19th inst., Mr. Robert Barr, formerly of Perth.  (no age was given.)

We regret to announce the death of Mr. Richard A. Field, Brockville, which occurred on Thursday of last week.  Deceased was for many years engaged in the hardware business in Brockville, associated with his brother, but owing to his health he retired some time ago and sought other climates for his health.  Having partially recovered, he again embarked in business when the dreadful disease consumption again confined him to his home where, after a protracted illness, death took him away.  Deceased was a brother to Mr. W. A. Field, Clerk of Lanark Village.

Perth Courier, October 10, 1879

FerrieróDied, on Thurs., 11th Sept., Mr. Abraham Ferrier, Scotch Line, aged 72.

CraigóDied, suddenly, on the 19th Sept., of apoplexy, Mrs. Adam Craig, Lanark, widow of the late Mr. Adam Craig, aged 76.

BarkeróDied, at her residence at the 8th Line Ramsay, Mrs. Ellen Barker, wife of the late Mr. W. Baker, aged 85.

ClarkóDied, at Almonte, on Monday, 29th Sept., James Clark, infant son of Mr. David Clark.  (no age was given.)

DunnetóDied, at Pakenham on Sabbath morning, 28th ult., Elisabeth Dunnet, daughter of Mr. James Dunnet, Esq.  (no age was given.)

Perth Courier, October 17, 1879

McEachenóDied, at the residence of his mother, Township Bromley, on the 11th inst., Ramond (?) McEachen, aged 23 years and 7 days.

McVicaróDied, at Pakenham, on Wednesday, 1st October, Mary Ross McVicar, wife of Mr. John McVicar, Esq., aged 60.

HornickóDied, at Smithís Falls on Saturday, 27th Sept., Mr. S.W. Hornick, aged 21.

JamiesonóDied, at Carleton Place, on Tuesday morning, 11th Oct., Philawanda (?) McCallum Jamieson, wife of Mr. J.R. Jamieson, M.A., aged 39 (?) 30 (?).

Perth Courier, Oct. 24, 1879

McEwenóDied, at Carleton Place, on Friday, 17th Oct., Lizzie Helen (?) McTait (?) McEwen, wife of Mr. Finlay McEwen, aged 31 years, 9 months and 9 days.

BarkeróDied, at her residence on the 8th (?) inst., at Ramsay, Mrs. Ellen (?) Barker, wife of the late Mr. W. Barker, aged 65 (?).

WardóDied, at Arnprior, on the 6th inst., Laura (?) Ann Ward, wife of B. W. Ward, M.D., aged 43.

LeachóDied, on the 6th Sept., Mr. James Leach (Irish), Township of Alice, aged 61.

We regret to announce the death at the age of 29 of Hophni McFarlane, Jr. at his home in Drummond on Sabbath last.  Deceased came to learn the trade of printer in this office five years ago but was compelled to give it up shortly before his time had expired on account of the rapid development of the insidious disease which finally carried him off, consumption.  Hophni was a young man of amiable disposition and strong religious convictions and was esteemed by all who knew him.  He was a member of the band of the 42nd Battalion for some time and was elected president of it for two or three years.  The band attended the funeral in a body and headed the funeral cortege.

Perth Courier, Oct. 31, 1879

WilsonóDied, at Arnprior, on the (date illegible, two numbers, the first is a Ď2í) October, Flora Lammie Wilson, wife of Mr. William Wilson, aged 64.

CrudenóDied, at Lanark, on the 21st inst., Harry Cruden, infant son of Rev. William Cruden, B.A., aged 7 weeks.  (note, not entirely sure of this surname.)

Montgomery óDied, at his residence at Drummond, on the 20th inst., Mr. Oswald Montgomery, aged 69.

MilleróDied, at the residence of Mr. B.S. Snyder, Port Elmsley, on the 10th October, Miss Ida Miller, aged 21.

Posted: 11 June, 2003