Perth Courier

Perth Courier Obituaries

supplied by Christine M. Spencer of Northwestern University, Evanston, Il., USA.

Perth Courier, November 12,1875

Ward—Died, at Smith’s Falls on the 8th November, Mr. William M. Ward, aged 39 (?).

McDougall—Died, at Admaston, County Renfrew, on the 29th Oct., Mr. Alex McDougall, aged 23 (?).

Pye—Died, at Brockville on the 2nd November, at the residence of her grandson, Mr. George H. Weatherland, Elizabeth Dudgeon (?) (Pye), relict of the late Mr. Richard Pye, aged 81.

Nichol—Died, at Perth on Monday, 8th November, Mrs. Janet Nichol, relict of the late Mr. Thomas Nichol, at the age of 85 (?).

Perth Courier, Nov. 19, 1875

Noonan—Died, at Bathurst, on Friday, 12th Nov., Jane (Noonan), widow of the late Mr. James Noonan, Sr., aged 67.

Baird—Died, in Smith’s Falls, on the 11th Nov., Mr. Robert Baird, postmaster, aged 43 (?).

In another part of this same paper:  We regret to say that Mr. Robert Baird, postmaster, Smith’s Falls, died on Thursday of last week after a lingering illness.

Gibbs—Died, in Smith’s Falls on the 28th (?) Oct., Mrs. Gibbs, aged 75 (?).

Perth Courier, November 26, 1875

Cumming—Died, in the Township of Brant, County Bruce, after a short illness, Margaret (Cumming), wife of Mr. Robert Cumming, 60 years and 9 months.  Deceased was for some time a resident of the Township of Bathurst.  (Note:  no date of death was shown.)

Burns—Died, in Lanark, on Sat., 13th Nov., Jemima (Burns), wife of Mr. Jas. Burns, at the age of 29.

Perth Courier, December 3, 1875

Dodds—Died, on Sat., 27th inst., Mr. Alexander Dodds, Esq., Deputy Reeve of Bathurst, aged 40.

Elsewhere in the paper (from December 10, 1875):

The late Mr. Alexander Dodds Esq.—We are this day under the painful necessity of announcing the death of Mr. Alexander Dodds of Glen Tay, an event which took place last Saturday at 2:30 pm.  Mr. Dodds had been suffering from some severe throat problems which latterly developed into tubercular laryngitis.  Although he suffered very considerably he bore it all most patiently.  To the last, no word of complaint was heard from him and surrounded by most of his relatives he passed quietly away.  He leaves a wife and five children to mourn his loss.  Mr. Dodds was born in the parish of Carham, Northumberland, where his father for some time farmed the West Work Common Farm now a most beautiful spot on the border between Scotland and England.  The family were connected with the Presbyterian Congregation of Coldstream under the charge of Rev. Andrew Thomson, so well known in connection with the origin of the Scottish Bible Society.  From their arrival in this country they have been always connected with the Presbyterian Church; and Knox Church congregation will very much miss the friendly counsel and energetic cooperation of Mr. Dodds who was for many years an office bearer and one of the volunteer leaders of the psalmody in that church.  As a husband and a father he was tender and affectionate and his family have the cordial sympathy of all in their loss.  The late Mr. Dodds was a thorough and consistent Reformer and a powerful worker for his party but though so zealous for the success of the principles which he considered in his heart to be right, he had a host of warm friends among the Conservatives with whom he had worked in harmony in municipal, agricultural and other matters of a local nature.  At the time of his death, he held the position of Deputy Reeve of Bathurst and President of the South Lanark Agricultural Society by whom he will be sadly missed.  The furtherance of the agricultural interests of this county was one of the chief aims of his life and nothing was too progressive or enlightened in this connection to go beyond his views and sanctions.  He and his brother Ralph were the originators and proprietors of the Glen Tay Cheese Factory—the pioneer one of this county we believe and he was one of the main promoters of the Bathurst and Tay River Macadamized Road, one of the best highways in this county.  We have good authority for saying that his latter end was peace, he having expressed a little before his death his confidence in his Saviour.  His remains were laid in Elmwood Cemetery and were followed there by a large concourse of friends and acquaintances both from town and country.

Richay—Accidentally killed by falling from the lock gates at Smith’s Falls on the 30th (?) ult., Jonas Richay, Esq., in the 68th (?) year of his age.

In another article in the same newspaper:  Lamentable Accident:  The people of this town (Smith’s Falls) were shocked to hear that on Friday last James Richey, farmer of the 3rd Line Bathurst, came to a terribly sudden end by falling into one of the locks at Smith’s Falls where he was engaged in the duty of tending to the locks.  It will be remembered that on Friday everything was covered with ice and it was by incautiously walking on the ice covered sills that he lost his footing, breaking his neck on the rocks below.  His remains were interred in the Methodist Cemetery at Perth on Sabbath last.

Perth Courier, December 10, 1875

Campbell—Died, on Tuesday, 7th December, Flora (Campbell), widow of Mr. John Campbell, 9th Concession Drummond, at the age of 87.

Houte—Died, on Tuesday, 2nd December, Mary Ann Warrington (Houte), wife of Mr. John Houte, South Elmsley, aged 32.  (Note, not entirely sure of the spelling of this surname.)

Lock—Died, at McDonald’s Corners, on the 4th inst., George Lloyd (Lock), son of Mr. William Lock, aged 2 years, 9 months and 15 days.

McVean—Died, at Carleton Place, on Sunday, 4th December, Dr. McVean, aged 33 (or 38?) years, six months.

McFarland—Died, in Dalhousie, on the 5th Dec., Mr. Alexander McFarlane, aged 81.

Turnball—Died, in Dalhousie, on the 3rd December, Mr. James Turnball, aged 80.

Perth Courier, December 17, 1875

Haggerty—Died, on Thurs., 16th Dec., Isabella Graham (Haggerty), relict of the late John Haggerty, Esq., Perth, at the age of 59.  The funeral will take place at 2:30 pm Sunday next, the 19th December, from her late residence to the place of interment, the old cemetery.

McEwen—Died, in North Elmsley on the 7th inst., Ann McGregor (McEwen), wife of Mr. Duncan McEwen, in the 32nd year of her age.

Geddes—Died, at his residence, North Sherbrooke, on the 21st Nov., Mr. David Geddes, Sr., in the 75th year of his age.

Perth Courier, Dec. 24, 1875

Dougherty—Died, at Drummond on the 15th inst., Mr. Edward Dougherty, Sr., in the 85th year of his age.

Sudden Death—Smith’s Falls—On Sabbath last, the 19th inst., Mr. Russell Bartlett, chair maker in Smith’s Falls, was coming home from church when he fell down and instantly expired.  Had he lived until next April he would have been 92 years old.  Up until the time of his death his mental faculties were unimpaired.  He used no spectacles for reading and also was as active physically as some men of 50.  He had been a resident of Smith’s Falls for 44 years.  He started the first Sunday School there of which he was also for many years the superintendent.  He was an elder in the Canada Presbyterian Church from its origin.

Perth Courier, December 31, 1875

Sample—Died, on Sat., 25th inst., Mr. William J. Sample, Beckwith, aged 29.

Comrie—Died, in Montague on the 18th inst., Margaret (Comrie), third daughter of Mr. Alexander Comrie, aged 16.

Sudden Death—It is with pain that we have to announce the sudden death from heart disease on Wednesday evening of Mrs. John McMasters of this place.  The painful news was received by all with universal regret.

Perth Courier, January 7, 1876

McNicol—Died, on Wed., 24th (?) December, Colin McNicol, of Dalhousie, age (almost illegible, either 54 or 64.)

McMaster—Died, at Perth on Wednesday, Lucy (McMaster), wife of Mr. John McMaster, at the age of 31.

Thompson—Died, on Wed., 5th January, of inflammation of the lungs, Frederick (Thompson), infant son of Mr. John F. Thompson, 3rd Concession Bathurst, aged 7 months and 11 days.

Sturgeon—Died, at Lanark, on the 23rd Dec., Mrs. John Sturgeon, Sr., in the 85th (?) year of her age.

Doober—Died, at Lombardy, on Thursday, 30th Dec., Margaret (Doober), wife of Mr. Michael Doober, aged 29.  (Note, not entirely sure of the spelling of this surname.)

Cameron—Died, on  Monday, 3rd Jan., at the residence of her brother Mr. John A. McLaren, Perth, Isabella Cameron.  (No age was given.)

Moorhouse—Died, at Lombardy, on the 31st ult., Robert (Moorhouse) infant son of Mr. E. Moorhouse, aged 2 years.

Perth Courier, June 9, 1876

Publow—Died, at Glen Lynn Cottage, Bathurst, on Tuesday, 23rd May, Joseph Morratt (Publow), infant son of Mr. John Publow, aged 2 months and 13 days.

Hogg—Died, in North Elmsley, on Sun. evening last, Mr. William Hogg, aged 67.

Barnes—Died, at Smith’s Falls on the 30th ult., Robert H. Barnes, age three.

Sands—Died, at Montague, on the 31st ult., Mr. Thomas Sands, aged 43 (or 48?).

Gray—Died, at Smith’s Falls, on the 1st inst., Mr. James Gray, aged (35 or 55??).

Perth Courier, June 23, 1876

Bartraw—Died, in Dalhousie, on Tuesday, 13th inst., Rufus Bartraw, about 30.

(Note, not sure of deceased’s last name.)

Gilday—Died, in Lombardy, on the 17th inst., Isabella Margaret (Gilday), second daughter of Mr. Thomas Gilday, aged 7 months and 5 days.

Young—Died, at Youngville, Ramsay, of scarlet fever, on Wed., 14th June, Stephen S. Young, aged 27.

Murphy—Died, in Beckwith on the 10th inst., Mrs. Thomas Murphy.  (age was illegible, it might have been 57.)

Perth Courier, June 30, 1876

Hunter—Died, at his residence on the 2nd Concession Drummond, on the 21st inst., Mr. Hunter, aged 67.

Fisher—Died, on Saturday, the 24th June, Christina (Fisher Robertson), widow of the late Mr. Robert Robertson and eldest daughter of Mr. Donald Fisher, Esq., Bathurst.  No age was given.

Murphy—Died, on Fri., 23rd June, Annie (Murphy), only daughter of Mr. Richard Murphy, 6th Line Drummond, aged one year and seven months.

Perth Courier, July 3, 1876

Wright—Died, at Almonte on the morning of the 25th June, George Edward (Wright), only son of Mr. James A. Wright, aged four years, eleven months and ten days.

White—Died, at Almonte, on Friday, June 23rd, Mary A. Kyle (White), wife of Mr. J. H. White, aged 46.

Shaw—Died, at Smith’s Falls, on the 1st inst., Mr. John Shaw.  (age was illegible—50?? Or 80????)

Hamilton—Died, at Ramsay on the 29th ult., Hugh Albert (Hamilton), son of Duncan and Jane Hamilton, aged six months and four days.

Perth Courier, July 14, 1876

Larivee—Died, at Arnprior, on the morning of the 7th July, Margaret Larivee, wife of Mr. George R. Larivee, aged 32.  (note, not 100% sure of the spelling of this surname.)

Hollinger—Died, in Drummond, on Friday, 22nd June, Mr. Charles Hollinger, Sr., aged 64.

Perth Courier, July 21, 1876

Bell—Died, at Perth, on Sat. evening, 15th July, Agnes Smith (Bell), youngest daughter of the late Matthew Bell, Jr., aged 14 years.

Perth Courier, July 28, 1876

McLellan—Died, at his residence in Lanark Township, on the 10th inst., William McLellan, aged 86.

McInnes—Died, in the full assurance of a happy Resurrection, on the 22nd April, in Hopetown, Lanark County, Mrs. McInnes, formerly Miss Agnes Rankin of Lindsay, Ontario.  No age was given.

Fulton—Died, in Pakenham on Tuesday, 4th July, Robert Fulton, aged 60, a native of Scotland and for thirty years a resident of the Township of Pakenham.

Ferguson—Died, at Smith’s Falls on the 29th inst., Mr. Archibald Ferguson.  No age was given, however another article in the same newspaper states:  Smith’s Falls:  Mr. Archibald Ferguson, shoemaker, of this place, died unexpectedly on the 20th at age 36.  His friends and those in attendance did not realize his critical condition until too late and consequently his death was unlooked for.  His remains were consigned to their last resting place by the Fire Brigade of which he was an efficient member.

McCormack—Died, at Perth, on Tuesday, 25th inst., Mr. Joseph McCormack, aged 28.

(Another article in the same paper)  On Tuesday last, Mr. Joseph McCormack of this town died from the effects of injuries received last Winter at Carleton Place, by being thrown out of a cutter while crossing the railroad track there.  He suffered a long and painful illness.

Nevins—Died, on Saturday, 16th July, Sarah Clark (Nevins), wife of Mr. Patrick Nevins, 2nd Line Drummond, aged 68.

Ferguson’s Falls:  A memorial service on Tuesday, 18th July, was held for the late Charles Hollinger and his nephew Neil McCoy.  It was performed in the Catholic Church of this place.  High Mass for the dead was said by Rev. J. F. Leonard for the late Neil McCoy and by Rev. Dr. Chisholm for the late Charles Hollinger.  Miss Chisholm presided at the harmonium.  Several members of the Perth choir sang at the mass.  A very large number were present.  The Rev. Dr. Chisholm said a few words in explanation of the service.  He pointed out to be in conformity with human nature that we naturally love to think often of departed friends and it is this feeling and love which the church cultivates and sanctifies by this memorial service.  The late Mr. McCoy was a sister’s son of the late Mr. Hollinger and was a promising young man.  Early last Spring he went to Minnesota where he caught a cold that brought on typhoid fever of which he died.  The Reverend gentlemen and the Perth choir were hospitably entertained at dinner by Misses Holllinger and their brother.

Perth Courier, August 4, 1876

Gill—Died, at her residence in Perth on Monday morning, 31st August, Bridget Sweeney (Gill), relict of the late Mr. William Gill, aged 72.

McCann—Died, at Perth, on the 30th July, Elizabeth (McCann), wife of Mr. Thomas McCann, aged 28.

Foster—Died, at Smith’s Falls, on the 29th ult., Mrs. Christopher Foster.  Note:  No age was given.

Perth Courier, August 11, 1876

Ellison—Died, at Port Huron, on the 29th July of pneumonic abscesses, Richard Ellison (son of the late Richard Ellison formerly of Bathurst), aged 31 years, 9 months and 13 days.

Mitchell—Died, at Arnprior on the 7th inst., of typhoid fever, Mr. W. C. Mitchell, watchmaker and agent of the Montreal Telegraph Company, aged 48.

Perth Courier, August 18, 1876

Kincaid—Died, at Peterborough on the 29th ult., Estella Mildred (Kincaid), only daughter of M. Kincaid, M.D.  (No age was given.)

Greenshields—Died, at Carleton Place on Friday, 11th inst., Ester Jane (Greenshields), eldest daughter of Mr. R. Greenshields, aged 2 years and 5 months.

McCuan—Died, at Fitzroy, on the 12th inst., by drowning, Mr. John McCuan of Waba (?).

Forbes—Died, at Pakenham, on the morning of the 13th inst., Miss Janet Forbes.  (no age was given.)

Perth Courier, August 25, 1876

McRitchie—Died, on Friday, 18th inst., at the Methodist Parsonage, Brockville, Eliza Eakins (Ritchie), beloved wife of Rev. G. Ritchie, formerly of Perth, in the 40th year of her age.  (Transcriber’s note:  At the beginning the name is spelled McRitchie but in the context of the notice, it is Ritchie.)

Cavers—Died, at Ramsay on the 15th August, Ann Gemmill Forgie (Cavers), wife of Mr. Thomas Cavers, daughter of Mr. Gilbert Forgie, Ramsay, aged 33.

McPhee—Died, at Lanark Township, on the 21st July, Elizabeth McPhee, aged (65 or 66).

Coutts—Died, at Perth on Thursday, 24th Aug., Mr. James Coutts, Ferry Road, North Elmsley, aged 30.

Marvin—Died, at Carleton Place, on the 23rd inst., Carrie (Marvin), daughter of Mr. H. B. Marvin, Esq., 23 years, 11 months and 15 days.

Balderson—Died, at Perth on Sunday, 20th inst., Ann (Balderson), widow of the late John Balderson, aged 62 (?).

Raskin—Died, on the 13th Aug., at the residence of her son, near Middleville, after a long and painful illness, Jean Scott (Raskin), relict of the late Mr. Archibald Raskin, age 81 (?).  The deceased was one of the early settlers of the Township of Lanark, having emigrated thither with her husband from Glasgow, Scotland, in the year 1821.

Perth Courier, Sept.1, 1876

McPhee—Died, at Lanark Township, on the 21st July, Elizabeth McPhee, aged 66.

Bowes—Died, at Almonte, on Tuesday, 22nd Aug., Rose A. Bowes, daughter of the late Patrick Bowes, aged 13.

Miller—Died, on the 12th Aug., Mr. Andrew Miller, 3rd Line Bathurst, aged 46.

Brown—Died, at Carleton Place, on the 28th August, George William (Brown), only son of Mr. John Brown, Esq., merchant, aged 9 months and 20 days.

Sheppard—Died, at Beckwith, on the 21st Aug., Mr. Edward Sheppard, Sr., aged (56 or 66??).

McDougall—Died, at Pembroke, on Tuesday, 28th Aug., Mrs. Mary Ann McDougall, sister of Mr. Jas. Waddell, North Elmsley, aged 68 (?).

Sudden Death—Smith’s Falls—Mr. Latraco, a farmer and resident of Kitley, died suddenly on Monday afternoon after partaking of dinner.

Perth Courier, September 8, 1876

Fyfe—Died, on Monday, 21st Aug., Elizabeth (Fyfe), daughter of Mr. Thomas Fyfe, Bathurst, aged 4 months.

Shepperd—Died, in Beckwith, on the 21st Aug., Mr. Edward Shepperd, Sr., aged 56.

Chambers—Died, at St. Andrew’s Manse, Almonte, on the 28th inst., Elisa Chambers, aged 31.

Borrowman—Died, at Middleville, on the 26th Aug., Mary Selina (Borrowman), daughter of Mr. William Borrowman, aged one year and three months.

Perth Courier, September 15, 1876

Steele—Died, at her residence in Smith’s Falls, on Thursday, 7th Sept., Marion Walker (Steele), wife of Mr. George Steele, aged 30.

Fergis—Died, at Kitley on the 5th inst., Mr. Thomas Fergis, aged 72.

McKay—Died, at North Elmsley, on the 9th inst., Sarah K. McKay, daughter of Mr. George McKay, aged 9.

Perth Courier, Sept. 22, 1876

Thompson—Died, on Sunday, 17th inst., Mr. Carr Thompson, of Perth, aged 64.

Cuddie—Died, at his residence in Perth on Friday, 15th inst., Mr. Thomas Cuddie, aged 85.

Another article in the same newspaper:  Death of a Pioneer—Mr. Thomas Cuddie, whose death is announced in our issue, was one of the first settlers in this district.  In fact, it is said that he cut down the first tree on the site now occupied by the town of Perth.

Jamieson—Died, on Monday the 18th inst., Frances Edith (Jamieson), infant daughter of Mr. John Jamieson, Perth, aged ten months and 26 days.

Fatal Threshing Mill Accident—A young man named Charles Connell, while attending a threshing mill on the morning of the 18th September in Poland, 14 miles from Lanark, fell upon the cylinder of the mill, severely shattering one of his legs.  Medical aid was immediately sent and in four hours Drs. Munro and Campbell of Lanark were in attendance.  He died in six hours after in accident.  The unfortunate young man was the son of Mr. William Connell, near Spencerville, Ontario.

Perth Courier, September 29, 1876

Arthur—Died, on Tues. morning, 26th inst., Margaret Taylor (Arthur), relict of the late Mr. Lachlan Taylor of North Elmsley, aged 71.

Fraser—Died, at Pembroke, on Saturday, 23rd inst., Edward Macaulay (Fraser), infant son of  Mr. Hector Fraser, four months.

Perth Courier, October 6, 1876

Death in Goal—Last Wednesday an old woman named Sela Klyne, confined in the Perth Gaol for vagrancy was found dead on the cell floor in a pool of blood.  Her death was caused by the rupture of some kind of abscess in the lungs or throat.

Sly—Died in Drummond on the 30th ult., Elizabeth Sly, niece of Mr. Adam Shiel, aged 21.

Robinson—Died, at Balderson’s Corners on Sunday, the 1st inst., Margaret (Robinson), wife of Mr. James Robinson, aged 47.

Manion—Died, in North Elmsley on the 3rd inst., Mr. James Manion, formerly Reeve of North Elmsley, aged (nearly illegible, either 50 or 60?)

Legary—Died, on Tuesday, 19th Sept., Annie Eveline (Legary), daughter of Mr. Henry Legary, aged 4 months and 3 days.

Graham—Died, in Elgin Village, Smith’s Falls, on the 27th inst., Mrs. Graham, wife of the late Mr. William Graham, in the 65th year of her age.

Lee—Died, on Thursday morning, 5th Oct., Mr. William Lee, 5th Concession Bathurst, aged 66, a native of Sproulston (?), Roxboroughshire, Scotland.

Perth Courier, October 20, 1876

Menzies—Died, at Carleton Place on the 6th inst., Mary White (Menzies), wife of Mr. Robert Menzies, Esq.  (age was almost illegible, maybe 53? Or 63?)

Leith—Died, in New York, on Tues., 12th Sept., Mr. George S. Leith, printer, aged 23.  Mr. Leith was a native of Pakenham and was for a number of years a resident of Almonte

Simpson—Died, at Burlington, Vermont, on the 2nd inst., Susan Harris (Simpson), infant daughter of Mr. William Simpson, dyer, aged 13 months.

We are called to record the death of Mr. Stephen Halliday, who breathed his last at his residence in Farmersville this morning.  For several months the deceased had been in low health and fears were entertained for his recovery but his death will be a surprise to his numerous friends in Brockville and throughout the counties.

Perth Courier, October 27, 1876

Campbell—Died, in Poland, Dalhousie, on Tuesday, 10th Oct., Mr. Thomas Campbell, a native of Belfast, Ireland.  (note, no age was given.)

Ryan—Died, in Toledo, Ohio, on the 23rd Oct., in the 23rd year of his age, Mr. John Ryan, formerly of the Township of Drummond.  May his soul rest in peace.  Amen.

Shaw—Died, in Horton, on the 28th Sept., Mr. John Shaw, age 73.  He was a native of Connaught, Ireland and was one of the earliest settlers of the Township of Horton.

Richards—Died, on the 9th inst., Mrs. Catherine Richards, beloved wife of Mr. William Richards, Esq., of Horton, aged 65 (?).  She was one of the 1st settlers in the Township of Horton and was well known and respected by all who knew her.  She came to Canada with her parents in 1821 from Scotland and was the youngest child of the late James Bowen (?), Sr., of Ramsay.

McLaurin—Died, at the residence of her so, Franklin, Venango (?) County, Pennsylvania, 30th Sept., Mrs. Ann McLaurin, mother of Mr. J.J. McLaurin, formerly of the Perth Courier.  Deceased was the 6th daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Buchanan, the first Presbyterian minister of Beckwith, where he removed in 1822.  She was born in Straithkinnis (?), Scotland on the 9th March, 1810, immigrating to Canada in her 13th year.  Her father labored diligently in the backwoods of his adopted home until his death (in 1835-??) bearing the hardships peculiar to pioneer life and leaving behind him a record that is still precious in the scene of his usefulness.  In 1835, his daughter, the subject of this obituary, joined the Presbyterian Church in Perth, then, and long after, under the pastoral charge of the late Rev. William Bell.  Subsequently, she established a Sabbath School in Beckwith, which met with extraordinary success and led to the conversion of many souls, whose genuine changes of heart have been unmistakenly envisioned by lives of singular piety.  In 1841 (?) she married Mr. Peter McLaurin of West Hawkesbury, Prescott County, who died in 1843.  Left with one child, the widowed mother first resided at Vanleek (?) Hill, then in Montreal and later near Toronto, returning finally to the vicinity of Perth in 185?.  The earnest desire to do good characterized her in all these places and through her efforts in the Sabbath Schools many pupils were brought into the folds of Christ.  In North Elmsley, she conducted a flourishing school and organized a prayer meeting which are yet prospering and from within the churches in Perth for at different times received large accessions.  Similar results followed a like movement made by her in the Township of Drummond and to hosts of friends in these townships the news of her death will bring heartfelt sorrow.  For a lengthened period she contributed regularly to the religious department of the Montreal Witness and in its early days was a valued correspondent of the Perth Courier in which her son was afterwards connected for 18 months.  In 1868 (?), she located in the oil regions of Pennsylvania, finding an abundant opportunity for doing good in the Sabbath School and the church.  For many years she had suffered at intervals from heart disease which was greatly aggravated the middle of September by congestion of the lungs.  This induced paralysis of the left side, gradually spreading until death ensued at 6:20 pm Saturday, September 30.   The end was wonderfully calm and peaceful in benefiting a career so devoted and well centered.  For ten years she had been confined to her bed but her suffering was seldom very severe and perfect consciousness remained to the last moment.  Surrounded by kind friends, the dying Christian passed away to the other side—so gently that the exact instant of departure could hardly be indicated.

Her end was peace! Without a doubt,

Nor fear, nor cloud, her hopes to mar,

The lamp of life went gently out;

She faded like the morning star,

It goes not out but melts away

In brightness of effulgent day.

The funeral took place on Tuesday, October 3; a large number of sincere mourners uniting in the final tribute of respect to departed worth.  Service was held in the First Presbyterian Church, the pastor and other clergymen of Franklin officiating.  The remains were conveyed to the new cemetery there to await the morning of the Resurrection.  Among the pallbearers were the judges of the county, the mayor of the city, and members of Congress and State Legislature who had known and appreciated the sterling character of the beloved deceased.  Mrs. McLaurin was naturally endowed with ability of a higher order, liberally educated and possessed of unusual intellectual and moral force.  Her removal created a blank in society and the Church that cannot be easily repaired and her memory will always be fragrant.  She has a number of relatives in Lanark County who will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that she had long been prepared for the great change which came as sweetly as could be desired.  Peace to her ashes!

Perth Courier, November 3, 1876

Doran—Died, at Pembroke on Thursday morning, 28th Oct., William Edward (Doran), son of Mr. John Doran, Esq., one year and one month.

Douglas—Died, Saturday, 28th Oct., at Elora, Ontario after a protracted illness, Moses Douglas, father of Mrs. (Rev.) W. Burns, aged 67.  Mr. Douglas was a native of Roxboroughshire, Scotland, and came to Canada in 1829 (?).  He made his home for some time in the Province of Quebec, but removed to Ontario in 1855 where he has since resided.  He was a useful and zealous elder in the Presbyterian Church and for 39 years was actively engaged in Sabbath School work, in which he was particularly interested.  In a token of respect the business places of Elora were closed during the funeral.

Tragic Accident—A boy named Raffley, aged 14, was accidentally shot dead last Sunday at Pakenham by the discharge of a pistol in the hands of his younger brother.

Died in the Hospital—Mr. Isaac Jackman, the unfortunate man who was sent to the Protestant Hospital in Ottawa by order of the Lanark City Council a few weeks ago, died in that institution on the 23rd October, from the dreadful disease from which he was then suffering, cancer.  He suffered acutely for some days until death came to his relief.  His remains were buried in the Beechwood Cemetery belonging to the city at the expense of the hospital management, who expect the cost of $9.00 will be made good by his friends in this neighborhood or the city council.

Perth Courier, November 10, 1876

Matheson—Died, at the Township of Drummond, on Sunday, the 5th inst., Albert Alan Joseph (Matheson), infant son of Mr. R. E. Matheson, Esq., aged 9 months.

Moodie—Died, in North Elmsley, on Monday, 6th November, Janet (Moodie), wife of Mr. Thomas Moodie, aged 33.

Perth Courier, November 17, 1876

McLean—Died, at Almonte on the 30th Oct., Christina (McLean), wife of Mr. Daniel McLean, merchant, aged 31.

Accident—On Monday a young man named Gaskin met with a severe accident while threshing at Mrs. Halliday’s, South Elmsley.  He meant to step on the horse power but missed his footing and his leg slipped into the whole wheel.  In an instant it was seized by the revolving teeth and badly crushed, both bones being broken and the flesh dreadfully lacerated.  The horses were almost instantly stopped or the leg would have been torn off.  Dr. Anderson set the bone and dressed the leg.

Another article in the same newspaper—the above being from the Correspondent from Smith’s Falls/Pembroke, the following by the editor of the Courier:  The young man Gaskin who was so terribly injured in the threshing machine in South Elmsley last week died last Saturday from his injuries and was buried on Monday the following.

Perth Courier, November 24, 1876

Fraser—Died, at his residence in Perth on Wednesday, 22nd November, Farquhar Fraser, accountant at Merchants’ Bank, aged 26.

Death of Farquhar Fraser—After an illness of some months, our young townsman, Farquhar Fraser, accountant at the Merchants’ Bank Agency here, died at his residence on Wednesday afternoon last, deeply lamented by every class of the community.  We know of few in the town whose death would have caused an equal share of public sorrow or whose last illness would have been attended with a like amount of sympathy and heartfelt sincerity.  As a private citizen and in his public capacity, Mr. Fraser was as much esteemed as he was beloved and as cheerful and friendly disposition and engaging manner will be felt and remembered long after the grass grows green about his moral remains in the Elmwood Cemetery.  Mr. Fraser was the youngest son of the late William Fraser, Esq., County Treasurer and was 26 years of age at the time of his death.  He entered the Merchants’ Bank some 7 or 8 years ago and had risen from the entrance-grade to the position of accountant, with excellent prospects for speedy promotion to a more responsible position in the bank.  But alas for the fleeting considerations of this world! Early last summer, Farquhar’s health failed him to the extent that he was compelled to apply for a leave of absence from his duties, in the hopes that rest and recreation would restore his wanted vitality, but the hope was in vain, and finally a few months ago he felt himself obliged to resign his position in the bank, from increasing illness.  Soon afterwards, he became confined to his room, and latterly to his bed and at last, to crown all, came the mournful event, deplored by all, on the afternoon of the 22nd last.  In their sad bereavement his friends, and especially his widow, have the sincere sympathy of the community, very many of whom feel as though that in the death of Farquhar Fraser they have lost one of their closest and endeared friends. 

Perth Courier, December 1, 1876

Corley—Died, in South Sherbrooke, on Wednesday, 22nd November, Thomas James (Corley), son of Mr. Patrick Corley, aged 2 years and 9 months.

Malcolm—Died, in New York, on Friday, 24th November, Mr. Thomas Malcolm, aged 57.

The funeral of the late Mrs. Thomas Moodie, whose death occurred on Monday, 6 November, took place on the following Wednesday, her remains being interred in Elmwood Cemetery, were followed to their last resting place on earth by numerous relatives and a large concourse of friends who were anxious to pay a last but sad tribute of respect to her memory.  The mournful cortege of hearse and about 30 conveyances left from the late residence of the deceased about 1:00 pm.  Her minister, Rev. Dr. Bain, conducted services at the house before the corpse was lifted and was at the grave also before interment.  Mrs. Moodie was the eldest daughter of the late Andrew and present Mrs. Sym of the Scotch Line and was cut off in the springtime of life, being only 33 years old at the time of her demise.  She had been ill for about a week previous and an idea had been entertained that convalescence was apparent and that she would again return to her usual health but an all wise Providence decreed it otherwise.  She was a zealous member of St. Andrew’s Church, Perth, and was always ready to help in any effort for its advance.  She also for some years previous to her marriage was a Sabbath School teacher in connection with the same church and her amiable disposition could not fail to secure the esteem and affection of the children under her care.  She was a kind mother, a dutiful and affectionate wife and her husband has our great heartfelt sympathy in his bereavement.

Dearest Janet Thou has left us

Here thy loss we deeply feel

But ‘tis God that has bereft us

He can all our sorrows heal.

Yet again we hope to meet thee

When the day of life is fled

Then in Heaven with joy to greet thee

Where no farewell tear is shed.

Perth Courier, December 8, 1876

Kelly—Died, on Monday, 4th Dec., Mrs. Elizabeth Kelly, Perth, aged 81

McCabe—Died, on Tuesday, 5th December, Mr. Michael McCabe, Sr., 2nd Concession Bathurst, in the 93rd year of his age.

Perth Courier, December 15, 1876

Gascon—Died, in Montague on Tuesday, 29th ult., Eliza (Gascon), wife of Mr. William Gascon, Esq., aged 52.

Thompson—Died, in Ramsay, on the 27th November, of dropsy, Mr. James Thompson, aged 25 years and 9 months.

Richardson—Died, at 119 St. Maurice Street, Montreal, of typhoid fever, on the 3rd ult., Mr. John Richardson, aged 19 years, and 4 months, fourth son of the late Mr. Joseph Richardson of Balderson’s.  The funeral took place from his mother’s residence to the place of interment in Elmwood Cemetery.

Perth Courier, Dec. 22, 1876

Dowdall—Died, on Friday, 8th Dec., at Almonte, Dennis Joseph (Dowdall), son of Mr. Edward Dowdall, aged 13.

Carswell—Died, at the residence of his brother, Mr. George Carswell, Calumet Island, on the 13th inst., Mr. Allan Carswell, aged 52 (?) years and 9 months.

Murray—Died, on the 13th inst., in the Township of Montague, Mr. George Murray, aged 18.

Campbell—Died, at Seaforth, Ontario, on the 3rd Dec., Mr. Duncan Campbell, aged 83 (?).  Deceased was a native of Argylshire, Scotland, and was one of the pioneers of the old Bathurst District when he settled in the Spring of 1821.  He removed to Usborne, County Huron about 15 years ago and within the last year removed to Seaforth to reside with his son, Dr. Campbell, of that place.  He formerly resided on the 2nd Concession of North Sherbrooke.

The Carleton Place Herald of this week says:  We regret to announce the death on Saturday, Dec. 2nd, of Mr. John Haden, a resident of Combermere.  He has always been a favorite of all who knew him and through his kind and obliging disposition, he gained the esteem of all with whom he came into contact.

Perth Courier, Jan. 5, 1877

Loney—Died, of Scarlet Fever, on the 11th Dec., William James (Loney), youngest son of Mr. James Loney, of Darling, aged 2 years, 3 months and 5 days.

Ellis—Died, of Scarlet Feber, on the 13th Dec., Charlotte Adaline (Ellis), oldest daughter of Mr. William Ellis of Darling, aged 2 years, 3 months and 4 days.

Posted: 06 May, 2003.