Perth Courier Obituaries

supplied by Christine M. Spencer of Northwestern University, Evanston, Il., USA.

Perth Courier, Jan. 19, 1877

Black—Died, at his father’s residence in Ramsay, on the 8th inst., Charles A. Black, son of the Deputy Reeve of Ramsay, aged 25.

Flaugherty—Died, in North Burgess, on the 22nd December, Mr. Edward Flaugherty, in the 85th year of his age.

Perth Courier, Jan. 26, 1877

Ebbe—Died, at Perth , on the 20th (?) Jan., Mr. William Ebbe, a native of County Wicklow , Ireland , aged 66 (?)—or 68 (?).

Cameron—Died, on Sunday, 22nd inst., of typhoid fever, John Alexander (Cameron), son of Mr. John Cameron, 4th Line Bathurst, aged 21 (?)—or 29 (?).

McInnis—Died, at Renfrew on Monday, 15th Jan., in the 85th year of his age, Mr. John McInnis, tanner.

Geddes—Died, in North Sherbrooke, of diphtheria, on the 2nd Jan., Peter (Geddes), youngest son of Mr. Ebeneezer Geddes, aged four years and eleven months.

He’s gone, who was dearest and best

The angels have borne him away.

Where once was the little loved child

Now lies but inanimate clay.

More joy in the realms far away

A new robe of glittering white

With a spirit immortal endow it

And a home in the mansions of light.

Be comforted, mourners left here

E’en though nature’s tribute may flow

Bethink ye that where he is gone

In due time ye also may go.

A brief space and all will be well

Thy dear one but gone on before

Is waiting to welcome you home

Where parting can trouble no more.

Weir—Died, in North Sherbrooke, of diphtheria, on the 6th Jan., the following beloved children of Hugh and Elizabeth Weir: 

6th Jan., Hugh Weir, aged 8 years

7th Jan., William Weir, aged 4 years

11th Jan., Alexander Weir, aged 10 years

Vacant now the cradle bed

As a nest from whence hath fled

Some little birds whose tender wings

Rest from timid flutterings.

Smith’s Falls:  Scalded to Death—About two weeks ago, a little boy named Charlie (Gallipeau), five years of age, son of Mr. Joseph Gallipeau of this place, ran against his sister, who was carrying a dipper full of boiling water across the room, causing her to stumble and spill the water over his head and neck.  The scalding was very severe and he endured great torture until last Tuesday morning when death put an end to his suffering.

Perth Courier, Feb. 2, 1877

Taylor—Died, at North Elmsley, on Wed., 31st Jan., Mary (Taylor), daughter of Mr. William Taylor of Scotch Line, aged 18.

Cameron—Died, of diphtheria, on the 10th Jan., Norman (Cameron), youngest son of Mr. Hugh Cameron, Esq., Second Line Drummond, aged 4.

This little lamb once in our care

We loved and oft caressed

Has gone to dwell in the Heavenly fold

Forever with the Host.

McIntyre—Died, in North Sherbrooke, of diphtheria, on the 21st Jan., John (McIntyre), fourth son of Mr. Duncan McIntyre, aged 2 years.

Perth Courier, Feb. 6, 1877

McMaster—Died, at Perth, on Saturday morning, 10th inst., Mrs. John McMaster, aged 66.

McLaren—Died, on the 24th Jan., at Prospect, Mrs. Duncan McLaren, in the 84th year of her age.

King—Died, on the 30th Jan., at Prospect, Mr. John King, in the 78th year of his age.

Liddle—Died, on Wed., 7th inst., Mr. John Liddle, 10th Line Drummond, aged 63 (?)—or 65 (?).

Perth Courier, Feb. 23, 1877

Irving—Died, on the morning of the 14th Feb., of scarlet fever, Mary Maud (Irving), youngest child of Mr. Andrew Irving, Esq., County Registrar, aged five years, one month and eight days.

McFarlane—Died, at his residence at McDonald’s Corners, of heart disease, on Tuesday, 12th Feb., Mr. Peter McFarlane, aged 65 (?)—or 68 (?).

Allston—Died, suddenly, on Tuesday night, 20th Feb., Mrs. John Allston, Lanark Village, in the 82nd year of her age.

Another article in the same newspaper:  The sudden death on Tuesday last of  an old lady named Mrs. Allston, at the age of 83 (?) years of age, a resident of Lanark Village, was the result of a stroke of apoplexy, and she died almost immediately.  The funeral takes place today.

McDougall—Died, at her residence on the 12th Feb., Mrs. Ellen McDougall, relict of the late Mr. Archibald McDougall, North Sherbrooke, aged 82.

Taylor—Died, at McKellar, District of Parry Sound, on the 6th Feb., Eliza (Taylor), only daughter of Mr. William Taylor (formerly of Port Elmsley), aged 23 (?).

Died in the Asylum—Mrs. Sarah Horn, wife of Mr. James Horn of Lavant Township, died at Kingston at the asylum on the 13th inst., where she had been taken a few months ago.

Smith’s Falls:  Sudden Death:  Mrs. William McCurdy, a young woman married only a few months ago, took suddenly ill with convulsions on Sunday evening at 9:00 and expired a few hours later.  She was of prepossessing appearance and the picture of good health.  Her age, we suppose, would be somewhere in the vicinity of 20 years.

Perth Courier, March 2, 1877

Layden—Died, on Friday, 23rd Feb., James Edward (Layden), only son of Mr. James Layden of Perth, aged one year, eleven months and fifteen days.

McEwen—Died, on the 17th Feb., Christina Scott (McEwen), wife of Mr. John McEwen, 8th Concession Beckwith.  (no age was given.)

Port Elmsley:  Sudden Death:  Mrs. Margaret White, widow, died here on Monday night the 26th Feb. after a short illness. 

Perth Courier, March 9, 1877

McHugh—Died, at Perth, on Tuesday evening, 6th March, Mr. Patrick McHugh, Sr., aged 71.

Poole—Died, at Drummond, on Friday last, 2nd March, Sarah (Poole), beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Poole, Esq., in the 75th year of her age.

Walsh—Died, at Perth on Friday morning, 2nd March, Alfred (Walsh), son of Mr. John Walsh, aged one year and one month.

Perth Courier, March 16, 1877

McHugh—Died, at Perth on Tuesday evening 6th inst., Mr. Patrick McHugh, Sr., aged 71.

Perth Courier, March 30, 1877

Farrell—Died, at Smith’s Falls, on the 16th March, Mary Ellen (Farrell), daughter of Mrs. W. Farrell, aged six months.

Campbell—Died, in the Township of Bathurst, on Friday, 21st inst., Mr. Donald P. Campbell, aged 68.

Campbell—Died, in Hibbert, on the 13th inst., Agnes (Campbell), wife of Mr. Alexander Campbell, aged 76.  Deceased was a native of Argylshire, Scotland and emigrated with her husband to Sherbrooke, Lanark County, in 1841, residing there until 1854 when she removed to Hibbert.  She was highly respected by all who knew her.

Sudden Death—Last Sabbath, Mrs. Publow, wife of  Mr. John Publow, Balderson, after complaining of feeling unwell for a few days previous, took a sharp pain in her head and died almost immediately.

Perth Courier, April 6, 1877

Hourigan—Died, at the residence of her uncle, Mr. Thomas Moran, Huntley, at 3:00 on Saturday, 24th March, Mary Ann (Hourigan), eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Hourigan.  The deceased was a most affectionate and exemplary young girl, dearly beloved by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance.  Gentle kindness and a high sense of morality were among the many good qualities which characterized her during her life and a disposition so entertaining and cheerful as to endear her to every one of her circle of friends and relations.  Called away so suddenly at the early age of 24 while yet in the morning of her life, she will be greatly missed from the circle.  Up to her last hour she evinced a perfect reconciliation and Christian resignation to Divine Will and the meekness and fortitude with which she bore her painful malady were highly edifying.  The funeral, which took place on the 27th inst., was one of the largest ever seen in the township.  Upwards of 100 sleighs followed the remains to their last resting place.  She was buried in the Cemetery of the Roman Catholic Church at March.  Rev Father Mallory of Ottawa officiated at the church ceremony.

Toshack—Died, on Wednesday, 21st March, at the residence of E. Toshack, Ramsay, Leila (Toshack), infant daughter of William and Carrie Toshack, aged ten months and seven days.

Boon—Died, at Perth, on Saturday evening, the 31st March, Thomas (Boon), infant son of Mr. Thomas Boon.  (no age was given.)

Kirkman—Died, in September of the year Eighteen Hundred and Sixty Six (1866), of cholera, at Onion Creek, Texas, James Kirkman, 40.  He was born on the 3rd Line Bathurst and will be remembered by his many friends and acquaintances there.  He served his time at blacksmithing in Pakenham and afterwards had a shop of his own near his home in Bathurst.  He served five and one half years in the Mexican Army and then removed to the county of Wabasha, Minnesota, of which he was one of the early settlers.  He was a representative in the Territorial Legislature for Wabasha County in 1855.  In 1861 he enlisted in the 1st Minnesota Regiment and served as a hospital steward and later as a clerk in the War Department in Washington, D.C.,  At the time of his death he was a soldier in the 6th Cavalry.  His friends here received a letter from him shortly before his death  and though sparing neither pains nor money, could receive no later tidings of him until the news came two months ago from the Adjutant General’s Office, Washington, of his death ten years ago.  His three children, the eldest of whom was twelve years, were left orphans, their mother having died when he was in the War of the Rebellion, but they were brought up by their grandmother, Mrs. John Mackie.  J. Leslie Gray, Glasgow, Minnesota, March 17, 1877

Smith’s Falls:  Mr. Thomas Buck, son of Mr. Buck, superannuated lock master of this place, died in Ottawa where he had resided for a number of years, on Tuesday last.  The funeral was conducted by the free masons.

Almonte:  Scarlet Fever:  Scarlet Fever, which has been prevalent in several towns in the Ottawa valley for some months past, is spreading in Almonte.  Last week an interesting young boy age 5, son of Mr. John Reid, was carried off.  A number of children and some grown people are now ill with the disease.

Perth Courier, April 13, 1877

Weatherhead—Died, at his residence, Perth, on Tuesday the 10th April, Mr. Thaddeus C. Weatherhead, merchant, aged 54.

Another article in the same newspaper:  Mr. T. C. Weatherhead, one of the oldest merchants in Perth, died on Tuesday last from an attack of pneumonia.  He had been ill only since the previous Thursday.

Brownlee—Died, North Sherbrooke, 1st April Ellen Euphemia (Brownlee), beloved wife of Mr. James Brownlee, aged 25 years, 9 months.

She is gone who was dearest and best

The angels have borne you away

Where once was the dear cherished wife

Now lies but inanimate clay.

Cold now is the desolate hearth

Dead ashes untouched as they fall

And this shadow rests on the heart

Of him who loved her so well.

Be comforted mourner left here!

E’en though Nature’s tribute may flow

Bethink ye that where she has gone

In due time ye also may go.

A brief space and all will be well

Thy dear one but gone on before

Is willing to welcome you home

Where partings can trouble no more.

McCool—Died, at the residence of his brother, Chichester, 29th (?) March, Thomas Edward (McCool), fourth son of Mr. James McCool, Esq., Fort William, twenty years, four months and twenty six days.

Dickson—Died, in Pakenham, at the residence of Mr. William Dickson, Esq., Annie Dickson, youngest daughter of the late Mr. William Dickson, in the 25th year of her age.

McEwen—Died, in Beckwith on the 31st ult., of cancer of the stomach, Mr. John McEwen, aged 71.

Murphy—Died, on the 29th Feb., in his 39th year, at Incuapa (?), San Salvador, Central America, Mr. Peter (Murphy), eldest son of Mr. Michael Murphy of Carleton Place.

Another article in the same paper:  The late Mr. Murphy – Early last week word was received of the sudden death in San Salvador, Central America, of Peter Murphy, brother to Councillor Murphy of Carleton Place and it is hardly necessary to state that all who knew him personally or by reputation were greatly startled.  In the prime of his life, in a foreign country and in the midst of bright prospects he was suddenly stricken to death with brain fever, being thus cut off from a life that was in every way honorable and respectable.  Last summer he made a short visit to friends here and many an interesting evening was spent by friends while listening to his stories of life in that distant land.  As if he had a premonition of the coming event, he instructed, prior to a short departure into the interior, the British Consul in that city as to what should be done in case of his death and we believe these instructions were faithfully fulfilled.  Great sympathy is felt for the affected family.  Central Canadian.

Perth Courier, April 20, 1877

Tennant—Died, at her residence in Lanark on the 10th April, Mary Ann (Richards), wife of Mr. Thomas Tennant, Sr., aged 68.

O’Neil—Died, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Peter Cuthbertson, of the Township of Sarnia, Mrs. Christie Ann O’Neil, widow of the late Mr. Neil O’Neil, formerly of the Township of Dalhousie, aged 81 (?) or 84 (?).

Drummond—Died, at Renfrew on the 8th inst., at the residence of her brother-in-law, Rev. Robert Campbell, Maggie (Drummond), third daughter of the late Lt. Col. Thomas Drummond of Kingston, aged 19.

Metcalf—Died, on Monday the 9th inst., Lyman Williard (Metcalf), eldest son of Mr. J. H. Metcalf, Esq., barrister, Pembroke, aged one year, seven months and twenty three days.

Fraser—Died, on Wednesday, 18th April, Rebecca Mary (Fraser), wife of Mr. J. A. Fraser, station agent, Perth, aged 32.

Harvey—Died, at Perth on Tuesday, 17th inst., Mr. John Harvey, aged 54.

Shilson—Died, in Pakenham, on the 14th inst., Ellen (Shilson), eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Shilson, aged (illegible, may be 3).

Perth Courier, April 27, 1877

Smith’s Falls:  Mr. Robert Hutton died at his residence in South Elmsley on the 18th inst., after a lingering illness in the 70th year of his age.  Much regretted.

Kemptville—Dr. Richard Ferguson, brother to Dr. C. F. Ferguson, M.P. of Kemptville, died at his brother’s residence on Thursday, 22nd ult.  The deceased gentleman had been suffering for the past two years with a cancer of the face and underwent several severe surgical operations which were all of no use.  He had practiced for several years with his brother and was considered a skilful physician and was admitted by all who knew him to be an excellent surgeon.  His relatives have the sympathy of the community where he was held in high esteem.

Walker—Died, at Euphemia, County Lambton, on Sunday, 22ns inst., Mr. Andrew Walker, tailor, formerly of Perth, aged 65.

Another article in the same paper:  Mr. Andrew Walker, an old resident of Perth, died on Monday last up west near Sarnia.  He had been in bad health for some time.

Acton—Died, at Koreland’s (?) Prairie, Humboldt County, California, on the 25th (?) March, Mr. Arthur Acton, a native of Renfrew, aged 21 years, 7 months and 6 days.

McDonald—Died, near McDonald’s Corners, on the 19th inst., of heart disease, Maria (McDonald), beloved wife of Mr. John McDonald, in the 38th year of her age.  She leaves a sorrowing husband and 7 children to mourn her loss.

Dickson—Died, at Cedar Hill, Upper Pakenham, James Arthur (Dickson), son of Mr. Samuel S. Dickson, Esq., aged 7.

Pembroke:  An old man named Wark, who has been for some time confined in the county gaol for lunacy, died in his cell last Sunday.  A coroner’s inquest was held by Dr. Dickson yesterday and a verdict was brought in of death by natural causes.  The man, we believe, made two or three attempts of suicide by cutting his throat previous to his confinement in the gaol.

McDonagh—Died, on April 20, of inflammation of the lungs, after a short illness, Sarah (McDonagh), daughter of Mr. William McDonagh of this town, in the 18th year of her age.  The death of this amiable young girl was sudden and unexpected.  Being a teacher, she returned from her school on Friday, 13th inst., to spend, as she usually did, the Saturday and Sunday period at her parental home.  Shortly after her arrival the symptoms of the disease indicated that it was necessary to call for medical assistance but the violence of the disease overcame the skill and care of the physician.  Having a strong presentiment of her approaching death, she prepared herself by receiving the comforts of religion and bearing her illness with Christian resignation and expired on Friday morning the 20th April.  The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, 22nd.  It was one of the largest ever witnessed in Perth.  It proceeded from her father’s residence to the Catholic Church and thence to the Catholic burying ground.  As the coffin entered the church, the organ peeled forth the solemn and mournful strains of the funeral march.  The Rev. Dr. Chisholm, who seemed to be deeply affected, spoke feelingly of her in terms of merited praise.  He said that in every respect she was an excellent girl, dutiful and respectful as a daughter to her parents, kind and affable to her friends and acquaintances, efficient as a teacher, exemplary and attentive as a Christian in the performance of her religious duties.  The many then present, while they testified to the truth of his words, declared at the same time their esteem for her while she lived – their respect for her memory after death and their sincere sympathy for her parents and surviving friends.  After the Reverend Dr. had ended his discourse, the choir chanted the solemn and impressive service of the dead.  The feeling manner in which the Dr. spoke and the mournful strains of the chanted service drew forth sobs and tears from her sorrowing friends.  Her parents have reason to mourn her loss.  The void in their family will be long and painfully felt and as she was so fondly and deservedly loved in life her memory will be lovingly and affectionately cherished for a long time.  To her we may apply the words of the holy writ:  A spotted life is old age.  She pleased God and was beloved.  She was taken away lest wickedness should alter her understanding and deceit beguile her soul.  Her soul pleased God therefore he hastened to bring her out of the midst of inequities.  Wisdom of Solomon, Chapter 4.

Perth Courier, May 4, 1877

Smith’s Falls:  Another Sudden Death:  On Wednesday evening of last week, the wife of Mr. James Armstrong of this place died after an illness of about 15 minutes.  At 10:00, the household being all in bed, she felt something unusual the matter with her and called out that she was dying.  At her request, she was assisted to a chair and expired within the time stated.  She was 73 years of age and one of the oldest settlers of this place.

Moore—Died, at Douglas, of scarlet fever, on the 29th ult., E. George (Moore), second son of Mr. Dudley Moore, Esq., 5 (or 6?) years, ten months 23 days. 

Hefron—Died, at Perth, on Wednesday evening, 2nd May, of heart disease, Isabella Hefron, at the age of 18.

Perth Courier, May 11, 1877

McPherson—Died, in Oso, County Frontenac, on the 25th (?) ult., Annie Alma (McPherson), fifth (or sixth?) daughter of Mr. James McPherson, aged fourteen years, eleven months and twenty one days.

Fatal Accident—Sharbot Lake—A serious accident occurred on Thursday night on the 3rd May, a little way beyond the Scotch Line on the extension of the Kingston and Pembroke Railway.  A man named Chancey Benton, while riding on a car loaded with rail iron by some means got thrown off and falling in front of the car was run over.  His back and legs were badly injured and though the doctor went out the next afternoon to render all the assistance in his power, the man died of his injuries and his body was conveyed to Kingston the next day.

Perth Courier, May 25, 1877

Wilson—Mohr’s Corners—Died, on the 29th August, Mr. Robert R. Wilson, Esq., teacher.  Deceased was a native of Lander (?) Lauder (?), Scotland, where he was born in 1813 (?) 1818 (?).  He was educated at Edinburgh University and for some time after coming to this country taught in the high school in Montague, afterwards occupying the position successfully of principal of the Richmond and Renfrew Grammar Schools.  He had charge of the Burnstown Public Schools for several years but in January last returned to Mohr’s Corners, Fitzroy, where he had previously been engaged as a teacher.  Mr. Wilson was possessed of many admirable qualities both of head and heart and as a teacher was highly successful.

Neilson—Died, at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. Garvin Hamilton, Ramsay, on the 8th May, Agnes Wilson (Neilson), wife of the late Mr. John Neilson, Sr., aged 86.

McPherson—Died, in North Elmsley, on Monday, 21st May, Jane McLaren (McPherson), relict of the late Mr. William McPherson, aged 76.

Marcellus—Died, at Arnprior, on the 9th May, Charles Hansen Marcellus, aged 67.

Perth Courier, June 1, 1877

Keaton—Died, at Lanark Township, on the 19th May, Mr. John Keaton, Sr., age 98 (?).

Walsh—Died, at Perth, on Thursday, 31st May, Mr. Patrick Walsh, aged 57 (?).

Perth Courier, June 8, 1877

Fatal Accident—Last week the many friends of Mr. John McKinnon, 5th (?) or 6th (?) Concession Drummond, were shocked to learn of his sudden death on Thursday, 31st ult., by the falling of a burning tree upon his head.  On Thursday in question a summer-fallow was fired by Mr. McKinnon and he with some others was attending to the fire.  At the time of the accident he was near the foot of a burning hemlock “rampike”, which was blazing briskly about 20 feet from the ground.  A son of Mr. William Devlin, seeing that the top of the tree was going to fall, called upon the deceased to stand clear but before he could even become aware of his danger, the top of the dead tree fell, striking poor McKinnon a glancing blow upon his head and knocking him senseless.  The skull was not broken or crushed but the concussion was sufficient to make the injury instantly mortal.  He died a few hours afterwards without recovering consciousness at any time for a moment.  The deceased was a kind and genial man, with good habits and an exemplary citizen.  His remains were followed to their last resting place on Sabbath last by a large concourse of friends and neighbors.  He leaves a wife and family.  He was 52 years of age at his death.

Perth Courier, June 8, 1877

Lawless—Died, on 12th May, at Kilerone (?), Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland, Mr. Clement Lawless, Esq.  Deceased was a brother of Mrs. Stephenson of this town and an uncle of the Lord Bishop of Ontario.

McDonnell—Died, at Farnakyle (?), Alexandra, County Glengarry, on 31st May, Janet McDonnell, widow of the late Col. Alexander Chisholm, aged 75.

Bisnitt (?)—Died, in South Elmsley on Saturday, 19th May, Alice Bisnitt, wife of Mr. Felix Bisnitt, aged 33.  (Note, not entirely sure of this surname.)

Foster—Died, at Montague, on the 22nd May, Margaret Foster, widow of the late Mr. James Foster, in the 63rd year of her life.

Redhead—Died, at Brockville on the 4th June, Mr. H. L. Redhead, President of the Brockville and Ottawa & Canada Central Railways.

Perth Courier, June 15, 1877

Blair—Died, in Pilot, Kankakee County, Illinois, of heart disease, on the 16th May, Mrs. Christina (Brown), wife of Mr. John Blair, 73 years, 5 months and 13 days.

Christina Blair was born in Rotherglen (?) Scotland January 4, 1804.  In 1820 she, with her parents, Charles and Margaret Brown, removed from Scotland and settled in Dalhousie, Lower Canada, when that country was all a wilderness, where she shared all the hardships of the settlers’ lives.  Here they often had to carry their grist to mill following a blaze on the trees for lack of teams and roads.  In 1831 she was united in marriage to John Blair and they made their home on the 11th Concession on which they remained for 37 years and raised a family of 5 sons and 1 daughter.  As their children moved westward to find homes they, in 1868, also left many kind friends and neighbors and settled near their children in their present home.  Her house and hand were open to those less fortunate than herself and many of the needy poor will find in her death they have lost a beloved benefactress.  Her death makes the first break in the family.   Her sickness did not continue for more than an hour when apparently without pain, she fell asleep in Jesus.   For many years she had been a follower of her Saviour and when the summons came she was prepared to meet her Lord.  She was followed to her grave by a large concourse of sorrowing friends and neighbors.  She “ceased at once to work and live.”

Wilson—Died, at his residence in Westmeath, on the 19th May, Mr. Peter Wilson, aged 56, a native of Paisley, Scotland.

Jones—Died, at Pakenham, on the 29th May, Mr. John Jones, aged 91.

Perth Courier, June 22, 1877

Houston—Died, at Ramsay, on the 14th inst., Mr. William Houston, Esq., in the 75th (?) year of his age.

Turner—Died, at Perth on Thursday morning, 21st inst., Mr. Francis Turner, aged 69 (?).

Another Article on this in the same paper:  Fatal Accident—On Tuesday evening last Mr. Francis Turner missed his footing at the head of a stairway at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. Andrew McArthur, Drummond Street, and fell to the bottom, receiving injuries so serious as to cause his death on Thursday morning following.  Mr. Turner was an old resident of Lanark Village and was well known in the neighborhood adjoining.

Perth Courier, June 29, 1877

Mackie—Died, Friday, on the 22nd June, the infant son of Mr. William Mackie of Bathurst.  (Note, no age was given.)

Stewart—Died, at Hopetown, on the 17th June, Jennie (Stewart), daughter of the late Mr. John Stewart, aged 9.

Campbell—Died, at his residence, Middleville, on the 23rd inst., Mr. James Campbell, Sr., a native of Paisley and one of the earliest settlers in Lanark, coming in 1920.  (Note, the age was given but it was blurred, the second number however was definitely a ‘9’.)

Perth Courier, July 6, 1877

McCallum—Died, at Carleton Place on Sunday morning, 1st July, Margaret (McCallum), beloved wife of Mr. Thomas McCallum, at the age of 36 (?).

Caldwell—Died, in New York, on the 25th (?) June, Rev. W. A. Caldwell, formerly Baptist minister of this town, aged 67 (?).

Perth Courier, July 27, 1877

Storie—Died, at 9:00 this morning, Mr. Thomas Store, Esq.  Deceased was a native of Lochwinnock, Scotland and was one of the oldest and most respected citizens of Arnprior.  (Note the age was blurred, but the last number was a ‘0’.)

McVicar—Died, at his residence in Wichita, Kansas on Tuesday, July 3, after a short illness, Mr. Archibald McVicar, formerly of Pakenham and son of the late Mr. William McVicar, aged 44 years and 5 months.

Perth Courier, August 3, 1877

Sudden Death—Mr. Daniel McLachlin, son of the late Mr. Daniel McLachlin, Esq., of Arnprior, one of the most promising lumbermen in the Ottawa Valley District was taken suddenly ill at the Russell House, Ottawa, last Saturday and was conveyed by special train to Arnprior where he shortly afterwards died.  His life, it is said, was insured for $30,000.  On arriving at the Arnprior station, he sat up for a little while and appeared to be somewhat faint.  He was carefully carried from the cars and placed in a carriage and while being driven home he began to breathe heavily and became unconscious.  Having gotten him to bed, he rallied and recognized and spoke to parties in the room but in less than an hour afterwards he began to sink and about 11:00 pm he passed without a struggle.

Perth Courier, Aug. 10, 1877

Brownlee—Died, at Dalhousie, near McDonald’s Corners, on Tuesday, 2nd Aug., of cancer, Mr. David Brownlee, Sr., aged 85.  Deceased was a native of Lanarkshire, Scotland and emigrated to Dalhousie in the year 1821.  He was a member of the Presbyterian Church of Dalhousie for many years.

Tait—Died, on Friday, 27th July, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth (Tait), beloved wife of Mr. Alexander H. Tait, formerly of Carleton Place.

Beaven—Died, in Toronto, on the 27th July, at the age of 39 years, James. H. Beaven, Esq., youngest son of the late Rev. James Beaven, D.D., and brother of Rev. E. W. Beaven, Rector, Arnprior.

Murray—Died, at Smith’s Falls, on the 23rd July, Mrs. James Murray, aged 25 (?).

Johnson—Died, at Smith’s Falls, of consumption on the 10th July, Mary Ann Johnson.  (Note, age was illegible, might have been 39.)

Lake—Died, at Smith’s Falls, on the 18th (?) July, Mr. Henry Lake.  (Note, age was illegible.)

Steele—Died, at Ramsay, on Saturday, 29th July, Agnes (Steele), second daughter of Mr. John Steele, aged 14 years and 10 months.

Cochrane—Died, in Ramsay, on the 1st inst., Lillie (Cochrane), youngest daughter of Mr. Andrew Cochrane.  (Note, age was illegible, might have been 15 or 18.)

Sheridan—Died, on Tuesday 7th Aug., Mr. Richard Sheridan of Dalhousie, aged 47.

McDonald—Died, on Monday, 30th July, Mr. John McDonald, aged 82 (?), one of the first settlers of this district.

Perth Courier, August 24, 1877

Sym—Died, on Saturday, 18th Aug., Jane Mitchell (Sym), relict of the late Mr. Andrew Sym, Scotch Line, Bathurst, aged 61.

Sutherland—Died, on Thursday, 16th (?) August, Mary Maud (Sutherland), infant daughter of Mr. Jas. Sutherland, Perth, aged 5 months and 11 days.

Hall—Died, on Monday, 6th Aug., Mr. Lewis Hall, Drummond, aged 69, a native of Wiltshire, England.

Kunder—Died, on Thursday, 9th Aug., on the 3rd Line Bathurst, Mr. Martin Kunder, a native of Borne, Switzerland, who emigrated to Canada 63 years ago.  (Note, age was illegible. Also note, note entirely sure of spelling of surname.)

Hogg—Died, at the residence of Mr. James Bethune, Esq., Q. C. on the 18th August, Charles R. (?) Hogg, infant son of Mr. W. D. Hogg, Esq., barrister, Ottawa, aged 4 months and 19 days.

Power—Died, in Ottawa, Mr. William J. Power, printer, aged 36 (?)—56 (?).  Deeply regretted.

Munro—Died, at Watson’s Corners, Dalhousie, on Tuesday, 21st (?) 31st (?) August, Maggie Edith (Munro), daughter of Mr. John Munro, aged 1 year and 9 months.

McInnis—Died, at Montague, on the 2nd August, Mr. James McInnes, aged 80.

Murray—Died, at Smith’s Falls, on the 7th August, Laura Bell (Murray), only daughter of Mr. James Murray, aged 26 days.

Williamson—Died, at Smith’s Falls on the 7th August, Mrs. William Williamson, aged 85 (?).

O’Mara—Died, in South Elmsley, (date illegible) August, Lucy Ann Tetlock (O’Mara), wife of Mr. Edward O’Mara, in the 25th year of her age.

Perth Courier, Aug. 31, 1877

Thomas—Died, at Smith’s Falls on the 19th inst., Lester (??or Leslie??) Thomas, only son of Mr. Terrence Thomas, aged 5 months.

Toshack—Died, at Almonte on the 17th inst., Agnes (Toshack), daughter of Mr. James Toshack, aged 27 (?)

Driscoll—Died, at Almonte, on the 19th inst., Minnie (Driscoll), daughter of Mr. Richard Driscoll, aged 6.

Miller—Died, at Almonte, on the 17th inst., Thomas (Miller), son of Mr. Andrew Miller, aged 4 (or 6??).

Brooks—Died, at the residence of her uncle (whose name was illegible), Annie A. Brooks, aged 8 years, and 9 (?) months.

Douglas—Died, at Elena (?), on the 25th Aug., in the 72nd year of her age, Isabella Stevenson (Douglas), widow of the late Mr. Moses (?) Douglas.  Deceased was a native of Roxboroughshire, Scotland and mother of Mrs. Harms (?), Knox Church Manse, Perth.

Davis—Died, on Wed., 22nd August, at his home Zealand Township, Ono, County Frontenac, in the peace of God and in perfect charity with man, of dropsy of the heart, Joseph Davis, aged 47 (?).  The large attendance at his funeral from neighboring townships demonstrated the respect in which the deceased was held.  The funeral service was performed by Rev. R. L. Stephenson, A.M., Rector of Perth.

Almonte:  Sudden Death—Mr. Thomas Bamford, painter, of this place, died suddenly at Appleton on Wednesday.  The deceased was engaged painting a building at that place and after mounting a ladder remarked to his son that he was unwell.  He almost instantly fell, a distance of a few feet and died about six hours afterwards.  Mr. Bamford was a quiet, unassuming person, highly honorable in all of his dealings and respected by everyone.

Perth Courier, Sept. 7, 1877

McVean—Died, at North Sherbrooke, on Monday, 3rd Sept., of consumption, Isabella (McVean), daughter of Mr. Neil McVean, in the 28th year of her life.  (Note, not entirely sure of the spelling of this surname.)

McDonnell—Died, at Almonte on Monday, 27th (?) Aug., Margaret Adair Rosamond (McDonnell), beloved wife of Mr. Donald G. McDonnell, Esq., barrister, and only daughter of Mr. B. (?) McDonnell, Esq.

Ferguson—Died, on Tuesday, 28th Aug., Mr. John Ferguson, 1st Concession Drummond, at the age of 83.  Deceased was a native of Scotland and one of the first settlers in this district.

Lemoe—Died, Montague, on the 31st ult., William (Lemoe), third eldest son of Mr. Thomas Lemoe, Esq., aged 11.  (Note, not entirely sure of the spelling of this surname.)

Clune—Died at the House of Providence, Kingston, on Sat., 1st Sept., Rev. Michael Clune of Smith’s Falls, aged 55 (?).

Neil—Died, at Carleton Place, on Monday, 27th Aug., the wife of Mr. William Neil, aged 31 years and 4 months.

McNicol—Died, at Blanchard, County Perth, after a short illness, Mary Ann (McNicol), beloved wife of Mr. Hugh McNicol, and fourth daughter of Mr James Nairn (?) Fullerton, aged 31 years, 9 months.  Deceased was a native of Dalhousie.  Rest in peace.

Miller—Died, suddenly on the morning of the 25th ult., at his father’s residence in North Sherbrooke, Jas. Miller.  Deceased was a dutiful son and an affectionate brother and much beloved and respected by all who knew him.  (note, age was illegible.)

Perth Courier, September 14, 1877

Dick—Died, at Perth on Thurs., 29th Aug., Margaret (Dick), infant daughter of Mr. James Dick, aged 1 year, 5 months.

Alexander—Died, on Friday, 31st Aug., James A. Alexander, M.D., eldest son of the late Mr. John Alexander of Barrie and son-in-law of the late Rev. R. Gray of Kingston.  (No age was given.)

Perth Courier, Sept. 14, 1877

Lawson—Died, on the 17th (?) inst., Jennie (?) Ann (Lawson), infant daughter of Mr. Robert Lawson, Jr., Lanark Township, aged ten months.

Campbell—Died, at the Township of Elmsley, on the 15th inst., Margaret Isabella (Campbell), daughter of Mr. David Campbell, aged 3 years and 4 months.

Cavanagh—Died, at Brockville, on the 7th inst., Mr. William Cavanagh, aged 52 (?) 62 (?).

McKennan—Died, at Franktown, on the 9th inst., Mrs. Ellen McKennan, aged 90 (?).

Hawkins—Died, at Franktown, on the 18th (?) inst., Mr. Henry Hawkins, an old resident of the 9th  Line Beckwith, aged 79.

Perth Courier, Sept. 28, 1877

Stewart—Died, at Horton, on Sunday, 19th inst., Mr. Daniel Stewart, Esq., aged 73, a native of Blair, Drummond, Perthshire, Scotland.

Perth Courier, October 5, 1877

Southerman—Died, on Wed., 26th Sept., at Kincardine (?), Ontario, Mr. William P. Southerman.  (Note, age was nearly illegible, the second letter was a ‘7’ the first letter could have been a ‘5’.)

Glenn—Died, at Drummond on Tuesday, 20th  Sept., Mr. James Glenn, aged 79 (?).

Shelson—Died, at Pakenham, on the 25th inst., Kate (Shelson), youngest daughter of Mr. Robert Shelson of Pakenham, aged 18.  (Note, not entirely sure of the spelling of this surname.)

Shay—Died, at Carleton Place, on the 22nd ult., Mr. Michael Shay, native of County Clare, Ireland, and an old resident of Carleton Place, in the 71st year of his age.

Crosbie—Died, at Cedar Hill, on the 27th Sept., the wife of Mr. Thomas Crosbie, aged 25 years and 7 months.

From the Winnipeg Free Press, Sept. 22:  We take the following particulars of the death of Mr. Thomas Code, son of Mr. Richard Code, late of Perth.  Intelligence of the death of Tom Code, who left Winnipeg last year for the Black Hills, has been received.  The deceased came here in 1872 from Perth, Lanark County, Ontario and for a three year period was a cook at the Grand Central and Exchange Hotel.  In August of 1876 he left here for the Black Hills where in partnership with Mr. George Mitchell, also formerly of this city, he started a restaurant.  Not very long ago, he was taken with “mountain fever” but had nearly recovered when on the 5th inst., he was seized with spasms and in a few hours, he died.  Tom was about 23 years of age.

Perth Courier, Oct. 12, 1877

Thornton—Died, at his residence in the Township of Bathurst on the 8th (?) 6th (?) inst., Mr. John Thornton, a native of County Meath (?), Ireland, aged 80 (?).

Hart—Died, at Bathurst, on Sunday, 7th inst., Mrs. John Hart, 9th Line, aged 80.

Perth Courier, October 19, 1877

Shaw—Died, at Smith’s Falls on the 28th (?) Sept., Lucy Jane (Shaw), beloved wife of Mr. John Shaw, aged 23.

Horrick—Died, at Smith’s Falls, on the 1st inst., Rachel Louise (Horrick), daughter of Mr. R. W. Horrick, in the 22nd year of her life.

Moore—Died, of diphtheria, on the 24th (?) Sept., Margaret (Moore), daughter of Mr. Thomas Moore, Esq., Reeve of South Sherbrooke, aged 8.

Jackman—Died, on the 17th Oct., Elizabeth (Jackman), daughter of Mr. John Jackman of Bathurst, aged 27 (?).

Morris—Died, on Wed., 17th inst., Elizabeth Margaret (Morris), youngest daughter of Mr. W. J. Morris, Esq., aged 3 years and 1 month.

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