Perth Courier Obituaries

supplied by Christine M. Spencer of Northwestern University, Evanston, Il., USA.

Perth Courier, November 7, 1879

Scrimgsour—Died, at Almonte on the 2nd inst., Mary Burnett Scrimgsour, wife of Mr. James Scrimgsour, aged 33(?) 39(?).  (note, not entirely sure of this surname.)

Perth Courier, November 14, 1879

Moffat—Died, at the residence of Mr. Joseph Bell, Esq., Pakenham, John Kennedy (?) Moffat, youngest son of  the late Mr. Jas. P. Moffat, Esq., 15 years and 6 months.

Scott—Died, at Perth on Tuesday morning, 11th inst., George Edward Scott, son of Mr. Robert Scott, aged 15 years and 4 months.

Perth Courier, November 21, 1879

Conn—Died, at Arnprior of diphtheria, on the 7th inst., Alice Conn, daughter of Mr. David H. Conn, aged 7 (or 9) years, 10 months.  (Note, there were two death notices here both for the same name, place, date, and both looked like “Alice”.  However, it looked like one was 9 years and the other looked like 7 years—not sure if this was a duplicate or two different children.)

Brennan—Died, at Merrickville on Monday evening, 3rd inst., Willie Brennan, son of Mrs. John Brennan, aged 7.

Pettard—Died, at the residence of his nephew, Mr. John Hilburn (?), Ramsay, on the 5th inst., Mr. Joseph Pettard, an old resident of Carleton place, aged 67 (?).  (Note, not sure of this surname nor of the nephew’s surname.)

Patterson—Died, on Thursday, 13th Nov., Mr. Thomas Patterson, aged 67 (?).

Graham—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Friday, 14th inst., Mrs. Maria Graham. (no age given.)

McGillivray—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Sunday, 16th inst., Miss M. McGillivray, aged 82 (?).

Patterson—Died, at Bathurst, Mr. James Patterson, on the 9th inst., aged 83.

Ryan—Died, at Toledo, Ohio on the 14th Nov. Mary Ann Ryan, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Michael Ryan, formerly of Drummond, aged 19 years and 8 months.  May her soul rest in peace.

Perth Courier, Nov. 28, 1879

Doyle—Died, on Tuesday, 18th Nov., Mr. James Doyle, 2nd Concession Bathurst, aged 75.

Hyslop—Died, on Thursday, 13th inst., at Kitley, Mr. John Hyslop, aged 32 (?).

Jones—Died, at his residence Sherbrooke, on the 13th (?) October, of heart disease, Mr. Joseph Jones, aged 60.

McKay—Died, on Sunday morning, 9th November after a lingering illness borne with the greatest patience, Sarah A. McKay, beloved wife of the Honorable John McKay, judge of the parish court at West Carroll, Louisiana, aged 53 (?) years, 3 months and 24 days.  She rests in the spirit land.

Smith’s Falls:  In the person of the late Anna Maria Graham, relict of the late Mr. Samuel Graham, whose remains were assigned to their last resting place on Sunday, 16 November, St John’s Churchyard, Smith’s Falls, we have another illustration of the vicissitudes of life; born in the midst of the gay and noble, her end was in obscurity.  The deceased Anna Maria was a sister to the late Mrs. Bradley, wife of Dr. Bradley of Toronto and of them were nieces of (- - - - )(illegible) Lord Clanmorris, Baron of Newbrook, County Mayo.  She was also a cousin to the late Dowager Lady Blake of Menlo (?) Castle.  Her mother was a sister to the first Lord Clanmorris and aunt to his two successors of the title and her father was captain of the North Mayo Militia under his brother-in-law Major Bingham.  The deceased Mrs. Graham was also connected with the Earl of Lucas of Castlebar who led the unfortunate Light Brigade in their terrible advance at Balaclava.  She was also connected with the Yelvertons, the Denburghs and the Presses (?).  The family name was Bingham and is of great antiquity having been seated in the counties of Dorset and Somerset, England as early as the reign of Henry I.  The Irish branch went over to Ireland under King William III.

Perth Courier, Dec. 5, 1879

Curry—Died, at his father’s residence, Isaac Curry, 2nd Concession Lancaster, Glengarry County, on Sunday, 16th inst., David Henry Curry, aged 32 and youngest brother of R.N. Curry, principal of the Renfrew Mo - - - School. 

Lotan—Died, at Pakenham on the 13th inst., in the 87th year of her age, Martha McAdam Lotan, relict  of the late Mr. George Lotan, Esq., former resident of County Mayo, Ireland 

Darling—Died, at Hochelaga (?), on Sunday morning, 30th Nov., Isabella (Lillie) Darling, 24 years, beloved daughter of Mr. William Darling, merchant, Montreal.

Connors—Died, at Poland, on Friday, 28th Nov., Mr. Connors, aged (40?)

Williams—Died, at Trenton, Ontario, on the 1st Dec., Mary Bothwell Williams, wife of the late Mr. Jas. Williams, aged 60.

McCue—Died, at the Township of Drummond, on the 1st December, Mr. George Henry McCue, aged 19.

Perth Courier, Dec. 12, 1879

McLaren—Died, on the 10th Nov., Ann Truelove McLaren, wife of Mr. Neil McLaren, 4th Concession Bathurst, aged 65 (?)

McLaren—Died, on the 17th Nov., Mr. Neil McLaren, 4th Concession Bathurst, aged 71.

Wilson—Died, at Bonsachere (?) Point, on the road to Cobden, on the 1st inst., William Wilson, Ramsay, son of Mr. John Wilson, 8th Line, aged 40.

McIntyre—Died, on the 22nd Nov., at Lanark Township, Lizzie McIntyre, beloved wife of Mr. Alexander McIntyre, shoemaker, Middleville, aged 25.

Milton—Died, on the 3rd Dec., Mr. Henry Milton, once of Perth, late Band Master of the O.Y.B.(?) Band, aged 28.

Hayes—Died, at Almonte, on the 4th Dec., Jennie Jardine Hayes, wife of Mr. John O. (?) G.(?) Hayes, and only daughter of Mr. Andrew Elliott, Esq., aged 29 (?).

Cameron—Died, at Renfrew on the 17th Nov., Sophia Murchison Cameron, wife of Mr. Peter Cameron, aged 70 (?) 79 (?)

Smallfield—Died, on the 12th Nov., at G. (?) Manor Road, Stanford Hill (?), London, England, Mr. Edgar Smallfield, Sr., partner in the firm of Edgar Smallfield & Co., 45 King William Street, E. (?) C., and an elderly brother of the proprietor of the Renfrew Mercury, in his 80th year.

McEwen—Died, on the 13th inst., at the residence of his uncle, Mr. Alexander Adams, North Elmsley, Mr. James McEwen, aged 27 (?).

Death of a Dalhousie Pioneer—The Sarnia Observer has the following obituary notice:  One by one the old pioneers of our Province are passing away.  Janet Park, whose death took place on the 20th Oct., at her residence on Lot 7, 2nd Concession, Plympton Township, was not merely a pioneer of Lambdon but was a pioneer of Eastern Provinces as well.  She had far passed the term of three score and ten allotted by the Psalmist as the average duration of human life.  She had attained to the age of 88 years, 7 months.  She was six months older than the Province itself.  Mrs. Park was born in 1791 in Cambuslang (?), near Glasgow, Scotland and was married in 1812 and came to this country with her husband and three eldest children in 1822 and settled in the Township of Dalhousie where she with her family, went through the many hardships connected with settling in the bush.  After 15 years of hard toil and with good management notwithstanding the rocks and hills of Dalhousie, the family acquired some means and heard of the superiority of the land in the west.  The father and eldest son, the late James Park, in the year 1833, started for the west and found their way to Plympton where they secured a U. E.. right and put up a shanty and commenced clearing and putting in fall wheat.  They returned in the fall of 1836 to Dalhousie and in the spring of 1837 picked up stakes and came to Plympton  with the family, 15 in all.  The deceased was 88 years, 6 months and 15 days old at death.  She was married at the age of 21.  She was a wife 29 years and a widow 33 years.  She was kind and hospitable during life, always extending a helping hand to the poor and sick.  Three sons and four daughters and a large number of grandchildren and great grandchildren survive her.

Perth Courier, December 19, 1879

Geddes—Died, on Friday 5th Dec., of consumption, Agnes L. Geddes, second daughter of Adam and Jane Geddes, McDonald’s Corners, Dalhousie, aged 15 years, 9 months and 6 (?) days.

Daughter thou art gone to rest

To join thy sister with the blest

Pastures there forever more

Hast thou on the eternal shore

In that home, that happy place

A Father stands with smiling face.


Agnes, dearest, thou has left us

And of thee death has bereft us

Now we feel thy presence dear

Even think thy voice we hear.


Cease, oh cease, our hearts to grieve

Look to Christ he’ll comfort give

As we think of heaven so far

Rest comes o’er our hearts of care

Knowing that our dear one’s there.

Burns—Died, on the 1st December, Margaret Florence Burns, daughter of Mr. James Burns, Lanark Village, aged 10 months and three days.

Brightly, tender little Maggie

God has called thy spirit home

There thou could’st not longer tarry

Neath this earth’s oft clouded dome.


For the God who holds his loved ones

In the hollow of his hand

Bade thee join the throng of loved ones

In the bright and better land


There thy saved and happy spirit

Full of joyful songs of praise

Rescued by a Savior’s spirit

Sings his love in endless praise.


May the God whose loving kindness

Soothed thy painful dying hour

Take away thy stubborn blindness

Save us by Thy mighty power.


This gem of heaven so pure and bright

Is glorious now in Jesus’ sight

Through grace I’ll meet in bliss

The dearest one whom now I miss.

Galbraith—Died, at his residence in Almonte on Wednesday, 17th December, Mr. Daniel Galbraith, Esq., M.P., aged 67.  The funeral will take place on Saturday at 3:00 to the Presbyterian Church.

Sheridan—Died, on the 12th inst., Patrick Sheridan, son of Mr. Richard Sheridan, Dalhousie, aged 23.

Harwood—Died, at Bennington Centre, Vermont, on Friday, 5th inst., Jane Harwood, aged 60 and mother of Mrs. Charles H. Frost, Smith’s Falls.

Miller—Died, at Toronto, on Thurs., 4th Dc., Mr. Charles Miller, Almonte, aged 57 (?).

Cavers—Died, at the Township of Admaston, on the 5th Dec., Mr. David Cavers, son-in-law of Mr. Andrew Cochrane, Ramsay, aged 30.

Naismith—Died, at his residence in Ramsay on the 10th inst., of apoplexy, Mr. Peter Naismith, in the 74th year of his age.  (not entirely sure of this surname.)

Wall—Died, on Christmas night, Ellen Wall, beloved wife of Mr. James Wall, Post Office Department, age (illegible).

Thom—Died, at the Township of Sarnia, on the 27th (?) inst., at the residence of her son-in-law, (illegible first name, three letters, the middle is ‘i’) Neill, Mrs. Jane Thom, aged 73 years, 9 months and 3 days, a native of Hamilton, Scotland and former resident of Dalhousie.

P - - e—Died, at St. Mary Street, Pembroke, on the 14th Dec., Cecilia McLennon (?) P - - e, wife of Mr. George P - - e, cabinet maker, late of T - - - ff, Aberdeen, Scotland, aged 35 (?).

Farrell—Died, at Pembroke, on Wednesday evening, 24th (?) inst., Jane O’Brien Farrell, wife of Mr. Maurice Farrell, aged (illegible, two numbers, the second is a ‘1’).

Burchill—Died, at Merrickville, on the 22nd inst., Mrs. Burchill, at an advanced age.

Watchorn—Died, at Merrickville, on Sat.20th inst., Mr. Thomas Watchorn of Watchorn and Co., of that place.  (no age was given.)

Perth Courier, Jan. 9, 1880

Jamieson—Died, at North Gower, on the 23rd Dec., Mr. Samuel Jamieson, youngest son of Mr. David Jamieson, Esq., aged 16 years and 11 months.

Harris—Died, at Ash- - - t, New Hampshire, Mr. John Henry Brooke Harris, eldest son of the late Rev. Michael Harris, Rector, Perth, aged 47.

Young—Died, on Wed., 7th Jan., Mrs. Adam Young, Drummond,  (no age was given.)

Perth Courier, Jan. 16, 1880

Walker—Died, at Perth, on Sat., 12th inst., Elizabeth Alexander Walker, relict of the late Mr. John Walker, aged 65 (?).

Mickaily?? or Miskally?—Died, at his residence, Arnprior, on the 6th inst., Mr. James Mickaily—or Milkally—or ?????, aged 66.

Doyle—Died, at Merrickville on Monday, 6th inst., Mr. James Doyle, aged 23.

McIntyre—Died, at the Township of Wolford, on the 1st June, Lizzie McIntyre, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William McIntyre, aged 23.

Perth Courier, Jan. 23, 1880

Chambers—Died, on the 26th Dec., at Smith’s Falls, Mr. Edward A. Chambers, aged (illegible, two numbers, the second is a ‘3’).

Dodds—Died, at his residence at Lanark Township, on the 10th inst., Mr. Crawford Dodds, aged 79.

Lyon—Died, at Ottawa on Monday, 12th inst., of smallpox, James Lyon, aged 13, son of Mr. John Lyon of Arnprior.

Moulton—Died, at Lanark Township on the 2nd inst., Marion Ethel Moulton, infant daughter of Mr. William Moulton, aged 4 months.

Poole—Died, at Ramsay on the 13th inst., Mrs. Mary Poole, relict of the late Mr. Joseph Poole, aged 73.

McArthur—Died, on Sunday, 18th inst., Mrs. Peter McArthur, 7th Line Beckwith, in the 67th year of her age.

Howe—Died, at Pembroke, on Sunday, 18th Jan., Julia Mary Howe, infant daughter of Mr. Michael Howe, Esq., aged 14 months and 12 days.

Perth Courier Jan. 30, 1880

Laird—Died, at Bristol, on Tuesday, 13th inst., Mrs. Laird, aged 88 (?).

McTavish—Died, on Sunday, 25th Jan., Mr. John McTavish, Sr., North Elmsley, aged 83.

McNab—Died, on the 25th Jan., Miss Margaret McNab, daughter of the late Celia McNab, North Elmsley, aged 24.

McVletty—Died, at North Elmsley on Tuesday morning, the 27th inst., Mrs. James McVletty, aged 76.

Perth Courier, Feb. 6, 1880

Crombie—Died, at Montreal on the 20th Jan., of smallpox, Minnie Crombie, youngest daughter  of the widow Mrs. Samuel Crombie of Perth, aged 19 years, 5 months and 14 days.

Happy soul thy days are ended

All thy mourning days below

Or by angel grave attended

To the right of Jesus go!

Waiting to receive thy spirit.


Lo the Savior stands above

Shows the purchase of the spirit

Reaches out the crown of love.


Calm on the bosom of thy God

Fair spirit rest there now

E’en while with care thy footage trod

His hand was on thy brow

Dust to her narrow bones beneath

Soul, to her home on high.


They that have seen thy look is death

No more may fear to die.

By A Friend

Elsewhere in the same newspaper:

Sad Death—A few weeks ago Miss Minnie Cromby, a young lady 19 years of age left Perth on a visit to her brother Samuel at Cornwall.  Before returning home she went for a short visit to Montreal where she had some friends.  While there the young lady was taken ill with smallpox and was removed to the hospital there.  She died from the effects of that dreadful disease.  Her friends and especially her mother, who is a widow, fell the terrible bereavement deeply.  The event is certainly a sad one.

Harvey—Died, at Brownsville, Colorado, on Friday, 21st Jan., Elizabeth Harvey, wife of Mr. Edward Harvey, aged 33.

Perth Courier, Feb. 13, 1880

Yeates—Died, at Almonte, on Wed., 4th Feb., Miss Julia Yeates, aged 41.

Delaney—Died, at Almonte on the 27th Jan., William Delaney, son of Mr. Thomas Delaney, aged 16 years and 8 months.  Rest in peace.

Stanley—Died, at Goulbourne, on the 29th Dec., Mr. Robert Stanley, aged (illegible).

Stewart—Died, at Ramsay, on the 2nd Feb., Mary Ann McKean Stewart, wife of Mr. George Stewart, aged 37.

Empey—Died, on Sunday, 1st inst., Mr. Samuel Empey, of the Township of Wolford, in the 30th year of his age.

Graham—Died, at Smith’s Falls, on the 10th Feb., Mr. Robert Graham, Sr.  (no age was given.)

Allan—Died, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on the 25th (?) Jan., Mary Ann Moodie Allan, daughter of Mr. Andrew Allan, Esq., Scotch Line, and wife of Mr. Francis Allan, aged 42.

Perth Courier, Feb. 20, 1880

Archer—Mr. Alexander Archer, an old veteran of the British Army expired at the residence of Mr. Robert Scott, Beckwith, 12th Feb.  Deceased was born in Fenfarshire, Scotland in Feb., of 1794 and was therefore 84 years of age at the time of his death.  He became a soldier of the 91st Reg’t. of Foot having volunteered from the Morfar (?) Merfar(?) Militia into the said regiment in May of 1811.  He served 7 years and 62 days and was duly discharged from the regiment at Chatham, England.  The deceased had in his possession a medal which had sculpted on one side of it a bust of Her Majesty “Victoria Regina 1848” and the following battles:  Neville (?—starts with an ‘N’), Nive, Orth - -, Toulouse and on the other side “To the British Army 1793-1814”. On the circumference of the medal was inscribed “Alexander Archer 91st Foot”.  He was admitted as an out-pensioner of Her Majesty’s Royal Hospital at Chelsea on 15 Feb., 1815 (?) at the rank of Lt. Col.(?) per d - - -.  The following personal description is given of him: 6 ft.(?) 4 inches, grey hair, brown eyes age at the time 82.  He emigrated to the Provinces shortly after his discharge and resided in Beckwith.  Although he had no personal relatives, in his last illness he had the good fortune of “shuffling off the mortal coil” in a Christian locality where every assistance that human aid could give him was rendered to him.  His remains were accompanied to a magnificent spot in the Beckwith Cemetery, 7th Concession by a respectable number of the community, among which were church officers, the Reeve of Beckwith, and one of the Councillors.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Mr. McAllistor of Ashton.  The Herald

McNab—Died, at Stewartsville, McNab Township on Wed., 4th Feb., Mr. William McNab, aged 26 (?).  He leaves a wife and two children to mourn his departure.

Shephard—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Sunday, 8th Feb., Mrs. William Shephard, aged 50.

Graham—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Tuesday, 10th Feb., Mr. Robert Graham, Sr., aged 73 (?).

Carleton Place:  From the Herald:  The many friends of the late John Whalen who recently departed this life in the village of Pembroke, and who was formerly a resident of the Township of Goulbourne, will regret to learn of his death.  He was a respectable citizen and beloved by all who knew him in both places.  Mr. Whalen leaves a wife to mourn his loss.

Perth Courier, Feb. 27, 1880

Needham—Died, at Pakenham on the 8th Feb., Mr. James Needham, native of the County of Langford, Ireland, aged 73.

Knowles—Died, at Springfield Farm, (Mat.(?)), on the 8th inst., Mary Knowles, beloved wife of Mr. Anthony Knowles, formerly of Almonte.  (no age given.)

McDonald—Died, at Pembroke, on Tuesday, 24th inst., Mr. John A. McDonald, of Mattawa. (no age was given.)

Baker—Died, at Brockville on the 25th inst., Helena Harriett Dana Baker, aged 32 years, and 4 months, daughter of the late Mr. Alonza Byinton Dana and wife of Mr. Archer Baker, Esq., General Manager of the Canada Central Railway.

Perth Courier, March 5, 1880

Campbell—Died, at Montreal on the 20th Feb., of acute hydroencephalus, James Stewart Campbell, son of Rev. Robert Campbell, three years and three months.

Jackman—Died, on the 27th Feb., Eliza Jackman, wife of the late John Jackman, aged 77 (?).

McFadden—Died, at Ashton on the 1st March, Mrs. Jacob McFadden, aged 68.

Scott—Died, at Pakenham, on Tuesday 2nd March, Mr. Young Scott, Esq., ex Reeve of the Township, aged 77 (?).

Horricks—Died, on Tuesday, 2nd March, Mr. William Horricks, Drummond, aged 91, a native of Manchester, England.  Served in the 6th Regiment of Foot and fought for his country with Sr. John Moore and Wellington in Spain, Portugal and France from 1812 to the end of the War.  He was at the Battle of Corenna and at the death of Sir John Moore and was present at all the principal battles of the Peninsular War.  He wore a medal and he received a pension from the Imperial Government in acknowledgement of his service.  He was one of the pioneer settlers in this part of the country.

MacKenzie—Died, at Daros (?), Plaix, France, on the 30th Jan. last, Isabella MacKenzie, eldest daughter of Mr. Hector MacKenzie, Esq., late of the Hudson’s Bay Company.  Miss MacKenzie with her much esteemed parents, was a resident of Port William and was a great favorite of her companions.  The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. MacKenzie will deeply sympathize with them in their bereavement.

Death at Fermoy—An old man named Baker, farmer, S. Burgess, died at Fermoy, County Frontenac, a short time ago from heart disease.

Perth Courier, March 12, 1880

Andison—Died, at Perth, on Monday, 8th March , Robert Andison, aged (illegible).

McCann—Died, at Perth, on Friday, 5th March, Mr. Thomas McCann, aged 37.

Helsmith—Died, on the 22nd Feb., Margaret McKenzie Helsmith, relict of the late Mr. George Helsmith, 3rd Line Bathurst, aged 85, a native of Inverneshire, Scotland and one of the earliest settlers of Bathurst.  (note, unsure of the surname.)

Knowles—Died, at Springfield Farm, on the 8th inst., Mary Knowles, beloved wife of Mr. Anthony Knowles, formerly of Almonte.

Eagen—Died, at Montreal, on Wednesday morning, the 25th ult. Mr. John L. Meurier Eagen, eldest surviving son of the late Mr. John Eagen, Esq., Aylmer, P.Q.

Bolton—Died, at his residence in the Township of Mints (?), Mr. Richard Bolton, 20th Feb., aged 81 (?), formerly of Beckwith.

McFadden—Died, at Ashton, 1st March, Mrs. Jacob McFadden, aged 68 (?).

Mooney—Died, at the residence of his aunt, Miss Mooney, Pembroke Street, Pembroke, of consumption after a long and painful illness, Mr. Bernard R. Mooney, eldest son of the late Mr. James Mooney, Esq., Talbot Street, Belfast, Ireland, aged (illegible).

Pi-k—Died, at London, on the 4th inst., of paralysis, Elizabeth Wallack Pi-k, relict of the late Mr. George Pi-k, and a native of Northland, Kent, England, aged 89 (?).

A well known citizen and long time resident, Mr. Robert Andison, died on Sunday last after a short illness from congestion of the lungs.  Mr. Thomas McCann succumbed on Friday last to the terrible disease with which he was attacked—smallpox.  No other cases occurred and no danger is expected.

Perth Courier, March 19, 1880

Brennan—Died, at Perth, on Monday morning, the 15th inst., Mr. Peter Brennan, aged 23.

Lappin—Died, on Monday, 15th inst., James Lee Stanton Lappin, son of Mr. Michael Lappin, Perth, aged 2.

Thomas—Died, at his residence in the Township of Wilberforce, on the 6th March, Mr. Robert Thomas, aged 96.

Fleming—Died, at Chapeau (?), on the 24th ult., Ida May Fleming, infant daughter of Mr. Martin Fleming, Esq., aged 3 years and 3 months.

Armstrong—Died at Merrickville on Thursday evening, 4th March, Mr. Earnest Armstrong, aged 21.

Foster—Died, at Smith’s Falls on Thursday, 11th March, Carrie Helen Foster, daughter of Mrs. C. Foster, aged 14.

Perth Courier, March 26, 1880

Bower—Died, at Ramsay on the 19th March, Mrs. John Bower, in the 84th year of her age.  (note, unsure of this surname, could have been Bober.)

Perth Courier, April 2, 1880

McDonald—Died, at Pakenham, on Thursday evening, 18th inst., Margaret McDonald, wife of Mr. Alexander McDonald, Esq., aged 47.

Croskery—Died, on Sunday, 28th March, Charles Frederick Croskery, infant son of Mr. Robert Croskery, Perth, aged 9 months.

Rutherford—Died, on Thursday, 25th March, Janet Simpson Rutherford, relict of the late Mr. William Rutherford, Perth, in her 90th year.

Smith—Died, on Friday, 26th March, Mary Eliza Smith, daughter of Mr. Roderick Smith, Bathurst, aged 4 years, 7 months.

Stewart—Died, at Renfrew, on the 24th March, Annie Ferguson Stewart, youngest child of Mr. Donald Stewart, aged 1 year, 2 months and 7 days.

Armstrong—Died, at Merrickville on Thursday, 4th March, Earnest Armstrong, 21 years.

Newsome—Died, in San Diego, California of fever, on the 24th March, John Newsome, eldest son of Mr. George Newsome, Kilmarnock (?), Ontario, in the 37th year of his age.

Knapp—Died, at Montague, on the 16th (?) inst., Mr. Barnabus (?) Knapp, aged 70 (?) 76 (?).

Perth Courier, April 9, 1880

Johnson—Died, at Smith’s Falls, on Friday, the 12th March, Mrs. Catharine Johnson, aged 68 (?)

Hunter—Died, on the 4th March, Mr. John Hunter, aged 34, Elmsley Township.

Cross—Died, at Wolford, on the 25th (?) 26th (?) inst., Elizabeth Cross, daughter of Mr. John Cross, aged 37 (?).

Crosley—Died, at Merrickville on the 26th inst., Elizabeth Crosley, daughter of Mr. D. Crosley, aged 13.

Campbell—Died, at Montague on the 1st April, Mr. William Campbell, 81 years and 5 months.

Perth Courier, April 23, 1880

Magrath—Died, at Perth, on Monday, 19th April, Mr. James Magrath, aged 89 (?), a native of Ireland.

Elliott-Died, at Doran on Thursday, 15th April, Mr. Walter Elliott, Bathurst, aged 66.

Holden—Died, at Merrickville, on the 11th April, Mrs. Holden, relict of the late Mr. Charles Holden, Sr., aged 70

Hanlon—Died, at Merrickville, on Friday, 9th inst., of diphtheria, Nellie Hanlon, daughter of Mr. James Hanlon, aged 12.

Leach—Died, at Beckwith on Sunday morning, 18th inst., Mr. James Thomas Leach, son of Mr. Robert Leach, aged 19 years, 3 months and 6 (?) days.

Tetlock—Died, on Monday, 19th inst., Mr. Samuel Tetlock, Drummond, aged 73.

Gallagher—Died, at Fallbrook, on the 14th April, Harriett Gallagher, only daughter of Thomas and Eleanor Gallagher and wife of Mr. Jas. Brown.  She was 41 years and 9 months old.  Her disease was an inflammation of the lungs, which she bore with Christian faith and patience for nearly two weeks until at last the Master said “it is enough come up higher” and her happy spirit left the house of clay to be with Christ, which is far better.  Cox

We find the following in the Stratford Beacon:  One by one the old landmarks of this township pass away.  The last to be called was Charlotte Leggatt, wife of Mr. Robert Leggatt, who departed this life on the morning of the 2nd inst., after a lingering illness which she bore to the end with Christian fortitude.  Mrs. Leggatt together with her husband and friends, emigrated to this county forty years ago and settled in the town of Perth but some time afterwards removed to the County Frontenac.  From there they came to the Township of Wellesley but finally in 18?0 came to Hibbert where she resided up to the time of her death.

Perth Courier, April 30, 1880

Horn—Died, at the residence of Mr. William Baird, Lanark, on the 19th (?) April, Maggie Elizabeth Horn, aged 7 years and 6 (?) months.

Young—Died, at Lanark Township on the 9th April, Isabella Young, infant daughter of Mr. Thomas Young, aged 1 year and 4 months.

Baterson—Died, at Dalhousie, on the 14th April, Miss Ann Baterson, a native of Glasgow, Scotland.  (note, unsure of this surname; also, age was illegible.)

Perkins—Died, on the 16th April, Ann Perkins, wife of Mr. George Perkins, Sr., 6th Line S. Sherbrooke, aged 69 (?).

Murray—Died, at Montague on Tuesday, 17th April, Mr. Robert Murray, aged 27. 

Walker—Died, at Perth on Saturday, 24th April, of acute peritonitis, Eleanor Davis Walker, second daughter of the late Mr. George J. Walker, aged 14 years.  Cut off, much regretted by friends and schoolmates on the very threshold of early girlhood, just as her character was being developed into uncommon loveliness.  Death is a ruthless leveller, mowing down the young and fair stalks with the more mature and hoary headed.  Not long before her last illness she had, on seeing crepe on the door opposite, spoken as to whose door on the same street the somber symbol would next make its appearance.  Alas! That the thought should be so soon come to pass on her own door!  During her last illness amongst the throes of anguish, her mind would struggle and coherency from the delirium that enshrouded it came briefly.  At such times, frequent but brief, she expressed herself resigned to the will of her Creator and affectingly disposed of her little souvenirs to those near and dear to her.  And, as day by day the mortal part waned and drooped in the grasp of the Destroyer, she constantly gave utterance to expressions of pious significance, bidding an affectionate farewell to her kindred until the engine of the silent messenger approached and it was too plainly apparent of what was to come that she calmly, without a struggle or murmur, let her gentle spirit forsake its frail tenement to wing its way across the shining river to the New Jerusalem where death and sorrow are no more.

And now the lamb is in the fold

And on the Shepherd’s bosom land

His arms shall n’er relax their hold

His love shall pillow her young head


By the green pastures she shall stray

And where the living waters pour

From the pious fount of Truth she may

Drink, deeply drink, and thirst no more.

Perth Courier, May 7, 1880

Allenhead—Died, at Ramsay, on Tuesday, 27th April, Janet McFarlane Allenhead, wife of Mr. David Allenhead.  (no age was given.)

Robertson—Died, at his residence, Township Crewland (?), County Welland (?), on the Sabbath, 24th April, Mr. Robert Robertson, Esq., formerly of Lanark Village and father of Mr. Robert Robertson, merchant, Lanark, aged 68 (?).  Deceased was a native of Renfrewshire, Scotland and came to Canada fifty years ago and settled in Lanark Township.  He carried on a mercantile and lumbering business in Lanark Village for many years and in 1870 removed to the County of Welland where he remained until the day of his death.  He was a man of Christian character and was an earnest and thorough going Reformer.  He died in peace.

McDonald—Died, at Brockville on the 3rd May, Mr. Hugh McDonald, aged 19 (?), nephew of Mr. Robert Campbell, lumber merchant, Eganville.

Leach—Died, on the 9th Line Beckwith, on the 19th April, Mr. James Thomas Leach, son of Mr. Robert Leach, aged 19, after a severe illness of two weeks having suffered from measles and inflammation combined.

Munro—Died, at Watson’s Corners, on Saturday, 1st May, Emma Jane Munro, daughter of John and Janet Munro, aged 1 years, 2 months.

Moore—Died, at Perth, on Monday, 19th (?) April, Lillie (?) Frohman Moore, infant daughter of Mr. Robert Moore, 4 months, and 15 days.

Perth Courier, May 14, 1880

Drynan—Died, at Ramsay, on the 1st May, Janet Drynan, infant daughter of Mr. George Drynan.  (no age given.)

Stewart—Died, at Kirkwell, on the 23rd ult., Julia Stewart, beloved wife of Mr. A. H. Stewart, Esq., and mother of Rev. J. Stewart, Prescott, in the 58th year of her life.

Horn—Died, at the residence of Mr. William Baird, Lanark, on the 12th April Maggie Elizabeth Horn, aged 7 years and 6 months.

Morris—Died, at Franktown on the 7th May, James Morris, second child of Mr. Joseph Morris, aged 18.

Aikenbrad—Died, at Ramsay on Tuesday, 27 April, Janet McFarlane Aikenbrad, wife of Mr. David Aikenbrad.  (no age was given.)

Perth Courier, May 21, 1880

Dorgherty—Died, at Eganville, on the 2nd May, Miss Bridgit Dorgherty, aged 23.

Bache—Died, at the residence of Mr. E. A. Barrie, Esq., Arnprior, on Friday, 14th May, Miss Jane Mary Bache, aged 51 (?) 54 (?).

Soper—Drowned, at Arnprior on the 15th (?) inst., Edward Soper, second son of Mr. Edward Soper, printer, aged 10 years and 4 months.

Charbonneau—Died, at Arnprior on the 10th inst., Mr. Israel Charbonneau, aged 25 (?).

Ward—Died, at South Elmsley near Smith’s Falls on the 5th (?) May, Mary Ann Ward, wife of Mr. John Ward, farmer, and daughter of the late Mr. Peter McGillivray, aged 62 (?)

O’Neil—Died, on the 8th inst., at her residence in Renfrew, Mrs. Catherine O’Neil, relict of the late Mr. Thomas O’Neil, Esq., 82, much respected by her neighbors and deeply regretted by her friends.  Deceased was a native of Calersloe (?), Ireland.

Keats—Died, at Perth on Thursday morning, 13th inst., Mr. Thomas Keats, aged 31.

Foley—Died, at Ramsay on the 14th inst., Mr. Michael Foley, aged 88 (?).

Best—Died, at North Elmsley on the 18th May, Elizabeth Best, wife of Mr. George Best, aged 79.

LaBelle—Died, at Watson’s Corners on the 18th inst., Jane White LaBelle, relict of the late Mr. Joseph LaBelle, aged 79 (?).  Deceased was a native of Hawick, Rosborgh (?), Scotland.

Perth Courier, May 28, 1880

Brown—Died, at Detroit on the 18t May, Isabella Brown, daughter of Mr. Alexander Brown, Port Elmsley, aged 21 (?).

Van Cortlandt—Died, at Arnprior on Sunday evening, the 16th inst., Harriet Van Cortlandt, widow of the late Dr. Van Cortlandt of Ottawa.

O’Meara—Died, at Pembroke on the 13th inst., Daniel O’Meara, second son of the late Mr. Daniel O’Meara, Esq., aged 27.

Jordan—Died, at Bathurst, on the 21st May, Elisabeth K. Jordan, wife of Mr. Robert Jordan, aged 77.

Craig—Died, at his residence in Lanark Township on the 14th May, Mr. Robert Craig, Sr., aged 67.  Deceased was a native of Paisley, Scotland and emigrated to Canada along with his parents in 1821.  He took land in Lanark Township where he resided until the time of his death.  He died in peace.

Bent—Died, on Thursday, 18th May, Elisabeth McCue Bent, wife of Mr. George Bent, North Elmsley, aged 79.  Deceased was a native of County Cavan,  Ireland.  (note, unsure of this surname.)

Perth Courier, June 4, 1880

Forest—Died, at his residence in the Township of McNab, (date illegible), Mr. John Forest, aged 94.  Deceased was a native of Lanarkshire, Scotland, and came to Canada in 1830.  He leaves a family circle to the fourth generation, numbering 172 persons.

Bowes—Died, at Lanark Village on Wednesday, 2nd June, Janet Craig Bowes, relict of the late Mr. James Bowes, in the 53rd year of her age.

Telfouard—Died, at Humbolt County, Iowa, on the 31st August, 1879, Mr. John Telfouard, formerly of Drummond, aged 69 (?).  (note, unsure of this surname.)

Perth Courier, June 4, 1880

Anderson—Died, at the residence of his son Edmund Anderson, near Hopetown, Lanark Township, on the 17th May, Mr. J.W. Anderson, Esq., in the 80th year of his age.  Deceased was one of the pioneer settlers of the township.

Olds—Died, at Sunday, 6th June, Euphemia McLaren Olds, wife of Mr. George Olds, Scotch Line, aged 57 (?—unsure of the ‘5’ but sure of the ‘7’.)

Walker—Died, at Perth, on Sunday last, on the 6th inst., Mr. Richard Walker, aged 36 (?) 86 (?).

Waddell—Died, on Wednesday, 2nd June, the infant son of Mr. John A. Waddell, of Brooklyn, New York.

Elliott—Died, at Playfair, Dalhousie, on Wednesday, 5th (?) June, Mr. William Elliott, carpenter, aged 71.  Deceased was a native of County Armaugh, Ireland and an old resident of Playfair.

Perth Courier, June 18, 1880

McDonald—Died, on Sunday, 13th June, at Lanark, Sarah Carson(?) Cannon(?) McDonald, wife of Mr. John McDonald, aged 52 (?) 82 (?).

Patterson—Drowned, on Friday, 11th inst., Joseph Patterson, youngest son of the late Mr. Thomas Patterson, aged 11.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

Boy Drowned:  On Friday last, several young lads were playing on some new logs that were floating down the river near the second bend where the water was about three feet deep.  One of them, named Joseph Patterson, son of the late Mr. Thomas Patterson, fell into the water and being, it is surmised, taken with a fit, was drowned.  A search was made for the body at once but it was not found until about 4:00 in the afternoon.  It was discovered very near where the deceased fell from the log or near Moffatt’s boat house.  The remains were interred in the Catholic Cemetery on Saturday afternoon.  The unfortunate young lad was 11 years of age and since an injury received in the brick yard some time ago, was somewhat impaired mentally and was subject to fits.

Mair—Died, at Lanark Village on Sunday, 13th June, Mrs. John Mair, Sr., in the 83rd year of her age.

Fowler—Died, at Balderson on the 13th June, Martha Wilson Fowler, beloved wife of Mr. Colin Fowler, aged 30 years, 10 months.

Perth Courier, June 25, 1880

McGregor—Died, at Ramsay, on Tuesday, 15th June, Alexander McGregor, aged 11.

Dunlop—Died, at Dalhousie on the 22nd inst., of chronic pleurisy (?), Mr. James Dunlop, fourth son of Mr. Thomas Dunlop, aged 23 years, 3 months and 22 days.

Perth Courier, July 2, 1880

Lowe—Died, at Pakenham on the 20th May, L. Woods Lowe, 5 months and 28 days, only son of Mr. Isaac Lowe.

Hawkins—Died, at Brud - - - - -, on 5th June, Martha Hawkins, fourth daughter of Mr. Joseph Hawkins, aged 19.

Smith—Died, at the Township of Tackersmith (?), near Seaforth, on the 8th June, Mr. John Smith, at the ripe old age of 83. The deceased was a native of Dunfrieshire, Scotland and came to Canada in 1821 (?) 1824 (?) and settled in the Township of Elmsley where he lived until about 8 years ago when he moved with his family.  He departed this life without a struggle.

Perth Courier, July 9, 1880

Glenn—Died, at Anchor City, Black Hills, on the 26th (?) June, Violet E. Glenn, daughter of Mr. Joseph F. Glenn.

Glenn—Died, at Anchor City, Black Hills on 27th (?) June, Mr. Joseph F. Glenn, son of the late Mr. Jas. Glenn of Drummond, aged 35 (?).

Another article in the same paper:

Few events have cast a deeper gloom over the inhabitants of Anchor City and vicinity than the death of Mr. Glenn and his little daughter.  The daughter entered into rest on Sunday and the father the following day.  The double funeral, which was held on the following Tuesday, was one of the largest ever witnessed there.  From the house of the deceased, the procession proceeded to the Congregational Church, where appropriate services were conducted by the Rev. B. F. Mills and W. Fidler (?).  The remains were  then conveyed through Central, South Bend by Ayrville and Deadwood to the quietude of Mount Moriah, where the remains were committed to the silent tomb until the morning of the Resurrection.  Both the late Mr. Glenn and his little Violet were gentle, respectable and beloved people and the expressions of sympathy for the distress of the still living relatives are numerous and emphatic that a kind Providence may watch over their future is the prayer of many hearts.

Foster—Died, at the residence of her son, Ramsay, on the 22nd ult., Mary Ann Jackman Foster, relict of the late Mr. William Foster, aged 87.

Black—Died, at Ramsay, on the 18th ult., Jennie (?) Jessie (?) Black, daughter of Mr. James Black, 7th Concession Ramsay, aged 21.

Lane—Died, at White Cloud, Newaygo (?) County, Michigan, on the 18th June, Michael Lane, late of Lanark, in the 36th year of his age.

Perth Courier, July 16, 1880

Reid—Died, on Thursday, 1st July at her son’s residence, Township Alice, Mrs. Jane Reid, a native of Dunfrieshire, Scotland, aged 75 (?) 76 (?).

Gorman—Died, at Pembroke, on Sunday, 4th inst., Maria Ann Gorman, eldest daughter of Mr. Michael Gorman, aged 27 (?) 37 (?).

Ferguson—Died, at Almonte on Tuesday, 6th July, Mr. W. H. Ferguson, barrister, late of Brockville, aged 33.

Murray—Died, at Brockville, on Tuesday 22nd June, the wife of Mr. Edward Murray and the youngest daughter of the late Mr. James Burrows, Esq., of Franktown, aged 27.

McDonald—Died, on Sunday, 4th (?) inst., at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Joseph Flaunt (or Plaunt), at the village of Renfrew, Mrs. Isabella McDonald, aged 74.

Lane—Died, at White Cloud, Newaygo County, Michigan on the 18th (?) June, Mr. Michael Lane, late of Lanark Township, aged 83(?).

Kent—Died, at Gal - - - iels, Scotland, on the 6th June, Robina (?) Kent, wife of Mr. John Kent, dyer, formerly of Almonte, aged 64.

Perth Courier, July 23, 1880

Boyd—Died, at the residence of her brother, Mr. Joseph McKinlay of North Augusta on the 13th June, of consumption, Margaret Jane Boyd, wife of Mr. Joseph A. Boyd of Smith’s Falls, aged 27.

Perth Courier, July 30, 1880

McLean—Died, at Stewartville on Tuesday, 13th inst., of consumption, after one year’s illness, Mary Jane McLean, aged 23(?)25(?) years and 9 months.

McCann—Died, at his residence in South Burgess on Sunday, 25th July, Mr. Patrick McCann, aged 71.

Chalmers—Died, at Frankville on Sunday, 18th July, Mrs. R. G. White, daughter of Mr. H. G. Chalmers, aged 29.

Dickson—Died, at Ottawa on Friday, 23rd July, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Doyle, 120 Dalhousie Street, Ann Frame (?) Dickson, relict of the late Mr. Robert Dickson of Pakenham, aged 81 (?).

Perth Courier, Aug. 6, 1880

Leggett—Died, at Perth on Sunday evening, 1st inst., James Leggett, aged 75 (?).

Perth Courier, August 13, 1880

Wilson—Died at Drummond at the residence of Mr. James McDonald, on the 2nd inst., Janet McDonald Wilson, wife of Mr. John Wilson, aged 31.

Baker—Died, on Sat., 6th August, Albert Stephen Baker, son of Mr. Arthur Baker, aged 6 months and 13 days.

Perth Courier, August 20, 1880

Deacon—Died, at Perth on St., 14th inst., Hester Churchill Deacon, wife of Mr. William Deacon, aged 25 (?).

Soper—Died, at Carleton Place on Monday, 16th Aug., Mr. Henry W. Soper, 72 years and 6 months.

Lappin—Died, on Sunday, 15th Aug., Mr. Thomas Lappin, N. Burgess, aged 97 years.  Deceased was a native of County Armaugh, Ireland and came to Canada 66 years ago.  He was one of the first settlers of North Burgess.

Perth Courier, Aug. 27, 1880

Allan—Died, at Perth on the 25th (?) Aug., Catharine Hart Allan, wife of Mr. F. R.(?) Allan, merchant, aged 33.

McLaren—Died, at Beckwith, on the 26th (?) July, Mr. Duncan McLaren, aged (illegible).  Deceased was one of the earliest settlers in the township having settled in Beckwith in 1821.  He was much respected by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

Shral—Died, at Drummond on Sunday, 8th August, Mr. John Shral, aged 43 (?). (not entirely sure of this surname.)

Collier—Died, at Beachburg on the1st inst., Sarah Collier, beloved wife of the late Mr. John E. Collierm aged 64.

Flood—Died, at N - - - -, Bahamas, on the 31st July, 1880 from yellow fever, Frances Mary Flood, relict of the late Rev. R.(?) Flood, Delaware, Ontario, aged 65 (?).

Lyle—Died, at Elmsley on Sat., 14th inst., Margaret H – gb - - a Lyle, daughter of Mr. William Lyle, aged 14 years and 6 months.

McIntyre—Died, at North Elmsley on the 29th July, Mary Hall McIntyre, wife of the late Mr. Duncan McIntyre, aged 79 years and 8 months, a native of Boxboroughshire.

Perth Courier, September 3, 1880

Glossop—Died, at Washego (?) Ontario, on Thursday, 26th inst., Mr. Daniel Glossop, formerly of Lanark Village, aged 76.  (note, not entirely sure of this surname.)

McVicar—Died, at Pakenham on the 14th inst., Mr. John McVicar, aged 87, a native of Glasgow, Scotland.

Flinn—Died, at Montague, on the 11th inst., at the residence of her son-in-law, Mrs. John Flinn, aged 77, after a lingering illness which she bore with Christian resignation.

Wodden—Died, at Bathurst on Tuesday, 31st Aug., Isabella Wodden, daughter of Mr. William Wodden, aged 21 years and 9 months.

Pounder—Died, at his residence at Westmeath on the 27th inst., Ann Pounder, relict of the late Mr. John Pounder, aged 68.  Her end was peace.

Prentice—Died, on Monday 30th Aug., Mr. James Prentice, Jr., Lanark Village, aged 34.

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