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Canniff, William, History of the Settlement of Upper Canada, with Special Reference to the Bay of Quinte, Dudley & Burns, Toronto, 1869.

Available Kingston Public Library, Isabel Turner Branch

Directory of the County of Hastings, Pulished 1860/61, 1864/65, 1868/69

Available Belleville Public Library

1864/1865 edition Available Erie County Library, Buffalo, New York

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Illustrated Historical Atlas of the Counties of Hastings and Prince Edward, Belden, Toronto, 1878.

Contains maps of all of the Townships with all of the landowners placed on their concessions and lots. Biographies of key figures of the time. Advertisements of local businesses.

Available Belleville Public Library

Available Kingston Public Library, Central Branch

MacLean, Allan C., The First Hundred Years 1877 - 1977, Belleville, Published by authority of the congregation and Centennial Committee, Tabernacle United Church, 1977, xiv, 101 p.

Mika, Nick and Helma, A Dream Accomplished: The Founding of Belleville General Hospital, Belleville, Mika Publishing, 1985, 76 p.

Surrogate Court Index of Ontario, Canada 1859-1900, Vol. 2, Hastings and Prince Edward Counties

Available Kingston OGS Collection, located Kingston Public Library, Central Branch

Vital Statistics

Bacola, Vanessa, Early Methodist Records 1805 - 1853: Smith's Creek, Bay of Quinte and Napanee Circuits of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Belleville, Bay of Quinte U.E.L. Association, 1986.

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Available Kingston OGS Collection, located Kingston Public Library, Central Branch

Methodist Church Baptismal Records (1843-1876) Madoc Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Available Kingston Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society

Methodist Church Baptismal Record (1840-1887) Sidney Township and Tyendinaga Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Compiled by Patricia Cole & Hilda Manning, Kingston Branch, OGS, 1990. 50 pages. ISBN 1-55034-908-2

Presbyterian Register of Rev. Robert James McDowall (1800-1841), C. Loral R. Wanamaker, UE, Mildred (Parliament) Wanamaker, UE, Kingston Branch, OGS, 1980

Contains baptism for Thurlow and Sidney Townships as well as Marriages.

Available Kingston Branch, OGS Library, located at Kingston Public Library


Family Histories and Biography

French, G. S., Playter, George Frederick (1809 - 1866). In Dictionary of Canadian Biography, 9:634-636.

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The histories and genealogies of 325 families. 1000+ pages. See the index of families included in this book.

Available Kingston Public Library, Isabel Turner Branch

Available Belleville Public Library

Wanamaker, C. Loral, UE and Wanamaker, Mildred, UE, The John Babcock Family of Ameliasburg Township (John Babock, UE, Ensign, New Jersey Volunteers), Printed Privately, 1981. 302pp. No index.

Includes many references to the family in Hastings County.

Available Kingston Branch, OGS, located in Kingston Public Library

Local Histories

A History of Dungannon, Port Albert and the Surrounding Area of Ashfield and West Wawanosh Townships, Women's Institute (Canada), Dungannon Women's Institute, Mildmay, Town and Country Crier, 1980, iii, 495 p.

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A 150 year history of the churches in Madoc Township and village.

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Concerning the Rebellion of 1837.

Available Kingston Public Library.

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History of the County, the Townships, the principal towns and cities, the prehistory and native history. Contains a lengthy bibliography of sources.

Available Kingston Public Library, Isabel Turner Branch

Available Belleville Public Library

Available Bancroft Public Library

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Available Kingston Public Library, Isabel Turner Branch

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Available Belleville Public Library

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Available Kingston Public Library

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Available Kingston Public Library

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Available Kingston Public Library, Isabel Turner Branch

Available Belleville Public Library

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(A complete index of Kingston Newspapers from 1810-1849 is available in card index and microfilm at the Kingston Branch, OGS located at Kingston Public Library. For many years these newspapers serviced the whole Quinte region, including Hastings County)

The Advocate (Trenton) - begun in 1854

Bancroft Times (1894)

Available Bancroft Public Library

The North Hastings Genealogy Club is currently indexing the Bancroft Times starting at 1897.

The Courier (1850's)

The Deseronto Post (late 1800's)

Frankford Advocate (1940)

Hallowell Free Press (Picton)

Hastings Chronicle (1841-1873)

On microfilm in Belleville Public Library.

The Intelligencer (1830's to present) - first weekly, then daily

On microfilm in Belleville Public Library. Also a printed surname index.

Madoc Mercury and North Riding News (abt 1862)

Marmora Herald (1894)

The North Hastings Review (Madoc - 1877)

The Ontario (1870-1930) - merged with the Hastings Chronicle in 1873, the Ontario merged with the Intelligencer in 1930

Stirling Leader (1915-1921)

The Stirling News Argus (1879)

The Tribune (Deseronto - late 1800's)

Tweed Advocate (1908-1925)

The Tweed News (1887)

National Archives, Ottawa

Manuscript Group 24: Nineteenth Century Pre-Confederation Papers

B. North American Political Figures and Events

35. Yager, Henry W., 1835. 40 pages
Letters from Belleville and district to Henry Yager, one of the members for Hastings County, during the legislative session of 1835. The correspondents are C.H. McCollom, Reuben White, Thomas Coleman, Neil McArthur, Thomas D. Appleby, Stephen Benson, Samuel Ross and John Holmes. Also included is a copy of a notice on a local appropriation in connection with the cholera epidemic. Presented in 1943 by Mrs. V. Phelps, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

D. Industry, Commerce and Finance

28. Marmora Iron Works, 1853. 3 pages
Licence of occupation for lands in Marmora issued to Peter McGill in 1830. The licence was acquired by James Bell Forsyth when he purchased the Marmora Iron Works from McGill in 1849. In 1853 Forsyth surrendered the licence in order that a grant in fee simple might be issued.

G. Militia

2. Canadian Militia Uniforms, 1759 - 1819. 4 pages
Notes on the uniforms and colours worn by various militia units, compiled by Mr. L. H. Irving.

8. War of 1812 Medals, 1/2 inch
List of persons receiving medals for action during the War of 1812. Transcript.

19. Hastings Militia, 1814. 2 pages
Muster roll of a detachment of the Hastings Militia under the command of Lieutenant William Ketcheson.

I. Immigration, Land and Settlement

2. Wilkins, Robert, undated. 2 pages
Recollections regarding transportation on the St. Lawrence River system and particularly at the Carrying Place, Bay of Quinte, during the War of 1812.

73. Moodie, J.W. Dunbar, 1839-1863. 1 inch
Official correspondence received as Sheriff of the Victoria District, Canada West.

93. Levisconte, Henry, 1834-1835. Microfilm, 10 feet
Diary of Commander Henry Levisconte, R.N., from March to July, 1834, and from August to October 1835, with some notes of a later date. It records Levisconte's trip from England to Belleville, Upper Canada, where he settled and a description of early Belleville.

J. Religious Figures

6. Church of England, 1820 - 1862. 1 inch
Miscellaneous papers relating to the establishment of the Church of England in Canada...Letters missive authorizing the appointment of the Rev. Saltern Givins to the newly established rectory at Napanee, 21 January 1836...

K. Education and Cultural Development

1. Moodie, Susanna. 38 pages
Three poems and two prose manuscripts written by Mrs. Moodie. Acquired in 1934.

19. Robertson, Peter, 1847-1854. 16 pages
Three letters from Thomas McQueen, 26 October, 1847, 13 March, 1849, and 4 February 1852, concerning newspapers in Upper Canada and Whig policies. Letter from James Ross, 28 February 1854, concerning engaging McQueen to edit the reform paper in Belleville. Acquired in 1920.

Manuscript Group 29: Nineteenth Century Post-Confederation Manuscripts, 1867-1900

F. North West Mounted Police, Military Units and Events

19. Harrison, Edward, 1836-1895. 4 inches
Muster rolls, order books, militia regulations, and correspondence accumulated by Capt. Edward Harrison. The papers relate to the Belleville Militia in general and to its participation in the Red River Expedition, 1870, in particular. Presented in 1919 by Lieutenant- Colonel W. S. Buell, Brockville, Ontario.

Manuscript Group 30: Twentieth Century Manuscripts

E. Law, Judiciary and Public Life

5. Ponton, William Nisbet, 1880-1933. 2 inches
Letters received by Colonel William Ponton, who practiced law in Belleville, Ontario, commanded the 15th Argyll Light Infantry from 1892 to 1901, and took an interest in Canadian and Imperial development. Many of the correspondents were prominent Canadian and British figures of the day. Letters from Sir Gilbert Parker, the novelist, are of particular interest. Acquired in 1961 from Lee Pritzker, Oakville, Ontario.

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