The 1851 Canadian Census of Hastings County

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Sidney Township Part I:

Head of Household and Strays Index for Sidney Township

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Sidney Part II:

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Belleville Part I:

Head of Household and Strays Index for Belleville

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Belleville Part II: Missing!

Belleville Part III:

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Hungerford Township:
(One page only)

Head of Household and Strays for Hungerford Township

Hungerford Township Census Page

Huntingdon Township Part I:

Head of Household and Strays for Huntingdon Township

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Pages 13 to 15  |  Pages 16 to 18  |  Pages 19 to 21  |  Pages 22 to 24

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Huntingdon Township Part II

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Pages 13 to 15  |  Pages 16 to 18  |  Pages 19 to 21  |  Pages 22 to 24

Rawdon Township: Missing!

1851 Hastings County Census Abbreviations

Fields House Marital Status Member (of the family)
Occ= Occupation B= brick D= divorced F= female
BP= Birth Place F = frame M= married M= male
Rel= Religion L = log S= single  
Mar.St.= Marital Status RO= roughcast W= widowed Non-Member
Mem= Member SH= shanty   dafadfaa     F= female
N-Mem= Non-Member SL= slab  dafadfaa    M= male
  dafadfaa    ST= stone dafadfaa    dafadfaa   


Occupation dafadfaa     dafadfaa        dafadfaa   
AI= assistant inspector CT= clothier LT= lieutenant re?? RI= revenue inspector
AM= axe maker DE= dentist LU= lumberman SA = sawyer
AR= architect DI= distiller M= merchant SC= stone cutter
AT= artist EN= engineer MA= mason SD= sadler
B= baker F= farmer MC= machinist SE= servant
BA= bailiff FI= finisher ME= miner SG= stage driver
BB= book binder FO= foreman MF= manufacturer SH= shoemaker
BK= bookkeeper FM= furnace man MG= minister of the gospel SK= shop keeper
BR= brewer FU= fuller MI= miller SM= school master
BS = blacksmith GA= gardener MN= milliner SP= spinster
BT= barrister GE= gentleman MO= moulder SR= sailor
BU= butcher GI= gigger MR= mariner ST= student
C= carpenter GL= glazier MS= medical student SU= surveyor
CA= carter GR= grocer MW= mill wright TA= tailor
CB= cabinet maker HA= hatter MY= mayor TE= school teacher
CD= corderainer HM= harness maker OB= organ builder TM= teamster
CG= clergyman HS= high sheriff PA= painter TN= tanner
CH= chandler IK= inn keeper PE = peddler TS= tin smith
CI= carrier JO= joiner PH= physician TU= turner
CL= clerk L= laborer PL= plasterer WA= waiter
CM= chair maker LA= last maker PM= paper maker WE= weaver
CN= constable LB= lime burner PN= printer WM= wagon maker
CO= cooper LC= lake captain PR= preacher WW= wheel wright
CR= carriage maker LM= lumber merchant PU= publisher YE= yeoman
dafadfaa    dafadfaa    dafadfaa    dafadfaa   


Place of Birth   dafadfaa       dafadfaa       dafadfaa   
AD= Adolphustown FIN= Finland MO= Montreal SCO= Scotland
AM=Ameiliasburgh FR= Fredericksburgh MS= Massachusetts SE= Seymoor
BE = Belleville FRA= France MU= Murray SI= Sidney
C= Canada GER= Germany NB= New Brunswick SO= Sophiasburgh
CA= Camden GL= Glengary NF= Newfoundland TH= Thurlow
CE= Canada East GR= Greece NS= Nova Scotia TY= Tyendinaga
CF= Canada French HA= Hallowell NY= New York UC= Upper Canada
CH= Cape Good Hope HG= Hungerford PC= Percy UN= unknown
CL= Clarke HI= Hillier PE= Prince Edward Co. US= United States
CN= Cornwall HO= Hope PH= Port Hope VT= Vermont
CT= Connecticut HU= Huntingdon PI= Picton WA= Wales
CW = Canada West IRE= Ireland PR= Perth WE= Wellington
EI= East Indies KI= Kingston QC= Quebec, Canada WI= West Indies
ENG= England LA= Lachine RA= Rawdon   dafadfaa   
ER= Ernestown LC= Lower Canada RH= Rhode Island   dafadfaa   
FF= Frankford MA= Marysburgh RI= Richmond   dafadfaa   
dafadfaa    dafadfaa    dafadfaa    dafadfaa   


Religion   dafadfaa       dafadfaa      dafadfaa   
B= Baptist DI= Disciple FW= Free Will Baptist PR= Protestant
BC= Bible Christian E= Episcopalian L= Lutheran QU= Quaker
C= Catholic EM= Episcopal Methodist M= Methodist RC= Roman Catholic
CE= Church of England FC= Free Church MO= Mormon UN= Universalist
CH= Christian FP= Free Presbytarian NC= New Connextion Methodist WM= Wesleyan Methodist
CO= Congregationlist FR= Friends NO= No Church   dafadfaa   
CS= Church of Scotland FT= Free Thinker P= Presbytarian  dafadfaa   
dafadfaa    dafadfaa    dafadfaa    dafadfaa   


This transcription of the 1851 Canada Census for Hastings County was prepared by Kelly Townsend of Texas. 

Copyrighted 2005, Concetta Phillipps

Copyright 1999, 2000, Brandt Zštterberg. All rights reserved.