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Flora Macdonald & Glengarry McDonell - 2006 Clan Donald AGM

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Brig-Gen. D. J. Macdonald Personal History

A Vistors Report from 1814

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Spanish John

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John Sandfield Macdonald, 1st Premier of Ontario

Will of John A. Macdonell Greenfield of Alexandria

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Chisholm Tidbits Andrew Way



The second group of emigrants to settle in Glengarry County left Scotland in 1785. The most prominent individual to leave that year was Roderick Macdonell, a Catholic missionary who had worked among the clansmen of Glengarry from 1775 to 1785. Roderick was the son of John Macdonell of Leek, one of the tacksmen leaders of the 1773; three of Roderick's brothers held commissions in Sir John Johnson's regiment during the Revolutionary War. When his family emigrated in 1773, Roderick was studying for the priesthood in Douai, France, and was unable to accompany them. Upon his return to Scotland, Roderick refused to bind himself to to serve the Scottish mission exclusively and instead took the missionary oath "on the express condition of being able to go to America". His reasons for this condition mirrored the concerns of his flock : "as his parents & whole family had already gone to America," Roderick hoped that within a few years "to follow his numerous connections" there. In a petition addressed to the Secretary of State, Lord Sydney, Macdonell explained his reasons: "That Lands have been lately assigned ... [to the Scotch Loyalists] in the higher part of Canada; but being of Roman Catholic persuasion, they are at a Loss for a clergyman, understanding their Language...That the Memorialist being known and related to many of them, they have communicated Solicitations to him to go abroad & serve them in that capacity.

We are building a pretty snug and decent stone Church at River aux Raisin, (South Lancaster, as we have seen.) he says. It is Mr Roderick [McD.] hobby horse. It is expected to be finished this year. Mr Roderick expects, as well as myself, that you will speak to, and encourage, such as you think proper, to assist in so pious and generous an undertaking by contributing to the completion of it, as I feel confident that prayers shall be put up for the success and prosperity of all who will cheerfully help to carry on so good a work.

From the Book: The Macdonell Family in Canada (Letter from Spanish John to his son John)

Obituary for Margaret Cameron of Long Sault, genealogist & Hugh Pearson MacMillan, founding force of Glengarry Historical Society and writer of the Adeventures of a Paper Sleuth 

Graveslab, IONA Scotland
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Clan Donald Canada. In 2011 the AGM was in Cornwall, Sep. 9/10, 2011. Guest Speaker was myself talking
mainly about the pursuit of genealogy info, applied to my interest in Glengarry County.
                                                Here is a copy of my speech.
                                    Glengarry News Report on 2011 AGM
                                    Picture  Gallery 2011 Clan Donald Canada AGM
The 2012 Glengarry Highland Games were held August 3rd & 4th, 2012 in Maxville, Glengarry County, Ontario, Canada.
This year the featured clan was Clan Donald. August 4th I was invited to speak and my topic was Ional and its relevance to Clan Donald and Glengarry County. - See my IONA webpage
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Happy 200th Birthday December 12, 2012 to John Sandfield Macdonald, Premier of the United Canada's and 1st Premier of Ontario. See the pages dedicated to his life and accomplishments.






Glengarry County was established in 1792. The first settlers, United Empire Loyalists' Herkimer's Batteau Company, Kings Royal Rangers (New York) and the 84th Regiment of Foot, arrived in 1783.


In 1786 500 settlers arrived from Glengarry, Scotland and were the first to settle inland, away from a river.

By the early 1800's the population of Glengarry was primarily Scottish but began to change when French Canadian settlers arrived. They had left neighbouring communities in Quebec due to land shortages.

"Farming was the main occupation of Glengarry families and although the county is well watered by the Raisin, the Baudette and the Delisle Rivers, as well as several branches of the Rigaud River, the land did not produce too many

 rich farms and it became customary for the young men to winter in the lumber shanties to supplement their income. The men also left for parts of the United States and the western provinces seeking a more lucrative way of life."


Glengarry County

Wikipedia reference to Glengarry County





       Person Profile

Individual Report for Rev. Roderick Macdonell (Roman Catholic)


Individual Summary:

Roderick Macdonell











John Macdonell



Jane Chisholm






Individual Facts:








1750 in Scotland



Aft. 1773 ; After the suppression of the Jesuits in 1773, St. Regis was visited



occasionally by priests from Montreal until 1785 when Father Roderick



Macdonell arrived.


1782 ; Already at his mission at St. Regis



1784 ; In 1784 there were two Roman Catholic priests in the western



wilderness. One was Father John S. Hubert, at Detroit. The other was



Father Roderick Macdonell, missionary to the Indians of St. Regis, who



visited the settlers in Charlottenburgh Twp in 1785.


1784 ; Replaced church at St. Andrews



Abt. 1784 ; Father Rod Macdonald (Leek) put up the 1st Catholic chapel in



U.C. at St. Andrews


1785 ; For many years after the first settlement was formed, there was no



resident priest. The Revd. Roderick McDonell, who was then stationed at St.



Regis, came occasionally to St. Andrews to conduct the services there.


Bet. 1785–1806 ; Pastor at St. Regis - Rev. J.Roderick McDonnell 1785 -






Nov 1785 ; To St. Regis mission, Glengarry, Canada (Mission of St.



Grances Regis)


1786 ; The Rev. Roderick Macdonell of St. Regis, who was a son of John



Macdonell (Leek), also exercised supervision over the Catholic people at St.



Andrew's, saying mass occasionally and officiating at weddings and


Military Service:



31 Aug 1786 ; Vituling List Twp #2, Rod McDonell, 1 man, ; ration per day 1



time 7 days = 7


1794 ; In 1794, Rev. Fr Roderick MacDonell, a Leek MacDonell, was



appointed Parish Priest at St. Regis. He also took charge of the welfare of



the Rom. Catholics who settled on the banks of the Aux Raisins in Cornwall



Twp. He built a small log church


Aft. 1803 ; There is a letter written by Father Roderick to the



church-wardens of St. Raphaels after the death of Father Alexander Scotus



Macdonell in 1803, which shows that he was parish priest there before going



to St. Andrew's or at least that he acted as curate .


25 Aug 1806 in St. Regis, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada



27 Aug 1806 in St. Regis, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada



01 Apr 1809 ; Rev.Roderick McDonell of St. Regis had lately died intestate.



Neil McLean Esquire asks to be granted Letters of Administration


By virtue of his father being a Loyalist.






14 "Father Roderick Macdonell, Missionary at St . Regis and the Glengarry



Catholics." by Ewan J. Macdonald. Paper read at the Thirteenth Annual



Meeting of the American Catholic Historical Association, Dec. 29th, 1982:



The Catholic Historical Review, Octob


In St. Regis, priest at St. Andrews, St. Regis & Kingston



Father Roderick McDonald (Leek) of St. Regis put up a Catholic meeting



house at St. Andrews about 1784 - the 1st chapel built in U.C.


Joachim Rodrique McDonell



Scots College, Valladodid



Applied to emigrate in 1783, giving as one reason that his parents and



whole family had gone to America. Vide Bp. Alexander Macdonald to Bishop



Hay, 1 Dec 1783, SCA, Blairs


Individual Facts:


Also Known As:

Roderick Macdonell of Leek



Well known as Maighstair Rory "Mr. Roderick"



Priest & Missionary to the Indians






Historic Plaque at St. Andrews Church in St. Andrew's West, Ontario



Entries are in Gaelic, Indian, French, English. He spoke Spanish fluently



From Rev. Roderick Macdonell to Angus of Sandaig and is addressed to



"Mr. Angus Macdonell, Arch-Syndic of the Parish of St. Raphaels." in the



possession of John Macdonell of Greenfield






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