Obituaries from the Orangeville Sun for 1861


Source: Archives of Ontario - N258 Reel 1

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June 20, p.2:Mr. William Fead - At his residence, in this village, on Tuesday, the 18th inst. after a protracted illness which he bore with great patience, Mr. William Fead. the deceased was a native of Berwickshire, Scotland who came to Canada some thirty years ago, and resided at Brampton for a number years, and about ten years ago became a citizen of Orangeville, where his kind obliging dispositoin won and secured for him many friends.

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May 16, p.2:Robert Henry, Esq. -One of the oldest and most respected inhabitants of the Township of Mono, died at Mono Centre, on Tuesday, the 14th inst., in the 89th year of his age. The deceased was a native of the County Derry, Ireland, and emigrated to this country in 1824, and settled upon his farm at Mono Centre. At that time, the place now known as Mono Centre, was a wild forest, and it required great perserverance and industry, as well as good judgement to overcome the difficulties which at every step impeded the progerss of the early pioneers, who, one after another, are rapidly passing away. By hard toil, great economy, and a judicious use of the resources at his command, the late Mr. Henry was enabled to overcome all these trials, while other of a less enterprising and energetic spirit failed. Naturally of a kind and charitable disposition, he gained the good will of his neighbours, and was admired by all who knew him for the frankness and uprightness of his character. He lived as he died, a true Christian; and for many years was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church, much admired and respected by the members of the congregation. A considerable portion of his time was taken up with business of a public nature, in the discharge of which he always gave universal satisfaction. During the past 15 years his health has been gradually declining, and though his death will be none the less severely felt by his son, Mr. Andrew Henry, and a large number of friends and acquaintances.

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May 16,p.?:Mary Ann (Taylor) Rayburn - It becomes our painful duty to record the sudden death of Mary Taylor, wife of James Rayburn, Esq., Township of Caledon. The deceased was in her 72nd year and lived on the same lot upon which she and her husband first settled, thirty-one years ago. She was born in the County of Monaghan, Ireland and has been for many years a member of the Church of England, and on Sabbath last attended Divine Service in this village. On the morning of her death, she attended to her usual household duties, but slightly complained of a shortness of breath, but nothing serious was anticipated. Her husband attended the quarterly Fair in this village and on his return home, early in the afternoon, was shocked to find that she had expired but a few minutes before. The poor old man felt the shock very severely and he bitterly regretted that he was not present to see the last moments of one who was dearer to him than all the world besides, and one with whom he had lived happily and contentedly for over 52 years. A large and highly respected number of children and grand-children now mourns the departure of one whose memory will not be speedily forgotten and whose Christian character and virtues have spread a halo of happiness amongst a large circle of sorrowing friends.

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May 28, p. 2:Martha (McCreary) Skelton -At her residence, Mono township, on the 30th of April last, Martha McCreary, wife of Mr. John Skelton, aged 56 years.
The deceased was a native of the county Monaghan, Ireland, and with her husband emigrated to Canada about twenty-one years ago. Taught at an early age to believe firmly inthe truths of divine revelation, she became a communicant of the Presbyterian Chruch, which she regularly attended both in this and the old country. as a mother she was kind and forebearing, and always took care that the education of her children should be such as would make them virtuous and useful members of society. As a wife she was kind even to a fault, and with great christian fortitude and forebearance shared the trials and troubles of life with her husband Mr. John Skelton; to whom she was dearer than all the world beside, and to whom her death will cause great regret. For the last fifteen months she has been suffering from dropsy which finally did its work.

The deceased was greatly belved by a large circle of relatives and friends, to whom her death, although long looked for, will prove a lasting source of sorrow.

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