Obituraries for the Grand Valley Star & Vidette for 1902


Source: Archives of Ontario -NJ.FM 513 Reel #

This page is still under construction. More obituaries will be added as I pull them out of the paper. If you have any obituaries to contribute, please email me and I will add them to this page.


May 8,p.1:Joseph Dawson - Particulars are at hand concerning the manner in which Mr. Joseph Dawson died in Seattle, Washington Territory. It appears that he and a companion had come in to Seattle on the day of his death from Spokane Falls, and had gone to a hotel and ordered dinner. The waiter, who had taken their order, went out to the kitchen to have it filled, and it was thus, while waiting for his dinner, that Mr. Dawson fell back in his chair and died almost instantly. The authorities thinking that his companion might have caused his death in some way, had the latter arrested. His case was not settled before the departure of the remains for the East, but everything pointed to his honorable acquittal, as it was felt certain that he was in no way accountable for the former's death, which, to all appearances, was the result of natural causes. Mr. Dawson's remains arrived at Mt. Forest last week, and on Sunday the funeral took place from the residence of his sister on Birmington St., to Mt. Forest Cemetery - Confederate.

May 8,p.1:Sadie (Conlin) Hawes - The many friends of Mrs. Allison Hawes of East Garafraxa, who was better known as Miss Sadie Conlin, daughter of Mr. Robert Conlin of East Luther, will regret to learn of her death a few days ago. Just about two years ago, she left her grandfather's Mr. Goodall's a happy bride, and one whom every one thought had many years of happiness in store. The birth of her little girl about seven months ago left her in poor health, and she never seemed to regain her ususal health. Rapid decline set in three months ago, when hope for her ultimate recovery was given up. Her death occurred on the 21st April, the funeral taking place to McKee's cemetery. The deepest sympathy is felt for the husband and little baby, as well as for the family connections.

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