Obituaries from the Orangeville Banner for 1956



Source: Archives of Ontario - N258

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May 10, p.?: Mr. Wilson Irwin - We regret to report the death of one of our senior citizens, Mr. Wilson Irwin, who passed away suddenly at his home on Friday evening. Mr. Irwin, who had reached the age of 80, had spent his entire life in this community, having farmed on the second line of Adjala until his retirement and removal to the village some years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Irwin had celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary last June. He is survived by his wife, the former Alice Lee, who is at present a patient in Dufferin Area Hospital, and by three daughters: Mrs. D. McElwain (Inez), Mrs. H. McFarland (Zola) and Mrs. Borden Rowley (Ella Beryl). Two sons, Lee and Dunning, predeceased their father.

May 17,p.: Wilson Irwin - With the death of Wilson Irwin, on May 5th, at the age of eighty-one years, there passed away a life-long resident of the Hockley district and the last surviving member of the family of the late Robert Irwin of Adjala township. Born on the farm at lot 13, con. 1, Adjala, Wilson Irwin received his public schooling there and on June 21, 1895, married Alice Lee, also of con. 1, Adjala Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Irwin raised family of five children and farmed lot 13 until their retirement to the village of Hockley some years ago. Mr. Irwin was a member of St. James' Anglican Church of the Parish of East Mono and served with distinction as a member of the board of Directors of the parish cemetery, St. John's 7th line, Mono. This historic burying ground dates from 1932. On June 21, 1955, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Irwin celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary, an especially happy event. Mr. Irwin enjoyed good health and was quite active until the onset of his final illness, just before his death. He was well liked and respected by the whole community. A private funeral service preceded the public service. The public service took place on May 7th, at St. John's Church, 7th line, Mono, with interment in the cemetery there. Rev. Lloyd McFarlane, rector of East Mono Parish, conducted the service, assisted by two former rectors and friends of the deceased, Canon A.C. McCollum and the Rev. H.N. Bracken. The six pallbearers were all nephews of the late Wilson Irwin: Cecil White, Percy Irwin, Joe Irwin, Mondon lee, James Lee and M.J. Varey. Of the many floral tributes, the family flowers were carried by Irwin Lee, Keith Irwin and Harold Irwin.
Left to mourn his passing are his wife, Alice and his three daughters, Mrs. D. McIlwain (Inez) of Adjala, Mrs. Herman McFarland (Zola) of Mono and Mrs. Borden Rowley (Ella Beryl) of Brampton. Two sons, Dunning and Lee Irwin, predeceased him. Wilson Irwin is survived by five grandchildren and two great grandchildren. The grandchildren are Keith and Harold Irwin of Toronto, Elizabeth McFarland o mono township and Molly and Alice Irwin of Beeton., Lynn Mary Irwin and Vicki Irwin, daughters of Keith are the great-grandchildren. The family of the late Robert Irwin, of whom Wilson was the last surviving member were Wallace, William, James and Wilson and Mrs. John Lee and Mrs. J .J. White.


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