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    Where In Ontario Is Cochrane District

    Cochrane District was established in 1921 from Nipissing District, Timiskaming District, and Thunder Bay District.

    The first settlement was a trading post built in 1673 at Moose Factory but the area was mostly known only to Indian tribes and fur traders until the district was opened for settlement in the 1800's.

    "The first townships opened for settlement were: Glackmeyer, Clute, Brower and Lamarche, which were attached to the Cochrane Agency; and Bowman, Hislop, Benoit and Walker attached to the Matheson Agency. Approximately forty families were brough from Holland and settled in the vicinity of Cochrane." 2

    When gold was discovered in the early 1900's the southern part of the district was opened for settlement. Settlement was further increased with the building of the railways.

    Cochrane District covers more than 35½ million acres of land.

    Cochrane District is located in Northern Ontario.

  • Prior to 1921 - Nipissing District, Timiskaming District, Thunder Bay District

    Cochrane District
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