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Places Located By Geographic County and Geographic Township

PlaceGeographic CountyGeographic Township
AshtonCarleton; LanarkGoulbourn; Beckwith
Baskin's BeachCarletonTorbolton
Baxters CornersCarletonMarlborough; North Gower
Becketts CreekRussellCumberland
Becketts LandingCarletonMarlborough
Bells CornersCarletonNepean
Bells Corners StationCarletonNepean
Bells JunctionCarletonNepean
BelmeadeCarleton; DundasOsgoode; Mountain
Billings BridgeCarletonGloucester
Blackburn HamletCarletonGloucester
Blossom ParkCarletonGloucester
Britannia BayCarletonNepean
Britannia HeightsCarletonNepean
Buckham's BayCarletonTorbolton
CanaanRussellClarence; Cumberland
Cardinal HeightsCarletonGloucester
Carleton HeightsCarletonNepean
Carlsbad SpringsCarleton; RussellGloucester; Cumberland
Carp Carleton Huntley
Carsonby Carleton North Gower
City View Carleton Nepean
Clearview Carleton Nepean
Constance Bay Carleton Torbolton
Corkery Carleton Huntley
Crestview Carleton Nepean
Crystal Bay Carleton Nepean
Cumberland (City) Russell Cumberland
Cumberland Carleton Cumberland
Cyrville Carleton Gloucester
Dalmeny Carleton Osgoode
Dirleton Carleton Torbolton
Dunrobin Carleton March; Torbolton
Dunrobin Shore Carleton March; Torbolton
Dwyer Hill Carleton Goulbourn
Eaglesons Corners Carleton Goulbourn
Edwards Carleton Osgoode
Ellwood Carleton Gloucester
Elm Carleton Huntley
Enniskerry Carleton Osgoode
Fallowfield Carleton Nepean
Fallowfield Station Carleton Nepean
Federal Carleton Nepean
Ficko Carleton Gloucester
Fisher Heights Carleton Nepean
Fitzroy Carleton Fitzroy
Fitzroy Carleton ---
Fitzroy Harbour Carleton Fitzroy
Galetta Carleton Fitzroy
Glen Cairn Carleton Goulbourn
Gloucester (Geo Tp) Carleton ---
Gloucester (City) Carleton Gloucester
Gloucester Glen Carleton Gloucester
Goodstown Carleton Marlborough
Goulbourn (Geo Tp) Carleton ---
Goulbourn (Mun Tp) Carleton Goulbourn
Greely Carleton Osgoode
Greenlands Carleton Torbolton
Grenfell Glen Carleton Nepean
Harwood Plains Carleton March
Hawthorne Carleton Gloucester
Hazeldean Carleton Goulbourn
Healey's Heath Carleton Goulbourn
Herbert Corners Carleton Osgoode
Hiawatha Park Carleton Gloucester
Hogs Back Carleton Gloucester
Huntley Carleton Huntley
Huntley (Geo Tp) Carleton ---
Hurdmans Bridge Carleton Gloucester
Jockvale Carleton Nepean
Johnston Corners Carleton Gloucester
Kanata (City) Carleton March
Kars Carleton North Gower
Kempark Carleton Gloucester
Kenmore Carleton Osgoode
Kilmaurs Carleton Torbolton
Kinburn Carleton Fitzroy
Laurentian View Carleton Nepean
Leitrim Carleton Gloucester
Leonard Russell Cumberland
Maclaren's Landing Carleton Torbolton
Malakoff Carleton Marlborough
Malwood Carleton March
Manion Corners Carleton Huntley
Manor Park Carleton Gloucester
Manotick Carleton North Gower; Gloucester; Osgoode
Manotick Station Carleton Osgoode
Mansfield Carleton Gloucester
Marathon Carleton Huntley; Fitzroy
Marathon Village Carleton Fitzroy
March Carleton ---
Marchhurst Carleton March
Marlborough Carleton ---
Martins Corners Russell Cumberland
Marshall Bay Carleton Fitzroy
McKay's Waterfront Carleton Torbolton
McKellar Park Carleton Nepean
Meadowlands Carleton Nepean
Merivale Carleton Nepean
Merivale Gardens Carleton Nepean
Merivale Station Carleton Nepean
Metcalfe Carleton Osgoode
Mills Corners Carleton Marlborough
Mohr Corners Carleton Fitzroy
Moores Corners Carleton Marlborough
Munster Carleton Goulbourn
Navan Russell Cumberland
Nepean (Geo Tp) Carleton ---
Nepean (City) Carleton Nepean
North Gower Carleton North Gower
North Gower (Geo Tp) Carleton ---
Notre-Dame-des-Champs Carleton; Russell Gloucester; Cumberland
Old Stittsville Carleton Goulbourn
Orléans Carleton; Russell Gloucester; Cumberland
Osgoode Carleton Osgoode
Osgoode (Geo Tp) Carleton ---
Osgoode (Mun Tp) Carleton Osgoode
Ottawa (City) Carleton Gloucester; Nepean
Ottawa-Carleton (Reg Mun) Carleton; Russell ---
Ottawa East Carleton Nepean
Ottawa South Carleton Nepean
Overbrook Carleton Gloucester
Panmure Carleton Huntley; Fitzroy
Parkwood Hills Carleton Nepean
Pierces Corners Carleton Marlborough
Pineglen Carleton Nepean
Pineglen Annex Carleton Nepean
Piperville Carleton Gloucester
Quarries Carleton Gloucester
Quyon Ferry Landing Carleton Fitzroy
Richmond Carleton Goulbourn
Rideau (Mun Tp) Carleton North Gower; Marlborough
Rockcliffe Park Carleton Gloucester
Rothwell Heights Carleton Gloucester
Sarsfield Russell Cumberland
Shirleys Bay Carleton Nepean
South Gloucester Carleton Gloucester
South March Carleton March
South March Station Carleton March
Spring Hill Carleton Osgoode
Stanley Corners Carleton Goulbourn
Stapledon Carleton Goulbourn
Stittsville Carleton Goulbourn
Strathearn Carleton March
The Glebe Carleton Nepean
Torbolton (Geo Tp) Carleton ---
Twin Elm Carleton Nepean
Uplands Carleton Gloucester
Vanier Carleton Gloucester
Vars Russell Cumberland
Vernon Carleton Osgoode
Watterson Corners Carleton North Gower
Westboro Carleton Nepean
West Carleton (Mun Tp) Carleton Fitzroy; Huntley; Torbolton
West Osgoode Carleton Osgoode
Westwood Carleton Huntley
Woodlawn Carleton Torbolton
Woodridge Carleton Fitzroy

Place name books

Beyond Our Memory: a history of Fitzroy Township

Billings Bridge: my village, my life (1999)
Gérard and Bernard Pelot
Éditions Les Écrits d'or, Gatineau, Quebec
Translation of: Mon village, ma vie
ISBN 2-922469-13-1
Consult at:

Our canal: the Rideau Canal in Ottawa (2002)
Peter Conroy.
General Store Pub. House, Burnstown, Ont.
ISBN 1-894263-63-4
Consult at:

Carsonby: A Community History (1969)
Carsonby Historical Society

The City Beyond
Bruce S. Elliott
ISBN 1-55036-258-5
Consult at: NL; FHC; NPL

Construire une capitale : Ottawa / Ottawa: making a capital (2001)
Jeff Keshen et / and Nicole St-Onge, rédacteurs / editors
Presses de l'Université d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa Press, Ottawa
Papers presented at a conference held at the University of Ottawa, Ont., in November 1999
Text in English and French
Includes bibliographical references
ISBN 0-7766-0521-6
Consult at:

Dictionnaire généalogique des familles du Québec (2002)
René Jetté
G. Morin, Boucherville, Québec
Comprend un index
ISBN 2-89105-815-1
Consult at:

Early settlers (2003)
Bruce Henbest and Kim Henbest
Duval House Pub., Edmonton
Includes index
ISBN 1-55220-220-8
Consult at:

Eastern Ontario: there's more to Eastern Ontario than just a fort, two canals and a house on a hill (2003)
Geoffrey Corfield ; drawings by Inkblot
Despub, Allanburg, Ont.
Includes index
ISBN 0-9688996-7-6
Consult at:

Histoire de l'Outaouais(1994)
Chad Gaffield, directeur
ISBN 2-89224-271-1

History of the Ottawa Valley - microfiche
J.L. Gourlay
Consult at: MRT - CIHM #06336; MRT - CIHM # 59013

History of the Outaouais (1997)
Chad Gaffield, director
ISBN 2-89224-271-1
Also available as Histoire de l'Outaouais
This is a translation of original French text
Consult at: MRT

Indian Place Names in the Province of Ontario (1930)
W.F. Moore
Macmillan, Toronto

The Ontario fact book : everything you ever wanted to know about Ontario (2000)
Mark Kearney and Randy Ray
Whitecap Books, North Vancouver, B.C.
Includes index
ISBN 1-55285-020-X
Consult at:

Ontario since Confederation: a reader (2000)
Edgar-André Montigny and Lori Chambers, editors
University of Toronto Press, Toronto
ISBN 0-8020-4444-1 (hardcover); ISBN 0-8020-8234-3 (paper)

Ontario place names: the historical, offbeat or humourous origins of 1180 Ontario communities (3rd ed., 2001) David E. Scott
Despup, Allanburg, Ont.
Includes bibliographical references and index
ISBN 0-9688996-0-9

Ontario's vanished villages (1999)
Ron Brown
Previously published as Vanished villages
Includes bibliographical references and index
ISBN 1-896757-11-1

The origins and early history of Carp Village (2003)
Bruce S. Elliott
Huntley Township Historical Society, Carp, Ont.
Includes bibliographical references and index
ISBN 0-9689158-1-7

Ottawa, then & now (1999)
Jacquelin Holzman & Rosalind Tosh (authors); John McQuarrie (photographer)
ISBN 0-9699761-5-1
contains mostly pictures

The peoples of Canada: a pre-Confederation history (2nd ed.; 2003)
J.M. Bumstead
Oxford University Press, Don Mills, Ont.
Includes bibliographical references and index
ISBN 0-19-541689-9
Consult at:

Picturesque Ontario towns (2003)
Fred Dahms.
J. Lorimer, Toronto
Includes index
ISBN 1-55028-784-2

La prehistoire de l'Outaouais / Ottawa Valley Prehistory (1999)
Societe historique de l'Outaouais / Outaouais Historical Society
Outaouais no. 6
ISSN 0831-5736
Consult at: CTHS LHR

Richmond "150": yesterday and today, 1818-1968. Celebrations June 27-30, 1968. (1968)
Published by Mildred Graham, chairman
Richmond Ontario
No ISBN #.

Smith's Canadian gazetteer: comprising statistical and general information respecting all parts of the Upper Province, or, Canada West (1999)
Wm H. Smith
Facsimile includes the original 1846 text
ISBN 1-894378-12-1

The Story of the Glebe (1999)
John Leaning
ISBN 0-9685030-0-4

Torbolton Township: Its earliest history
Doris Grierson Hope
Available from the author; call 1 613 596-2097

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