Brant County, Ontario Photographs


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Old Indian Bridge - Brantford

1910 Brantford Armouries & Grand River

1905 Canal Bank View

TH&G RR Station

Path to Whiteman's Creek

Brantford Library

Alexandra Park - Brantford

1911 St. George School - Brantford

Alexandra School - Brantford

1907 Grand Trunk RR Depot - Brantford

Paris Public Library

1910 Brant Ave. - Brantford

1910 Brantford Kerby House

1910 Brantford Post Office

Colburne Street in Brantford

Brantford Cards

Canal Drive in Brantford

Seat in birches where Bell made 1st phone call

Brant Hospital

Market Square in Brantford

Ontario School for the Blind

Beautiful Brantford

Brantford view from Terrace Hill

Mohawk Church in Brantford
Grave of Chief Joseph Brant

Brant Hospital

Brant Monument

Lorne Park

 CNR Station

Maple Leaf Binder, Twine & Cordage

 Market Square


Scenic Brantford Bank Notes




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