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Posted courtesy of Liz Brown. Please note that these photos are looking to find their way home. If you can show your relationship to any of these people, please contact Liz. Thanks Liz!

The photos were in an album belonging to my grandmother Laura Woodin Robertson, 1879-1968, of Burford, and I have never heard of any of the names as being related to our family. She attended Brantford Collegiate Institute; was a descendant of the Fowler and Wooden families, early Burford settlers.

Ethel Shippey, taken in Detroit photo studio



Miss Tisdale, taken in Brantford photo studio

Mary Cope - photo studio in Detroit

Bill Neff - photo studio in Stanton, Mi.

Mr. & Mrs. Murison (?) - photo is a tintype

Mary Martin - photo studio in San Diego, Cal.



Mary Horten -- not sure if that surname is correct, as close as I could tell, taken in Brantford photo studio

Mrs. E. (?) Gould - photo studio in Holden, Mo. The caption on Mrs. Gould looks like "Mrs. E"ct [or b] Gould"




If you have problems, please email Vikki Gray , Brant County Coordinator.

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