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Previously printed in the Bruce Bulletin, Volume 13, Issue 3, August 2002
from the Paisley Advocate, July 14, 1904
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Old Boys and Girls from Toronto
A Record-Breaking Excursion This Year

The annual Excursion of the Bruce County Old Boys' and Girls' Association from Toronto was this year an unqualified success, the greatest that has been. The weather could not possibly have been more favorable. The sun shone brightly, but the heat was by no means oppressive, and recent rains had furnished ample protection against the dust that at this season usually interferes with the comfort of railway passengers.

The Grand Truck Railway Company was drawn upon for twelve passenger coaches and a baggage car, and the accommodation was barely sufficient for the thousand people, young and old, packed into the cars. ... The train was divided at Palmerston, seven passenger cars going with one contingent to Southampton and five with another to Wiarton.

The most interesting episode of the day was the half hour stop at Walkerton to allow the Association to make a formal donation from its funds to the Bruce County Hospital. As it is no part of the purpose of the members to build a surplus it became a problem with the executive how best to spend part of its moderate accumulation in some way to do good to the people of the county. After mature consideration it was proposed to offer a donation sufficient to furnish the men's ward in the Hospital, and the cordiality with which the proposal was received showed that the Executive Committee had the unanimous support of the membership. Two hundred dollars was taken out of the Association's funds and there was added to this another hundred contributed by the passengers on the train. This sum was named by the Hospital management as sufficient for the purpose. ... It is expected that a permanent tablet will be placed in the Mens' Ward to commemorate the incident, and incidentally to encourage others to follow the example set by the Association.

A large number of people from town and vicinity were gathered at the station here to meet friends, as at other stations along the line. The settled practice of the visitors is to make no effort to get up a great reception at any one place but allow the excursionists to quietly disperse from each station with their friends, and reappear to get their return train which left Southampton and Wiarton early on Monday evening. This makes practically a four-day visit under the most enjoyable conditions and at a singularly low passenger rate $2.05 to Southampton and $1.85 to Wiarton, with return in each case. From present appearances this excursion bids fair to become an important outing for both the excursionists and the railway.

A List of Visitors

Lieut Col and Mrs Weir, of Port Credit, and Mrs Adams of Toronto, at H  McKerracher's.
Mr Wm Houston, M.A., at S. Houston's, Greenock.
Miss Barbara McBeath, Mrs J M Martin and child of Toronto, Mrs Fulton of Chicago, at D McBeath's, 2nd Elderslie.
Miss Maud Forfar, B.A., of Durham H S staff, Miss Minnie Forfar, Mrs Galbraith and daughter Lillie of Elsmere, Mr and Mrs Ermy of Markdale at R H Curry's 6th Bruce.
Mrs Blakely and daughter, of Toronto at R Cassel's, 2nd Elderslie.
Mrs Johnston, Mrs Gracie and children, at P McArthur's, Lovat, also Miss Kate arrived home from school.
Mrs Standish and Miss Jarret of Calgary, NWT, Mr Leeder of Toronto at Mr George Greer's 12 conc Bruce.
Mr and Mrs Sam Flack and son, Miss Mabel McIlwain at J Trelford's.
Mr Hunter at Mrs E Bain's.
Mr Wm Johnston at the manse, Goldie St.
Mr and Mrs Robt Leach of Toronto, at J Collin's.
Mrs McKay at Mr McMillan's Elora road north.
Miss Annie Anderson, daughter of W Anderson, Greenock.
Mr Will McGill and friend Mr Will Armstrong, at A McGill's.
Messrs Jas. Noble and T. Bell, Misses Maggie and Lizzie Bell at Mrs S. Mooney's.
Miss Mary Beaton, at D McGillivrays's 12th Bruce.
Mrs Hargreaves, Sr, Misses Marion Hargreaves and Ida Wilson, Master Mason Wilson, at J. M. Hargreaves'.
Lawson, Bessie and Peter Hargreaves at Robt Fleming's.
Mr Solomon Turner, of York Mills, at Job Turner's, Elderslie.
Mr and Mrs W H Marmion and son at Mrs. W W Hogg's.
Mrs W J Hull, Wm and Lillie, at Wm Rae's.
Miss Margeurite Sinclair at D Sinclair's, 10th Bruce.
Mr K R McKenzie at A McKenzie's.
Mr Hugh Jas Smith at R Petrie's, North St.
Miss Ard at D McBeath's 2nd Elderslie.
Miss May Elliott at Mrs McInnis', Goldie St.
Miss McArthur at D McArthur's, Lovat.
Smith McFaul at Wm McFaul's.
Mr Silas Haney at Thos Haney's, Gillies Hill.
Mrs McGlenning, Mrs Ward, Mr Jas Storey and son at Jas Bone's.
Mr Jas McDonald, Mr Williams, Mrs F B McDonald and Mrs M McKinnon at Jas H McDonald's.
Mrs John Welsford at G Welsford's.

Bruce County's Townships (before  1998 amalgamations)

Albemarle Township
Colpoy's Bay United Church, Colpoy's Bay, Albemarle Township, Bruce County

Amabel Township
Wiarton, Amabel Township, Bruce County

Arran Township
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery Record, Tara, Arran Township, Bruce County

Brant Township
Walkerton town clock, Walkerton, Brant Township, Bruce County

Bruce Township
Underwood United Church, Underwood, Bruce Township, Bruce County

Carrick Township
Mildmay church, Mildmay, Carrick Township, Bruce County

Culross Township
Salem United Church, Culross Township, Bruce County

Eastnor Township
Barrow Bay, Eastnor Township, Bruce County

Elderslie Township
Memorial plaque, hamlet of Williscroft, Elderslie Township, Bruce County

Greenock Township
Plaque, village of Pinkerton, Greenock Township, Bruce County

Huron Township
Huron Township Hall, Ripley, Huron Township, Bruce County

Kincardine Township
Mural, village of Tiverton, Kincardine Township, Bruce County

Kinloss Township

Lindsay Township
War Memorial, Lindsay Township, Bruce County

Saugeen Township
Dunblane Presbyterian Church, Saugeen Township, Bruce County

St. Edmunds Township

Lighthouse, Tobermory, St. Edmunds Township, Bruce County
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