Charles H. Hubbard.
Charles H. Hubbard. One of the important industrial enterprises made possible through the natural resources and commercial facilities of Oklahoma is that which has been developed at Sand Springs, Tulsa County, by the firm of Kerr, Hubbard & Kelly, glass manufacturers. The modern and well equipped factory of this firm has the best of facilities for the manufacturing of lamp chimneys, lantern globes and gas and electric globes, and a specialty is made of the manufacturing of lamp chimneys of the finest grade. The firm maintains an eastern office in the Hearst Building, Chicago, and its trade is widely disseminated. They have won a reputation for making glass equal to any manufactured in the United States. Mr. Hubbard, as one of the interested principals, has been prominently identified with the upbuilding of this noteworthy manufacturing enterprise, he having served as its business manager from the time of its inauguration until the present, and is one of the substantial and representative business men of the state of his adoption.
Charles H. Hubbard was born at Odon, Daviess County, Indiana, on the 5th of December, 1879, and is a son of Thomas J. and Esther (Alishouser) Hubbard, the former of whom was born in Virginia in 1846 and the latter in Ohio in 1848. Thomas J. Hubbard was a child at the time of the family removal from the historic Old Dominion to Indiana, where his parents, William and Matilda Hubbard, became pioneer settlers in Daviess County, the remainder of their lives having been passed in that section of the Hoosier state. William Hubbard served as a soldier in the Mexican war, and later gave further evidence of his patriotism by his service as lieutenant in an Indiana regiment in the Civil war.
Thomas J. Hubbard acquired his early education in the schools of Daviess County, and that he made good use of the advantages thus offered is indicated by the fact that when a young man he was a successful teacher in the schools of that part of Indiana. He eventually turned his attention to the manufacturing of lumber, and in addition to operating a sawmill he was engaged also in the mercantile business for many years, at Odon. He served as postmaster of that village for many years. In 1902 he moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, where his death occurred in 1914, his widow being still a resident of that city. Of their seven children all but one are living, Charles H., of this review, having been the third in order of birth. Thomas J. Hubbard was a stalwart republican, and was prominent in party councils in his county. He was affiliated with the Sons of Veterans, and through this medium paid tribute of honor to the patriotism and loyal military services of his father.
After having duly profited by the advantages of the public schools in his native village Charles H. Hubbard learned the art of telegraphy, in the local station of the Evansville & Richmond Railroad, though when but thirteen years of age he had gained practical experience through becoming an employe on the farm of his maternal uncle, Grant Alishouser, and still later was employed in a general store by A. Diefendorf & Company, of Odon. As a telegraph operator he was eventually employed by the Southern Indiana Railroad Company as operator and agent at various points. He then entered the employ of the Chicago, Indiana & Eastern Railroad Company, being for some time in the general offices of the company and later serving as agent at various points on its lines. He finally became station agent for this railroad at Matthews, Grant County, Indiana, where he remained thus engaged for five years.
At the expiration of the period noted above Mr. Hubbard initiated his association with glass manufacturing, by assuming the dual office of secretary and treasurer of the American Lamp Glass Company in the City of Evansville, Indiana. After holding this position about two years he removed to Peru, Chautauqua County, Kansas, where he held a like position with the Swartz Glass Company, this association continuing about three years. In 1909 Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Joseph C. Kelly established a glass factory at Tyro, Kansas, and at the same time he became assistant manager of the Kerr Glass Company, at Altoona, that state, but still retaining his position as business manager of the factory at Tyro, in which he was interested.
In 1913 Mr. Hubbard came to Oklahoma, and in company with his former partner, Mr. Kelly, erected at Sand Springs a glass factory, the same being placed in operation under the firm name of Kelly & Hubbard. Later Alexander H. Kerr and A. W. Kerr, of the Kerr Glass Manufacturing Company, became interested in the enterprise, and the firm name was changed to Kerr, Hubbard & Kelly. Under the vigorous and well ordered control of these progressive business men the enterprise has been developed to large and substantial proportions and constitutes a valuable addition to the industrial activities of Oklahoma. In connection with his own interests in the Kelly-Hubbard Glass Company, Mr. Hubbard was also manager for the Alexander H. Kerr & Company Glass Factory, which was moved from Altoona, Kansas, to Sand Springs about the same time the Kelly-Hubbard factory was established. The Alexander H. Kerr & Company manufacture the “Kerr” Economy Fruit Jars, also the “Kerr” Self Sealing Mason Jars, the only fruit jars in the world that seal without a rubber ring. They also manufacture jelly glasses.
Mr. Hubbard is essentially liberal and public spirited as a citizen, and while he takes a loyal interest in the welfare and progress of Oklahoma he has had no desire for official preferment, and is independent in his political attitude. In the Masonic fraternity he was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in Fairmount Lodge, at Fairmount, Grant County, Indiana, from which he was demitted to the lodge at Matthews, that state. From the latter he was demitted to become a charter member of Tyro Lodge No. 386, at Tyro, Montgomery County, Kansas, with which he is still affiliated. In addition to his membership in the various Blue Lodge bodies he has received also the thirty-second degree in the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Masonry, his affiliation being with the Consistory of Guthrie, Oklahoma.
On the 16th of August, 1903, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Hubbard to Miss Eva Lindsey, who was born and reared at Fairmount, Indiana, and they have two daughters, Margaret E. and Katherine E.