Mary J Riley Cemetery
Gans, OK
Submitted by:
Debra Choate


Name Date Notes
Choate, Anderson b. 11/26/1849, d. 4/5/1882  
Choate, James A b. 11/29/1876, d. 9/19/1903 WOW tombstone
Choate, Lelah S b. 12/15/1899, d. 8/20/1900  
Choate, Loretta J b. 2/24/1853, d. 2/24/1909  
Choate, Roscoe b. 8/10/1898, d. 10/1/1899  
Crosslin, Maggie b. 8/20/1921, d. 1/2/1923  
Glover, Jane b. 12/20/1924, d. no dates  
Hicks, David H b. 11/30/1920, d. no dates  
Martin, Warren b. 12/16/1861, d. 9/19/1903  

*The cemetery is on private property, which is a ranch. It does not have a street address. I just recently found out about this cemetery from my aunt who now is 100 yrs. old. Her father, my great-grandfather is buried there. It's condition is terrible and I don't know how or whom to talk to to get it fixed. If anyone knows of any others buried in this cemetery or any other
information, please contact me. - Debra Choate


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