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North McAlester Cemetery
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NORTH McALESTER CEMETERY Info submitted by: Ileta Janway Smith
                     McAlester, OK, Pittsburg County 

                     Seventh Street Entrance. 

                     These graves are located inside the Cemetery on the left side between the 
                     large tree and the pipe-fenced section. 

                     JONNIE BULLARD OLIVER   July 21, 1899-April 13, 1953  Beloved Mother and 
                     Grandmother  (she is the sister of Alma E. Dunn) 

                     ALMA E. DUNN   Apr. 6, 1905-Oct. 23, 1974 Our Beloved Mother and Grandmother 
                     (she is the sister of Jonnie Bullard Oliver and the wife of Ellis T. Dunn) 

                     These graves are in the northwest section of the Cemetery about 10 rows west 
                     of the pipe-fenced section by a big tree. 

                     Mother and Son   GLEN G. SMITH   Oct. 30, 1944 GLADYS R. CAMERON   Jan. 24, 
                     1909-July 14, 1991 Double headstone 

                     MARK JANEWAY Feb. 17, 1901-June 30, 1975 Beloved (he is the 2nd husband of 
                     Lula Mae Winters) 

                     ROXANNA N. McCLURE   1889 Mother 1949 

                     LULA MAE WINTERS JANEWAY   Dec. 25, 1880-Feb. 21, 1971   (wife of 1st husband 
                     Jess T. Winters, and wife of 2nd husband Mark Janeway) 

                     JESS T. WINTERS   Mar. 10, 1882-Jan. 12, 1943 (1st husband of Lula Mae 

                     These graves are west of the pipe-fenced section. 

                     JAMES TROY McALESTER   June 2, 1916-Jan. 10, 1998   Married June 14, 1937 
                     HILDEGARDE V. April 23, 1916-July 27, 1999  Double headstone. 

                     JOHN W. McALESTER   June 17, 1941-April 24, 1998   Loving Dad 


Following cemetery information was provided  by Jane Richards, for the OKGenWeb Project/Pittsburg County.
This is only a partial listing for this cemetery.

The list is in order as you walk in from the West gate

  GORSELINE, Infant, July 1918

  DAUGHERTY, Robert, 1889 - 1940

  H., Jum, (It is a sandstone broken and hard to read)

  KINKADE, Mattie, 15 Oct 1884 - 30 Oct 1888, D/O J & E

  WILLIAMS, Joe D, 3 Oct 1927 - 24 Sept 1986 (double) (& Mills)

  WILLIAMS, Leona D, 22 Oct 1932  - living or date not added

  RENNER, Thomas T, 30 Aug 1897 - 17 May 1973

  WILLIAM, Bill Gene, 8 Dec 1931 - 22 Nov 1984 US ARMY KOREA

  WILLIAM, Pauline Faye, 24 Apr 1935 - living or date not added

  here is just a sandstone I couldn't read

  REEDER, Loren W, 11 Sept 1916 - 18 Feb 1968 (double)

  REEDER, Ilean, 5 Apr 1923 - living or date not added (double)

  ALTON, Clarence Marshall, 17 July 1913 - 11 Feb 1984

  HARRIS, Willie H, 28 July 1878 - 10 Oct 1899

  HARRIS, Wm H, 31 Oct 1836 - 25 Feb 1896 (ODD FELLOW) (double) he
  has 2  stones

  HARRIS, Elizabeth, 20 Apr 1838 - 9 Mar 1913 (double)

  HARRIS, Blaine, 3 Aug 1884 - 14 Oct 1906

  BRAGG, J M, 8 Nov 1833 - 29 Jul 1898 (double)

  BRAGG, Mrs. R H, 20 Nov 1833 - 26 Oct 1901 (double)

  DILLE, Francis M, 24 Aug 1860 - 22 Dec 1903, W/O D M

  LANE, Maggie M, 16 Jan 1872 - 8 Feb 1910 W/O W M

  BURNETT, Nolen Eddie, 16 Feb 1948 - 22 Feb 1985, US NAVY VIETNAM

  KING, Sallie, 26 Dec 1873 - 30 Jun 1962

  KING, William, 31 Jan 1874 - 25 Jan 1910 ( his stone has broken)

Jane Richards

COKER, Amanda Born February 2, 1832 Died February 2, 1912 D/O Robert Tucker and Elizabeth "Betsy" Glenn; W/O Seaborn S. Coker; M/O Nancy A. Coker,
Catherine Coker, Mary Coker, James C. Coker, John C. Coker, and Edwin C. Coker
Submitter: Nita Ferguson
LOGSDON, Leona Scott  Born 02 Oct 1902  Died 26 Jul 1923 Leona (called "Onie") died giving birth to a baby boy.  The baby died also and he is buried in the same grave with her (same casket).  Somehow when the stone was made his name was left off . The baby's name was Jack Logsdon born and died 26 Jul 1923. 
Submitted by: 
Gloria Logsdon Lucas


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