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Haileyville Cemetery

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Take Highway 270 East to Haileyville and turn north on the road before the Post Office. Go left at the "Y" in front of the Civic Center, you will go across  a small canal . Then go right across the railroad tracks, there will be a dirt road to your left, take it.  You will go over a small hill, just as you do, if you look to the right you can see a few stones up on a knoll. Go over the next hill and there will be a small dirt road to your right. It takes you right into the cemetery, there are no signs of any kind and this is private land.
This cemetery needs a lot of TLC. Very few stones are left in this cemetery.

Photo of Haileyville Cemetery

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Haileyville Cemetery

Elvans, George, 16 NOV-19 Sept 1911
Graham, Naney E. 1909, Date Only
Hainey, Martha Florence, 29 March-8 Feb 1923
   Age 32 Years, 10 Months, 21 Days, A.O.U.W. NO. 83, Haileyville, OK
Hall, Mrs. Lealer M. Oct. 1882- 25 July 1903, W/O W P
Keef, Ettie, 25 Nov. 1880- 13 May 1916

McFarland, Baby, B&D 24 Oct 1907 (double) McFarland, J.T., 13 Oct 1875-28 April 1909 (Double)

Nowlin, Gracie A., 12 Jan 1904-28 July 1904 (Double)
Nowlin,Robert L., 23 March 1908-24 March 1908 (double)

Martin  1883-1904
Rutherford, Lucy M. 30 Nov 1905-3 Dec 1912
Pearl, Q. No dates Broken turquoise stone
Smith, Martha Elizabeth, 17 July 1852-13 March 1914
**Smith, William F. 24 April 1892-26 Aug 1908  S/O J.F. & M.E.
**Milton, Ross, 20 Jan 1889-26 Aug 1908 , H/O Neoma
**Harney, Lee 7 Sept 1874-26 Aug 1908 
Bruce, Anna 2 Sept 1863-7 Mar 1919
Pendergraft, Paul, Died 5 Oct 1918
Pendergraft, Will, Died 24 Nov 1910, S/O Paul & Martha
Evans, James  No Dates
Oglesby, Leroy  6 Feb 1908- 9 Oct 1909
Lewis, Selina Huxtable
Lewis, Josephine, Infant of Selina
**Jones, Walter
**Lewis, Lewis 16 yr old son of Selina
**These were miners killed August 26th 1908 in an explosion of the
Hailey-Ola Coal Mine and buried here.  Funeral for these men were conducted by
Elder C.N. Martin at the cemetery. Another man killed was Roy Pierce he was
buried in Hartshorne.
Family of Rose Carter buried in this cemetery,  but dates unknown.
Abner Benjamin Freeman
Vester Freeman (died as an infant was a twin)
Edward Freeman (died at age 5 Brother of Vester)

Another View of Haileyville Cemetery

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Haileyville Cemetery (2nd View)

Submitted by: Rose Carter

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