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An Invitation to Descendants of the Early Settlers of Payne County, O.T.

The First Families of Payne County project is sponsored by the Payne County Genealogical Society to recognize, honor, and perpetuate the memory of early pioneer and/or Indian Families who were born or resided in Payne County, Oklahoma Territory on or before 16 November 1907 - the date of Oklahoma Statehood. The project is also open to businesses in operation on or before Oklahoma statehood.

Prospective members must be able to prove their lineage back to an ancestor who was born or settled in Payne County on or before 16 November 1907. Collateral lines through brothers or sisters of a pioneer ancestor are not accepted as qualification for membership in First Families of Payne County, O.T.

Applicants must complete and submit a lineage form along with photocopies of the appropriate documentation along with a one-time $25.00 membership fee. Applicants are to use the best sources available. Applications will not be returned (except for necessary clarifications) and will become the property of the PCGS, therefore applicants should not submit any original documents.

Application and Instructions are available in the Genealogy Room. Once the application is approved by the First Families of Payne County committee, you will receive an attractive certificate suitable for framing. The $25.00 fee submitted with your application represents a one-time payment for a lifetime membership in First Families of Payne County, O.T. If you have additional ancestors who were in Payne County on or before 16 November 1907, supplemental applications may be submitted for $10.00 each. Other family members who desire certificates tracing to the same ancestors must apply separately.


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