<u><bold>Oklahoma History

A Brief History of Oklahoma

Prehistoric Inhabitants The Native Tribes French and Spanish Explorations The French Traders
American Explorations The Migration of the Indian Tribes Settlement of the Tribes Development of the Indian Territory
The Life and Customs of the People The Civil War in the Indian Territory Reconstruction and Tribe Settlement Other Tribes in the Territory
Chisholm Trail and Overland Cattle Trade Cattle Ranchmen in Oklahoma The Unassigned Lands and the Oklahoma Colonies Greer County, No-Man's-Land and the Openning
Need of local Self-Government and the Organic Act Pioneer Days in Oklahoma Organization of Oklahoma Territory Development of the Two Territories and the Dawes Commission
Agricultural and Industrial Development The Constitutional Convention Biographies of Men Prominent in Oklahoma History Governors of the State of Oklahoma
Education Statehood Wanted Bibliography

This research is dedicated to my two sets of grandparents:

Frank Cobb and Florence (Minesinger) Adams

Samuel Earl and Mary Ellen (Adair) Riddle

who taught me as a child to appreciate learning, and books. They, fearing that I would suffer from boredom, due to a physical disability, taught me to appreciate history, and learning. They also were the ones who taught me to love books. My "Grandma" Riddle, being a Cherokee Indian, was educated at the Eastern State Normal School, where she learned to be a teacher to her people. I thank her for leaving me the many history books which she kept, read, and loved, and which were instrumental in my becoming a bibliophile. I will forever owe them a dept of gratitude.

This information has been gathered from research done in several areas. Various sources are available. Please contact me for further information. This page has been designed and put together by Ann Maloney, Bartlesville, OK.
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