Nowata County Museum, Nowata Co., Oklahoma

Nowata County Museum, Nowata Co., Oklahoma

Museum Price List 2007

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Nowata County Museum and Historical Society, Nowata, Nowata Co., Oklahoma by Nita Wesson and Sharlee Farrell

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New In The Historical Society Gift Shop
November 2007

Need a unique gift to give someone? Consider giving a piece of Nowata History and we have just the item available in our Museum Gift Shop.

THE LAST RIDE on DVD Remember the rides on the streetcar, also known as “The Gallopin’ Goose”. You can now relive the ride down the tracks headed for Coffeyville and beyond. The DVD’s are $20 each, plus $2.00 shipping, if mailed.

NEW COOKBOOK Our first cookbook, “Sweet Secrets of Nowata County,” contains desserts of all kinds. Featured in this cookbook are towns, Alluwe, Delaware, Lenapah, Nowata and South Coffeyville. You will find historical information, plus a number of old grocery store ads throughout the book. This cookbook is a must for a trip down memory lane. The cookbooks are $10 each, and $3.00 for shipping, if mailed.

CIVIL WAR MAPS Thanks to Robert DeMoss, we now have some Civil War Maps of Nowata County. These maps, like the Heritage Map of Nowata County, sell for $5.50 each, plus postage if mailed.

FRAMED CEILING TILES These old tin ceiling tiles came out of the Pioneer Drug Store building. They have been sand blasted, primed ready for painting and are framed. They measure approximately 30” by 30” and sell for $30 each, plus postage if mailed.

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Museum Store Price List  2007
A Look at the History of Nowata, DeMoss and Couch  $    7.75
Nowata County Map  $    5.50
Bird's Eye View Calender  $    5.50
Nowata Grade School Blocks  $   21.00
Nowata Post Cards                           $0.35 each or 3 for  $    1.00
Nowata Print  $    2.00
Nowata Belt Buckle  $   10.00
Nowata Anniversary Plate (Frankoma)  $   15.00
Robert DeMoss Oklahoma Civil War Hoax  $   12.25
Nowata Christmas Ornaments  $    7.50
Oklahoma Ornaments  $    5.00
Making Memories Note Cards:  
Picture Cards  $    4.00
Embossed notes with envelopes  $    4.00
Gift tags                                                          $1.00 to   $    1.50
Diamond Point Post Cards  $    0.50
Diamond Point Stationary  $    8.00
Collector Plates and Domes Statues priced as marked:
Rose Rocks                              Large $3.00 each  Small  $    1.00
Paperback books in wagon                  $.75 each or 2 for   $    1.00
Paul Craun Books,    as marked, most are $10.00, one is   $   25.00
Golden West Cookbooks:   each priced on the back
Rabbit Studio Merchandise individually priced
Indian Dolls  $   25.00
Copies of Class Picture (located in file drawer in office)  $    5.00
Antique Dolls           priced as marked
Jewelry is priced individually on back