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Henry Tiblow

Henry was born on February 9, 1818, and attended schools in the Shawnee Mission, Kansas, area. He married Mary Ann (Polly) Marshall and settled in an area called "four houses" in the Indian Reserve (present day Kansas). His 1862 Allotment number was 116. He owned and operated a ferry across the Kaw River. The area soon became known as Tiblow and was later changed to Bonner Springs, Kansas. Citizens of Bonner Springs celebrate "TIBLOW DAYS" anually each August.

Henry has been documented as being a Doctor of Medicine, a Chief, and as serving as Interpreter for the United States for several treaties. These treaties include: the agreement with the Delaware and Wyandot Nations of Indians on December 14, 1843, the Treaty between the Delaware and the United States at Washington, D.C., May 6, 1854, the Treaty of Sarcoxieville on May 30, 1860, and the Delaware-Cherokee Delegation of 1866. He could speak seven different languages including English, French, and five different Indian languages.

Henry died on December 16, 1881, and was laid to rest in the Armstrong-Secondine Cemetery, East of Nowata, Oklahoma.

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Received this information Nov 16, 2014, from Jo Ann. Henry Tiblow is my great great great grandfather. My father is John Krampeter. His mother is Vinita (Lambert) Krampeter. Her Mother was Corinne (Brown) Lambert. Her mother was Francis (Tiblow) Brown. Her father was Henry Tiblow. Just thought I would pass that information on to you and your website. Thanks, Jo Ann

Tombstone found by descendants

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