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Native American
Research Project

The Native American Research Project is intended to provide a place where those with special interest in Native American families from Kingfisher County and surrounding areas may share their genealogical findings. These may include records of any kind, including census records, birth, marriage, and death records, and land records.

If you would like to share your research, please send your information to me at, with "NATIVE AMERICAN RESEARCH PROJECT" in the subject line. (If you send your information as an attachment, please be sure that it is in .txt format.)

submitted by Barbara Clayton

Source: THE KINGFISHER FREE PRESS, Monday, August 13, 1951.


Joseph FLETCHER of Geary accompanied Rev. WILLIS here Thursday to conduct the funeral here for Mary TASSO.

Walter AMERICAN HORSE is proud of the new car he purchased recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene WOOLWORD of Concho were among those who attended the funeral in Kingfisher on Thursday.

Joe YELLOW EYES and family have moved back to their home place west of Kingfisher.

Sioux LITTLE CALF returned to his home following a visit in Kingfisher.

Robert TASSO arrived last Friday for a few days furlough and to attend his grandmother's funeral.

Franklin BUSHY returned from Watonga after a week's visit there.

Willie TURTLE and family returned home from Red Rock after attending the pow-wow there.

Joan W. BUSHY returned home after visiting at Calumet and Red Rock.

James HIGH HAWK of Pine Ridge, S.D., is visiting at Apache and Anadarko before returning to his home.

Elsie Mae BUSHY returned to Oklahoma City following a visit with her mother west of Kingfisher.

Grover TURTLE went to Concho on a business trip last Friday.

Theodore TASSO of the armed forces is home on a few days leave and to attend the funeral of his grandmother.

Nettie CROTZER returned to her home after attending the funeral of her mother, Mary TASSO.

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