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Native American
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The Native American Research Project is intended to provide a place where those with special interest in Native American families from Kingfisher County and surrounding areas may share their genealogical findings. These may include records of any kind, including census records, birth, marriage, and death records, and land records.

If you would like to share your research, please send your information to me at, with "NATIVE AMERICAN RESEARCH PROJECT" in the subject line. (If you send your information as an attachment, please be sure that it is in .txt format.)

submitted by Barbara Clayton

Source: OHS Microfilm CAA 79, Frame 043

Marriage License No. 10,
Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency,
Oklahoma Territory.

License is hereby issued for the marriage of the followning Persons:

Man: Indian Name - WHITEBIRD; English Name - Dawes WHITEBIRD; Name on Allotment Roll - WHITEBIRD; Age - 22; Relationship to Each Other - None; Blood or Nationality - Half Blood; Tribe or Citizenship - Cheyenne; Name of Father - Unknown; Name of Mother - KIOWA WOMAN; Previous Marriage - None.

Woman: Indian Name - LITTLE ELK; English Name - Martha CAMPBELL; Name on Allotment Roll - Martha CAMPBELL; Age - 21; Relationship to Each Other - None; Blood or Nationality - Full Blood; Tribe or Citizenship - Cheyenne; Name of Father - WOLF FEATHERS; Name of Mother - OLD LEAF; Previous Marriage - None.

They Wish to be Married 1. By a clergyman in accordance with the laws of this Territory.
Witness My Hand this 10th day of July 1902.
/S/ [Illegible], U.S. Indian Agent.

Return of Marriage License No. 10
I hereby certify, That Dawes WHITE BIRD and Martha CAMPBELL, known by me to be the persons described in the above license, were married by me on the 10 day of July 1902 at Darlington in the Territory of Oklahoma in compliance with the laws of said Territory.
/S/ Richard H. HARPER, Minister of the Gospel, Darlington, Oklahoma.
Witnesses: R.T. SANDS; Kish HAWKINS.

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