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The Native American Research Project is intended to provide a place where those with special interest in Native American families from Kingfisher County and surrounding areas may share their genealogical findings. These may include records of any kind, including census records, birth, marriage, and death records, and land records.

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submitted by Barbara Clayton


Compiled and Published by Geo. A. OGLE & Co., Publishers & Engravers
134 Van Buren St. - Chicago - 1906

This Atlas can be found at the Kingfisher Memorial Library, The Chisholm Trail Museum and the Deeds and Records Office in the Kingfisher County Courthouse. The Atlas shows plats of each of the twenty-five townships of Kingfisher County along with the owner or lessor's name. Six of these townships show the allotments of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma Territory that were allotted under the Act of Congress approved February 8, 1887 (24 Statute 388) as amended by the Act of Congress March 3, 1891 (26 Statute 989) and deposited in the General Land Office of the United States, dated March 30, 1892 from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs and approved by the Secretary of the Interior, April 1, 1892.

The map of HARRISON TOWNSHIP 15 NORTH, RANGE 7 WEST of the INDIAN MERIDIAN shows SECTION 6 only as Indian Land. However, researching the legal descriptions at the Deeds & Records Office shows Lots 3, 4, 5 & the SE/4 of the NW/4 of Section 6 was allotted to ROCKY WOMAN, Allottee 469; the SE/4 of Section 6 was allotted to SAGE WOMAN, Allottee 470; and Lots 6 & 7 & the E/2 of the SW/4 was allotted to WAR BONNETT or KOHAHO, Allottee 471.

The map of PARK TOWNSHIP 15 NORTH, RANGE 8 WIM shows in SECTION 1, that Lots 1 & 2 & the S/2 of the NE/4 owned by E.M. HALE. Land records shows this was originally allotted to WALKING WOLF, Allottee 491; Lots 3 & 4 & the S/2 of the NW/4 allotted to Fred BUSHY, Allottee 490; the SW/4 allotted to WHITE CRAIN and Mrs. HUNTING NOSE but land records shows Allottee was TWIN WOMAN; and the SE/4 indicates an allotment but no name is listed, land records shows Allottee as Charles HADLEY.

SECTION 2, the NE/4 was allotted to SORE LEGS, Cheyenne Allottee 483; SE/4 to CUT EARS, land records show YELLOW EYES, Allottee 484; the NW/4 to CUT EARS, Allottee 482; and the SW/4 shows J.G. FREDERICK, land records show WO-IN-HECH or NAW-HA, Allottee 485.

SECTION 8, the NE/4 shows Mary SHOULDER BLADE also known as LITTLE WOMAN; the NW, SW & SE/4 shows I. ALFREY but land records show the NW/4 Patented to Glennie BLOCK; the SW/4 allotted to NORTHERN or NO-NOH-NAH; and the SE/4 allotted to MORNING ALFREY also known as ME-YOU-ZAH.

SECTION 9, the NE/4 shows M. MOORE, land records show heirs of Frank JOHNSON, C&A; the SW/4 shows SAMPSON, land records show Sampson KILLER (KELLEY).

SECTION 11, the NW/4 allotted to Inez MIDNIGHT; SW/4 to Maud BLACK, Cheyenne Allottee 521; and the SE/4 to LAZY WOMAN, Cheyenne Allottee 519.

SECTION 12, the NE/4 shows W.M. PETTY, land records shows Allottee SITTING OWL also know as MIS-TA-O-NA-O-C-COS; the NW/4 allotted to BLIND WOMAN; the SW/4 allotted to Thomas BLIND WOMAN; and the SE/4 allotted to BLIND WOMAN.

SECTION 14, the NE/4 allotted to HOARSE VOICE, Cheyenne Allottee 489; the NW/4 shows H.P. WITT, land records show BOB TAIL WOLF also know as HO-NE-UVA-COS, Orphan Allottee 999; and the SE/4 allotted to BIRD WOMAN, Orpahn Allottee 1000.

SECTION 22, the SE/4 allotted to LEFT HAND WOMAN.

SECTION 23, the NW/4 allotted to BULL RIBS; and the SW/4 allotted to SHORT NOSE WOMAN.

SECTION 26, the NW/4 allotted to BURNS; and the SW/4 allotted to Robert BURNS.

SECTION 27, the NE/4 allotted to Mrs. BURNS; and the E/2 of the SE/4 allotted to Robert BURNS.

SECTION 34, the NE/4 allotted to Charley WICKS; and the SW & SE/4 shows Frank ROTHER, land records show the SE/4 allotted to LITTLE HAWK.

SECTION 35, the NW/4 allotted to James RED HAIR; and the SW/4 allotted to Charley WICKS.

1906 Atlas cont'd:


SECTION 28 in the NE/4 is WOLF COMING OUT; SE/4 is LITTLE BEAR; and the NW & SW/4 is LITTLE BEAR, el al.

SECTION 29 in the NW/4 is C. HARRINGTON; and the SW, SE & NE/4 is THREE FINGERS.

SECTION 31 in the SE/4 is LITTLE BEAR, et al.

SECTIONS 32 and 33 are all LITTLE BEAR, et al.


SECTION 18 in the NE/4 is Maria LAME BULL; SE/4 is GREASY WOMAN; and the SW/4 is DRINKING WOMAN, also known as Bessie TASSO, Allottee 273.

SECTION 19 in the NE/4 is LAME BULL; SE/4 is BULL BEHIND WOMAN; NW/4 is BLACK BIRD, also known as John TASSO, Allottee 272; and the SW/4 is Mary TASSO, also known as Mary NORTH, Allottee 271.

SECTION 20 in the NE/4 is Reuben TAYLOR; SE/4 is Carl TAYLOR; NW/4 is STUMP HORN; and the SW/4 is Hattie STUMP HORN.

SECTION 29 in the NE/4 is Rush HARRIS, Allottee 322; NW/4 is BIG WOMAN, Allottee 321; and the SW/4 is MEXICAN, also known as Susie WHITT, Allottee 324.

SECTION 30 in the NE/4 is Hattie WHITT, Allottee 326; NW/4 is YELLOW HAIR; SW/4 is Scott WHITT, Allottee 328; and the SE/4 is SMALL WRAPPER, Allottee 283.

SECTION 31 in the NE/4 is WOMAN, also known as Nellie HAAG; NW/4 is Geo. NEWER, land records show OLD WHITE WOMAN as the allottee; SW/4 is HOWLING ANTELOPE; and the SE/4 is YOUNG BULL BEAR.

SECTION 32 in the NW/4 is SHORT WOMAN, land records show GHOST WOMAN, Allottee 466; and the SW/4 is SIOUX, Allottee 467.

Allotments in the 1906 Atlas cont'd:


SECTION 3, LOTS 3 & 4 & the S/2 of the NW/4 is George WHITT, Allottee 325; the SW/4 is Daisy WHITT, Allottee 327; and the SE/4 is BLACK EAGLE, Allottee 267, also known as Clark STARR.

SECTION 4, LOTS 1 & 2 & the S/2 of the NE/4 is CONTESTOR; SE/4 is CROOKED NOSE; and the SW/4 is Andrew TASSO, Allottee 270.

SECTION 9 in the NE/4 is Gordon LAME BULL.

SECTION 10 in the NW/4 is LITTLE CALF; and the NE/4 is MEDICINE BEAR.

SECTION 13 in the NW/4 is EATING WOLF, Allottee 277, also known as Albert RED NOSE; and the SE/4 is Mrs. BUSH [should be BUSHY], Allottee 274, also known as Lizzie TASSO.

SECTION 14 in the SE/4 is Harry STARR, Allottee 266; and the SW/4 is CROOKED NOSE, Allottee 279, also known as LITTLE CALF.

SECTION 18 in the SE/4 is LITTLE SNAKE, Allottee 432.

SECTION 19 in the NE/4 shows M.W. WILKINSON but original allottee was WHITE FACED BULL, Allottee 435; in the NE/4 is BUFFALO ROAD; and the NW/4 is Albert SHORT TEETH.

SECTION 20 in the NW/4 is SIX, Allottee 433; the SW/4 is SHORT MAN, Allottee 431, also known as Peter WHITE BEAR; and the SE/4 is WAR PATH BEAR, Allottee 429.

SECTION 21 in the SW/4 is Maggie HUNTER, Allottee 430; and the SE/4 is SQUIRREL FACE or TAIL, Allottee 265.

SECTION 22 in the NW/4 is HOWLING WATER, also known as Sampson LAME BULL; and the SW/4 is Helen CURLY HAIR.

SECTION 23 in the NW/4 is WRAPPING; the NE/4 is Christian STARR, Allottee 998; and the SE/4 is OWL'S HEAD.

SECTION 24 in the NW/4 is CROOKED NOSE, Allottee 276; the SW/4 is RED NOSE, Allottee 275; the NE/4 is YELLOW WOMAN, Allottee 269; and the SE/4 is GOOD WOMAN, Allottee 268.

SECTION 25 in the NE/4 is Nellie WHITT; the NW/4 is LITTLE GIRL; the SW/4 is YELLOW EYE; and the SE/4 is WHITE LOG.

SECTION 26 in the NE/4 is ELK RIVER; the SE/4 is MAD WOMAN; the NW/4 is PLAIN WOMAN; and the SW/4 is John Van HORN.

SECTION 27 in the NW/4 is LAME WOMAN; the SW/4 is FLYING MAN; and the SE/4 is HUNTING WOLF.

SECTION 28 in the NE/4 is HIGH BACK WOLF, Allottee 262; the SE/4 is TIMBER WOMAN, Allottee 263; the NW/4 is SCABBY FACE; and the SW/4 is PAWPA.

SECTION 29 in the NE/4 is WALKING FISH, Allottee 314; the SE/4 is Mrs. SLEEPING WOLF, Allottee 313; the NW/4 is Rebecca HUNTER; and the SW/4 is LITTLE SNAKE.

SECTION 30 in the NE/4 is DRINKING WOMAN, Allottee 308; the SE/4 is WHITE BEAR, Allottee 307; and the SW/4 is SHORT TEETH.

SECTION 35 in the NW/4 is FIGHTING BULL & SISTER; the SW/4 is A. DOUBLE; and the SE/4 is FIGHTING BULL.

Allotments in the 1906 Atlas cont'd:


SECTION 1 in the SE/4 is Max Van HORN.

SECTION 12 in the NE/4 is SHORT WOMAN.

SECTION 14 in the SE/4 is YELLOW EYES; and the SW/4 is OLD WOMAN.

SECTION 15 in the SE/4 is BROAD ROOT.

SECTION 20 in the NE/4 is HOWLING CRANE; and the SE/4 is BUFFALO STONE.

SECTION 21 in the NW/4 is BROKEN LEG; the SW/4 is BEAR ABOVE; the SE/4 is Charles MEAT; and the NE/4 is Stacy CROW.

SECTION 22 in the NW/4 is John BULL; the SW/4 is EAR RINGS; the SE/4 is EAGLE MAN; and the NE/4 is LITTLE YELLOW WOMAN.

SECTION 23 in the NW/4 is RED FEATHER; the SW/4 is Mrs. Van HORN; the SE/4 is Percy CABLE; and the NE/4 is TURTLE WOMAN.

SECTION 24 in the SE/4 is Maud HAUSER.

SECTION 25 in the NE/4 is YELLOW; the NW/4 shows B.J. CONLEY [he wouldn't have been the allottee]; the SW/4 is WOLF HEAD; and the SE/4 is SHORT TOOTH.


SECTION 28 in the NE/4 is EAR BOB; the SW/4 is WALKER; and the SE/4 is CROW INDIAN.
This ends the allotments shown in the 1906 Atlas.

Allotments in the 1906 Atlas cont'd:

COOPER TOWNSHIP 17 North, Range 8 WIM:

Section 9, the whole 640 acres to M. KOEN.

Section 17, NE/4 to C. KEITH;  NW/4 to R. KEITH;  SW/4 to S. KEITH;  and the SE/4 to E. KEITH.

Section 18, NE/4 to Frank KEITH;  SE/4 to S. KEITH Est.;  NW/4 to Ben KEITH;  and the SW/4 to Mrs. KEITH.

Section 34, SE/4 to KILLING WOMAN.

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