Sulphur Springs Property Owners - 1904

of Sulphur Springs, C.N., I.T.

Below is a list of property owners of the buildings that were removed by the U.S. Government when Platt National Park was established.  You must remember that the land belonged to the Chickasaw Nation.  The Chickasaw government decided to give the land to the Department of the Interior for use as a national park. The first move occurred in 1902 and the second in 1904.  The buildings were either moved to the new site of Sulphur or were burned by the government.  This list is not all inclusive and is by no means all the people that lived in Sulphur Springs.  My grandfather, Allie Waggoner of Hickory, was a young cowboy.  He earned $5 a week for 5 1/2 days work.  When the town was moved, he told me that he and other young cowboys helped move the buildings for the astounding wage of $5 per day.  The owners, listed below, of homes and businesses, opted to sell them rather than  move them.

Adams, J.T.
Adams, M.C.
Anderson, J.D.
Anderson, Josie
Bailey, Dr. J.E.
Baker, Joseph R.
Bales, Cornelius M.
Bandy, O.W.
Bastable, John
Bates, Mr.
Bates, O.L.
Baxter, R.V.
Bayless, J.M.
Bennett, C.M.
Berry, J.C.
Berry, W.L.
Bessent, C.H.
Bixby, Tame
Blanks, J.K.
Blocker, Mrs. M.C.
Blocker, W.A.
Boatwright, John
Bolin, P.M.
Bonneau, S.
Boyd, W.W.
Bright, E.S.
Bright, Johnnie A.
Brower, Mrs. Flora
Brower, P.
Brown, R.C.
Brown, G.S.
Brown, Mrs. R.C.
Butt, E.A.
Butt, W.A.
Butt, W.W.
Bybeex, W.A.
Calhoun, H.
Campbell, J.M.
Carathers, Mrs. M.M.
Carter, T.J.
Case, Mrs. Sue E.
Cate, T.E.
Caviness, R.S.
Caviness, W.G.
Chamberlin, Mrs. Mattie A.
Coker, W.W.
Cole, A.C.
Cole, M.E.
Covington, N.D.
Cowan, Thomas
Crawford, James
Crow, C.L.
Cudney, R.A.
Cummings, Robert M.
Cummins, Rev. R.W.
Cunningham, J.F.
Curry, A.M.
Daugherty, Mrs. Robbie
Davenport, J.C.
Dill, William H.
Doering, Edward E.
Doncho, S.D.
Dornblaster, George E.
Dunn, Mr.
Easley, F.F.
Easley, L.
Easley, Mrs. O.F.
Ehman, Mrs. Lottie
Ellion, J.C.
Ellis J.W.
English, J.H.
Fletcher, E.W.
Foley, C.E.
Ford, Mollie W.
Ford, W.H. 
Fox, C.V.
Fox, U.A.
Frame, Thomas W.
Frost, C.G.
Fry, Joseph J.
Gillett, J.W.
Glassick, George W.
Glover, Mrs. Susan L.
Gosnell, Ruthy
Haacke, Anna L.V.
Hale, N.L.
Halliday, J.S.
Hankins, Mrs. M. Bettie
Harris, W.O.
Harrison, Paul
Harvey, Thomas
Hazard, Thomas F.
Hewitt, C.A.
Hornbuckle, J.W.
Jenkins, J.L.
Johns, J.H.
Johnson, E.B.
Jones, Josephine
Jones, Mrs. Laura
Kean, C.G.
Kendall, Mrs. Mattie L.
Kerby, J.D.
Kirkpatrick, J.N.
Kolachny, J.W.
Lawler, Mrs. L.J.
Leavitt, Moses B.
Lee, Robert I.
Leeper, C.S.
Lockwood, J.P.
Lockwood, W.W.
Lovelace, C.C.
Lowrance, Robert H.
Manahan, Mrs. Kate
Maxwell, Mr
Mays, J.G.
McCandless, Nellie N.
McGinnis, J.C.
McGray, Daniel
McKomie, J.P.
McNees, Mrs. Kate
Melson, J.A.
Meyers, Mrs. Maud
Mitcham, Francis M.
Moore, C.H.
Moore, Mrs. Irene
Moss, C.L.
Mysing, Frank
Nations, Mrs. M.L.
Newblock, E.K.
Newblock, J.M.
Oakes, Roy C.
Orr, A.J.

Parks, Mr.
Payne, John A.
Perkins, J.H.
Platt, J.A.
Roff, W.A.
Ponder, Dr. A.V.
Puryear, W.P.
Pyeatt, W.B.
Rawlings, Mr.
Rawlings, Mrs, Florence
Redman, H.C.
Remington, J.M.
Renfro, Isaac C.
Richardson, S.N.
Riviere, Allen B.
Robberson, George R.
Robinson, Mrs. M.C.
Rogers, Samuel F.
Rose, William
Ryan, J.D.
Sanches, Juanita
Sanders, L.D.
Scarborough, R.E.
Schwiening, George H.
Sharum, A.H.
Sheppard, Jerome S.
Shewbert, Miss Mollie
Shewbert, R.L.
Shewbert, W.J.
Shockey, Thomas Y.
Sloan, B.W.
Slover, Mrs. Amy
Slover, Mrs. Mary L.
Slover, T.
Smith, A.H.
Smith, William
Sod, Mike
Spurlock, G.L.
Staats, Ellen
Stahan, E.K.
Suffudy, McClue
Surber, Frank
Surber, Mary A.
Sylvester, Alma W.
Tate, Mrs. Lizzie
Teague, L.O.
Terry, Fannie
Terry, J.B.
Thomas, O.
Thompson, Mrs. Belle
Tinsley, P.M.
Townes, Mrs. W.A.
Townsley, W.L.
Trone, Mrs. B.E.
Turk, Nathan
Turley, J.B.
Vernon, J.N.
Walker, Betty
Walker, Mark D.
Wallace, Mollie R.
Warner, L.A.
Watson, W.D.
Webster, C.J.
Weddle, Louis
Weems, G.M.
Weems, Mrs. J.F.
Wells, William F.
White, J.H.
Whitesel, Jerome
Womack, George W.
Wright, J.H.