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We hope you enjoy these papers as it took much time, over one year,  and effort to present them to you. There appears to be no more papers in the index at O. U.'s Monnett Hall. Brenda Choate, Garvin CC gets credit for many of these.

Statewide Index of available names:

Who were the Federal Writers?

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, when as many as one out of four Americans could not find jobs, the federal government stepped in to become the employer of last resort. The Works Progress Administration (WPA), an ambitious New Deal program, put 8,500,000 jobless to work, mostly on projects that required manual labor. With Uncle Sam meeting the payroll, countless bridges, highways and parks were constructed or repaired.

The WPA included a provision for unemployed artists and writers: the Federal Arts Projects. If they were poor enough to qualify, musicians, actors, directors, painters and writers could work directly for the government. The New Deal arts projects made a lasting impact on American cultural life and none contributed more than the Federal Writers' Project. At its peak, the Writers' Project employed about 6,500 men and women around the country, paying them a subsistence wage of about $20 a week.

The accuracy of most of these memories can't be confirmed, but perhaps it is more useful to ask instead, what do these stories express? Personal recollection has a significance of its own and offers a window onto the ways people shape their identity and see the world around them.


ALEXANDER, J.F.            Sulphur            Vol 2              #6016867

ARTHUR, PETER B.                                                         #8597

ASHTON, BIRD                Sulphur            Vol 3                6016868

BARKER, T.J.                     Sulphur            Vol 5                6016870

BAYS, M. J.    Dougherty (Chickasha)     Vol 90              6016871

BEARDEN, WYLIE           Sulphur            Vol 6                6016871

BENN, CHESTER             Sulphur            Vol 7                6016872

BOYD, HOMER                Sulphur            Vol 10              6016875

BRASHEARS, J.B.            Sulphur            Vol 10              6016875


BRITTENBERG, LOU       Davis                Vol 11            6016876

BROWN, E. LEE                Sulphur            Vol 12            6016877


BUTT, EARL A.                Davis                Vol 14            6016879

BUTT, W.W.                    Sulphur              Vol 14            6016879

CAMP, J.M.                    Davis                   Vol 15            6016880

CAPE, J.J.                        Mill Creek           Vol 15            6016880

CARR, GEORGE B.        Sulphur                Vol 16            6016881

CASTLEBERRY, J.M.    Sulphur                Vol 16            6016881

CHIGLEY, BELLE         Davis                    Vol 17            6016882

CHIGLEY, WYATT       Davis                    Vol 17            6016882

CLEVELAND, ELMER    Sulphur                Vol 18            6016883

COBB, JAMES            Davis                        Vol 18            6016883

COFFEE, H.R.            Sulphur                      Vol 19            6016884

COLBERT, DIXIE H. Sulphur                       Vol 19            6016884

COTTEN, HENRY        Sulphur                    Vol 21            6016886

COTTEN, JOSEPHINE Sulphur                    Vol 21            6016886

CUMMINGS, MARY E.     Sulphur               Vol 22            6016887

CUNNINGTUBBY, IDA     Davis                 Vol 22            6016887

CUNNINGHAM, G.C.        Mill Creek         Vol 22            6016887


DAUGHERTY, MATILDA JACOBS Sulphur Vol 23           6016888

DAVIS, L.L.        Sulphur                             Vol 23               6016888

DAVIS, SAM    Davis                                   Vol 23              6016888

DAVIS, VIRGINIA    Davis                           Vol 23             6016888

DILBECK, FRED    Sulphur                            Vol 24            6016889

DODSON, SAMUEL A.    Sulphur                Vol 25             6016890

DREW, W. R.                    Dougherty               Interview #   9418


DUNCAN, W.S.    Hickory                            Vol 26            6016891

FERGUSON, JOHN S.    Davis                       Vol 29           6016894

FIELDING, HARVEY W.     Sulphur              Vol 29            6016894

FORD, HENRY    Hickory                              Vol 31            6016896

FOX, R. L.     Sulphur                                     Vol 31             6016896

FRALEY, H. D.  Mill Creek                            Vol 32             6016897


FRAZIER, DINAH LEWIS    Mill Creek        Vol 32             6016897

FREE, MARY        Sulphur                             Vol 32            6016897

FROST, S. W.         Sulphur

FROUTERHOUSE, H.L.    Sulphur                Vol 32          6016897

GADDIS, SALLIE       Mill Creek

GARDNER, BEN    Sulphur                            Vol 33          6016898

GIBSON, TOM R.     Sulphur                         Vol 33         6016898

GIST, T. M.         Mill Creek                           Vol 34        6016899

GOODALL, W.M. (MRS.) Hickory                 Vol 34        6016899

GRAHAM, WALTER    Sulphur                      Vol 35     6016900

GRANT, TOM  S.         Davis                          Vol 35      6016900

GRAVES, GUS      Davis

GRIFFIN, J. L.   Mill Creek                              Vol 36     6016901

HAMILTON, PETER    Sulphur                       Vol 37    6016902

HAMPTON, FRANCES    Sulphur                  Vol  38   6016903

HAINEY, B. B.     Sulphur                                Vol 37     6016902

HANEY, L. B.     Dougherty                             Vol 38    6016903

HARRIS, FRANK    Sulphur                            Vol 39    6016904

HERRING, ELLA    Sulphur                             Vol 41    6016906

HOLDER, R. B.    Mill Creek                            Vol 43    6016908

HOWE, CHARLES F.     Sulphur

HOWELL, THOMAS PETER, (DR.) Davis       Daugherty Interview

HOWELL, THOMAS PETER, (DR.) Davis       Selfridge Interview

HUGHES, NATHAN    Sulphur                        Vol 45    6016910

HUSBANDS, DAISY    Sulphur                        Vol 46    6016911

JACK, MARY        Sulphur                                Vol 47    6016912

JOHNSON, H. D.     Sulphur                              Vol 48    6016913

KELTNER, W. H. H.  Hickory                            Vol 50    6016915

KENNEDY, MARY    Sulphur                            Vol 50    6016915

KIMBALL, AMANDA    Davis                            Interview # 4639    

KIMBALL, AMANDA,     Davis                          Interview# 4646

KEUHN, FRANK            Sulphur                        Vol 51    6016916

LOYD, LILLY                 Sulphur

LEWIS, A. P. (MRS.)        Sulphur                          Vol 53    6016918

LEWIS, GEORGE W.      Davis

LOW, H. D.                     Davis                                Vol 56    6016921

LUCAS, GEORGE W.       Mill Creek

LUSTER, SARAH ELLEN        Sulphur                    Vol 56   6016921

LYNN, L. A.     Hickory

Mc DONALD, MACK,  Sulphur                              Vol 58   6016923

Mc GUIRE,  EMORY O.        Davis                              Vol 58    6016923

MAHARDY,  SAM    Davis                                       Vol 60    6016925

MARTIN, G. L.      Davis

MINSON,  I.       Sulphur                                            Vol 63    6016928

MOON, J. M.     Sulphur                                            Vol 64     6016929

MOORE, HENRY    Hickory

MORRIS, W. A.      Sulphur                                        Vol 65     6016930

MOSS,  C. L.     Mill Creek                                        Vol 65      6016930

MOSS, J. D.         Sulphur                                           Vol 65      6016930

NALLY, JIM F.         Sulphur                                      Vol 66       6016931

OSBIRN, MRS.  JANE     Sulphur

OWENS, ALFRED        Sulphur                                   Vol 68     6016933

OWENS,  BENDY     Sulphur                                     Vol 68        6016933

OWENS, LAFAYETTE (MRS.)  Sulphur                    Vol 68         6016933

PALMER, THOMAS JEFFERSON      Davis            Vol 69          6016934

PARKER, ALICE            Sulphur                                Vol 69         6016934

PARKER, CLYDE           Sulphur                                interview #    4180

PASLEY, M. F. (MRS.)    Sulphur                                Vol 69        6016934

PETTY, JAMES T.         Sulphur                                Vol 71          6016936

POTES, IRA                   Sulphur

PULLEN, GEORGE W.        Davis                            Vol 73            6016938

RAY,  T. J.                 Sulphur                                    Vol 74            6016939

REDWINE, JASPER        Sulphur                                Vol 74         6016939

RENFRO, I. C. (Mrs.)        Sulphur                            Vol 75            6016940

RIDDLE,  DELANA (Mrs.)        Mill Creek                  Vol 76            6016941

RIND, J. G.         Sulphur                                             Vol 76        6016941

ROBERTS, E. R.    Sulphur                                        Vol  76        6016941

ROBERTSON, C. V.         Sulphur                            Vol 77         6016942

ROSS, TOM           Sulphur

ROSS, MRS. (Dosia) TOM    Sulphur

ROFF, JOE T.             Roff                                            Vol 77    6016942

ROWE, ROBERT C.     Mill Creek                            Vol 79        6016944


RUSSELL, FRANK        Davis                                    Vol 79       6016944

RUSSELL, MARGARET    Davis                                Vol 79       6016944

SADLER, MATTIE        Davis                                    Vol 80        6016945

SHANNON, WILLIAM M.        Sulphur                    Vol 82        6016949

SHEEGOG, DICK        Sulphur                                    Vol 82       6016949

SLATER, G. W.         Sulphur                                        Vol 84       6016949

SOUTH, P. W.        Mill Creek

STANTON, MARY E.         Sulphur                               Vol 86     6016951

STEPHENS, JOHN S.         Sulphur                                Vol 87    6016952

STONE, MATTIE        Sulphur                                        Interview # 1295

TALLANT, B. S.      Sulphur                                           Interview # 4431

TILLERY, BEN        Sulphur                                           Interview # 4515

TURNER, ALICE M.    Davis                                        Interview # 8138

THOMAS, W. H.   Sulphur

THOMPSON, C. B.      Sulphur                                      Interview # 10101


TODD, C. E.      Iona  (Chickasha)

TOWRY, REV. J. W.        Sulphur                                   Interview # 4870

UNSELL, T. M.    Sulphur

WOLF, HENRY             Sulphur


WRIGHT, FRANK C.    Mill Creek

YOUNG, J. I.   Sulphur



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