Myers Family Cemetery

Myers Family Cemetery

Ft. Arbuckle, near Murray County, Oklahoma


This cemetery is located about 1/2 mile south of the old Ft. Arbuckle site near western Murray County.  It is on private property, the Lazy "S" Ranch and permission MUST be obtained to enter.  The cemetery was cleaned up the Summer of 2001 by the Chickasaw Nation as part of a summer youth employment program.  In June of 2001, I accompanied some relatives of these interred to the cemetery and took photos.  The following list of those interred in Myers Family Cemetery is listed below.  Following the list of names is a copy of the email that I received from the family member who contributed the names.  Sorry that there are few dates but the list of names are said to be inclusive.  There are 9 resting souls that are known.


Winfield Scott Myers

Elizabeth Bunch Brawley

Mary Elizabeth Myers

W.H.H. Myers

Alice Magnolia Myers; b. Oct 20, 1882 - d. Apr 30, 1911

Infant of Alice Magnolia Myers; b. & d. @ Apr 30, 1911

Gretchen Ethel Myers Freeman

Infant of Gretchen Ethel Myers Freeman

Herman Slaughter

Photo taken June, 2001

We communicated in Sept. about my grandfather, John A.
Brawley. I was at Lake Texoma at family reunion on
Oct. 7 & given directions to the private Myers family
cemetery. It took some "doing" to find it. It is no
longer in the Myers family. Cemetery is on the south side of
road -down from a "flower-craft" shop directly across
road from Ft. Arbuckle historical marker. I walked
thru weeds waist high to get there. Saplings had even
grown up thru gate. Only one marker was legible.
Winfield Scott Myers. There were about 8 illegible
stones. Then Friday a relative in Okla. City sent me a
list of people buried there. This is for your info
even though stones illegible. Buried there
are: Elizabeth Bunch Brawley--Mary Elizabeth
Myers--W.H.H. Myers--Alice Magnolia Myers & baby
boy--Gretchen Ethel Myers Freeman & baby--Herman
Slaughter. Keep my grandfather in mind if you should
come across his grave. We did go to the Arbuckle
Historical Society at Davis & checked the list of
graves at Greenhill Cemetery that they had in a book.
Thanks again for any help. Hope this info was of use
to you.     Gene Brawley, October 21, 2000.