1910 Census

1910 Census - Davis Town, Murray County, OK

Enumerator - Edgar M. Lee

No. Last Name First Name Relationship Sex/Race Age Occupation
140 Chigley Mose W. Head Male/White 36 Real Estate Agent
    Ollie Wife Female/White 30  
    Juanita Daughter Female/White 8  
    Brunetta Daughter Female/White 6  
(?) Rogers Elizabeth J. Head Female/White 61 Laundress at Home
    Frank J. Son Male/White 18 Laborer Railroad
    Elbert O. Son Male/White 24 Laborer Telephone Gang
(?) Buckley John C. Head Male/White 35 Farmer
    Beulah Wife Female/White 26  
    Horace Son Male/White 4  
    Amanda Daughter Female/White 3  
    Louiza Daughter Female/White 1 4/12  
141 Buckley William M. Head Male/White 30 Farmer
    Rilla L. Wife Female/White 25  
142 Hoover John Head Male/White 63 Farmer
    Eliza Wife Female/White 40 Proprietor Hotel
  Ganley Cathy St Daughter Female/White 21 School Teacher
  Ganley Amos St Son Male/White 14  
  Birs Bertha Boarder Female/White 19 Saleslady Retail Dry Goods
  Roberts  Van Boarder Male/Black 34 Cook Hotel
  Kennedy John Boarder Male/White 68 Laborer Railroad
  Sanskit John Boarder Male/White 43 Laborer Railroad
  Field William Boarder Male/White 77 Laborer Railroad
  Kennedy E. Boarder Male/White 33 Laborer Railroad
  Damron Early Boarder Male/White 21 Laborer Railroad
  Eddy Turner A. Boarder Male/White 25 Laborer Railroad
  Haley Harry Boarder Male/White 32 Laborer Railroad
143 Cotton Edward Head Male/White 34 Laborer Cotton Gin
144 Cotton Edward E. Head Male/White 32 Laborer Cotton Gin
    Emma Wife Male/White 31  
145 Freeman Charley Head Male/White 31 Laborer Cement Plant
    Emma Wife Female/White 22 Proprietor Hotel
  Porter Billie Boarder Male/Black 43 Cook Hotel
    James P. Boarder Male/Black 32 Laborer Railroad
  Riley William R. Boarder Male/Black 32 Laborer Railroad
    Leetha B. Boarder Female/Black 22  
    James P. Baorder Male/Black 1 9/12  
  Percell George P. Boarder Male/Black 22 Cook Hotel
  Johnson Thomas Boarder Male/Black 34 Laborer Railroad
  Roach Thomas Boarder Male/Black 56 Laborer House
  Doler Edgar Boarder Male/Black 24 Laborer Railroad
146 White Jno A. Head Male/White 55 Laborer Livery Stable
    Jessie E. Son Male/White 11  
147 Whitefield James E. Head Male/White 32 Proprietor Hotel
    Mary E. Wife Female/White 19  
    Harris Brother Male/White 14  
148 Simms James H. Head Male/Black 65 Laborer Railroad
    Minnie Wife Female/Black 65  
  Douglas Mary Boarder Female/Black 27 Cook Working Out
149 Ramsey Annie B. Head Female/White 37 Milliner Dry Goods
    Bertie B. Daughter Female/White 16  
150 Nook Gessel E. Head Male/White 34 Contractor House Builder
    Daisy O. Wife Female/White 28  
    Lillian F. Daughter Female/White 5  
    Alice L. Daughter Female/White 3  
  Halley Geo J. FIL Male/White 70  
151 Rider Jane E. Head Female/White 70  
152 Myers Michael F. Head Male/White 57 Merchant Retail Grocery
    Martha E. Wife Female/White 53  
    Eva L. Daughter Female/White 22 School Teacher
    James L. Son Male/White 20 Iceman Ice House
    Mary T. Daughter Female/White 17  
    Franklin F. Son Male/White 8  
153 Donahue Allen Head Male/Black 52 Laborer Odd Jobs
    Jane M. Wife Female/Black 52 Proprietor Hotel
  Smith William Boarder Male/Black 29 Laborer Railroad
    Francis Boarder Female/Black 33 Laundress Washing Out
  Lowrance Pearl Boarder Female/Black 15  
  Radkin Susan Boarder Female/Black 13  
  McNutter Adel Jos. Boarder Female/Black 14  
  Donahue Lizzie Boarder Female/Black 14 Cook House
  Barrow Bill Boarder Male/Black 20 Cook House
  Adams Cannis Boarder Male/Black 21 Porter Hotel
154 Simpson Samuel Head Male/Black 36  
    Mattie Wife Female/Black 36 Cook at Hales
  Donahue Card Boarder Male/Black 17  
    Pearl Boarder Female/Black 9  
  Linnley Frank Boarder Male/Black 22 Porter Barber Shop
    William Boarder Male/Black 20 Laborer House Cleaner
155 Gargis James A. Head Male/White 45 Laborer Railroad
    Janie M. Wife Female/White 33  
T.E. Son Male/White 10
Chester G. Son Male/White 8
Kate M. Daughter Female/White 6
Hershel Son Male/White 3
Myrtle M. Daughter Female/White 4/12
156 Vawter William A. Head Male/White 52 Farmer
Mary E. Wife Female/White 47
*Charles S. Son Male/White 19 Salesman Retail Grocery
Lurane(?) Manerva MIL Female/White 64
Williams John W. Boarder Male/White 45 Real Estate Agent
157 Phillips Aran W. Head Male/White 42 Merchant Retail Grocery
  Loucinda Wife Female/White 46
Wilbert J. Son Male/White 18 Salesman Retail Grocery
Lawson May DIL Female/White 25
John A. G/Son Male/White 11
Alfa C. G/Daughter Female/White 8
158 Campbell George F. Head Male/White 63 Laborer Odd Jobs
Georgie A. Wife Female/White 63
Haney John E. SIL Male/White 28 Laborer Railroad
Melissa Daughter Female/White 27
Mary D. G/Daughter Female/White 5
James Edward G/Son Male/White 2
159 Hoover Isaac W. Head Male/White 41 Life Insurance Agent
Exie M. Wife Female/White 34
Estel C. Daughter


Vesta V. Daughter Female/White 13
Nannie W. Daughter Female/White 11
Vival C. Daughter Female/White 8
Henry W. Son Male/White 5
Myrtle B. Daughter Female/White 1 7/12
160 Cardwell Jess Head Male/White 25 Laborer Railroad
Bertha Wife Female/White 22
161 Brown Azariah R. Head Male/White 74
Eliza J. Wife Female/White 66
Nelson Edward SIL Male/White 52 Cotton Buyer
Ada Daughter Female/White 34
162 Gilliam Howard A. Head Male/White 32 Engineer Electric Plant
Suzie Wife Female/White 28
    Cleo F. Daughter Female/White 15  
    Ema G. Daughter Female/White 8  
    Louie H. Son Male/White 6  
    Delma Daughter Female/White 7/12  

* Charles Vawter is said to be the first white child born in Davis, I.T.

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