Census Form

1910 Census, Murray County, Scullin Town. 

--No.-- ---Last Name--- ---First Name--- Relationship Sex/Race Age Birth Place
7 Clark G? S. Head m/w 25 TX
Minnie? L. Wife f/w 21 AL
Infant Dau f/w 0/12 OK
8 Collins Charles F. Head m/w 33 TX
Sa**ie W. Wife f/w 28 TX
Findley F. Son m/w 6 TX
9 Lambert Marcus L. Head m/w 42 AL
Mary E. Wife f/w 39 AL
Henry G. Son m/w 16 AL
Ada Dau f/w 12 AL
Flora Dau f/w 10 AL
Inez Dau f/w 8 AL
Nellie Dau f/w 6 AL
R***y J. Son m/w 4 AL
John B. Son m/w 2 OK
10 Haste John A. Head m/w 33? TN
Tossie Wife f/w 23 TN
11 Long? Josephine A. Head(Wd) f/w 54 OH
M? T. Dau f/w 28 IL
Claude Son m/w 26 IL
Daniel T. Son m/w 25 IL
Ruth Dau f/w 18 IL
Vale James Boarder m/w 39 TX
L? Fred Boarder m/w 23 TX
12 Rawson James F. Head m/w 31 TX
Susan M. Wife f/w 31 TX
Cora E. Dau f/w 10 TX
Lillie Dau f/w 8 TX
Clyde W. Son m/w 4 TX
J. F. Son m/w 2 OK
Charles T. Father m/w 64 England
13 Clark Thomas W. Head m/w 56 MS
Emma T. Wife f/w 56 MS
Albert T. G/Son m/w 10 MS
5(Supp) Rice Henry A. Boarder m/w 21 MS

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