1910 Census

1900 Census - Sulphur Springs, C.N., I.T.

Township 1 North - Range 3 East          July 27th, 1900              Enumerator - W. H. Pittman

No. Last Name First Name Relationship Sex/Race Age Occupation Where Born Father Born Mother Born
497 Spivey Jefferson L. Head Male/White 48 Farmer N.C. N.C. ?
    Ginnie Wife Female/White 39   Texas Tenn. Tenn.
    Claude L. Son Male/White 18 Laborer Texas NC Texas
    Myrl(?) M. Daughter Female/White 15   Texas NC Texas
    Barney L. Son Male/White 12   Texas NC Texas
    James D. Son Male/White 9   Texas NC Texas
    Kitty C. Daughter Female/White 6   Texas NC Texas
498 Tedford Charles M. Head Male/White 24 Laborer Ark. Tenn. Miss.
    Carry O. Wife Female/White 22 Miss. Tenn. Miss.
    Bertha M. Daughter Female/White 4   I. T. Ark. Miss.
    Clarence A. Son Male/White 1   I. T. Ark. Miss.
499 Tedford Wyley Head Male/White 52 Farmer Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.
    Mary H. Wife Female/White 48   Miss. AL Tenn.
    William H. Son Male/White 26   Ark. Tenn. Miss.
    Grace G. Daughter Female/White 14   Texas Tenn. Miss.
    Samuel A. Son Male/White 11   Texas Tenn. Miss.
  Yoakum Arthur A. Nephew Male/White 26   Ark. Tenn. Tenn.
500 Brice John J. Head Male/White 58 Carpenter MO VA VA
    Anna H. Wife Female/White 36   Texas Germany Germany
    James L. Son Male/White 30 Laborer MO MO IL
  Oma O. Daughter Female/White 9   Texas MO Texas
    Clarence J. Son Male/White 5   Texas MO Texas
    Barbara R. Daughter Female/White 2   I. T. MO Texas
501 English John H. Head Male/White 37   Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.
    Josephine M. Wife Female/White 29   Texas KY ky
    Leon J. Son Male/White 9   Texas Tenn. Texas
    Herman A. Son Male/White 5   Texas Tenn. Texas
502 Nelson A(?) Head Male/White 50   ? ? ?
    Mollie Wife Female/White 40 ? ? ?
    Louis Son Male/White 15   I. T. ? ?
    Thomas Son Male/White 13   I. T. ? ?
    John Son Male/White 10   I. T. ? ?
    E. M. Son Male/White 6   I. T. ? ?
    Frank Son Male/White 3   I. T. ? ?
503 Harless David W. Head Male/White 52   MO Ireland ?
    E(?) E. Wife Female/White 37   MI NY MI
    David E. Son Male/White 15   Ark. MO MI
    Frederick E. Son Male/White 12   I. T. MO MI
    O. P. Son Male/White 3   I. T. MO MI
504 Swiger(?) William Head Male/White 47   VA VA VA
    Catherine B. Wife Female/White 46   OH OH OH
    Sylvester A. Son Male/White 19   Texas VA OH
    William J. Son Male/White 15   Texas VA OH
    Charles A. Son Male/White 13   Texas VA OH
    Walter A. Son Male/White 10   Texas VA OH
    Timothy E. Son Male/White 9   Texas VA OH
    Mamie(?) E. Daughter Female/White 6   I. T. VA OH
505 Price P (?) Head Male/White 57   Miss. Tenn. NC
    Sarah L.(?) Wife Female/White 52   Georgia SC SC
    Lillie Daughter Female/White 16   Texas Miss. Georgia
Ada F. Daughter Female/White 12   Texas Miss. Georgia
506 King J(?)  F. Head Male/White 46   Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.
    A(?) D. Wife Female/White 34   Texas Tenn. Miss.
    Lee R. Son Male/White 18 Laborer Texas Tenn. Texas
    Lina R. Daughter Female/White 16 Texas Tenn. Texas
    Joda N. Son Male/White 5   I. T. Tenn. Texas
  Tucker Emma E. S/Daughter Female/White 14   Texas Georgia Texas
  Carathers William A. Boarder Male/White 21 Blacksmith Texas LA Texas
  King Nettie L. Daughter Female/White 1   I. T. Tenn. Texas
507 Henry Josiah E. Head Male/White 37 Farmer MO Tenn. Tenn.
    Mamie C. Wife Female/White 27   Texas Texas Tenn.
    Chief W. Son Male/White 11   Texas MO Texas
    Mary E. Daughter Female/White 6   Texas MO Texas
    Charles E. Son Male/White 3   Texas MO Texas
508 Richardson Robert L. Head Male/White 30 Blacksmith VA Ireland ?
    Ida K. Wife Female/White 26   Tenn. NC Tenn.
    Lula M. Daughter Female/White 7   Texas VA Tenn.
    Anna P. Daughter Female/White 5   Texas VA Tenn.
    Callie B. Daughter Female/White 2   I. T. VA Tenn.
    Winnie Daughter Female/White 1/12   I. T. VA Tenn.
509 Featherston Christopher Head Male/White 40 Farmer Texas ? ?
    Mary Wife Female/White 41   LA Georgia Georgia
    Grover C. Son Male/White 13   I. T. Texas LA
    Lonnie Son Male/White 5   I. T. Texas LA
    Joel Son Male/White 3   I. T. Texas LA
  Gandy William B. S/Son Male/White 17   Texas Texas LA
    Anna M. S/Daughter Female/White 14   Texas Texas LA
510 Saunders John B. Head Male/White 45 Farmer Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.
    Amanda Wife Female/White 28   Ark. Ark. Tenn.
    Yancy H. Son Male/White 15 Farmer Texas Tenn. Tenn.
    Emma M. Daughter Female/White 13   Texas Tenn. Tenn.
    Nettie M. Daughter Female/White 3   Texas Tenn. Ark.
    Evaline Daughter Female/White 2   I. T. Tenn. Tenn.
  Thurman Rosa S/Daughter Female/White 6   Texas Ark. Ark.
511 Dunnager ? Head Male/White 65   ? ? ?
    ? Wife Female/White 45   ? ? ?
512 Carlock William A. Head Male/White 25 Farmer Texas ? ?
    Happie(?)  L. Wife Female/White 19   Texas Miss. Georgia
513 White Edmond Head Male/White 24 Farmer I. T. MO MO
    Ida M. Wife Female/White 20   Texas VA VA
    James F. Son Male/White 4   O. T. I. T. Texas
    Josie(?) A. Daughter Female/White 0/12   I. T. I. T. Texas
514 Pope William H. Head Male/White 27 Farmer Ark. ? Ark.
    C(?) V. Wife Female/White 26   Miss. Miss. SC
515 Dean John Head Male/White 39 Dairyman Georgia Georgia Georgia
    Eula Wife Female/White 29   Texas Miss. Miss.
    Lee H. Son Male/White 7   Texas Georgia Texas
    Helen A. Daughter Female/White 5   Texas Georgia Texas
    Thomas J. Son Male/White 3   Ark. Georgia Texas
  Cyphers William D. S/Son Male/White 12   Texas KY Texas

For a list of property owners of Sulphur Springs when Platt National Park established in 1904, click here.

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