1900 - Leeper census

1900 Census, Murray County, Leeper Twp. 

Twp 2 N - Range 3 E  -  July 30, 1900 -  Area: (Oak Grove to Prairie View - Iona to Dolberg)

--No.-- ---Last Name--- ---First Name--- Relationship Sex/Race Age Birth Place
516 Yancy James Head Male/White 51 GA
    Mary L. Wife Female/White 47 AL
    Cansada Daughter Female/White 20 AR
    Parlee Daughter Female/White 18 AR
    James R. Son Male/White 17 AR
    Ferbie C. Daughter Female/White 15 AR
    William C. Son Male/White 13 AR
    John S. Son Male/White 11 AR
    Ozie H. Daughter Female/White 9 AR
    George L. Son Male/White 6 AR
517 Thompson George W. Head Male/White 60 TN
    Sallie Wife Female/White 55 SC
  Pierce William Adpt-Son Male/White 11 AR
518 King Joseph W. Head (D) Male/White 44 AR
    Gordon S. Son Male/White 14 AR
    William B. Son Male/White 3 AR
519 McNiel Rufus Head  Male/White 32 AR
    Mary L. Wife Female/White 33 TN
  Winn James E. Lodger Male/White 15 AR
    Elmer Lodger Male/White 12 AR
520 Williams James Head Male/White 50 TN
    Martha Wife Female/White 45 TN
    John Son Male/White 7 TX
  Thomas Edward Step Son Male/White 17 TX
    Parlee Daughter Female/White 16 TX
521 Norman W***** Head Male/White 24 MO
    Mamie Wife Female/White 20 AR
522 Paul Elijah W. Head Male/White 70 WV
    Anna? M. Wife Female/White 41 IL
    Fredrick W. Son Male/White 18 IL
    Charles E. Son Male/White 16 MO
    Nellie A. Daughter Female/White 11 AR
    Jesse H. Son Male/White 7 AR
    Emma B. Daughter Female/White 5 AR
523 Dilbeck James C. Head Male/White 46 GA
    Amanda Wife Female/White 45 GA
    Ted H. Son Male/White 18 AR
    Jewel Son Male/White 16 AR
    Anna Daughter Female/White 12 AR
    George Son Male/White 8 AR
  Wilson Cora B. Daughter Female/White 14 AR
    Mack SIL Male/White 23 AR
524 Shelby John H. Head Male/White 28 TX
    Mary D. Wife Female/White 31 TX
525 McClure Robert D. Head Male/White 40 GA
    Martha  Wife Female/White 28 GA
    John Son Male/White 9 GA
    Marlin Son Male/White 7 I.T.
    Leonard Son Male/White 5 I.T.
    Samuel Son Male/White 3 I.T.
    William Son Male/White 1 I.T.
526 Dunn Stephenson Head Male/White 26 KY
    Margaret Wife Female/White 25 TX
    Cora Daughter Female/White 3 TX
    Dora Daughter Female/White 3 TX
    Bertha L. Daughter Female/White 2 TX
527 Spivy Jacob L. Head Male/White 28 AL
    Mary A. Daughter Female/White 23 AR
    Vina J. Daughter Female/White 21 AR
    James H. Son Male/White 16 AR
    Vada L. Daughter Female/White 10 AR
528 Gaile James H. Head Male/White 47 TX
    Mary Wife Female/White 27 GA
    Francis E. Daughter Female/White 10 TX
    Elbert Son Male/White 7 I.T.
    Oscar Son Male/White 4 I.T.
529 Walker Martha Head (W) Female/White 51 GA
  Stanley Thomas A. Son Male/White 13 TX
    Clark Son Male/White 13 TX
    Henry A. Son Male/White 11 TX
530 Higgins Robert L. Head Male/White 40 TX
    Roberta Wife Female/White 34 TN
    Martha Daughter Female/White 11 I.T.
    George L Son Male/White 8 I.T.
    Minnie G. Daughter Female/White 6 I.T.
    Ruth N. Daughter Female/White 3 I.T.
    Josie V. Daughter Female/White 11/12 I.T.
531 Stephens Samuel Head Male/White 47 TX
    Sarah M. Wife Female/White 46 MS
    Odrous M. Son Male/White 20 AR
    Julia M. Daughter Female/White 13 AR
    Cora G. Daughter Female/White 6 AR
532 Doumkey (illegible) Rachel F. Head (D) Female/White 40 AR
    Flora B. Daughter Female/White 5 I.T.
  Beam Andrew J. Son Male/White 19 I.T.
    Mary D. Daughter Female/White 16 TX
  Stroughn Ada M. Daughter Female/White 10 I.T.
533 Graham William J. Head Male/White 32 TX
    Elizabeth Wife Female/White 27 TX
    Ruby M. Daughter Female/White 9 TX
    Arch Son Male/White 7 TX
    William J. Son Male/White 4 TX
534 Graham Nathan Head Male/White 27 TX
    Ella Wife Female/White 25 TX
    Lillie Daughter Female/White 1/12 I.T.
    Bert Brother Male/White 25 TX
535 Johnson No*** Head Male/White 43 IN
    Melinda Wife Female/White 40 AR
    William W. Son Male/White 15 TX
    Quincy D. Son Male/White 10 TX
    Albert Son Male/White 8 TX
    Walter Son Male/White 6 I.T.
    Lee Son Male/White 2 I.T.
    Eva Daughter Female/White 3/12 I.T.
536 Harris Christopher Head Male/White 45 AR
    Leona A. Wife Female/White 33 AR
    John C. Son Male/White 16 AR
    Carrie E. Daughter Female/White 13 AR
    Carlos D. Son Male/White 9 AR
    Willie A. Daughter Female/White 3 AR
537 Todd Alfred D. Head Male/White 35 AR
    Hester? Wife Female/White 27 GA
    Sarah A. Daughter Female/White 12 AR
    Hester E. Daughter Female/White 6 I.T.
    Effie? D. Daughter Female/White 6 I.T.
    P*** E. Daughter Female/White 2 I.T.
    Dove M. Daughter Female/White 1/12 I.T.
538 Gooch Jesse Head (D) Male/White 34 MS
    Jesse Daughter Female/White 16 I.T.
    John Son Male/White 13 I.T.
    Seburn Son Male/White 11 I.T.
539 Yerby Andrew J. Head Male/White 48 MS
    Nancy C. Wife Female/White 48 AR
    Walter J. Son Male/White 21 AR
    Bettie M. Daughter Female/White 19 AR
    William J. Son Male/White 17 AR
    Edward F. Son Male/White 15 AR
    Thomas J. Son Male/White 14 AR
    Isaac T. Son Male/White 12 AR
    Bishop M. Son Male/White 10 AR
    Mortland H. Son Male/White 8 AR
    Julius B. Son Male/White 6 AR