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Old Hall Cemetery, Rural Cameron

The Old Hall Cemetery is located 2 1/2 miles south and 2 miles east of Cameron. From Poteau, go 1 1/2 miles north of the old 112 "curve" (road to Gilmore) and turn right at Reed Adams corner, continuing east for two miles. It is a fairly large country cemetery, well-cared for, but had more broken-off, unmarked and illegible graves than readable ones. This cemetery was surveyed March 7, 2004 by Sheryl and Megan McClure. If you know of any omissions or errors please contact me. Items in [ ] are information from other sources, and not on tombstone. "SS" denotes same stone. This site is copyrighted and may not be used for any commercial venture or be copied in whole or part to another site; it may be freely linked, however.

SurnameGiven NameBorn DiedAgeComments
Hill L. S. "Bud" 1855 1898 [name Leonidus Sengel Hill; US Marshall, killed in the line of duty]
Hill Katie 1859 1944 [d/o Joseph Berry and Elizabeth Foster Tucker]
Hill Marcelus 6-17-1880 1-23-1883 "Son of L. C. and K."
Hill Benie 3-9-1882 2-8-1883 "Son of L. C. and K."
Moore Ben F. 5-18-1866 1-1-1885 19y5m17d
Harrell Rev. S. G. dates unreadable
Harrell M. O. 1806 9-8-1878 "Wife of Rev. S. G."
McDonald Henry C. 1851 1943 "Father"; "Our Loved Ones; SS as Julia
McDonald Julia 1856 1898 "Mother"; "Our Loved Ones"; SS as Henry C.
Hall Louella M. 7-26-1918 1-26-1919 "Daughter of W. A. and E. L."
Wilbanks Robbie 1901 1901 SS as Avis
Wilbanks Avis 1898 1899 SS as Robbie
Moore W. L. M. 3-30-1822 11-10-1885
Moore John N. 4-9-1853 6-23-1888
Bradley Martha Ann 6-22-1842 5-10-1907 "Mother"; SS as James M.
Bradley James R. 11-11-1839 2-1-1899 "Father"; SS as Martha Ann
Fowler Lester 3-28-1888 10-22-1888 "Son of S. P. and M. A."
Qualls Myrtle Belle 6-4-1886 1-16-1889 13 yr "Daughter of J. W. and T. S. Qualls"
Swafford Melissa J. 3-17-1846 12-26-1891
Shipp Flora 4-10-1874 2-28-1895 "Wife of T. Shipp"
Garrett W. M. 1864 1898
Dierd Fannie 2-27-1871 "Wife of S. J."
Dieard Infant 10-13-1896 "Infant Daughter of S. J. and F. E."
Stephens Casey V. 10-15-1878 7-15-1882 "Daughter of C. W. and M. E."
Stephens C. W. "Son of C. W. and M. E."
Miller Annie May 12-31-1889 4-1-1891 "Daughter of T P. and Luween"
Miller John W. 8-21-1892 9-24-1894 "Son of T. P. and Luween"
Sikes W. L. 10-19-1833 2-9-1891
Hargrove J. W. 1847 1904 Co. D Inf. CSA
Shipman J. H. 5-14-1874 3-2-1952 SS as Maggie
Shipman Maggie 5-8-1881 5-5-1941 SS as J. H.
Lewis Lofton 6-19-1895 12-7-1895 "Infant son of D. F. and F. A."
Lewis Odelia 5-5-1890 11-5-1894 >"Infant daughter of D. F. and F. A."
Lewis Cora "Daughter of W. A. and Bettie"
Lewis unreadable "Child of W. A. and Bettie"
Lewis May 9-12-1883 11-13-1900 "Daughter of W. A. and Bettie"
Lewis Bettie 7-2-1868 3-18-1899 "Wife of W. A."
Sweeten unreadable
Norvell William 1865 1893
Webb Murtice 6-22-1896 7-25-1897 "Daughter of J. W. and Adel": "Too good for Earth, God called her home"
Tindell James 9-10-1877 4-20-1900 Masonic emblem
Engle Steven E. 4-17-1958 11-23-1896
Stidham Willard 1929 1988 "Father"; SS as Wilma Chinn
Chinn Wilma Mae no dates "Daughter"; SS as Willard Stidham
Adams Burtie Lee no dates
Allen Sarah C. 12-26-1856 9-16-1895 "Wife of J. P. Allen"
Allen Zelmer 1901 1920 "Daughter"
Allen Sarah E. 1862 1952 "Mother"
Allen William D. 1860 1905 "Father"
Allen Oscar 1897 1898 "Son"
Hensley Darmel 7-31-1898 10=9-1899 "Son of E. O. and M. C."
Hensley Artie 3-6-1900 5-2-1900 "Son of E. O. and M. C."
Carr Nettie W. 1888 1973 "Daughter"
Weaver Elizabeth J. 1866 1894
Weaver Charles 1886 1888
Weaver L. A. no dates "Wife of J. C."
Cofert ---- B. 4-20-1884 10-24-1918 "At Rest"
Waren Mary Alice 10-6-1869 5-12-1940 SS as Edwin R.
Waren Edwin R. 11-26-1868 5-28-1942 SS as Mary Alice
Waren Franklin P. 9-15-1894 5-16-1965
Yeager James A. 11-5-1826 2-13-1888
Yeager James E. 4-14-1878 1-7-1888 "Son of J. L."
Yeager Milton R. 12-26-1862 5-20-1886 "Son of J(ames). A. and M(ary). E."
Yeager James F. 1-9-1883 8-17-1885 "Son of W. D. and M. C."
Coaker Susan 10-26-1877
Coaker Infants [at least two infants in Coaker plot]
Bullard William "Buck" Buchanon 11-6-1824 11-16-1889
Bullard Margaret "Peggy" White 1828 8-28-1877
Cagle Elder C. T. 12-5-1836 8-11-1887
Lovelis Nancy Ann 10-22-1851 9-15-1884 "Wife of C. W."
Barnes Nancy A. 2-17-1857 4-10-1880
McCubbin William 1852 1920
McCubbin Addie 1858 1930
Bullard Meddie 6-14-1916 10-5-1917
Pilgreen Infant 1-29-1907 2-7-1907 "Infant daughter of G. C. and Pearl"
Pilgreen Grover C. "Son of G. C. and Pearl"
Pilgreen Hartwell E. 1-25-1879 11-20-1902 "Son of F. and Jennie"
Pilgreen May 3-?-1887 9-21-1888
Pilgreen Frank 12-14-1855 2-8-1905 "Husband of Jennie"
Pilgreen [Hester] Jennie 1-17-1854 10-22-1926
Ragan Mollie J. 3-7-1852 12-3-1885
Norwood Mary A. 11-30-1825 12-3-1893
Brown Frank 6-13-1857 7-10-1937
Morris Elder W. M. 9-5-1826 1-28-1894
Smith Martha A. 12-20-1846 6-12-1884 "Wife of J. M. Smith": "Oh, Mattie, we miss you now"
Young Jesse Lee 7-7-1884 6-7-1885 "Son of F. J. and R. J."
Young Lucyle 8-17-1882 9-7-188- "Daughter of F. J. and R. J."
Burgess Jesse A. 10-13-1886 7-27-1915
Garrett Infant 2-2-1887 2-10-1887 "Infant of W. and M. E."
Slaton Dr. A. J. 7-13-1836 11-6-1892 SS as Ira Ella
Slaton Ira Ella 1-14-1856 "Wife of A. J."; "Born near Shilow, Union Parish, LA"
Fretwell Samuel 6-10-1823 11-15-1885
Horan John 5-?-1823 8-?-?
Slaton Sophia 1-8-1843 10-19-1881 "Wife of A. J."
Slaton Sarah 12-6-1867 10-19-1881 "Daughter of A. J."
Hamblin John S. 1-16-1886 "In Memory Of"; "Born in Kentucky"
Howell Roscoe 6-1-1888 "Son of Alex and Annie"
Fields Infant 2-6-1888 "Infant daughter of B. T. and M. C."
Fields Infant 4-12-1884 9-28-1894 "Infant son of B. T. and M. C."
Ryan Mollie A. 4-30-1847 4-21-1889 "Wife of George Ryan"
Ryan Daisy B. 7-6-1881 11-25-1897
Ryan George W. 7-18-1846 7-29-1884 "In Memory"
Ryan Little Ola 11-14-1884 6-27-1886
Ryan Douglas 12-15-1889 4-17-1891 "Son of J. W. and Florrence"

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