Vaughn Cemetery, Cameron, LeFlore Co. Oklahoma
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 Updated: 30 May 2013
Vaughn Cemetery
LeFlore County, Oklahoma
Cameron Area
located one mile south of Gilmore by the Double Springs Missionary Baptist Church2.  It has been the burying ground for the community for over one hundred years.  Lots are all marked with stones and cement blocks.1

Cemetery was named for Jonathan Colley Vaughn.2

Printed Source: Poteau Valley Genealogical Society. LeFlore County, Oklahoma, Genealogical Records, Cemeteries, Vol. 4, 1979.

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BAIRD, Gertrude 1-26-1910 - 6-6-1944
Bost, Robert Joel
BURDEN, Hans 2-1-1914 - 10-27-1981
BURNS, Francis Marion 10/06/1849 - 10/21/1916
CREECH,Doris Jean April 16, 1935-February 9, 2004
CROWDER, Ben 7-1-1895 - 10-15-1973
HUMPHRIES, Carolyn 5-29-1954 - 1-14-1992
JONES, Sarah Gemima 8-10-1874 - 3-6-1953
Mathis, Coldona Josie
Rich, Nancy Jane
SHEPHERD,Avo Lucille 12-28-1907 - 12-16-2000
SHEPHERD, Doris Jean 4-16-1935 - 2003
SHEPHERD, Jimmy Washington 7-27-1910 - 6-12-1986
SHEPHERD, Mable Gertude 7-20-1900 - 3-3-1946
SHEPHERD, Neva Elizabeth 3-2-1904 - 10-18-1965
Shrum, Earl Curtis
SILVA, Robert Clayton 12-25-1935 - 9-30-1984
SINCLAIR,George 1863-10/04/1915
WHITE, Lula Lenora 2-28-1939 - 2-28-1939
WHITE, Opal Marie 1-13-1925 - 2-18-1925
WHITE,Tommy Andrew 12/7/1900-10/12/1961
WHITE,Tommy Eugene 8/14/1927-1/15/2001

BARNES Fanine         1850          1925 Peck w/o James R.
BARNES James R.         1849          1941 Peck father of J. A. Barnes & Pearl Barnes Vest
Bost, Robert Joel & Pearl Roberta(Durant)
BRAND David A.   03-18-1944 Peck WWII
BURGESS Andrew 06-09-1886 03-29-1951 Celeste h/o Vergie Burgess
BURGESS Anna         1898          1990 Celeste w/o William Burgess
BURGESS Bulah         1894          1951 Celeste w/o Burton Burgess
BURGESS Burton         1888          1923 Celeste h/o Bulah
BURGESS Mariam Elizabeth 12-08-1851 08-20-1898 Celeste b Barren County, Kentucky; 1st w/o Frances Marion Burns
BURGESS Vergie 02-02-1887 11-17-1959 Celeste  
BURGESS William         1890          1934 Celeste h/o Anna
BURNS Coleman Frank 12-22-1907 04-04-1977 Celeste b LeFlore County, OK; Eldest s/o Dink and Margie Burns
BURNS Dink 07-11-1887 10-01-1965 Celeste b Kully Cha Ha, IT
BURNS Lorene 12-19-1933 11-13-1934 Celeste b Featherston, Pittsburgh County, OK; twin d/o Coleman Frank & Jessie Marie Waddles Burns
BURNS Margie Aline Nichols 05-23-1891 1959 Celeste 1st w/o Dink Burns
BURNS Pearl S. 09-26-1902 04-22-1904 Celeste d/o Frances Marion & Julia Webb Burns
BURNS Elvin         1920          1951 Celeste son of Dink & Margie Burns
BUTLER Glenn McCall   05-10-2000 obit  
Cooper, Pallace
DAVIDSON Chas W.   11-22-1972 Peck WWII 2nd Marine Corps; landed Guadalcanal; w/o C. X. Davison of Poteau
DEATON J. W.     Peck  
DEATON       Peck w/o J. W.
DILLINGHAM Andrew Jackson 11-28-1849 05-02-1909 Wilma b Buncombe Co., NC; have Death Certificate; Great-Grandfather by a first marriage in Fannin Co., GA.
EMBREY Lois 05-05-1904 07-30-1970 Jack b Poteau, OK; Mother of Roy Rogers
GARNER Fleadiss Lorraine Burns 07-07-1911 07-09-1989 Celeste d/o Dink & Margie Burns; w/o Glen Garner
GARNER Glen F. 04-13-1913 04-29-1966 Celeste h/o Fleadiss L. Burns
GARRETT John     Peck  
GARRETT Ora Bell     Peck w/o John
HARRISON Jack     Peck  
HARRISON Rebecca     Peck w/o Jack
HOBBS C. W.          1846          1922 Peck  
HOBBS James          1818          1893 Peck  
HOBBS Ramoth          1848          1932 Peck  
HOBBS Salina          1827          1909 Peck  
Huddleston, Jack T.
LEDBETTER Will 09-01-1873          1936 Jack b Alabama; f/o Leva Marshall & Lois Embrey
Loftis, Teresa Marie
MARSHALL Arvil Ivan 05-26-1926 09-09-1986 Jack b Poteau, OK; Veteran of WWII, Korean and Viet Nam Wars inscribed on double stone.
MARSHALL George Washington 01-06-1894 11-19-1973 Jack b Ark; h/o Leva; Father of William and Arvil
MARSHALL Leva 11-11-1902 11-07-1970 Jack b Poteau (IT) OK; sister to Lois Embrey; daughters of Will Ledbetter; Mother of William B. and Arvil Ivan; wife of George W. Marshall.
MARSHALL William Basil 03-13-1922 05-21-1970 Jack b Poteau, OK
MCCLURE Artimissee          1843          1890 Peck w/o John H. McClure
MCMILLIAN H. N.          1850          1880 Peck  
RATTEREE E. A.          1855          1941 Peck h/o Nancy
RATTEREE Nancy     Peck w/o E. A.

Ray, William Joseph & Lula

Rogers, Roy

Rowzee, Claryene "Renie" Martin

SMEDLEY Ann     Peck  
SMEDLEY George     Peck  
SMEDLEY John     Peck  
SMEDLEY John R.          1824          1902 Peck  
SMEDLEY William     Peck  
Smedley, William Leslie & Matilda Ann Tucker Smedley source  
TUCKER John E.          1822          1878 Peck  
Turner, Dale  
VAUGHN J. G.          1815          1878 Peck h/o Martha; Masonic emblem
White, Avo Shepherd
WILLIAMS John R. 08-12-1832 10-22-1908 Kim  
WILSON Charles W. 00-00-0000 08-07-1884 Interview 
murdered by Gilmore; Crow convicted of crime and hanged


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2 Vaughan Vaughn Resource Page, Nov 2002
     Double Springs Missionary Baptist Church referred to as Double Branch Baptist Church.
3Indian Pioneer Papers (Interview) on March 18, 1938 with J. J. Robbs, Poteau, OK.