Trahern Station Burial Ground
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 Updated: 25 Feb 2009
Trahern Station Burial Ground
LeFlore County, Oklahoma
near Latham, OK
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Trahern's Station was the residence of James N. Trahern. The ruins of a well built, hewed log house are pointed by local residents as the Trahern place, about one and a quarter miles southeast of the site of present Latham, in LeFlore County. Trahern's Station was located directly across from where the first council house was built in the Choctaw Nation. 

Trahern's Station was notably known as a stage stop (stand where teams could be quickly changed at regular intervals) on the Butterfield Overland Mail route to California which crossed southeastern Oklahoma 1858-1861.

James N. Trahern was Judge of the County and Probate Court of Skullyville County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory and said to have served longer as county judge than any other citizen.

The third week in September 1858, saw the first mail coach of the Butterfield Stage Line dashing down the Fort Smith-Boggy Depot Road, on its way with the mail from St. Louis to San Francisco. The route through southeastern Indian Territory out of Fort Smith [AR] included Walker's Station at Skullyville, Trahern's Station at Latham, Wall's Crossing and on into Latimer County. The last Butterfield stage between St. Louis and San Francisco was ferried across the Red River at Colbert's Ferry in the Spring of 1861.

The Trahern burial plot at what was once known as Trahern's Station is thought to have once been about 20 acres according to historical research. [paragraph source: Ruthie Imes  Mar 1998 ]

Currently these graves are located on Leon Watson's land at Latham, Oklahoma. [2003]

JENNIFER'S GENEALOGICAL REALM has a great page that explains the relationship between these families and more information, in addition to information available below.


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Sue Hearon, 2002-03
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George James
Jul 30, 1873 
Nov 17, 1874
Gylia James
Dec 25, 1809
Oct 25, 1874
Lewis James
Oct 1, 1836
Oct 9, 1885

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William James
Jun 6, 1875
Jul 3, 1875
Alla Thomas
Mar 16, 1876
Mar 22, 1890
James N. Trahern
died Mar 29, 1883
age 68 yr
Judge of County
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Sarah Trahern
d Dec 28, 1873
wife of James N. 
  Council House

In another area of Leon Watson's pasture is found these graves.

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Sue Hearon, 2002-03
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    Turner Brashears
died Nov 3, 1884
age 50 years
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Oscar Breashears
son of T. & S. Breashears
Oct 19, 1881
Mar 31, 1884
William T. Breashears
son of T. & S. Breashears
Feb 18, 1862
Jan  2, 1884
Peter Alfred Daniels
son of Alfred & Mary (Brashears) Daniels
Feb 20, 1856
Apr  6, 1876
died in the Council House
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Alla Thomas
Mar 16, 1876
Mar 22, 1890
Leola L. Willard
daughter of JH & SJ Willard
died Sep 21, 1826
age 9.4yr, 8mo
John Norman Wyers
son of John & Mary (Breshears) Wyers
died after 1910