Page Cemetery, Pocola, LeFlore County, Oklahoma
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 Updated: 25 Feb 2009
Page Cemetery
LeFlore County, Oklahoma
Location: Pocola, OK
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located a few hundred yards back of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gray who live on Hwy 112 in the Pocola community.  The Oklahoma Historical Society had this cemetery on its tour in Jun 1962, because of its historical interest.9 ; An old Indian burial ground that has just a few burial sites in a small grove of trees. The few headstones it had have been crumbled by the cows walking around them and trees that have fallen during storms. 

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Submitted March 2003 by 
Joyce Kilgore 



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Avery, Mary Jane Folsom, Edward  
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Sierra Nevada    


AVERYMary Jane2        1846        1873Peckw/o C. W. Avery
BARNESJohn        1816        1884Peck  
HICKMANBerry M.2        1850        1878Peck 
HICKMANSarah M.2         1881Peck 
HICKMANW. M.2        1805        1883Peck 
MOOREJeptha        1820        1886Peck  
MOOREMilbury        1827        1873Peckw/o Jeptha Moore
MOOREStephen        1849        1873Peck 
PAGEIrene        1878        1883Peckd/o W. C. & John Page
PAGEJohn        1882        1876Peckcemetery is named from him; Masonic emblem [dates noted as listed]




1 Henry L. Peck, The Proud Heritage of LeFlore County, A History of An Oklahoma County, (Muskogee, OK: Hoffman Printing Co.) 1963 reprint 1967, p. 134.
2 "
In the center of this site is a concrete enclosure 40 by 12 feet, 4 feet high and 4 inches think. Within this enclosure, with markers set in the wall are 3 HICKMAN and 1 AVERY marker." [Source: Peck above]